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Dragon Ball Legends
A FanFic by Enygma

Chapter 1
Start of a Legend

The Sky was filled with clouds, with slivers of the Sun creeping through the small openings in them. Although there were hints of Sun hiding behind the endless stretch of clouds, it didn't feel like that, for as I had the feeling, that soon the small glimmers of light remaining, would soon be swallowed up by Darkness. I was standing in a field, with trees and mountains in the distance, but my attention was not on them, but instead on what was right in front of me. Standing only about 10 feet from me, just barely in front of one of the beams of sunlight, was the figure of a Warrior, whom I knew to be intent on nothing but destruction. For a reason I don't know, the shade from the cloudshad masked his face, making it impossible to tell any of his details, but whether I could see his face or not did not change a thing, because I could feel his immense power, just from standing near him. This Warrior was going to destroy everything, and only I could stop it! I had to do something, I had to stop it! I lunged forward toward him, my fist held back as far as I could, and once I got close enough I released it with every ounce of strength in me. But, this Warrior barely moved after getting hit! My legs were feeling weak, I was completely terrified. I knew that if I couldn't stop him, nobody could! I wanted to try again, but this fear immobilized me, and I fell to my knees, in disbelief I had let this happen. The next thing I knew, I felt like I was, somehow, in Space, looking down at the Earth, my home. I looked at it, it's ocean blue colors warm and inviting. But in only a matter of moments, the welcoming glow of the Earth was slowly vanishing, as a dark, blood-red aura started to cover over it, expanding from one single point! I recognized this as an Explosion, but from the size of it, I knew what was about to happen. I wanted to close my eyes, turn away, anything to avoid watching what I already knew was going to happen, but I couldn't! Soon, it seemed that a gigantic bomb was let off at the very center of the planet, and the whole thing exploded in a huge flash of light, sending giants chunks of Earth blazing in every direction! The light from this explosion was blinding, but I couldn't even think about my eyes right now, as I was still in complete disbelief of what was happening around me. Once the explosion subsided and the dust settled, the place where I had been staring, the place I had moments before seen the only home I've ever known, was empty, reduced to nothing but Space Dust!

Tatopa awoke at a start in a cold sweat, still panting.
"Not again... " said Tatopa, his voice still trembling in the aftermath of his Dream. "This... This Dream, it can't... Can't be true..."
He got out of bed, and walked over to his window, looking out at the Moon, which was almost lost in the horizon, as Morning was almost here.
"I know what it means, but... How can I stop it? How can I stop that from happening?" he said, and shortly after his eyes were drawn to a wooden chest in the corner of his room. "Maybe, if I could only know when it was going to happen, maybe then I could prepare better."
Tatopa walked over to the chest, opened it, and pulled out a small metallic device, with some sort of visor fitted about the size of a single eye.
"That was easier for you, but I can't use this thing! Unless, maybe..." he paused, holding the device up near the window, the remaining moonlight lighting up it's red visor. "Maybe I can find someone who can make make this work!"

