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Dragon Ball: Chaotic Future
by Arius Miura de Galdri


Hunters Saga, Part IV


An eerie silence filled the valley.

Hanzo stared at his two opponents, his arms crossed over his chest as he let out a sinister laugh. “Surprised, are you?” The evil Saiyan began walking toward the two warriors, uncrossing his arms and flexing his fingers. “My life was a living hell because of you and your kind!” Hanzo shouted in rage. “You damned Galdrians call my people uncivilized and savage, but you’re the barbarians who murdered my father! Oh, if you only knew how long I’ve been after you, and all this time I’ve wanted vengeance…” He stopped in front of Miura and Clef, leaving barely a yard between them. “But I’m no fool; I know that I can’t seek revenge on your entire planet, so I’ve decided to just settle with you!” Hanzo was upon the two warriors before either of them had a chance to react.

Miura felt a powerful fist smash into his stomach and was knocked back several feet, falling to the ground next to Clef, who had also been forced back by the evil Saiyan. Miura jumped to his feet just in time to see a bolt of red energy tearing through the air, obviously heading right for him. The young Hunter dashed to the side, feeling the heat from Hanzo’s attack is it flew harmlessly past him. Miura gasped in amazement as the Saiyan who claimed to be his half-brother seemed to materialize before him, his leg drawn back in preparation for a crushing kick. Before Hanzo was able to strike out at Miura, Clef crashed into the black-clad Saiyan, knocking him away from the half-Galdrian. Not wanting to give Hanzo a chance to recover, the Namekian fighter flew after him, and the two warriors collided in midair.

Miura could only watch in awe as Clef and Hanzo ascended higher and higher into the air, both warriors throwing flurries of attacks so fast that they could barely be seen. Energy began welling up around the two airborne combatants, and the echoes of their struggle filled the entire surrounding mountain range. After shaking off his surprise, Miura flew up after Hanzo and Clef. As he neared the two fighters, Miura heard a loud crack overhead, and he was barely able to move aside as an unconscious Clef came plummeting down from above, hurtling to the ground below. “Clef!” the young nobleman shouted. He looked up and saw a bright blue aura floating above him, and in the midst of the aura Hanzo could be seen, his face set in a wicked grin. Miura began to power up as he glared at his ruthless half-brother.

“So, now it begins for real, huh? Fine by me, little brother!” Hanzo flew down toward Miura at an incredible speed, clenching his fists and shouting in rage. As the evil Saiyan warrior neared him, waves of powerful purple energy began emanating from Miura’s body. With his own shout of anger, the young Hunter launched himself toward Hanzo. A sound like a thunder clap filled the valley as the two Saiyans clashed high above the ground.


The two girls watched the ensuing battle in awe.

Zellis’ body trembled as she clenched her fists, fear for her adopted-brother clearly evident in her features. She shut her eyes as the two Saiyans made contact, filling the valley with an ear-shattering crack. Twilight gasped, grabbing on to Zellis’ arm as tears of worry ran down her face.

“Z, what’s going to happen?” the pink-haired girl asked, her voice shaky and afraid. “And where’s Clef? I don’t see him anywhere…” Zellis tried her best to comfort Twilight, but she was also unsure of the battle’s inevitable outcome. The young Galdrian noblewoman rose to her feet, unable to stand by any longer.

“Twilight, listen to me,” Zellis said through clenched teeth. “I want you to stay here, don’t leave no matter what.” She heard Seth’s daughter gasp behind her. “You know as well as I do that Hanzo won’t hurt you. If he wanted to hurt either of us he’d of done it by now.” She turned to face Twilight, whose beautiful face was now streaked with tears. “If we lose, I’m sure Hanzo will just leave, and you’ll be fine…” As Zellis turned to go, Twilight grabbed her upper arm, holding her back.

“No, please stay here,” she begged. “If things start to go badly, then you can leave, but not yet.” Zellis smiled, noticing the new look of hope upon the younger girl’s face. “They still have a chance… Don’t they?” Zellis closed her eyes and nodded, praying that Twilight’s hopes were well founded.


The savage airborne battle continued.

