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Broly's Final Coming
By Saiyan Blood

Chapter 9

Vegeta: "Darn. Just before we could finish the move. Goku: "Dangit. I guees
we'll just have to finish him like this. Vegeta: "Yeah. Just then Broly lunges out of
the smoke and shoot both of them in the chest. Then Broly goes for Goku. He grabs Goku's
head and knees him in the stomach twice and throws him to the ground and shoots an energy
blast but Vegeta deflects it back at him but Broly dodges the blast and goes for Vegeta
who punches him in the stomach but Broly does'nt fell it. Broly: "Haaaaaaaaa! Broly
smacks Vegeta in the face and shoots an enegy blasts hiting him in chest before he got to
the ground. Goku flys up to Broly and kicks him but he grabs his foot and swings him above
his head and throw him at the ground but Vegeta catches him. Goku: "Thanks Vegeta.
Vegeta: "Don't mention it. Goku and Vegeta fly's towered Broly and both punch him in the
stomach making him spit up blood. Broly: "Uuuugggh! Then both of them drop kicked him and
went back. Vegeta: "Final Flash! Goku: "Ka-meha-me-HAAAAAAA! The blast hits Broly.
Broly: "Aaaaaahhhhhhh! Goku: "W e might just beat him like this. Vegeta: "Maybe. But the
odds are still against us. Watch out! Vegeta takes Broly's enegy shot instead of Goku.
Goku: "Vegeta! Vegeta: "I'm allright. Goku: "Good. Broly, your gonna pay for that.
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Vegeta: "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Vegeta and Goku unleash a flurry of energy blast at broly that hit his chest. Broly: "Aaaaahhhhh! After about ten seconds of
blasting him Vegeta and Goku start to get tired. Broly comes at them really fast and hits
Vegeta down to the ground and came at Goku who braced for impact as Broly punched his arms he was blocking with. Goku thinking. "M an, his endurance is out the roof. Broly hits
goku in the stomach then the face then knees him in the stomach and takes both of his
fists and slams him to the ground. Goku powered down to Super Saiyan Two. Vegeta races
toward him and does a Galic Gun attack. Vegeta: "Galic Gun! Broly gets hit by the blast
and it sends him back a little. Broly: "Die you pest! Broly shoots several energy blasts
at Vegeta. Vegeta: "Aaaaaahhhhhh! Then Broly flys at Vegeta and hits him in the mouth
sending him to the ground where he land on his chest and powers down to Super Saiyan two.
Broly: "Get up and fight you pathetic piece of trash. Gohan: "Stop right there Broly!
Goku: "Gohan? Broly: "Huh? Goku looks up at Gohan and Piccolo. Goku: "Gohan, Piccolo,
your here. Gohan: "Dad! Gohan flys to Goku and Vegeta. Gohan: "Dad, what happened?
Are'nt you sopposed to be fussed with Vegeta? Behind them piccolo took of his out fit and
began to Broly. Goku: "W e were, but it wore off just before we could kill him. Gohan:
"Oh, Piccolo said he would heal you. Goku: "Thanks son. Gohan: "Any time. Wait here
while I go get piccolo. Gohan flys off to get piccolo. Vegeta: "Now we have a chance of
wining now. Gohan goes Super Saiyan. "Piccolo, Go and heal goku and Vegeta. I got him.
Piccolo: "Allright. Gohan charges at Broly and hits him in the Mouth knocking him back
and hits him in the stomach, then does a menseko. Gohan: "Mensenko-HAAAA! The blast hits
Broly in the chest. Piccolo goes by Goku and tell him to be still while heals him. After
Piccolo heals him he does the same to Vegeta. Goku: "Thanks Piccolo. Piccolo: "It was
nothing. Vegeta: "Now lets get him. Goku: "W ait! We cant just rush out there again. We
need a plan. Piccolo: "Precisely. I was thinking about it before we got here and I
thought I could hold him with me mind while you two and Gohan do your best moves. Goku:
