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Broly's Final Coming
By Saiyan Blood

Chapter 5

Broly teleports to Goku,grabs the bag of senzu baens and hits Goku in the back
making him fall, then teleports back and eats the rest of the beans. Everybody looks at
broly in suprise. Broly: “Ahhhhhhhh”! Broly powers up and his macules get biger. Vegeta
charges at him and punches him in the stomach but it barely hurts him. He punches his face
but nothing, he jumps back and does an energy blast with bo th hands. Broly comes out of
the smoke and grabs vegeta around the neck and punches him in the stomach causing blood to
come out of his mouth. Goku: “Vegeta”! Goku fly’s at broly and kicks him in the stomach
making him drop vegeta. Then does a fierce right punch but does’nt make him flinch. Broly
moves his eyes towered goku while his fist is still on him. Broly trys to back hand him
but Goku teleports on the other side of him. Broly shoots an energy blast but goku
teleports behind him and does a full nelson on him. Broly: “Let me go”! goku: Not unless
you promise to stop doing evil and leave earth for ever. Broly: Never. “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”! Broly breaks out and powers up enormously. “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”!
Goku: “Man, his power level is twice as strong as mine. How are we supposed to beat him”?
Broly charges at vegeta while goku is thinking and starts fighting him. “But maybe if me
and vegeta fuss using the fusion dance we could power up enough to beat him, yeah, yeah
that might just work. Hey vegeta”. Vegeta: “W hat”? Goku: “How about we do the fusion
dance and fuss”? Vegeta: “I....dont....know...ahh”. Broly punches him in the stomach and
vegeta punches him in the face then Broly does an energy blast at vegeta’s stomach sending
him back about ten yards. Goku: “Come on. W e would be much stonger and faster” Vegeta:
“allright fine”. Goku: “Good, lets go. Gohan, Goten, Trunks, give us some time”. Gohan:
“Alright, lets go guys”. goten and trunks together: “Yeah”. Vegeta and Goku fly to a
nearby rock and stand beside each other. Goku” “Ready”? Vegeta: “Lets just get this over
with”. Goku and Vegeta do the fusion dance and fuss into Gogeta Super Saiyan. Gogeta:
“Lets do this”. Broly: “Haaaaaaaaaa”! Broly flys at Gogeta and hits in mouth making his
head turn a little to the left. Then Broly trys punch Gogeta in the stomach but Gogeta
puts his fist in the way stoping it. Gogeta: “Looks like your not so strong now are you”?
Gogeta throws him in the air, flys up to him and punches him hard in the stomach making
blood come out of his mouth. Broly shoots him in the face, punches him in the stomach,
punches him in the face, and grabs his leg and swings him above his head and throws him
toward the ground and does a huge energy blast that hits him. Goten: “Darn, I did’nt
expect them to fuss”. Trunks: “Yeah, me either”. Gohan: “I don’t know about you guys, but
I think they got this one in the bag”. Trunks: “Yeah me too”. Goten: “But what if they
don’t finnish him in time”? Trunks: “Then I guess that we’ll just have to fuss”. Goten:
“Yeah your right”. Gogeta gets up and flys up in the air. Gogeta: “Hey Broly, I think its
time you die”. Gogeta teleports behind Broly and hits him in the back of the neck,
teleports infront of him and knees him in the stomach then slams both of his fists in his
back slaming him to the ground, and does a super Kamehameha. “KA-ME-HA-MEYour time is up Broly. HAAAAAAAAAA! The blast hits Broly square. Broly: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”! Shows Gogeta floating there looking at the dust. Then gogeta suddenly looks at Gohan Goten and Trunks.
Gogeta: “Look out! Broly shoots three energy blast at Gogeta that binded him. Ahhhhhhhhh”!
Shows Gogeta struggling to get free. Broly flys towered the others. Goten: “What”! Trunks
goes Super Saiyan two, Gohan goes Super saiyan two and Goten goes Super Saiyan two. Broly shoots them and then grabs Trunks and head buts him then punches him in the stomach.
Trunks: “Auuuuuuggghhh”. Shows Trunks falling to the and ground caughing up blood. Goten:
“Trunks”! Goten flys to where Broly is and starts punching him very fast ant then karate
chops his neck but Broly does’nt flinch. Goten: “Whaughhhh”.

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