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DragonBall Z: Ronin’s Ascension
A fan-fiction by Alex Tucker (Shaelasche)

THE SKY WAS A BRIGHT SHADE OF BLUE, AND the scent of pine filled the forest air. Birds were chirping, everywhere there were signs of flourishing life, radiant life. It was a typical, calm, relaxing day on planet earth.
Suddenly the sky filled with dark, ominous clouds. Golden lightning cracked the dim, dampening sky like a whip. The sky itself grew ever gloomier, until the only light was emitting from seven glowing orange orbs, each pulsating rhythmically with light.
A fell voice boomed through the now midnight black air “Speak Your Wishes. I Shall Make Two Of Them Come True…”
And a softer, but much more frightening voice answered the call. “I wish for the Power of the Gods.”
There was a bright glow of red, enveloping everything in sight, and then fading into nothing once more. “Your Wish Is Granted…” the booming spoke again. “And What Is Your Second Wish?”
And the second voice, now filled with much more malice, replied, “I wish for…a challenger.”


“Sure, Goku.” Kuririn replied as he passed the salt shaker across the table. Goku seasoned his steak and picked up his glass for a sip of his drink.
“So Kuririn,” Goku said, practically inhaling a large bowl of rice as he talked, “we haven’t seen you in a while, how have you been?” Kuririn waited for Goku to swallow before he replied.
“Oh, I’ve been around…mostly training with Tenshinhan up in the mountains to be honest. We’re getting quite strong now. I’m sure Tenshinhan could give you a good workout.” Kuririn paused for a moment, then added, “If you don't turn into a Super Saiyan, that is.”
At this Goku laughed slightly. “Well where’s the fun in that?” he replied and smiled.
“And what about you, Kuririn?” inquired Gohan from across the table. “Have you gotten any stronger?”
Well, a little bit,” confessed Kuririn, “but I'm still no match for you guys.”
“Oh, you don't know that for sure,” Goku replied. At that moment, as if on cue, the glass in Goku’s hand shattered into hundreds of tiny pieces under the pressure of his grip.
“Oops! I didn't mean to do that,” he said innocently and laughed.
Just then, a shriek came from the kitchen, yelling “GOKU! YOU BETTER NOT HAVE BROKEN ANOTHER GLASS!!!” Both Kuririn and Gohan jumped at the sound of the voice, but Goku stayed put, his smile widening.
“Yeah, I did. Sorry Chi Chi… you would think id be able to control it by now,” he said with another laugh. Chi Chi, however, was not amused.
“THAT'S THE THIRD GLASS YOUVE BROKEN THIS WEEK! AND IT’S ONLY WEDNESDAY!!!” she shouted at the top of her lungs. After a little while, though, she calmed down and sighed. “Honestly, Goku. Sometimes I just don't know what to do with you,” she said as she started to laugh along with the others at the table.
However, unbeknown to the delighted, happy family, there rest a shadow in the bushes just outside. A deep shadow shrouded in the night air. A shadow with only light grey, foggy eyes to affirm its presence.
And the shadow spoke with a voice. A cold, raspy voice that cut the chilled air.
“Kakkarot, I found you. I finally found you.” The eyes closed, and the figure disappeared into the never-ending night, to which it seemed best fit to thrive.


The already sunny day brightened as Trunks’ outstretched hands crackled with intense energy. The resulting chi blast enveloped cell, completely eradicating every last bit of him. Cell could no longer regenerate, he could no longer cause terror in the world, and could no longer exist. Cell was dead.
Trunks lowered his arms as his hair fell to his shoulders and his golden aura faded. He looked directly above him where Cell had been hovering, just seconds from releasing his Kamehameha wave. Then he scanned the area, looking at the crater where Cell had come crashing down after being launched by Trunks.
The young man looked back up at the sky and smiled. “I’ve done it. Cell is no more. Now I can finally say this is over. Thank you dad, Gohan…and especially you…Goku.”
Thus came a time where the eyes of the human race were opened. They saw the horrors of the world as real, and they found a new, real leader following the death of Mr. Satan. They found the true hero, the one worthy of remembrance. The one who defeated the two terrible androids, and now the monster known as Cell. It was the son of the great prince Vegeta, a young Super Saiyan male named Trunks.
After another quick inspection of the area, Trunks smiled and took to the air. As he began to fly to his home, he witnessed a sudden disturbance in the mountains below him. Numerous rocks suddenly exploded and crumbled, and others rose to his altitude. He felt an explosive shift in chi just beneath him. Trunks stopped in mid-flight, amazed and terrified at the same time.
“What amazing chi!!! Wh_what is this?!?” Trunks exclaimed to himself. This chi that he felt was stronger than Cell in his perfect state, and it was still rising. The sky began to grow dark as bolts of lightning struck from the ground below him, all emanating from the same point.
Trunks hesitantly flew to the point of origin of this monstrous chi. By the time that he had landed, however, the winds had calmed. The chi could no longer be felt. But it could not have been imagined. The rocks around him were still deteriorated, the mountains still scarred. But where had this chi gone?
He looked around, and then noticed a very interesting structure. It was a very complex model, but there was no mistaking what it was. It was a brand new, very futuristic Capsule Corp. time machine. But where did it come from, he wondered. Who could have made it? Could it be owned by that enormous chi?
Suddenly, Trunks felt a sharp pain on the back of his neck. His thoughts lingered for a moment, then he fell to the ground. He saw a shadow of someone standing over him, then nothing…
The figure smiled, brushed the pure white hair out of his face, then picked up the unconscious Trunks by the collar of the Saiyan armor he was wearing, and flew into the time machine.
“Very good, Trunks,” the figure said to himself. “Like father, like son, I see. All too easy…”


