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Did you ever watch the show and see something that just didn't quite seem right? Something that made you scratch your head and say "Wait a sec! Hold on there! That's not right!" Well, we thougth it would be fun to put some of the ones we've noticed here for you. Do you remember any of these ones? Get your video tapes or DVD's out and take a closer look!

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Did you ever notice that...

During the Frieza Saga in the Episode "The Ultimate Battle" Piccolo shouts to Krillin and Gohan to get out of here because there distracting Goku, You see Krillin look at Piccolo and he's wearing his Saiyan armour but when he flies off you see him fly in his orange suit, then he stops in the sky, turns round and is still wearing the orange suit. Then about 2 or 3 minutes later you see Piccolo, Gohan and Krillin all standing together watching the battle from afar an Krillin has his Saiyan armour on again! (submitted by RyanM)

When Vegeta is fighting SSJ3 Gotenks and Piccolo in buu's mind he get's kicked in the face by Gotenks when he was a Super Saiyan and he loses the form but when he returns fire with one of his own and knocks Gotenks away he is in Super Saiyan again with the lighter Blonde color (the Color that you have when you've been in the stage for awhile) and when he powered back up he didn't even have an Golden aura when he went back into the form. (submitted by EricM3742)

How is SSJ Goku able to go toe to toe with mystic Gohan (who domolished Super buu) and then be nervous about fighting Super Buu, same with Vegeta being better than SSJ3 Gotenks they both should have been able to to take care of Super Buu very very easily.(submitted by EricM3742)

Have you noticed in episode 71 frieza beats vegeta - a camera shot shows the back of his armor no damage but then when he gets thrown into the wall theres damage (submitted by colfin53)

Did you notice when Vegeta first comes to earth he's way shorter than Goku then in the Buu saga he sudenly almost as tall as Goku and he was already an adult when he came to earth the first time (submitted by Vegeta2313)

Well when Trunks arives on earth he says he will be born two years from now, meaning that in both timelines both Trunks were born at the same time. But the difference is how come Kid Trunks was able to turn Super Saiyan without getting Super mad and in the other timeline a Flashback from the TV Special Future of Trunks a Flash back of a Super Saiyan Vegeta being killed by the androids, so shouldn't Future Trunks have gotten the natural ability to go Super Saiyan? (submitted by EricM3742)

Well have you noticed that in Dragon Ball when Krillin is killed by Tambourine he is defeated in one kick. Goku and him were pretty close in power level but after Goku tries to beat Tambourine and fails because of his tiredness of the world tournament. He kills tambourine with only a few hits. Goku, who wasn't that that much stronger than Krillin, shouldn't have been able to beat Tambourine (submitted by EricM3742)

Well in when Radditz first comes to earth he reads the farmer's power level as a power level of 5. But in the Cell saga Cell first got bested by Piccolo in Battle. He then absorbes a Town that is equivilent to the size of Ginger Town which only contained 15,000 residents so that means Cell should have only gotten a Power up of 75,000 points or so but his Power level is in the ten Millions as is Piccolo's but after absorbing the Humans Cell is able to knock out Piccolo with a single Blow and take 17 and Piccolo's Attacks in as if they were nothing. Bottom line how could Cell have gotten as big a power up as he did from absorbing a few thousand Humans with mere levels of maybe 5. (submitted by EricM3742)

When Goku is fighting Kid buu he transforms into a Super saiyan 3 in the Episode '' Battle for the Universe Begins''. Shortly after the narrator starts talking and Goku starts to charge Buu and the episode ends with Goku charging Majin Buu. The next Episode called '' Vegeta's respect'' Goku is still standing on the clif he was in the previous episode just as he fully powered up. Then Kid Buu teleports to Goku's Location and they begin the fight. What happened to Goku charging at Buu?The next Episode should have began with Goku charging Buu.(submitted by EricM3742)

In the episode Doomsday Broadcast Cell arives at the station and chokes someone and asks him if this is the right place but when he drops him the guy calls for sucurity and Cell uses a Ki Blast on him. He then starts announcing the Cell games but when they show Cell again the Guy he killed is a dead Body. The Ki Blast should have totally obliterated him so how is there anything left. (submitted by EricM3742)

Well Radditz comes to earth and says that the saiyan race was destroyed by the comet 3 years ago. Well first off Planet Vegeta was destroyed in the Bardock Special which is a cannon DBZ Film Goku was just a Baby when it happened and if you do the Math Goku is 24 when Radditz comes to earth so how could it have been destroyed 3 years ago? (submitted by EricM3742)

Well Radditz comes to earth saying that a comet wiped out the Planet Vegeta but later in the Freiza saga in a Flashback of Vegeta's Nappa says he has found out that Freiza destroyed Planet Vegeta and Radditz was there and shocked and Vegeta confirmed he already knew that. Bottom line Radditz should have known that a Comet didn't wipe Planet Vegeta and it couldn't have been destroyed 3 Years ago. (submitted by EricM3742)

Well in the Hyperbolic Time chamber when Goku is trying to get Gohan to transform into a super saiyan he asks him to picture Cell hurting his Friends, but then later on Gohan has a bad dream that Cell( in his Perfect form) killed all his Friends. How could he know what Perfect Cell looked like Goku didn't even know because they were in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber when Cell became complete so how could he know what he looks like. (submitted by LeslieEricDavid)

When Goku(super sayian) is fighting Frieza, his eyebrows are black, next scene they are yellow, then they are back to back again. Same with Vegeta when they first learn that Gero will activate 17, and 18. (submitted by trickster10)

In the Frieza Saga, after Goku does his spirit bomb in the episode "Power of the spirit" when everyone goes flying, Krillin and Gohan land on a small island. It will have grass, then in the episode after it "Transformed at last" in the beginning of the episode there will be no grass on the island that they were on. (submitted by Goku122491)

Guldo from the Ginyu Force has a flashback when he first arrives on Namek where it showed Vegita giving Guldo problems. In the Flashback Vegita didn't have a tail, but the flashback was from before Vegita went to Earth and had his tail cut off.

When Gohan is training with Goku in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, he said that he'd never seen Cell before. Then later he has a dream where he sees Cell killing Piccolo and his mother, even tho he said he's never seen him before.

During the Cell fight, Cell creates the 7 Cell Jr's to fight everyone. When Gohan becomes Super Saiyan 2, he destroys the Cell Jr's, but if you watch carefully, you will see he killed 8 Cell Jr's when there were only 7 created.

During the Saiyan Saga, if you look at Krillin's head you will see the dots but during the end of the Freeza saga to the Buu Saga, the dots are mysteriously gone.

In Dragonball during the first shown Tenkaichi Budoukai, Goku transforms and Master Roshi destroyed the moon. But during the Saiyan Saga when Piccolo was training with Gohan, the Moon some how came back, and so Gohan transformed.

In Dragonball when the Piccolo we know was born it took him about three years to mature. It seemed to take Dende about 20 years to become fully mature.

During the Cell Saga Piccolo said that there could only be two people in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber at a time, but in the Buu saga there are three people in there at once: Buu, Gotenks, and Piccolo.

In the Frieza Saga, the episode called "Frieza's Boast", Goku takes off his orange shirt when Frieza and him fight, when you see the close-up of Goku he'll have the orange shirt back on. (From: Goku122491)

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