"Morning, Dad!" said a 9-year old girl, sitting at a table in a wooden kitchen and dining room.
"Good morning, May." said Tatopa. Tatopa was 28 years old, with untidy brown hair. He was wearing jeans with a plain white shirt, sleeved rolled up above his elbows, a light brown vest, and a Dagger, kept around his waist. But one thing most notable about Tatopa was the fact that he had a monkey-like tail, which waved around lightly from time to time. "Did you sleep well?"
May nodded happily. May also had Brown hair, but was about shoulder length and much better kept. She too had one of those tails.
"Hey May, there's something we need to talk about" said Tatopa, taking a seat next to her.
"What is it?" said May, looking curious.
"Well, there's something I need to take care of, something that's very important. Do you remember Grandpa's Scouter?" Tatopa's voice seemed to get slightly deeper while mentioning his Father.
"Huh? Ya, I remember Grandpa's Scouter, but I thought it was in a differant language, wasn't it?" said May, who seemed very interested now.
"Well, that's kinda what I need to take care of. I need to find someone who can translate it into English, so I can use it as well. But, you see, it seems it would take a Genius to figure out how to do that, and I don't think I could find one in Dandy Village." Tatopa gave a half-hearted laugh, although mainly to lighten the mood, because inside he didn't feel like laughing at all. "So, I need to go on a little trip into the Big City."
May's eyes lit up. "The City? Wow, that's awesome! I've never been there before!"
"Whoa, settle down there! Look, I never said you could go too. It'd be too dangerous there, and I could be gone for awhile." Tatopa watched the look on May's face drop from ecstatic to depressing in moments.
"What do you mean, I can't go? Dad, you can't do that!" said an angry May.
"Look, I don't know what exactly I'm getting into for sure, I don't know if it's going to be dangerous or not. I can't bring you along if it'll put you at risk, you know that. I could never live with myself if something happened to you." explained Tatopa, although he knew it wouldn't make her feel much better.
May sat there for about a minute or so, looking quite upset. But then, a small grin started to grow on her face, and Tatopa was beginning to wonder.
"May, what is it?" he said softly, not sure if she was angry at him or not.
Her grin widened. "Ok, fine, go ahead, take off and go to the City without me. I'll just be here, all by myself, without anyone to look after me, wondering if my Dad will return soon or not." May's grin slowly faded, and she looked more serious. "Dad, c'mon, you don't wanna do the same thing as Grandpa, do you?"
A nerve started pounding in Tatopa's neck. "This is nothing like that, I'm going to be back shortly! I am NOT leaving you!"
May could tell by the tone of her father's voice that she might have said a little more than she should have, but it worked. There was a moment of silence between them after Tatopa spoke, and the more he tried to justify the differance in his mind, the more similarities he found. He realized if he left now, it would be the same mistake his father had made, the same mistake he had never forgiven.
"Alright... You can come along. But," Tatopa continued, before May had the chance to jump for joy. "you have to Promise me you'll stay out of trouble, and won't wander off, ok?"
"Ok, sure! I'll be good." said May excitedly.
Tatopa got up, and walked over to the fridge. "Oh and, don't go picking fights with people bigger than you..." he said, and he chuckled slightly, followed by a smirk. "It's not nice."

"May, are you sure you need to bring all this stuff?" said Tatopa, while trying to carry 3 large suitcases at once down the hall from May's bedroom.
"Of course! You said you weren't sure what we'd be doing, so I thought I'd bring whatever we'd need!" said May, while strapping a backpack on in the living room. Their house was made of wood, and wasn't the roomiest, but it was perfect for the two of them.
"Heh, and you were wondering why I was so reluctant to let you come along." he said, finally making it to the center of the living room.
"Where's your stuff, Dad?" asked May, adding a few other assorted things to her pockets.
"Mine?" Tatopa gave a light chuckle, and nodding backward. He was wearing a backpack as well, but it didn't look stuffed to the brim like May's. "All my stuff's in there. Honestly, I didn't even know you HAD this much stuff!"
May led the way out the front door, followed closely by Tatopa, who was still jostling around the 3 suitcases. Their wooden house was built on top of tall wooden pillers, which were placed in the center of a small forest, with a nice porch outside the front door, with a long ladder leading down to the ground. Their house also was on it's own little island, only about 300 feet long, with various little beaches and hills, and a Boat House resting on one of the hills that breaks off into the ocean. May started to climb down the ladder, but Tatopa and the suitcases paused when they reached it.
"Alright, let's do this!" said Tatopa, and in one big heave, he threw all 3 suitcases into the sky, jumped into the air, did a backflip and finally landed gracefully on the ground below, one knee bent down.
"Um, Dad... Watch out!" May yelled down at Tatopa.
"Huh?" Tatopa looked up, and saw the suitcases falling down at him. "Oh ya, right! Almost forgot!" He darted forward to catch the first one, put it down and dove back to catch the next one, but then... WHACK! Right after landing from his dive forward, the third suitcase hits him right on his back, the impact releasing the locks, and clothes went flying out in every direction!
"Dad! Are you Ok?" May rushed down the ladder, and hurried over to Tatopa, who was laying face-first in the ground, covered with clothes and a suitcase.
"May... Do you remember when I was telling you to 'Pack Light?'" said Tatopa, standing up after May moved most of the scattered clothes off of him and rubbing his back. "Well... You didn't."
"I'm sorry, Dad. I really did try to only pack what I needed, it's just, well... I need a lot!" May smiled, and Tatopa couldn't stay mad for long.
"Ok, ok. Well, let's get this stuff into the Boat, then." once May had finished stuffing her clothes back into the suitcase, Tatopa resumed awkardly carrying them, and headed toward the Boat House.