Hanzo and Miura threw a barrage of punches at each other as they slowly began descending to the ground, their energy auras flaring around them and causing winds to tear through the clearing below. Miura growled in frustration as Hanzo tilted his head to the side, narrowly avoiding a punch that the young Galdrian had meant for his face. The determined Hunter pulled away from his opponent as Hanzo’s leg cut through the air in front of him. The evil Saiyan screamed with exertion as the energy around him changed from blue to gold, and Miura’s blood ran cold as Hanzo transformed into a Super Saiyan. Miura immediately dashed back as he landed, avoiding yet another powerful kick from his sinister half-brother. The ground below Hanzo exploded with debris and energy as he landed in front of Miura.

“So, are you prepared to die?” Hanzo asked as he slowly assumed a fighting stance several feet away from the trembling half-Saiyan. “You’re afraid, aren’t you? Well, I don’t blame you, though I was expecting a lot more out of you, brother.” Hanzo began focusing all of his energy around him, his muscles tensing from the exerted force. Waves of energy exploded outward from the evil Saiyan’s body, forcing Miura to cross his arms before him in a vain attempt to keep his footing. The young Galdrian screamed in frustration as he was knocked back several feet in a bright flash of golden light. The ground beneath Hanzo erupted as he flew toward his younger brother.

Feeling the approach of the Saiyan warrior, Miura tried to regain his senses before it was too late. The Hunter’s body tensed as he felt powerful arms encircle him, pulling him sharply to the left, out of the way of Hanzo's charge. “Clef,” Miura gasped as the Namek set him back on his feet. Hanzo slid to a stop in front of them, his golden aura flaring around him like a flame. Clef and Miura assumed defensive stances as the evil warrior who stood before them began to laugh sinisterly. “What can we do Clef?” the half-Saiyan whispered to his companion. “He’s so damn strong…”

Clef nodded slightly, wiping sweat from his brow with his forearm. “I know what you mean. He’s just so far out of our league… I think he’s even stronger than last time.” The Namekian looked at his young ally out of the corner of his eye. “All we can do is fight.” Clef looked back toward his opponent. “He can’t keep up this ‘Super Saiyan’ form for long, its way too powerful for his body to sustain.” Miura nodded, hoping that Clef was right.

Suddenly Hanzo rushed at them, but this time Miura and Clef were ready. The two warriors began powering up, both of them prepared for Hanzo’s assault. As the Saiyan reached them, Miura and Clef leapt forward, meeting Hanzo’s attack head on. The ground shook as the three combatants went all out, each of them trying their hardest to overcome their opponent. Try as they might, however, Miura and Clef were no match for Hanzo’s Super Saiyan power. The black-clad Saiyan, putting all of strength into one devastating punch, knocked Clef aside, sending the Namekian warrior head first into a nearby outcropping of stone. Clef hit with an explosion of dust and debris, and he was buried under a pile of stone and earth.

Miura foolishly took his attention off of Hanzo as he attempted to see Clef amid the cloud of dirt and dust. The evil Saiyan took advantage of his younger brother’s lapse in judgment, driving his knee deep into Miura’s torso and causing the Galdrian nobleman to scream in pain. Raising his hands above his head, Hanzo brought them down and delivered a double axe-handle strike to the back of Miura’s skull. The young half-Saiyan fell to the ground at Hanzo’s feet, knocked completely senseless from his older brother’s blow.

“So, this is how it ends, is it my brother?” Hanzo asked as he rested his foot on the chest of the dazed Hunter. The evil Saiyan smiled grimly, ignoring the sweat that continued to run steadily down his face. “So be it. This is the moment that I’ve waited so long for.” Hanzo lifted his right arm above his head, gathering energy for a final attack. A ball of red ki appeared in his hand, growing larger as he continued to focus more power into it. “Now you die!” the black-clad Saiyan shouted as he pointed his hand toward the shocked nobleman at his feet.

Before Hanzo had a chance to launch his attack, the pile of debris covering Clef erupted upward with a flash of energy. Hanzo gasped in surprise as the Namekian bodyguard flew toward him, his body surrounded by an incredibly powerful aura. Before he could move aside, Hanzo was kicked straight up into the air by Clef, who then launched a volley of energy blasts toward the evil Super Saiyan. Unfortunately for Clef, Hanzo was far too powerful to be injured by the Namek’s attacks, and he easily deflected the blasts with his free hand. Realizing that he still possessed the ki attack that he had meant for Miura, Hanzo flashed a sinister grin at Clef, and he screamed in exertion as he launched the powerful blast at the green-skinned fighter. Clef, who had expected his attacks to at least confuse the Saiyan, was caught completely off guard by Hanzo’s energy bolt. The red ki attack collided with the Namekian, who screamed in pain and was driven into the ground. An explosion of red energy and large pieces of earth rocked the valley, kicking up a cloud of dust.

