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Broly's Final Coming
By Saiyan Blood

Chapter 6

Broly punches him in the stomach very hard and chops his neck. Goten falls
slowly towered the ground. Goten: “Trunks, Gohan, sorry”. Then he falls to the ground
unconscious and goes back to normal. Gohan charges at Broly and punches his face but he
does’nt move. Broly: “Stupid boy, you canot hurt me”. Broly grabs his throwt and chokes
him. Gohan: “Uuuuugghghg, Trunks”. Brolys laughing now. Trunks: “You beast, get you hands
off him now”! Trunks takes out his sword and slashes at Broly but he blocks with one hand
and grabs the sword from him. Broly: “Aren’t you a little young to be playing with
swords”. Goten wakes up and powers up and starts to fly over when Broly throws the sword
and it stabs Goten in the shoulder. Goten: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh”! Shows allot of blood going
down his left side. “Fatherrrrrrrr”! Gohan: Goteeeen! Broly smacks The crap out of Gohan
sending him flying and shoots a little ball of energy threw his upper right arm and his
left rib cage. Gohan: “Uuggghhhhhh”-caugh caugh, and some blood comes up. Goten yells
realy load and pulls the sword out of his shoulder. Goten: “Aahhhhhhhhhhh”! Then Goten
faints to the ground powered down. Gohan yells and flys to Broly and try to hits him in
the mouth but B roly just steps to the side unleshes a furry of punches, then hits him in
the back knocking him out. Gogeta speaking telepathically. Gogeta: “Trunks”? Trunks:
“Yeah”? Gogeta: “Take Gohan and Goten to the hospital or somthing now”. Trunks: “Okay”.
Trunks uses solar flare and grabs Gohan and Goten and flys away. Soon after the light dies
away. Broly: “Where is he? Where did he go”? Gogeta: “He’s gone. He took Gohan and Goten away”. Broly:” W hat! Nobody takes them away from me and gets away with it”! Gogeta: “Looks like they just did”. Broly: “Haaaaaaaa! W hy you little”. B roly flys up to Gogeta and hits him in the face. Gogeta: “Oh, I see how it is. Your to chickin to fight me aren’t
you? Thats why you have me in this”. Broly: “Ahhhhhhh”! Broly knees him in the stomach
then grabs his head and head buts him. Gogeta: “Your geting kinda weak aren’t you? His lip
now bleeding. Well, I got somthing for you. Ahhhh”-. Broly hits him in the stomach again
then kicks his head and punches his stomach about six times hits his face a few times and
flys back and unleashes alot of energy blast at his chest. Gogeta: “You know That kinda
hurt”. Broly: “Your going to make me do somthing I wish I did’nt have to do”. Gogeta: “Oh
yeah, and whats that”? Broly: “KAKAROOOOT! Broly goes Super Saiyan three. Hahahahahaha! Now you won’t stand a chance”. Gogeta: “Well, it just so happens that I can do that to remember”? Broly: “Dangit”. Gogeta: “HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”! Gogeta goes Super Saiyan three.
“Now, to get rid of this. Ahhhhhhhhhh”. Gogeta breaks the energy rings. “Ahhh, now where
were we”? Switches over to Trunks. Trunks is now flying over west city going to capsule
corp. to get his mom when he see a gang of thieves robing a jewelry store. Trunks: “Dang.
I have to find a place to put Gohan and Goten. Ahhh, over there by that tree”. Trunks sits
them down by a tree. Then trunks flys over to the gang of thieves. “Stop right there”. All
the thieves turn around. T hief Leader: “G et’em boys. Haaaaaa”! Three of the four thieves
charge at Trunks who just punches them all once and they fall down. “Huh”? The leader
turns around to see Trunks standing there looking at him. What, how did you, why I oughta.
The leader shoots his gun at Trunks but Trunks telep orts beside him and chops his neck
knocking him out. Trunks: “T hat should do it. See you later” Trunks flys to Gohan and
Goten, grabs them and fly off to capsule corp. Back to Gogeta. Shows them hovering there
looking at each other. Gogeta: “Oh yeah. Now I remember. Haaaaaaaa!” Gogeta flys at Broly
and punches him in the mouth thenleft hooks him in the stomach, flys back and does a
double energy blast. Teleports behind him and chops his neck sending him down, teleports
infront of him and punches him back up, teleports behind him again and kicks him in the
back sending him at the ground again and does a kamehameha. Gogeta is hovering there
breathing hard and looking down at the dust from the kamehameha. After a few seconds Broly
lunges out of the smoke and flys at Gogeta and punches him hard before he could react.
Then he reabs his head and knees him in the stomach five times then while still holding
he’s head flys down in a twirling motion and slams Gogeta’s head in the ground, jumps up
and shoots allot of energy blasts at Gogeta’s chest then shoots a big blast at him making
a small crater in the ground. Gogeta: “Well, you certainly are stronger I have to amit,
but is it enough to beat me?” Back to Trunks. Trunks gets back to capsule corp. in time to
save them. Trunks: “Mom”! Bulma: “What is it dear?” Trunks: “Quick, get in here!” Bulma:
“What is it?” Shows Bulma runing in the room and drops a vase she was holding in her hand.
Bulma gasps “What happened?” Shows Trunks holding both of them in both of his arms.
Trunks: “No time for that. W e have to get them aid quickly. Bulma: “Right. Dr. Briefs”!
Dr. Briefs: “What is it? Shows Dr. Briefs entering the the room. Oh dear, what happened?
Trunks: “Auuggh! No time for that now, we have to get them to a room and work on them
now”. Dr. Brief: “Follow me.” Dr. Brief takes them to a room. “Lay them on that table.”
Trunks: “Okay.” Trunks lays Goten and Gohan on the table. “What are we going to do about
there condition?” Dr. Briefs examines them for a moment before speaking. Dr. Briefs: “I
can save Goten, but I dont know about Gohan.” Trunks: “What do you mean dont know?” Dr.
Briefs: “Just what I said. I dont know”. Bulma: “Surely you can do something to save poor
Gohan.” Dr. B riefs: “I’ll try my best. As for now, i’m going to have to ask for you to
leave”. Trunks: “W hat! I want to stay!” Dr. Briefs: “It would be best if you stay out
side the door and not let anyone disturb me while i’m operating.” T runks: “Okay. But in
the meantime, do you have any senzu beans?” Dr. Briefs: “No.” Trunks: “Dangit!. Okay, i’ll
wait outside.” Shows Trunks pacing back and forth outside the door. There’s an exsplosion
outside the capsule corp.. Trunks: “Huh?” Trunks sees a guy runing by, calls him and tells
him to not let anyone disturb Dr. B riefs and then goes outside to see what all the
comotion was. When he got outside he saw a tank and android solders that looked like army
solders, marching in a line infront of the tank shoting energy blast while the tank shoots
missles at the buildings. Trunks: “Darn, I see the Red Ribbin Army logo on them. Looks
like there’s actually an army now. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!” Trunks takes of his jacet goes Super
Saiyan two geting buffer. “Lets get this over with.”

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