Tatopa finally dragged all May's suitcases under the deck of their Boat, which, similar to their House, was not huge, but not too small either. It was white, with only the deck and a small room for the wheel on top, and below was a small living room, with a mini fridge and microwave, a bathroom, and a closet, where two foldable beds were kept that you could set up in the living room.
"Alright May, you ready to go?" said Tatopa, now coming back up to the deck, to see May leening against the edge, gazing out into the ocean.
"Yep, I'm ready!" she said happily, leaving the edge and following Tatopa towards the Wheel.
"Ok then, let's go!" Tatopa fired up the ship, and it slowly moved out of the sheltered Boat House, into the open sea.
The sky was blue with a few scattered clouds, the wind was lightly moving to the East, which was the same direction Tatopa steered the ship towards. Tatopa was very familiar with this ship, as he was forced to learn how to use it at a very young age, in order to travel back and forth to the Port Town of Dandy, the closest village to his little island, but he had never traveled this far with it, because the closest City of any real size, North City, was going to take a good week to reach, which is much longer than the couple hour trip to Dandy Village.

Several days had passed at sea. Tatopa spent most of his time at the wheel, and very little sleeping, as the ship didn't have any kind of auto-pilot, whenever he took a break they needed to stop the ship for awhile. However, this was started to take effect on Tatopa, who was getting quite exhausted from all this sailing, but kept reminding himself it'd be better to be a little tired now and get there faster, than taking too many breaks and making this trip take longer. So, he continued on, only taking very short breaks, and sleeping for usually no more than an hour at a time. He didn't have the heart to tell her, but this would have been so much easier if May hadn't come along, because Tatopa knows of a much faster way to get to North City, but May isn't skilled enough with it to make the journey.
"Dad, c'mon, I'm bored. Can't you take a little break? We could go swimming or something!" said May, laying on a beach chair set up on the deck. "You haven't even taken a break to eat all day!"
"Heh, well trust me, I've got a surprise waiting for you, but it'll just take a little bit longer." Tatopa smirked, but May got out of her beach chair and came over moments after he had said this.
"Ohh? A Surprise? What is it?" she said eagerly.
"Well, if I told you, it'd ruin the whole 'Surprise' part of it!" he said, giving the wheel another small turn.
"Oh c'mon! I haven't heard anything interesting for days, I'm dying for something exciting to happen!" May was looming close around Tatopa, hoping for an answer. "If you tell me, I'll act surprised later." she added hopefully.
"Alright, alright, I'll tell you." Tatopa finally said. May looked at him anxiously. "Do you see that mountain over on the shore?" he said, pointing out at the land in the distance, where you could definately see the outlines of a large mountain.
"Ya, I see it..." said May, looking a little disappointed. "Is that the Surprise?"
"No, no, that's not much of a Surprise!" Tatopa laughed, and picked up a Map he had laid out in front of him and showed it to May. "According to this Map, that mountain is right about there." he pointed to a spot on the map. "And that means that right around the corner is our destination, North City!"
May regained her excited look, with a little extra as well. "You mean we're almost there?" she seemed to be having difficulty holding in her excitement. Tatopa nodded, and May gave him a hug. "This is awesome, I can't believe we'll finally get there! I wonder what it'll be like?"
"Well, I guess we'll find out soon, won't we?" said Tatopa. He didn't show it as much, but he was also excited to go to North City, seeing as he's hardly ever left his sheltered island, and certainly hadn't been to a place like that before.

