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Broly's Final Coming
By Saiyan Blood

Chapter 7

Trunks flys off to where the army is. (There is about one or two hundred solders
all with strong powers.) Trunks goes down and starts fighting one. He punches him in the
face and does an energy blast knocking it down but it gets back up and more start coming
at him. Trunks: “Oh boy.” Trunks flys up in the air and moves his hands really fast in the
burning attack motion and does burning attack at the tank and blows it up. “Burning
attack!” Trunks flys back down to the androids and starts fighting them with his sword.
(These androids don’t have bombs in there chest.) After about two or three minutes Trunks
gets over powered by all the androids and start betting him up while another three tanks
come and start shooting the buildings again. Trunks: “Aaahhhhhhh!” Trunks powers up and
blows them away from him that where on him. “Take this. Haaaaaaaaaa!” Trunks unleshes
allot of energy blasts at the androids but they absord it. “Darn! I forgo t about that.
Burning Slash!” Trunks does Burning Slash and kills several androids. “There’s to many of
them, how am I sopposed to hold them off?” Trunks goes back down and takes his sword
sticks it in the side of the tank and salshes it all the way down the side causing it to
explode and jumps to the next one doing the same and the next one he stabs his sword in
the top and jumps off and it explodes to. “Allright, thats the tanks. Now for the
androids. “Buster Cannon.” Trunks uses Buster Cannon and Destroys some androids. Trunks
flys down again and strts fighting androids with his sword choping off there head and
stabing them in the chest. One android got behind him and grabed him around the arms and
chest and started squeezing him really hard making him drop the sword while another hit
him in the stomach. “Aaaaahhhhhh!” Trunks spits up blood out off his mouth. The android
hiting him in the stomach jumps back and does an enrgy drain on him. “Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!”
Just then an enegy blast hits the android sucking his enegy and another on the android
holding him. Trunks looks around and sees Piccolo in the sky looking at him. “Piccolo!”
Trunks flys up to him. Piccolo: “Sorry it tool so long to get here, I was training a long
ways away from here.” Trunks: “Thats allright, its just good your here now. Piccolo:
“Whats going on here?” Trunks: “I’ll tell you after we destroy these androids.” Piccolo:
“Right.” Piccolo takes off his cape and hat. “Lets do this.” “B uster Cannon!” Trunks
kills some androids. P iccolo shoots allot of energy blasts and then does Hellzone Granade
and kills allmost all of them, then Trunks fires a big energy blast that finishes them
off. Trunks flys down to retrieve his sword and put it back on his back. Trunks: “So as I
was saying, Broly is back and I guess Dr. Gero has unleshed a small army.” Piccolo: “So
that was the strange energy I felt. How did he come back and from where?” Trunks: “I’ll
tell you that later. As for now, here comes four gigantic robots.” “Get ready.” Piccolo
charges up for the Special Beam Cannon while Trunks flys up to one of them them and trys
to stab his sword in it but it scratches it. “Darn. It’s Geromantanium armor.” Trunks flys
back where piccolo is. The robots are now destroying everything in there path. Trunks does
his Burning attack and Piccolo unleshes his Special Beam Cannon destroying two of them.
Then Trunks does another Burning attack. “Burning attack!” It destroys the robot and
Piccolo does another Hellzone Granade. Piccolo: “Hellzone Granade!” Trunks: “Nicely done
Piccolo.” Piccolo: “Same to you. Now what where you saying?” Trunks: “O h yeah....” Trunks
tell Picclo about how Broly here and how Goten and Gohan is in Capsule Corp. and how
Gogeta is fighting Broly right now. Piccolo: “Take me to see Goten and Gohan so I can heal
them.” Trunks: “Okay.” Trunks takes Piccolo to see them and he heals them. Gohan: “Thank
you Piccolo.” Goten: “Yeah, thanks Piccolo.” Piccolo: “It was nothing really. Now lets go
help Gogeta.” Trunks: “But we’re no match against Broly.” Piccolo: “Then you and Goten
stay behind in case some more androids come.” Goten: “Allright.” Gohan: “Lets go.” Gohan
and Piccolo fly off to Gogeta and Broly. Back to Gogeta and Broly. Gogeta: “Are you
ready?” Broly: “Aaaahhhhh!” Broly charges at Gogeta and punches him in the face hard, then
Gogeta Punches him in the stomach hard and Broly kicks him in the head and Gogeta shoo ts
an enegy blast at his side. Broly then goes up in the air and shoots an energy blast that
binds Gogeta again. Gogeta: “Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!” Broly: “Hahahahahaaa! Now I squeeze you
until yoou die!” Gogeta: “Aaaaahhhhhh!” Broly closes his hand and the ring tightens on
Gogeta. “Aaaaaahhhhhggghhh! Stop iiiiiit! Aaaahhhhhhh!” Broly: “Whats the matter? Can’t
get free? Or is it the fact that sombody is stronger than you?” Gogeta: “Aaaaahhhhhhh!
You’ll never be stronger than me! Aaaaaahhhhhh!” Broly: “What did you just say?” Gogeta:
“I said that you’ll never be stronger tha..... “Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!” Broly squeezes them
harder than ever. “You wont get away with this Broly. Aaaaahhhhh!” Broly: “You think I
wont but take a look around, all your friends are gone and its just a matter of time
before your fusion where’s off, so I think I am geting away with it, don’t you?” Gogeta
thinking. He’s right, Gohan and Goten are unconscious and Trunks isn’t here right now.
Darn. And I only have a few minutes left before we defuse. B ut there is a way, there
always a way.” Now yelling. “T here always a waaaaay!” Broly squeezes his hand so tight
that it starts to bleed. “Haaaaaaaaa!” The ring explodes and Gogeta is free.
“Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!” Shows Gogeta slumped over with his left eye closed and one arm holding
the other. Broly: “You will die today! Aaaahhhhh!”

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