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Broly's Final Coming
By Saiyan Blood

Chapter 3

Goku lets go of Broly as the Kamehameha hits his body. Broly: “Ahhhhhhhhhh.”
Goku goes over to Gohan and Goten. Goku: “Hey guys, how are you two holding out?” Gohan: “Goten is out of energy and I’ve only got a little bit left.” Goku: “Oh, well I think
Broly’s done for.” Goten: “Me to.” Goku: “How about we go get some pizza?” Goten: “Sounds good to me.” Gohan: “Me to.” Just then Broly launches out of the smoke and tries to hit Goten but he moves. Goten: “He’s been masking is energy this whole time!” Broly speeds up and grabs Goten’s face and slams it in the ground jumps up and shots a few energy blasts
at him. Goku fly’s at Broly but he dodges and shoots him in the back ten times really
fast, turns around and shoots Gohan in the chest sending him back a few feat. Goku and
Goten gets up, fly’s at him and starts punching him super fast but to no prevail. Broly
grabs Goten by the shoulders and knees him in the stomach three times and headbuts him
twice then throws him and shoots a energy blast but Goku deflects it and Goten falls on
the ground and turns normal. Goku: “You monster. Why are you doing this? I thought we
already killed you.” Broly: “You did, but dr. gero’s computer found my DNA in the toxic
waste that killed me and made me a new body.” Shows a flash back of when he died. Goku:
“Oh.” Broly: “Then I killed the two androids he was going to use against you. Hahahaha,
man were they easy. So now I’ve come to kill all of you and this pathetic excuse of a
world.” Goku: “You will never destroy this world, now die and this time stay dead!
haaaaaaaa!” Goku powers up and punches Broly in the face but he doesn’t flinch. Broly:
“Hahahahahaha. you are so pathetic Kakarot, now die”! Broly unleashes a flurry of punches
kicks and energy blasts while in the air. Then takes both of his fists and slams Goku in
the head making him slam on the ground. Gohan powers up all he can and punches Broly in
the face knocking him back a few feat then punches him a bunch of times in the stomach and
knees him in the chest, jumps back and does a Mensenko blast. Gohan: “M ensenko-haaaaa!”
Hitting Broly in the head. Broly: “I thought I already killed you!” Broly smacks Gohan in
the face sending him flying sideways really far, Broly fly’s to Gohan while he’s still
flying and hits him down making him hit the ground and roll a few yards. Goku gets up and
goes over by Gohan. Goku: “Gohan, Gohan wake up.” Gohan: “Huh? What, what happened?” Goku: “Broly knocked you out.” Gohan: “Oh.” Goku: “Here take this there only four left.” Gohan; “Okay.” Goku gives Gohan a third of the bean. Gohan: “Thanks dad.” Goku: “Your welcome son.” “Now go over there and wait.”Gohan: “Okay” Goku eats a third to and fly’s to goten. Goten: “Ahhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaa!” When goku gets there broly is steeping on Goten. Goku; “Get off him now!” Broly: “Hahahaha. W hat are you going to do about it?” Goku talks in an undertone. Goku; “I’m going to kill you.” Broly: “What, I didn’t quit here that?” Goku
yelling. Goku: “I said that I’m going to kill youuuuuuuuuuuu!” Goku hits Broly in the
mouth sending him back a few yards. Goku crouches near goten. Goku: “Here son, eat this.”
Goten eats the third half then gets up. Goten: “Thanks dad.” Goku: “No problem. Goku: “Now
go over there by Goten.” Goten: “But dad.” Goku: “Just go!.” Goten: “Okay.” Goten goes
over to Gohan siting on a big bolder Goten: “Hey Gohan what are you doing here?” Gohan:
“Dad told me to.” Goten: “That’s weird, because he told me to stay here to.” Goahn: “Oh”
Goten: “What do think he’s doing?” Gohan: “I don’t know.” Broly charges at Goku, Goku
dodges and shoots an energy blast at his head and hits. Broly: “Uhhhaaaaaaa.” Broly
charges at Goku and hits him in the face and and slams him on the ground. Broly: “W hat
did you say you where going to do?” Goku: “I’m going to kill youuuuuuuuuuu! A bunch of
rocks and dirt start coming up and floating. “Haaaaaaaaaaaa.” now a bunch of big rocks
come out of the ground. “Haaaaaaaaaa! The energy around goku gits several times bigger and
bigger. “Haaaaaaaaaaaa! Goku’s shirt desinagrats. “Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Goku’s hair starts to
get longer. “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Goku turns super sayin three.

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