Tatopa had stationed the ship at a dock on the outskirts of the city. They decided to only carry their backpacks, and leave the rest of May's things with the ship as the two of them headed into the metallic jungle of skyscrapers and highways. Once they reached the busy streets and sidewalks, they found themselves feeling quite lost, so all they really could do was wander around aimlessly, but they enjoyed it all the same. May was curiously turning her head every few seconds, taking in all the city had to offer, and Tatopa merely enjoyed the feeling of walking down this street, feeling something like a drop of water moving in a stream of people. Eventually they had ventured near a Ice Cream Booth, and May's eyes lit up, as they often do.
"Hey Dad, can I have some Ice Cream?" she asked politely.
Tatopa started reaching into his pocket, when a sinking feeling started to slowly creep down his insides, starting at around his throat and working through his stomach; he barely had any money! He quickly pulled out his wallet, and looked through it frantically, but only pulled out 30 Zenny, which would hardly be enough for two Ice Creams, let alone convincing a genius to translate a complicated device! He stood there, horrorstruck. May looked up, and noticed the look on her father's face.
"Um, Dad... What is it?" she asked nervously, trying to make sense of why all of a sudden his mood changed so much.
Tatopa didn't know how he could explain this, how he very well might have wasted their time on this trip. However, he knew that he'd simply have to find a way to make this work, impossible as it might sound. "I... I can't get you an Ice Cream right now, sorry. Now, let's go see if we can find what we're looking for, right May?"
"Right, Dad!" May returned to her usual happy expression, now that Tatopa seemed normal again.
They continued to randomly explore the city for some time. Tatopa made sure to keep an eye out for most passing shops and buildings they pass, to try and see if he noticed anything that could point him in the right direction, but without any luck. But after about 2 hours, something finally did catch Tatopa's eye, although it had nothing to do with science. It was a large, dome-like building, metallic as the rest of the city with in large letters above the entrance, the words "Mozzy Stadium". Below that, he could see a banner posted, and he stopped for a moment to take a better look.
"Don't miss the Mozzy Cup, 2-On-2 special event, hosted right here! Display your skills in Martial Arts here, and get a chance to battle the World Champion, Mozzy himself!" Tatopa read aloud from the banner, but it was the smaller text that really sparked his interest. "First place Cash Prize of 500 Zenny, runner-up Prize of 200 Zenny, and third-place Prize of 100 Zenny. Register your Teams inside!"
"Wow, this looks like fun!" May said happily.
Tatopa seemed in a state of nirvanic shock. "This... This is perfect! If it's a Team Battle, we can win this, May!" said Tatopa excitedly.
"You wanna enter? I thought we were looking for smart people?" said May, a little confused.
"Just trust me." Tatopa said, a grin widening on his face as he led May into the Domed Stadium.

"Welcome, one and all, to the 2nd Annual Mozzy Cup! Here, we use a differant set of Rules every year, to prove your skill in Martial Arts under any Conditions! And what better example of great Martial Arts skills than the World Champion, Mozzy, who will be defending his title in this event, as well as he defends his title in the upcoming World Martial Arts Tournament!" said the Announcer, and the crowd goes wild. Tatopa and May had just finished signing in while he was saying this. "This year, the Tournament will be held in a Tag-Team format, which means you'll not only have to be skilled, but you'll also have to have a partner who is as well! At the start of each game, the Teams select which of them will fight first, and the others must watch from the sidelines. As soon as one of the Teams Tag their partner, the other Team must switch places as well! There are 8 Teams registered, which means there will be 3 rounds of Single-Elimination! The first pairings will be posted shortly! But until then, why not check out our Food Booths, or maybe purchase a Disposable Camera?" the Announcer put down his Mic, and headed into another room.
The inside of this Stadium was also dome-like, with a large rounded ceiling, metallic silver walls, and a series of seats surrounding an Arena drawn on the ground. On a wall above the Arena was the area where the Announcer was. A few officials working there led May and Tatopa into another room, the Contestant's Lobby, which had comfortable couches and a mini-bar, and was also filled with 14 other Competitors. May and Tatopa took a seat on an empty couch.
"Alright May, just remember all that Training we did? It'll really pay off now!" Tatopa says, looking around at the competition. "It doesn't look like we'll have any trouble with these people."
May also looks around, and starts to wonder if she's seeing the same thing as her father, because the waiting room is filled his quite a few large, thuggish people, and it didn't look all that welcoming. "Um, Dad... Are you sure about this?"
"Huh? Oh, of course I'm sure, this'll be a piece of cake." says Tatopa confidently.
"Hey, look at this, Larry, I don't think I've ever seen a kid here before!" said a blonde-haired man from a nearby sofa. He was quite muscular, and was wearing a white tank top and camo pants with many pockets. He was sitting next to a tall and straggly looking fellow.
"Ya, what do they think this is, a Joke?" said Larry, the tall fighter.
The first fighter stood up and walked over to them. "Excuse me, but this is a Tournament for World Championship level fighters to practice, not a Play House, understand?" he said, in a very confident and somewhat mocking voice.
Tatopa merely smirked. "Looks aren't always what they seem. My daughter May here could be really powerful, just as you could be a weakling."
"Hey, do you know who you're talking to, buddy? This here is the Martial Arts Champion of the World, Mozzy!" said Larry in an angry tone.
"That's right! You really need to know who you're talking to before you go around making yourself look stupid." said Mozzy.
"Well you know, I could say the same to you." Tatopa responded arrogently. Both Mozzy and Larry seemed shocked that someone actually said that.
May recognized this attitude of her Dad's, and knew it usually led to him doing something stupid. "Um Dad, it's ok, let's just leave them alone..." she said timidly.
"You know, tough guy, if you're so confident, why not we make this thing a little more interesting? How about we put 200 Zenny on the outcome of this Tournament? If you and your daughter win, you get 200 Zenny extra, but if me and Larry here win, you gotta pay 200 Zenny more, got it? said Mozzy, trying to look intimidating.
May was worried, she knew they didn't have 200 Zenny, but she also knew her Dad, and sure enough, Tatopa stood up to be face-to-face with Mozzy, and said "Alright, you're on!"

