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Legendary's DBZ Animated Avatars for you!

Yes, our newest Staff Member, Legendary, has created several DBZ Animated Avatars for your enjoyment and use in Forums etc. He creates his own from his DVD collection, and has even offered to custom make them if you have a particular scene you'd like to see in an animated avatar. We have many more in the works, but have broken them into several pages for easier loading.

Most are sized at 100x100 pixels, which are acceptable for most Forum use (including our own DBZ Forums at Marriland.) Most of them are at a filesize of 100k or below, altho a few are a bit larger. Check back often to see what's new here! As we add more, we will group them by character for your convenience.

If you have a favorite scene you'd like to have made into an AnimAvatar, email me with your suggestion. Please put "AnimAvatar Request" in the subject line.

You can contact me here:

If you're going to use them, you must save them to your own computer.
(using my urls for these images is not allowed and they will be disabled)

Simply right click on image - then choose "Save Picture As"
to save them to your own computer

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Goku Pg 1 (see below)
More Goku Pg 1b
Even More Goku Pg 1c
Trunks Pg 2
More Trunks/Kid Trunks/Goten Pg 2b
Broly Pg 3
Vegeta Pg 4
More Vegeta Pg 4b
Even More Vegeta Pg 4c
Gotenks Pg 5
Piccolo Pg 6
More Piccolo Pg 6b
Miscellaneous Pg 7
More Miscellaneous Pg 7b
Even More Miscellaneous Pg 7c
Lots More Miscellaneous Pg 7d
Gogeta/Vegito Pg 8
Buu/Uub Pg 9
Kid Buu Pg 9b
Gohan Pg 10
More Gohan Pg 10b
Even More Gohan Pg 10c
Frieza, Cell and Bad Guys Pg 11
Yamcha, Tien Pg 12