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Broly's Final Coming
By Saiyan Blood

Chapter 4

Gohan: “Wow, I’ve only seen him do that few times.” Goten: “Yeah, me to.” Goku
sends the rocks hovering, at broly so fast that he could’nt respond. T he rocks hit him
and skint him. (broly now has a bunch of cuts.) Goku: “Your going to die for what you just
did.” Broly:“We’ll see about that.” Broly flys toward goku and punches but goku nimbly
dodges to the side and karate chops him in the neck making him fall. Goku goes up in the
air starts shoting a lot of energy blasts at him. Broly jumps out of the smoke and flys
toward goku but Goku dodges. Broly punches at goku’s head but each time he does Goku moves his head, then Goku starts blocking with one hand super fast. W hen Broly gets tired of
punching goku smacks him in the face knocking to the ground. Goku: “Had enough yet?”
Broly: “Never!” Broly shoots a energy blast at goku but he hits it back and it hits broly.
Gohan: “Wow! At this rate goku will kill him in a matter of minutes.” Gotan: “Yeah.” Goku
flys at Broly picks him up and punching him in the mouth making blood come out and hits
him in the chin making him go up. Goku fly up beside him and punches him in the stomach
changing his course from up to sideways, he does instant transmission and punches his back
sending him in the other direaction and keeps doing it six times. Then on the seventh time
he does an energy blast point blank on his back. Then slams him on the ground. Goku:
“Who’s the one losing now?” Just then vegeta and trunks fly on the seen. Trunks: “Hey
guys, how are you doing?” Gohan: “Actualy, were doing pretty good, but what took you two
so long?” Trunks: “We where on our way here when we saw a plain crashing so we had to get
it to the airport whick took a few minutes, so yeah.” Goahn: “Oh.” Just then Broly goes
super sayin two and flys at G oten but Goku gets in his way and takes the hit, Broly hits
him in the chest. Then Broly punches him in the stomach twice and punches him in the face
sending him sidways a few yards. Goku: Come on now Broly, I know you can do better than
that.” Broly lunges forward and punches but Goku dodges and knees him in the stomach
causing blood to come out of his mouth then punches him in the face making blood go out of
his mouth then does a really fast ka-me-ha-meha. Boly: Aaahhh!. Broly lunges at goku and
knees him in stomach and punches him down and shoots an energy blast and hits him. Goku:
“Well, I see that your trying now but that alone won’t beat me”. goku punches at broly’s
head but broly moves his head and punches him in the stomach, Goku punches him in the
face, Broly grabs his neck and slings him down and goku fires a shot while falling and
hits him in the chest, gets up and flys super fast at Broly and kick him in the chin
making him go up a little and fires energy shots for about ten seconds then fires a big
one sending Boly back a few feat. Shows Broly holding his hand over his stomach and
breathing hard, andGoku breathing hard. Vegeta: “How long have they been at it”? Gohan:
Well we’ve all been fighting but he’s been doing all the work.” Vegeta: “Oh. So how is
Broly here?” Gohan: “Dr. gero’s computer fond his DNA somhow in that sludge he died in but
do n’t ask me how.” Vegeta: “Oh, so he’s been resurected again. How many times do we have
to fight him?” Trunks: “I don’t know but this time lets finish him for good.” Goten:
“yeah.” Vegeta: “So why aren’t we out there fighting !” Gohan: “Because dad said that we
should stay here.” Vegeta: “Well i’m not just going to sit around all day while he has all
the fun. “Uhhaahhhhh!.” Vegeta goes super sayin two and the energy crushes the bolder
there siting on and goten falls but the rest are hovering. Trunks: “No! Dad!” Vegeta: “I’m
going wether you like it or not.” Vegeta fly’s off twords the action. Shows Vegeta flying
toward goku and Broly fighting. Goku punches down Broly. Goku: “Vegeta, I told everyone to
stay back there”. Vegeta: “I know. But I want to fight to you know.” Goku: “Fine, but I
warn you he’s really hard. Vegeta: “Good.” Vegeta fly’s to Broly. Vegeta: “Hey B roccoli,
com e and get some of this.” Vegeta blasts Broly in the chest. Broly races at Vegeta and
punches and misses, Vegeta does a galic gun to his back. Broly turns around and shoots
Vegeta in the chest knocking him back. Vegeta now has a hole in his shirt. Vegeta fly’s at
Broly and punches but Broly simpily dodges to the side and elbows him in the neck making
him fall to the ground. Broly desends to the ground. Broly: “No body call me broccoli.”
Bro ly starts shoo ting Vegeta with one hand, then goes up in the air and shoots a big
blast at Vegeta hiting him and causing a crater in the ground. Vegeta: breathing hard “Man
he’s so much stronger than me. Nobody is stronger than me, I am the prince of all
sayiiiins! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! A lot of rocks come up. Haaaaaaa! His hair starts to get
longer. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! he goes super sayin three and theres a lot of rocks and energy
around him. then the rocks fall. Vegeta: “Broly, your time is up!” Vegeta fly’s at Broly
and punches him in mouth then punches him in the stomach making him spit up blood, then he
kicks his head sending him flying sideway and does a galic gun attack. Broly:
“aauuuuhhhh.” shows Broly all battle scared and bleeding and clothes torn. Vegeta: “Come
on now Broly, give me your all.” Broly: “Okay. Broly shoots a blast at Vegeta but Vegeta
dodges to the side and it hits goku in the chest. Goku: “Ahhhhh!” Gohan and Goten:
“Father!” “Dad.”

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