about a half hour later, May and Tatopa found themselves standing at one end of the Arena, with their opponent's at the other. One of them was very large and dim looking, the other well built and cunning in appearance.
"Now, will the first 2 combatents, please step into the ring!" said the Announcer into the Mic. The smaller of their two opponent's walk in.
"Ok May, just watch and learn." says Tatopa, as he takes a few steps forward, into the Arena.
"Alright then, let the battle... BEGIN!" yelled the Announcer, and the two fighters dashed towards each other.
As the two of them got close to colliding, Tatopa's foe started to jab towards him, but as he does, Tatopa jumps up above his arm, lands lightly on his head, then kicks off into a backflip, sending the fighter crashing to the ground! The crowd applauded.
Watching from the Contestant's seats, Mozzy wasn't applauding. "I - I'm sure that was just a lucky shot. I mean, that other guy's balance was all off!" he said unconvincingly to himself.
The fighter stands back up, aggrevated by this, and runs over to Tatopa and starts punching at him furiously. Tatopa, however, dodges all the punches like they were nothing, even looks relaxed while doing so. Just before one of the punches, Tatopa seems to disappear, then instantly reappear behind his opponent! Tatopa then struck him in the back with great force, and the other fighter skidded outside of the Arena, meaning that opponent was defeated!
Mozzy had a distinctly uncomfortable look on his face. "Hmm... Maybe this guy is tougher than I thought... But if we can take out his Daughter, it'll be 2-on-1 basically!" he said to himself, this good idea of his lifting his mood again.
"Ok, by our rules, that means it's time to switch Fighters!" said the Announcer, and Tatopa returned to May, just as the large and stupid fighter walks into the ring. May notices a very big size differance between them, and looks nervous.
"May, don't worry about his Size, just hit him with everything you've got, alright?" said Tatopa encouragingly.
May, however, still seemed unsure. "Right, Dad..." she gulped, and entered the ring.
"Ok, let this round, BEGIN!" the Announcer yelled once more, and as he did, May's large foe started running toward her, but she remained where she was.
"Just... Hit him... With... Everything I've got..." May muttered to herself in a weak voice, as her opponent advanced on her. But just before he reached her, May finally worked up the nerve to jump forward towards him, fist extended, jabbing him right in the gut! After a few second delay from the impact, the large fighter went flying off, not even touching the ground until he passed the Arena's edge!
In his seat, Mozzy's jaw dropped. "Th- That's not possible! She's just a kid, and he was like, 5 times her size!" there's a definate mark of worry on his face, as sweat starts to pour down it.
Larry walks over to a seat next to Mozzy with a tray of food. "Oh darn, looks like I missed their match. Tell me, Mozz Man, how bad was it?"
Mozzy gulps. "It... It was bad, real bad..."

