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Broly's Final Coming
By Saiyan Blood

Chapter 1

Broly: “Kakaroooooot!” Shows Broly flying down at Goku from the sky Super Saiyan.
Goku: “Huh?” Aaaahhhh! Its Broly!”
“Broly: Die!” Broly charges at Goku, punches and misses. Broly turns around and grabs goku
and slams him into a tree then does a energy blast at his back. Goku turns around. Goku:
“Your gonna have to do better than that if you want to kill me. Powers up and unleashes a
flurry of punches then goes up into the sky and shoots a large energy blast and hits
broly. Suddenly Broly launches out of the smoke and hits goku in the chin sending him
flying upward. Broly fly’s towards him, grabs his head punches him in the stomach five
times then throws him at ground. goku lands on his back. Goku: “You know you don’t have to
do this Broly! Why can’t we be friends, you know, on the same side.” Broly charges at Goku
and punches, Goku dodges and broly hits the ground. Goku kicks him in the stomach sending
him upward then takes both his fists and slams him on the ground. jumps back and does a
kamehameha. Goku: “KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAAAAAAAA!” It hit Broly. Goku’s standing there waiting.
The smoke clears and broly still in the same stance. Broly: “Hahahahahhahaha! Just give it
up Kakarot, you can’t win. Broly stands up and shots a frenzy of energy blasts, then
punches him in the stomach sending him upwards grabs his head and knees him in the stomach
four times and blood comes out of his mouth then throws him up in the sky and fly’s after
him. Goku does his instant transmission and lands on the ground. Goku: “I have to get him
away from the people. Hey Broly, come and get me.” G oten: “H ey dad whats up.” Goku:
“Goten hide before he sees you.” Goten: “Before who sees me, is it my ex, because man she
was crazy. One time... Goku: “Goten its Broly now get some where and see if you can
contact anybody, tell them ill be at the plains, now go!” Goten: “Okay.” Broly races at
Goku as G oten leaves. Goku fly’s to the plains. Goku gets there first then Broly. Broly
shoots a large energy blast at Goku and misses. Goku charges at Broly and punches him in
the face, Broly doesn’t even flinch. Broly grabs Goku’s arm and throws him in the air then
grabs him and starts bear hugging him. Goku: “Aaaggghhhh. Arrrgghhgh. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhghhh.”
Broly: “Hahahahah. You cant win Kakarot. Just face it, I’m twice as strong as you.”
Trunks: “Not if we can help it.” Goku: “Trunks, Gohan, Goten, thanks.
Aaarrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhh!” Trunks Goten and Gohan unleash energy blast at Broly’s
back. Broly: “Aahhhhhhhhhhh.” Goku elbows Broly in the stomach and gets away. Goku: “Manhe’s strong.” Breathing hard. Goku powers up to super sayin. “You three better power up as well if you want to live.” Gohan: “Allright.” Goten Gohan and trunks power up to super
sayin. Gohan: “Lets go.” Goten and Trunks charge at Broly fighting. Gohan: “Here dad, take
this senzu bean.” goku eats the bean. Goku: “where did you get this?” Gohan: “I got a bag
from korrin about a month ago for emergency’s, and, well, i guess this an emergancy.”
Goku: “Y eah,” I’ll say. “Are you ready Gohan?” Gohan: “Yeah.” Goku: “Lets do this.” Goku
and Gohan turn around and see G oten falling to the ground and Trunks getting beat up.
Goku fly’s toward Broly and shoots a energy blast at Broly’s head to free Trunks. Trunks
falls to the ground. Broly turns around and fly’s toward Goku, Goku dodges and hits Bro ly
in the back. Broly turns and shoots a energy blast and hits Goku’s chest. Goku:
“ahhhhhhh.” Trunks and Gohan start fighting Broly at super sonic speed. Goten fly’s over
to Goku. Goku has a hole in his shirt and is smo king. Goten: “Dad, are you O kay?” Goku:
“Yeah, I’m just a little stunned, that’s all.” Goten: “Good. Now come on, Trunks and Gohan
can’t hold him off for long.” Goku: “Allright.” Trunks falls to the ground. Goku: “Trunks,
where is Vegeta?” Trunks: “H e’s off training somewhere.” Goku: “Do you know where?”
Trunks: “Yeah, why?” Goku: “Can you contact him?” Trunks: “No. I’ve tried but he’s
meditating.” Goten gets up and rejoins the fighting. Goku: “Can you go get him?” Trunks:
“Yeah, but I don’t want to leave you.” Goku: “Don’t worry about us, well be fine.” Trunks:
“O k, I’ll hurry.” Trunks fly’s off really fast. Go ten and Gohan both fall to the ground
really hard. Then Broly shoots a large energy blast at them. Goku shoots an energy blast
to deflect it. Goku: “Are you two ok?” Gohan: “Yeah.” Goku: “Do you need a senzu bean?”
Gohan: “No. thanks.” Goten: “Dad! Watch out!” Goku: “Uuhhhhhhh!” Broly goes behind Goku
and hits him in the back really hard. Then throws him back real far. Goten: “Nooooo! Dad!”
Goten charges at Broly and punches him in the face hard. Broly then grabs Goten and chokes
him. Gohan runs at broly and kicks him in the head but Broly doesn’t even flinch. Gohan
punches him in the face but he doesn’t flinch. Goten: “G-Go-han please he-help me.” G oten
faints. Then Broly throws him on the ground. Gohan: “Noooooooo! Goteeeeeen!
Hhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Gohan powers up to super sayin two and there’s a hole bunch of energy and rocks around him.

Continued... Next Chapter