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Cooler's Power in Hell.
by DarthVenom9808

Chapter 1

In the bowels of Hell, Cooler wandered the vast plains in a vane attempt to escape. He longed for Revenge, he and his brother both longed for it. To kill the damn monkey who had given them this fate. Each hour passed slowly but Cooler still wandered on. Eventually he met back up with his brother and his friend Cell. ‘Another day, another cursed existence here,” Cooler said.

‘I know what you mean,’ Cell said. ‘Any luck trying to find that way that leads out of here?’

‘None whatsoever,’ Cooler replied. He had beaten an ogre to the brink of death one day, demanding to know if there was a way out of hell. He had been told that there was a secret passage but before he could get its location, Pikkon had arrived and beaten him. Now he was under constant surveillance. He had to pretend that he was simply walking while secretly trying to find the exit. All three of them were trying to find it.

‘Let’s keep looking,” Frieza said. ‘We’re bound to eventually find it.

And so the hours passed as they hopelessly looked until one day Cooler found something very unusual in the south corner of Hell. He wandered through the forests of dead trees until he came to a magnificent fountain.

Before he could take another step, he was surrounded by ogres and Pikkon. ‘You’ve been warned, Cooler,” Pikkon said. ‘You know that you aren’t allowed to leave the central premises of Hell. I’m happy to inform you that you’re going to be kept in solitary confinement from now on.’

‘Oh spare me your bull shit,’ Cooler said. ‘What’s that fountain?’

‘That’s none of your business,’ replied Pikkon. ‘Are you going to come quietly or do I need to beat you down again?’

‘Oh that’s not necessary.’ Quickly, Cooler raised his hand and fired a deadly blast straight at Pikkon. Pikkon quickly raised his arms to block the blast but Cooler quickly flew past him. There must be something special about this fountain Cooler thought. Why else would they prevent me from going near it? Cooler dove head first into the fountain.

‘NO! Stop him,’ yelled Pikkon.

It was too late. A strange sensation came over Cooler, his muscles bulged and a lightning aura began to surround him. ‘My god,’ he said. ‘The power is unbelievable. I see why you wanted me to stay away from this.’ Cooler raised his hand and fired beams from his fingers until all the ogres lay lifeless.

‘You bastard,’ Pikkon yelled! ‘You didn’t need to kill them! I’ll make you pay for this!’ Pikkon dove towards Cooler, sending countless blows towards him. Cooler effortlessly dodged them and with one swift elbow to pikkon’s head, he sent him falling towards the ground unconscious.

Cooler laughed at the fallen warrior and fired a deadly blast right at his body. When the smoke cleared, nothing was left. ‘This power is fantastic,’ Cooler exclaimed. ‘I estimate that my power has been multiplied by 10,000! Ha ha ha ha. I wonder how these new abilities work.’ Cooler raised his hand towards his fist, extending his index and middle finger towards his fore-head. ‘This must be teleportation. Funny how I just know how to do it. I’ll inform Cell and Frieza of this power but first I must make sure I never have to share it’

Cooler looked at the fountain and with a simple kiai, he destroyed it.

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