Mozzy watched Tatopa and May's next match, and it was very similar to their first. Neither of them seemed to show any effort in taking down World Class Fighters in a few hits! Mozzy couldn't help but wonder what the heck these people are made of! But, he also realized that it would be those two against him and his pupil, Larry, in the Finals, and he couldn't allow his title to be shattered by these mysterious fighters, so he decided to do what he had to.
"Geez Dad, you were right, this really is fun, and easy!" said May, looking up at a Scoreboard posted in the Contestant's Lounge.
"Yep, what'd I tell ya? And we certainly could use that prize money, too." said Tatopa, leaning against a wall.
Mozzy walked over to the two of them. "Hey, you two. Erm, congrats on getting this far in an event like this, but well, I hope you weren't thinking of winning, because you'll still need to beat me. And well, I don't mean to brag, but I am the World Champ, after all." said Mozzy. "But I tell ya what... I couldn't help but overhear that you two need the money and, well, being the nice kinda guy that I am, I'd be willing to donate my winnings to ya, 'cuz you don't need money when you're as rich as I am."
May and Tatopa stare from him, to each other for a few moments.
"So... Basically you're trying to bribe us to throw the match?" said Tatopa bluntly.
"No, no, it's nothing like that... Well, ok, maybe it is, but it's a good deal when ya think about it! You'll get your 200 Zenny for second place, plus the 500 Zenny for first!" said Mozzy, trying to sell the idea.
"Wait a minute, if we win you would still have to pay us the 200 Zenny you bet, wouldn't you? And that means we'd make the same amount of money either way." said May, starting to grin as Mozzy starts to looks worried.
"Uhh, well, I suppose you could look at it like that..." Mozzy starts trying to think fast, and only ends up confused.
Tatopa straightens up and stands right in front of Mozzy, clearly intimidating. "Alright, how's this, you give us your first place prize money and what you bet us, and we'll still get our second place prize, and you get your title. Sound good?"
Mozzy looked quite worried now, as sweat continued to run down the side of his face. "Well, umm, you see, I can't really do that..." he said cautiously.
"Oh really? I thought you said 'you don't need money when you're as rich as I am', remember?" Tatopa replied.
"Well... I guess it's a good thing I don't need money, because I, well... Don't really have any..." Mozzy replied, his voice getting quieter after every word. May and Tatopa looked at each other.
"You don't have any money, but you still decided to bet it on the Tournament anyway?" said Tatopa, getting rather angry now.
"Hmm, why does that sound Familiar?" said May sarcastically, reminding her father that he did the same thing.
"Well, ok, let me level with ya here, ok?" said Mozzy quickly, hoping that if lies don't work, the truth might. "Ya, I don't have any money, but that's the real reason I entered this tournament, I kinda owe my Bro some cash, and he's been really nagging me about it, and, well, I can't really go home until I pay it back. And you know those Smart types, all worried about his money and such. You know, if he just relaxed a little more, wasn't so uptight all the time, I think he'd find it much better than being stuck in that lab all day and night."
Both May's and Tatopa's eyes widened. "Did you say lab? What's your Brother do?" said May curiously.
"Hm? Oh him, I'm surprised you haven't heard of him, he's Dr. Munster, President of Capsule Corp. and a bunch of other stuff. Geez, I'm amazed I can't remember all his titles, since he's always talking about them, but basically he's one of the top Scientists in the world." Mozzy replies, somewhat lost as to what this has to do with his money issue. May and Tatopa, however, looked like they just struck gold.
"Ok Mozzy, I've got a deal for you... If you can get your Brother to fix something for us, we'll throw the match, and you can keep the first place prize money." said Tatopa.
Mozzy looked about as stunned and relieved as May and Tatopa did. "You mean you'll ldet me win if I can just get my Bro to fix something? That's no problem, he's always fixin' stuff! I'm sure I can talk him into that." said Mozzy, thinking in the back of his head 'Man are these guys stupid' as he shakes Tatopa's hand on the deal.