After snapping out of his daze, Miura leapt to his feet, blinded by the dust and debris around him. Slowly a golden light emerged from the gloom, making its way steadily toward the young Galdrian Hunter. As the dust settled, Miura was able to clearly see the source of the light: Hanzo, still engulfed in his Super Saiyan energy and holding the injured Clef by the back of his head. Miura gasped as Hanzo released the Namek warrior from his grasp before brutally kicking him aside. The young half-Saiyan glared at his older brother, his body trembling with rage.

Hanzo returned his younger brother’s glare as his golden aura slowly dissipated. “See what happens when you let others get involved in a personal dispute, brother?” the Saiyan asked as he ran his hand through his golden-yellow hair. “This is between you and me, no one else!” Hanzo’s green eyes were filled with hatred as he gazed at his half-brother. “So what next? Do you intend to kill me, or are you just going to stand there?” The evil Super Saiyan assumed an offensive stance, preparing to launch a vicious assault against Miura. Before Hanzo could put his attack into action, a blast of concentrated Galdrian energy smashed into him, pushing him back and making him growl with exertion as he attempted to deflect the blast. Miura saw Zellis standing several yards away, were body shimmering with Galdrian energy as she continued to pump more and more power into her sneak attack.

Seeing an opportunity to take the offensive once again, Miura gathered as much energy around him as he could before he made his move against Hanzo. The half-Saiyan dashed at his brother, who still had his hands full trying to deflect Zellis’ surprisingly powerful energy blast. Hanzo screamed in frustration as he felt Miura’s approach, and he clenched his teeth as he continued to try in vain to divert the young noblewoman’s attack. Miura growled as he pulled his fist back and delivered a thunderous backhanded blow to his evil brother’s jaw, knocking the villainous Saiyan several yards away. Zellis’ blast, now completely unhindered, plowed into Hanzo, illuminating the entire clearing with an explosion of bright green light.

The two Galdrian Hunters immediately closed in on Hanzo’s position, neither of them willing to give the Saiyan warrior even a moment of respite. Miura rushed at his brother, throwing a barrage of strikes against the evil Super Saiyan. Hanzo was caught completely off guard, and Miura and Zellis were able to slowly overcome the evil fighter, driving him back and forcing him to go on the defensive.

“Enough!” Hanzo shouted, calling upon every last bit of energy that his weakened body could muster. Waves of golden power began to emanate from his body, forcing his two attackers to their knees and giving him enough time to fall back. Miura slid to a stop and jumped to his feet, a purple aura of pure energy coursing around his exhausted body. Zellis also came to a stop several feet away from her brother, prepared for whatever Hanzo might throw at them next. With a burst of power, Hanzo flew toward his opponents, holding a ball of golden-yellow energy in each hand. Just before reaching the two Galdrian nobles, Hanzo quickly ascended high into the air and suddenly dashed backward, firing the two ki attacks as he did so. Miura prepared himself for impact, determined to deflect his half-brother’s powerful blast, while Zellis waited for just the right moment to dodge aside. The two warriors were so focused on the oncoming bolts of energy that they failed to notice Hanzo, who had taken the opportunity to move in behind them. Zellis noticed the wicked Saiyan too late, and she was defenseless as Hanzo pulled his leg back and delivered a crushing kick to the young noblewoman’s midsection. She cried out in pain, but her cry was cut short when Hanzo grabbed her by the neck and head butted her in the face, instantly knocking her unconscious. After tossing Zellis aside, Hanzo returned his attention to Miura, who had easily deflected the golden energy blast.

