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Broly's Final Coming
By Saiyan Blood

Chapter 8

Broly charges at Gogeta and smacks him in the face then knees him up in the air
and elbows him down to the ground and starts shooting energy blasts at his back. W hen he
gets up and the dust is clear Gogeta does’nt have a shirt part anymore. Broly is now
laughing luneticaly while powering up. Gogeta: “Broly, Your days are over!” Gogeta
unleshes a lot of energy blasts that start hit Broly Square in the chest. Broly stops
powering up. Then Gogeta Does a super Kamehameha. “Ka-me-ha-me-HAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Broly stops the blast with his hands and is struggling to keep it at bay. Broly: “Aaaaaahhhhhhh!”
Gogeta: “Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!” After about ten seconds Broly cant hold it no longer and it
overtakes him. Broly: “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!” Shows Gogeta is standing there breathing hard
and looking at the dust for about a minute. Then the dust clears and you see Broly
standing there breathing hard to. They have a star dowm for about thirty seconds. Then
Broly lunges forward and speeds toward Gogeta. Gogeta: “Dangit. He’s still able to
attack.” Broly trys to punch Gogeta but he moves out of the way and uppercuts him in the
stomach and grabs him from behind and goes up in the air high, then go es down really
fast. Broly: “Aaaaaaaahhh!” Gogeta slams him in the ground and goes back up and shoots
allot of energy beams out of his right hand finger. Broly bursts out of the dust a few
seconds later and catches Gogeta by surprise and punches him in the stomach while still
flying and slames him into a nearby boulder making a hole in it. Gogeta: “Uuuggggghhh.”
Gogeta spits up some blood. Broly goes to hit him but he telep orts behind him and does a
energy blast on his back making him slam into the boulder. Broly: “Your going to pay for
that.” Broly turns around and punches Gogeta but Gogeta blocks and hits him in the face.
Broly: “Haaaaaaaaaa!” Broly punches Gogeta super hard in the mouth making more blood come out, then Gogeta and Broly start at fighting super sonic speed. After about a minute of
them fighting Gogeta kicks Broly down to the ground on his back and goes down and slam his
fist in his stomach. Broly gets up and wipes blood of his lip. Broly: “Haaaaaaaaa!” Broly
charges at Gogeta and punches but Gogeta step s to the side and chops his neck making
Broly stagger. Broly regains balance and jumpes up and does a back flip and kicks Gogeta
in the head slaming his head in the dirt and lands behind him and shoots a large blast
bowing up a large portion of the plains. Gogeta: “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!” Broly:
“Hahahahahahaaaaa! Give it up kakarot, you cant win.” Gogeta: “M y name is not kakarot
anymore, its Go geta.” Broly: “I do n’t care if your name is curly que, i’m going to kill
you. Haaaaaaaaa!” Broly runs at Gogeta and punches fiercely but he dodges the blow and
knees him in the stomach, punches him in the face, punches him in the face, knees him
three times in the stomach and blasts him in the chest and does the move that binds him.
Gogeta: “Who’s the one struggling now?” Broly: “Haaaaaaaaaaa!” Gogeta: “Struggle all you
want, but it aint breaking like yours. Gogeta walks up to Broly and punches him in the
face really hard, kicks him in the head, and shoots a blast out of his mouth. Broly:
“Aaaahh!” Gogeta: “Hahahaaa! Your so pathetic. But I do have to give you credit for being
able to go super saiyan three, aaaand making us fuss. Your pretty strong, but we well
always be stronger, you can take that to the bank.” Broly: “The only thing i’ll be taking
to the bank is your dead body. Haaaaaaaaaa!” Gogeta: “ah,ah,aaah, remember what I said?
shows Gogeta waveing one of his fingers while talking. Then closes his hand and it
squeezes Broly. Broly: “Aaaaahhhhhhh!” Then Gogeta Starts punching him really fast in the
stomach with energy around him pushing him back every second. Broly: “Uuuugggggg.
Aaaaahhhh! Uuuuuggggghhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhh! then Gogeta goes up in the air and shotts an
energy blast that came from around his hole body and hit Bro ly with it for about ten
seconds until he stop ed. Broly: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! Gogeta: “Now for the final
blast. Ka-me-ha-me-.... Huh?” Goku and Vegeta defuse just before they could finish there
move. There both hovering there Super Saiyan three.

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