"And now, the Final Round of the Mozzy Cup! on one side, the one, the only Mozzy, and his current pupil, Larry 'the Legs!'" the audience explouded with applause after the Announcer's words. "And on the other side, the Wild Card team of this event, Tatopa and his 9-year old Daughter, May!" the crowd appluaded once more, but not nearly as vigorously as they did when Mozzy's team was called. "Will the first 2 fighters, please enter the ring!"
On the other side of the ring, Larry walked inside it, and Tatopa signaled for May to go in. "Right, Dad." she said, as she walked forward.
"Well then, no reason to keep you waiting, let the Final Round, BEGIN!" roared the Announcer, and May started to run toward Larry, her opponent.
Larry, however, stayed in his place, but was frantically hopping around on his feet, almost like they were on fire. May didn't know how to respond to this when she reached him, so she stopped mid-dash nearby him, and in his moment of confusion, Larry gave a quick kick from the side, knocking May over!
"Oh, that's it right there, folks! That's how Larry got his nickname of 'The Legs', from his unique and fast-footed fighting style!" the Announcer explained to an appluading audience.
May got back up, having not been hurt all that badly from the kick, and advanced on him once more. Larry still kept up his strange foot maneuvers, which made it difficult to know what he was going to do next. As May got closer, he started a quick kick from the other side, but before it connected, May ducked under his leg and tripped his other one! Larry fell face first into the ground, and May took this moment to take a bow to the audience, who once again started up another round of applause. While doing this, she caught Tatopa's eye, and that reminded her that they needed to lose this match. Larry got back to his feet, and May turned back around, trying to come up with a good way to make this guy look tougher than he is. She hoped he was smart enough not to fall for the same trick twice, so she started setting up for the same trip trick as she just did. When he looked like he was about to kick with his left foot, she ducked, and went for the right, and sure enough, he caught on, and switched to kick with that foot instead. May intentionally took the hit, and landed halfway out of the ring.
"Well, that still counts as a Ring-Out, which means it's time to switch Teammates!" called the Announcer from amongst the cheers from fans in the Audience waving 'Go Team Mozzy' flags. May got back up, and walked over to Tatopa, who entered the ring, just as Mozzy did on the other side. Mozzy, however, had his hands in the air, responding to the crowd of fans. "Alright, you may BEGIN!" the announcer yelled one more time, and Tatopa and Mozzy dashed towards each other.
When they reached each other, Mozzy started to punch at Tatopa, but he dodged or blocked all of his attacks. Tatopa was trying real hard not to make it look too easy, but couldn't help but wonder why the World Champ was so weak? Tatopa decided to take a hit or two, but even then the hits felt extremely light. Mozzy just kept hitting away, not seeming too aware of his serroundings, so Tatopa thought he'd take advantage of that, and grabbed his arm in the middle of a punch, and got him into a lock position, trapping his arm behind his shoulder and making it nearly impossible for Mozzy to move.
"Um, hey, I thought you were gonna let me win... Ow!" Mozzy said quietly, his shoulder being stretched uncomfortably.
"Ya, but I never said it'd be easy! Besides," Tatopa looks around. "your fans need a good show, right?"
"Ya..." Mozzy tries to get his arm in a less painful position, but only ends up getting it in a worse one. "Ya, I gues you're right..."
"Ok, get ready to break out of this hold..." says Tatopa, and a few moments later, he loosens his grip on Mozzy, giving him the chance to get free.
Unfortunately, Mozzy didn't quite understand what was going on until another few moments had passed, and it took away the whole 'Break free' aspect of it, but the crowd was still happy. Mozzy got back into his fighting stance, and so did Tatopa. This time, Tatopa started punching at Mozzy, trying to keep them slow enough that Mozzy could dodge them, but fast enough that the crowd wouldn't notice. Mozzy, however, still got hit several times, but Tatopa guessed it was also making the fight look more interesting. A few hits later, Mozzy wound back, and released what appeared to be a mighty punch! Tatopa started to block, but stopped himself long enough for the punch to connect with the center of his face, knocking him back. Tatopa, while still in the air, thought that needed to look stronger, so he let out a strange surge of energy, and willed himself to go further across the field, landing close to the edge. Mozzy decided to take full advantage of Tatopa's location, and didn't want to have to put on a show for any longer than needed, so he ran up to Tatopa, who was still just getting up, and he kicked him in his side. This kick was enough to knock Tatopa far enough out of the ring to declare Mozzy the winner!
"THAT'S IT! MOZZY AND LARRY HAVE WON THE 2nd ANNUAL MOZZY CUP! CONGRATULATIONS!" shouted the Announcer, but his voice was drown by the screams and shouts of applause from all the excited fans.
Mozzy went over to offer Tatopa a hand in getting up, and as he did, Tatopa said "So, Deals a Deal, right?"
"Of course, I'm a man of my word." said Mozzy, and he continued under his breathe. "Meet up with me in the back 10 minutes after the award ceremony, k?"
"Heh, we'll be there." Tatopa replied with a smirk. The judges came down to congratulate all 4 of them, and bring their rewards down.

To Be Continued...Click here for Chapter 2 - Dr. Muenster's Quest
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