“Don’t you see, brother?” Hanzo asked as Miura stood several feet away, his body trembling with anger. “I don’t expect you to believe me Miura, but I really don’t enjoy massacring your pathetic friends. If I had wanted your little partner dead, then I would have killed both her and Twilight a long time ago.” Hanzo took a few steps forward, shaking his clenched fist at Miura. “And Clef? He’s the one who continually insists on attacking me; I have no quarrel with him!” The Super Saiyan stared intently at his younger brother, returning the Galdrian Hunter’s glare. “Do you think I wanted it this way? Because I didn’t! But you have to understand, your friends mean nothing to me!” Chills ran down Hanzo’s spine as he felt a frightening, though somehow familiar power welling up around Miura. “Don’t blame me!” Hanzo shouted, his voice filled with wrath. “Anyone who stands in my way will end up dead, mark my words brother!” Hanzo staggered back and gasped in amazement as he realized that Miura’s body now seemed to emit a soft golden light. The half-Saiyan’s eyes flashed green as the ground around them began to tremble.

“No,” Miura whispered. “I won’t let you kill anyone else; you’ve already ruined enough lives!” Every muscle in Miura’s body tensed as, with a scream of exertion, he made his first transformation into a Super Saiyan. Energy seemed to flow endlessly from the young Hunter’s body, and Hanzo was forced to struggle to remain on his feet. “Now it’s your turn!” Miura shouted at his brother. “Time for a taste of your own medicine, heartless bastard!”

“Fine! Do your worst you runt!” Hanzo growled as the two Super Saiyan warriors rushed at each other. As the brothers made contact, a sound like a sonic boom echoed throughout the small valley, causing several of the surrounding mountains to crack and crumble. Hanzo gasped in surprise as he felt Miura’s fist drill into his stomach, and he lashed out with a powerful strike of his own. The younger Super Saiyan was barely able dodge aside as Hanzo attempted to knee him in the jaw, and the evil warrior growled in frustration as he realized that he now had a dangerous opponent to worry about. When did he learn how to fight like this! Hanzo thought as he narrowly avoided another powerful strike from his half-brother. On the Gelnika he could barely throw a punch, and now he’s going blow for blow with me… It must have been that damned Namek! Again Hanzo lashed out at the half-Galdrian, and again Miura was able to dodge the black-clad Saiyan’s attack.

The battle continued as the sun began to set, filling the valley with shadows. Miura easily countered everything that Hanzo threw at him, while landing several crippling blows of his own against his older brother. With a flash of golden energy, Hanzo took to the air with Miura right behind him. Seeing that the young Hunter was still determined to end this, Hanzo began to fire several blasts of energy at the half-Galdrian. Miura was able to deflect the attacks, but he was caught off guard when Hanzo seemingly appeared next to him. The younger Super Saiyan gasped in amazement, unable to comprehend how Hanzo, who he had thought to be exhausted, was able to still move so quickly. Hanzo grinned maliciously, delighting in the look of undisguised shock on his younger brother’s face, and he proceeded to deliver a punishing right hook to Miura’s jaw, sending the half-Saiyan Hunter spiraling to the ground below. Before Miura was able to regain his senses, Hanzo was upon him again, bringing his knee up into the younger Saiyan's ribs while at the same time driving his fist into Miura’s face. The young nobleman gasped in pain, and he threw a powerful punch that was easily caught by Hanzo. After crushing the half-Galdrian’s fist, Hanzo kicked him aside, laughing as Miura’s Super Saiyan transformation dissipated.

“I… I don’t understand,” Miura stammered as he lay on the ground, his entire body flooded with intense pain. He struggled to his feet, looking down at his own body in surprise. “What happened? Where did all of that power go?!” Suddenly the young Hunter coughed up a mouthful of blood and doubled over in pain, his ribs having obviously been broken during Hanzo’s last attack. As he lay unmoving on the ground, Miura heard his evil half-brother laughing.

“What’s wrong? Did you really think that your pathetic half-breed body would be able to sustain the power of a Super Saiyan?” Hanzo continued to laugh as he slowly made his way toward his injured opponent. “It takes time and practice to control that transformation for any extended period of time. Too bad… You almost had me, you know.” Hanzo stopped as he stood over his brother, allowing his own Super Saiyan power to fade away. “I’m afraid that you’ve come to the end of the road, little brother. It ends now…” Too bad, Hanzo thought. You’ve shown true fighting spirit today, much more than I had expected from a half-breed… “Enough! I’ve waited too long for my vengeance!”