"That sounds good to me. What about you Vegeta? Vegeta: "I guees it could work. After
all, he is weakened and with us Super Saiyan three we could probably do it. So I in.
Piccolo: "Allright, lets get to work. Piccolo, Vegeta and Goku go up to Goahn who is
Fighting Broly and holding him off. Vegeta and Goku go Super Saiyan three and start
fighting Broly while piccolo tells Gohan what there are doing. Gohan: "Right, lets go.
Gohan goes Super Saiyan two. Piccolo starts to concentrate on Broly. After about a minute
of concentration while the others are fighting he gets it. Piccolo: "Allright move! Goku
gets infront of him, Vegeta gets above him, Gohan gets behind him and Piccolo is by his
right. Piccolo: "Ready!? Broly: "Haaaaaaaaaa! Goahn and Goku Charge up for a Super Ka-
me-ha-me-ha. Goku and Gohan: "KA-ME-HA-ME, Vegeta charges up for a Big Bang attack, While Piccolo has been charging up for a Special Beam Cannon. Piccolo: "Noooow! P iccolo
unleshed his first making it go through his heart. "Special Beam Canooooon! Then Gohan
and Goku do ther's. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! And as soon as it hit Broly Vegeta did his. "Big Bang Attaaaaaaaack! The attack hit him and it exploded into a giant ball of energy with
to Super Ka-me-ah-me-ha's and a Big Bang Attack. Broly: "Nooooooooooooo!
AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The explosion fully disintegrated Broly. Piccolo: "We did it. Gohan: "Yeah! Goku: "I can't believe it. We finaly did it! Vegeta: "Good riddance.
Goku, Vegeta and Gohan powered down and Piccolo put his outfit back on. Vegeta: "Lets go
to my house and tell everybody and celebrate. Goku: "Sounds good. What about you guys?
Everyone: "Sure. Goku: "Grab my arm. Everbody grabed Goku arm and he did instant
transmission to Bulma's house.When they got there they told everyone about what happend
and Goku told them about Dr. Gero computer. Bulma: "I sent some of my prototype computer
flys to moniter the battle and pick up data. But I could'nt watch the fight because I was
busy, but I did pick up some interesting data. Goku: "What was it? Bulma: "It appears
that Dr.Gero has genetically enhanced broly's clone to be more powerfull by inserting some
strange kind of energy i've never seen before. His power levels registered wierd to. When
he is normal he's the strength of a Super Saiyan, when he's Super saiyan he's as strong as
a Super Saiyan three, when he's Super Saiyan two he's as strong as a Super Saiyan fussion
and when he's Super Siyan three he's as strong as a Super Saiyan three fussion. Goku:
"Darn. He's strong. No wonder he was hard. Trunks: "No kidding. Piccolo: "Thats the
hardest opponent we've had other than Buu. Gohan: "Diffinetly. Trunks tells everyone
about the Red Ribbon army. Goku: "So he had an army huh? Trunks: "Yep. Ask Piccolo, he
was there. Goku: "I take your word for it. Goku: "Who wants to go to Master Roshi's
island and have a vacation? Piccolo: "I have to go back to the lookout. Vegeta: "I'm
staying here, but you can go trunks. Trunks: "Okay, I'll go. Goku: "Great. Gohan: "I
promised Videl I would stay home this week. Goten: "I'll go dad. Goku. "Allright. Lets
go hame and tell Chi Chi first. Piccolo: "Well I'm outa here. Everyone: "Seeya. Gohan:
"I'll see you later dad. Goku: "By. Trunks: "See you later mom. Bulma: "B y son. Goku:
"T hanks for everything Bulma. Bulma: "Hey, its what I do. Goku: "See you later Vegeta.
Vegeta: "Yeah yeah. Just try not to kill your self geting there." Goku: "I'll try not to.
Well, see you all later." Goku uses his instant transmission. It shows them on the island
walking to the door. Goku knocks on the door. Master Roshi: "Who is it? I'm on the
toilet." Show everyone laughing.


Author: Saiyan Blood


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