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Cooler's power in Hell.
by DarthVenom9808

Chapter 2

He then concentrated on focusing on Cell’s chi and teleported to his location.

‘What the Hell!’ Cell exclaimed. ‘How did you do that?’

‘I’ll tell you later,’ Cooler said. ‘Where’s my brother?’

‘He’s over here. I’ll bring him over.’ Cell flew to a location a few miles away and was back within the minute, accompanied by Frieza.

‘What’s this about?’ Frieza asked. ‘Why aren’t you looking for an exit to this place?’

Cooler told them the story of what had just transpired. ‘That’s amazing,’ Cell said. ‘Now you can show us where this fountain is and we can all have this power.’

‘Unfortunately that’s not possible,’ Cooler replied. ‘You see, when I was fighting Pikkon, it was destroyed by one of his attacks.’ Cooler smiled as he watched Cell and Frieza show their disappointment.

‘How were you able to teleport?’ Cell asked. ‘I have the same ability but I can’t do it here.’

‘I can only think of two explanations,’ Cooler said. ‘The first is that my power has gotten big enough to be able to ignore the limitations Hell puts on you, or it’s simply another power from that fountain. But nevertheless, I can teleport so that means we can all leave here and go to Earth for revenge.’

‘Of course,’ Frieza said. ‘But first. I want to go get our father and the Ginyu Force. As much as I hate to admit it, we may need help fighting the monkeys.’

‘Do as you wish, Cooler said.’ Meet as back here in half an hour. You know were they are, right?’ Frieza nodded his head. ‘Good then. Go.’

Frieza flew into the air and was gone from view.

‘Tell me something,’ Cell said to Cooler. ‘How much more powerful do you think you’ve gotten?’

‘Well,’ Cooler replied. ‘It’s hard to say but something tells me that it’s at least been increased 10,000 times over-’

His words were interrupted by the words “Stop right there!”

Above them was a very angry Olibu. ‘You’re going to pay for what you did!’ He yelled as he slowly lowered himself to the ground.

‘Don’t make me laugh,’ Cooler snorted. ‘You’re nothing compared to what Pikkon was. What makes you think you have a chance?’

‘Pikkon has nothing to do with this!’ yelled Olibu. ‘This is for those ogres you murdered!’

‘Oh and aren’t those ogres usually accompanied by Pikkon? Ha! I destroyed his body! And if I could destroy his soul, I would!’

‘You’re lying! Pikkon has a far bigger power level then you! You are nothing compared to us! Die!’ Olibu threw a merciless onslaught of punches towards Cooler.

‘Spare me this crap,’ Cooler said, laughing and dodging at the same time. ‘You’re a joke!’ Cooler grabbed Olibu by the hair and slammed him in the stomach with several punches. Olibu vomited what looked like a liter of blood and then fainted. ‘Watch this Cell,’ Cooler said. He threw Olibu into the sky and fired a huge beam at his body. Olibu’s chest was pierced by the blast which went right through it. ‘Now, this is the fun part,’ laughed Cooler. He widened his hands apart from one another and the beam began to widen, until it completely engulfed the body and reduced it to nothing.

‘Impressive,’ Cell said. ‘Your power is shocking.’

‘Aint it so,’ replied Cooler.

At that moment, Frieza returned with King Cold, Burter, Reacoom, Jeece and Guldo. ‘I hear that my son has some newfound power,’ King Cold said.

‘I told them all what happened on the way over here,’ Frieza said.

‘Alright,’ Cooler said. ‘Then we’re off to earth. ‘Each of you hold my left arm while I teleport.’

‘Can you decide where you want to teleport?’ Cell asked. Or do you need to locate Chi and teleport there?’

‘I do need to locate Chi,’ Cooler replied. ‘But I can land at any point within 15,000 miles. Why?’

‘Teleport us to a city within Goku’s location,’ Cell said. ‘I’m sure we’d all like to have a little fun before we fight him and his friends.’ Everyone nodded when Cell finished speaking.

‘Alright,’ Cooler said. ‘I’ve got a location on the monkey’s chi. Lets go.’ Everyone grabbed Cooler’s arm. The next second they were standing in the middle of a road in a huge city.

‘So this is one of Earth’s cities,’ Frieza said. ‘Not very advanced are they.’

‘Hey!’ Yelled a driver who was behind them. ‘Get off the road or I’ll run you over!’

‘Everyone spread out and have as much fun as you want,’ Cooler said. ‘If you run into an Earthling with a high amount of Chi who’s too much for you, blast the ground. The rest of us will come as quickly as possible and take care of him.’ Everybody flew of into different directions except for Cooler, who started to walk towards the driver who yelled at them. ‘You’re very impatient,’ Cooler said.

‘Just shut up and get out of the way,’ snapped the driver. ‘I’m very late.’

‘I know. Hell wanted you five years ago.’

‘What!?’ said the driver confusedly. Before he could do anything else, Cooler grabbed the skin from under his jaw and ripped his face off then snapped his neck.

‘This is going to be fun,’ he said.


Chapter 3... Coming soon...