Miura lost consciousness as a strange rushing wind filled the clearing, kicking up a storm of dust. Hanzo gasped in shock as a small space cruiser descended from high above, its floodlights illuminating the darkened valley and blinding the evil Saiyan. Hanzo jumped back in surprise, distancing himself from his fallen brother as the ship hovered ominously above them. Without warning, the dual blaster cannons on the cruiser began to glow, powering up for an attack. Before Hanzo could react, the cannons began firing at him, the first three blasts hitting him dead on. The black-clad warrior was thrown to the ground, rolling out of the way as the mysterious cruiser continued to fire at him. Hanzo staggered to his feet, obviously injured by the cannon fire. The cruiser, which had remained airborne throughout its assault, suddenly landed in front of the injured Saiyan, both cannons preparing for a final blast. Hanzo growled in rage as he prepared to launch an attack of his own against the mysterious spacecraft, but it was too late. The cruiser fired its dual cannons, and both powerful energy beams plowed into the already weakened Saiyan, driving him through his makeshift shelter and into the nearby encircling mountains. A bright explosion illuminated the night sky, and the echoes of Hanzo’s screams filled the small valley.


Miura once again awoke to unfamiliar surroundings.

The half-Galdrian nobleman was lying on a cot in what appeared to be a small cargo hold, his wounds cleaned and cared for and his dirty, tattered clothing replaced with a clean black jumpsuit, the standard uniform worn by most licensed Hunters. He sat up, the pain in his ribs forcing him to gasp in surprise. Miura slowly stood up from the cot, walking toward the door as cautiously as possible. Suddenly the door slid open, startling the young Hunter, who immediately assumed a fighting stance, preparing himself for anything.

After a moment, a young woman entered the small room. She wasn’t very tall, maybe two or three inches more than Zellis, and her auburn hair was kept short. Her bangs, which remained slightly longer than the rest, hung over her face, covering one of her light green eyes. She was slender and well proportioned, and the tight fitting jumpsuit that she wore showed off her body to very good effect. Miura sighed in relief as the woman placed her hands on her hips and smiled at him.

“Iris…” Miura whispered as the beautiful young Hunter walked toward him. “I guess I owe you one, huh?” Iris laughed as she hugged her old friend.

“I guess so. Actually I’m just glad to see you and Z alive.” A look of concern clouded her face as she looked up at Miura. “I’d heard that your ship crashed here after docking with an unregistered L-Class… Everyone said that you were dead, you know.” She slipped her arm through his as the two of them exited the small chamber. “I should have known better, though. It’d take more than a freak accident to finish the two of you off.” Miura and Iris walked down a short corridor and through another doorway, this one leading directly to the ship’s small bridge.

“About time you woke up,” Miura heard a familiar female voice say as he entered the bridge. Looking to his right, the young half-Saiyan was relieved to see Zellis leaning against the wall, her arms crossed over her chest. She too was clad in a black jumpsuit, and she sported a nasty black eye. The Galdrian noblewoman embraced her adopted-brother and kissed him on the cheek. “It’s been two days since Iris rescued us; I guess you were pretty exhausted, huh?” Miura nodded, looking past Zellis and noticing Clef and Twilight, both of whom looked to be in pretty good shape after the conflict on Applicah. Zellis stepped aside as the Namekian warrior approached her partner.

Clef smiled at Miura as he placed his hand on the half-Galdrian’s shoulder. “You did great out there,” he said. “You were able to show that bastard Hanzo a thing or two, and you rescued the girls in the process.” Miura nodded and turned away, shaking his head in disappointment.

“But he’s still out there, Clef. I know that he’s still alive, I can feel it.” The young Saiyan clenched his fists in frustration. “And you know as well as I do that he’ll be back,” Miura whispered, almost too quiet for Clef and the others to hear. “But next time I’ll be ready… He won’t beat me again,” Miura said as he turned to face his friends, his eyes flashing with anger. “Iris, I hate to ask any more of you, but is there anyway that I can contact Galdria from this ship?”

The female Hunter nodded. “Yeah, but at this distance I can’t guarantee how good of a signal you’ll get.” Iris gave Miura a wry smile as she leaned against the control panel. “What’s wrong? Have to call and check in with your little girlfriend?” Miura rolled his eyes and gently pushed her aside as he attempted to make contact with his home planet.


Miura gasped in disbelief.

