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The Staff here at DBZ Dimension is in the process of undergoing a transformation, so these are the types of Staff helpers I'm currently looking for to help bring the site up to date and help take it into the future. I personally would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the making and maintaining of DBZD over the years. But now as we move on and update things here, it is my sincere wish to have a fan site worthy of the DBZ we all know and love so much!

If you think you'd like to be a part of DBZDimension and help it grow, send me an email and tell me what you can do for us and why I should add you to our Staff. Here are the Staff Positions I'm looking for help with right now:

News - We're looking for people who can help with any sort of new information on Dragon Ball, DBZ, or DBGT, such as information on the upcoming Dragon Ball movie, or the new action DBZ figures figures.

Video Gaming - news, reviews, screen shots, and any other Game related information

Creative Designers - If you're good at creating Sig banners, avatars, backgrounds, and other DBZ related designs, I'd like to expand our design department as well and would love to hear from you.

Oekaki Moderators - Our Oekaki will be opening soon, and I'm looking for a few Moderators to be able to keep an eye on the boards.

If you feel YOU have something else to offer for the growth of DBZ Dimension, please write to me! I'd love to hear from you!


Here's a little bit about those of us who contribute to DBZD

About DBZMama - My name is Camille, and I'm happily married with 2 cool sons who also love DBZ. My eldest son 'Marriland' is 23 and has his own very successful Pokemon website, Pokemon.Marriland.Com with all kinds of TCG information, video game walk-throughs, and lots of other things of interest. My younger son is now 21, used to be my partner,'Enygma', here at DBZD but now has moved on to pursue his own successful writing career. As for me, I'm an artist at heart, but I also love being with our sons as well as helping run our family business, P-RPosters.com. I adore DBZ, and anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge Goku fan! Way 'back in the day' I also used to play the card game (although I admit, not extremely well) and my favorite deck to play was(what else?) a Goku deck! (Saiyan Tactical Mastery with Goku Lvl 6) I've watched the show practically since it came out here in the US, and I was even lucky enough to meet the voice actor of our beloved Krillin, Sonny Strait, while he was out on the Hummer Tour a few years back. I drew a special drawing for him (he even autographed a copy for me!) Then he drew one for me inside of my copy of his comic, Elfquest, that he draws for. It's an Elfen Krillin! Anyway, DragonBall Z has been one of my greatest joys, from the hundreds of action figures we have to the card game, to the anime, to the video games and movies... and of course the inspiration for my many many DBZ Drawings. So I wanted to put up my own DBZ Fansite as my own little way to honor the story and characters I've grown to love so much..

I'm glad you stopped by my website and hope you'll come back often! I plan on adding much more as time goes on. If you have comments or suggestions, please feel free to write to me!

You can contact me here:

Thoughts from DBZMama -
I've been a huge fan of Dragonball Z for years now. I remember first stumbling across a DBZ episode, before I was aware of the brilliance of this unique manga...way back to when Raditz took little Gohan away from Goku. And Raditz stood there dangling a sobbing little Gohan above Goku, standing on poor Goku's broken ribs as he lay there in the water... the agony I felt for him as this evil brother flew off with Goku's only son... Goku powerless to save him. I thought to myself then, "Man! That poor guy... how sad!! And how very AWFUL of that villain to take that poor little kid away from his Dad like that! How scared he must have been!" From then on, I was hooked. There's such FEELING in DBZ... such EMOTION... such a COMPELLING storyline... such INTRIGUING characters...such FANTASTIC artistry...such HUMOR interwoven with EXCITEMENT and ANGER and FEAR and HOPE all at once!! And the ever-continuing belief that in the end, good MUST triumph over this evil! *sighs* Man I love DBZ!!

In my opinion, Dragon Ball Z is a fantastic story, and just like in real life, there's bad with the good, and a continuing struggle for good to prevail over evil. And, just like in DBZ, you just need to realize that you can always call upon your own inner strengths to overcome ANYTHING!

New Staff Helbers - Coming Soon!