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Broly's Final Coming
By Saiyan Blood

Chapter 2

Gohan: “Broly!, this has gone on long enough! Now die!” Gohan teleports infront
of Broly, punches him in the stomach sending him in the sky, teleports above him and
starts punching him really fast. Then punches him down with both hands to the ground and
uses his most powerful kamehameha at him. “Kame-ha-me-haaaaaa! It hits Broly. Gohan is
hover while breathing hard and kinda slumped over. When the smoke clears Broly is in his
guard stance. “Dang’it! I was sure that that blast would have killed him.” Broly:
“Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha! Stupid boy, you cannot defeat me. I am the most powerful
being in the universe! Haaaaaaaaa!” Broly powers up alot. “Hahahahahahahaha.” Broly laughs
lunetically. “See, I told you that you couldn’t defeat me.” Goku wakes up on the ground.
Goku: “M an, his power leavle is so strong. Its a good thing I have these senzu beans.” Go
ku eats a bean. Back to Gohan. Gohan: “You will never beat us Broly. Goku will defeat you
I swear it!” Broly: “You thinks so but your wrong. Because I will kill you all.
Haaaaaaaaaa!” Broly powers up and charges at Gohan and hits him in the stomach then hits
him in the face sending him flying sideways. He goes after him and punches at him but
gohan dodges and elbows him in the neck witch makes him fall, Broly recovers quickly and
teleports right infront of him and grabs his chest and swings him around and shoots a
energy blast in his chest sending him flying into a near by boulder. Goku gets up and goes
over to Goten and gives him a senzu bean. Goku: “Hear son eat this.” G oten eats the bean.
G oten: “Thanks dad, your the best” Goku: “Don’t mention it.” Goten: “He’s to strong , we
can’t beat him, we need Trunks and Vegeta. Whats taking them so long dad? Goku: “I don’t
know, but they better hurry up or we’ll all die. Goten: “Yeah.” “Come on dad we have to
help Gohan.” Goku: “Oh my gosh I forgot!” “Goten, power up all the way.” “Okay.” Goten
powers up to super sayin two. Goku powers up to super sayin two. Goku: “Lets go.” Goten:
“Hm.” Goten nods his head. Broly fly’s to Gohan and punches him in the stomach making him
go deeper in the rock. Gohan: “Ahhhhhhh.” Broly punches him again in the face and knees
him the chest. “Uhhhhhhhh.” Then Broly punches him again in the stomach. “Uh-uh-cough-
cough.” Spits allot of blood out of his mouth onto Brolys arm. Goes back to normal. Lets
him fall onto his knees doubling over. Broly: “Ahhhahahahaha. Told you I would kill you.
Goku knees him in the stomach and Goten takes both his hands and slams his back making him
fall to the ground. Broly: “Ahhhhhhhhhh.” Broly powers up and pushes them back with air.
Goku: “Goten, take this senzu bean to Gohan.” Goten: “Okay.” Goku starts fighting Broly
again. Goten walks over to Gohan and gives him the bean. Gohan: “Thanks Goten.” Goten: “No problem.” Gohan: “Lets git him.” Goten: “Yeah.” Gohan and Goten help Goku fight Broly
super fast. (Everybody is now battle scared and clothes torn) After about a minute Goten
gets tired and stops fighting. After a few seconds Gohan gets punched to the ground. Goten
goes over to him. Goten: “Brother, are you Okay?” Gohan: “Yeah, I’m fine.” Goten: “You
rest, I’ll help dad.” Gohan: “No!” Goten: “Yes, you need to rest or you’ll be no good
later on.” Gohan: “Ok, fine.” Goten goes to help Goku fight. soon Goten gets hit to the
ground, gets back up and broly shoots a energy blast and hits Goten, and Goku hits broly
in the side. Gohan goes to Goten to see if he’s ok. Gohan: “Are you ok Goten?” Goten:
“Yeah I just don’t have much energy left.” Gohan: “Power down it will save energy.” Gotne:
“Ok” Goten power down and so does Gohan. Broly tries to punch Goku In the chin but misses
and Goku hits him in the stomach and Broly doesn’t flinch. Then Broly slams he’s fist into
Goku’s back sending him to the ground. Then shots a bunch of energy blasts at him. Goten
goes super sayin two and does a Kamehameha. Goten: “Ka-me-ha-mehaaaaaaa! Goten hits Broly in the side and Broly stops shooting energy blasts, turns and fly’s toward Goten. Gohan
goes super sayin two and gits beside Goten. Gohan does Mensenko. Gohan: “Mensenkohaaaaa!,”The blast knocked him back a ways. Goku gets up and upper-cuts him in the chin. Then shoots some energy blasts at him he dodges the blasts and shoots a few himself but Goku dodges them. Goku grabs Broly while Gohan and Goten charge up for a double Kamehameha. (When they put there hands together and do it.) Broly’s struggling to get free but can’t. “KA-ME-HA-ME Gohan: “You ready goten?” Goten: Yeah.” HAAAAAA!”

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