“What do you mean she left? Where did she go?” Miura had managed to make contact with the palace, but the Galdrian who had received his signal was a stranger to him. The mysterious Galdrian was dressed in robes of jet black, very different from the bright colors typically worn by the people of Galdria, and the look that he gave Miura sent chills down the young nobleman’s spine. “I’ll ask you again: do you have any idea where Princess Elysia has gone?”

The mysterious Galdrian narrowed his eyes. “I’m sorry, Lord Arius, but no one really knows the Princess’ whereabouts. Nearly a year ago, shortly after you left for your last mission if I’m not mistaken, we received a faint transmission from deep space. After examining the signal, it appeared to have been sent from Prince Dorian’s ship, which was lost several years ago… as I’m sure you know. The Princess insisted on personally investigating this transmission, and she left shortly after you departed.” Miura was silent for a moment, unsure of what to think.

“Fine,” he finally replied. “Just give me her general location and I’ll send out a transmission, hopefully she’ll pick it up.” Now it was the black-robed Galdrian’s turn to remain silent. “Well? What’s the problem?” Miura asked, his fists clenched in anger. Zellis walked over to stand beside her brother, and she placed a comforting hand on his arm.

“My Lord, I’m sorry to inform you that we lost contact with the Princess’ ship several months ago.” Seeing the look of shock on Miura’s face, the mysterious Galdrian smiled slightly. “Rest assured that we have done everything in our power to locate Princess Elysia; unfortunately we have had no success in locating either the ship or the Princess.” The black-clad Galdrian crossed his arms over his chest, a disconcerting smile on his face. “I’m afraid that Emperor Gilliam and Empress Pheris fear the worst, and are already in the process of selecting a new Heir, now that both their son and daughter have vanished; not to mention the fact that you ran away from your duty a long time ago.” With that, the mysterious Galdrian ended the transmission, and an eerie silence filled the bridge of Iris’ space cruiser.

“Iris, I need you to take us to Galdria,” Miura said as he turned to face his old friend. “I’m sorry to make this request after everything that you’ve already done for us, but it’s very important that I speak with Gilliam.” Zellis looked up at her adopted-brother, a look of undisguised shock clearly evident on her face.

“Miura,” she whispered, “what do you intend to do?” The half-Saiyan Hunter turned his head, looking at his partner over his shoulder.

“I don’t know yet. But something is definitely wrong at home,” he replied, his face clouded with worry. “And I have to learn more about Elysia’s disappearance. Besides, something about that guard we spoke to didn’t feel right, I have to know the truth.” Miura walked over to Clef and Twilight, who had remained silent during the transmission. “Forgive me, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to return you home as soon as I’d hoped. But you’re free to accompany me to Galdria, and hopefully after all of this is sorted out you’ll be returned to wherever it is that you came from.”

Twilight smiled sadly at Miura. “Don’t worry; you’ve already done so much for us. You just do whatever you need to do to find this Princess of yours, Clef and I can wait. And we’ll do anything that we can to help you, right Clef?” The green-skinned warrior nodded as Miura returned his attention to Iris.

The beautiful Hunter sighed and shook her head. “Listen, I’d love to fly you home and all, but I just don’t have that kind of fuel right now. Besides, I think it’d be a better idea for you and Z to check in with Head Quarters, since everyone there thinks that the two of you are dead.” After seeing the look of disappointment on her friend’s face, Iris continued. “Look, how about all of you come back to Head Quarters with me? Maybe you can pick up another ship, and I’ll bet that you could even check the data bases for any information pertaining to Elysia’s disappearance. If anyone knows where she is, they’ll be at Hunter HQ, right?”

Miura looked questioningly at Zellis, who nodded reluctantly in agreement. “Okay, that sounds like a plan.” He looked over at the blank view screen, as if expecting to once again see the strange, black-robed Galdrian guard. But hopefully I’m making the right choice, Miura thought as Iris’ ship continued to fly through the emptiness of space, steadily making its way toward Hunter Head Quarters.

To be continued…


In the next chapter:

With Iris’ help, Miura and the others were able to escape destruction at Hanzo’s hands. But in the place where they had expected to be most safe, the five companions find themselves surrounded by enemies, and faced with a new challenge…

Dragon Ball: Chaotic Future Chapter 5

Mylember Saga, Part I
“Head Quarters.”




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