“Yes, Dendé. I am going to train now. Why don’t you go into your throne?” suggested the great Namekian warrior Piccolo. He stood tall over the new God of the Earth, his white cape flowing smoothly in the breeze.
“What about Mr. Popo?” inquired the much smaller Namekian boy.
The warrior turned his head to look at him and smiled. “He is already in his room. You need not worry about him. Just give me a few hours as I train.”
“Very well, if you wish,” Dendé replied.
Piccolo smiled slightly and waited until the God of Earth disappeared from the lookout’s courtyard. His smile then faded as he removed his white turban and flowing white cape. Instantly he felt lighter. He could move much faster without the bulk of his weighted clothing. He hunched over slightly and concentrated. Soon, small pieces of the courtyard stone began to crack and rise from the ground.
Then, with a scream from the deepest regions of his soul, the great warrior released all of his inner energy, exerting his body, pushing his chi to the max. The cloth of his purple gi fluttered violently in the wind.
He took a few moments to catch his breath, then screamed a second time. A brilliant white light emanated from his body and shot forward to the open space of the courtyard. The blinding light soon faded, and when it did, there stood two Namekians, staring at each other with a mirrored glare of hatred. The original, the great warrior, smiled and dashed forward, just as the newly separated Demon King did the same.
The two collided with a series of mirrored blows. Each punch was blocked with the rebounded punch, and each kick blocked with its copy. Within a few seconds, the two had exchanged dozens, if not hundreds of devastating strikes, each mirrored by the other. Suddenly, the Namekian warrior caught a flash of black and white pass right between the two battlers, distracting him for only a split second.
A split second, however, was all the Demon King needed. He swung and caught the warrior square in the jaw, sending him backwards with amazing force. The warrior slid many feet, stopping just at the edge of the courtyard, with mere inches from a six mile fall off the lookout tower.
As the warrior lay there, dazed and temporarily helpless, the Demon King began to rise up into the air, charging a large ball of yellow chi between his hands. The Demon King laughed insanely as the ball grew larger and larger. Unable to do anything, Piccolo could only look up in horror as the Demon King charged even more chi into his attack.
Suddenly, a beam of green light shot through the sky, and a gaping hole appeared just as quickly in the Demon King’s stomach. He looked down at this hole in amazement, then fell to the ground. He then faded into the white light once more, and the light transferred back onto Piccolo’s body. The warrior looked up to the sky.
There, in the same spot where the Demon King had been, hovered a fighter dressed in black. He began drifting to the ground, his black kimono-coat trailing slightly above him as he descended. His black combat boots clunked as they touched the smooth stone surface of the lookout. Almost immediately he started walking slowly towards Piccolo, the tail of his coat flowing behind him like a flag in the breeze.
It was while this fighter was walking forward that Piccolo was able to get a distinct look at him. immediately he acknowledged the massive chi radiating from this fighter. He put that aside, however, and concentrated more on noting his physical appearance.
The coat seemed to be his most defining clothing choice. The sleeves were missing from it, and the sleeve edges were violently frayed, as if the sleeves were ripped off. Apart from that, the coat itself looked to be kept in the best condition, even though it was apparent that it was worn often. He wore no shirt under this coat, so his athletic build was quite visible. His overall build was almost identical to Trunks, from what Piccolo remembered of Trunks.
The fighter had in fact reminded Piccolo very much of Trunks. His pure white hair was parted in the middle of his head and flowed beautifully down to his broad shoulders.
He was a bit taller than Trunks, standing at approximately six feet or so. And yet, his attitude was nothing like Trunks, or any of the Z Fighters, for that matter. He walked with a swagger that emanated power and authority, but not pride or malice. He felt no evil from this man. If anything, he seemed to give off a certain sense of…honor.
The fighter looked at him with clouded grey eyes and smiled. He then pointed to a strange machine sitting behind him. Piccolo looked at this strange fighter, then to the machine at which he had pointed. It was then the fighter bowed slightly and spoke, a cold, raspy voice that sent a rare chill down Piccolo’s spine.
“After you, the Demon King Piccolo…”


TENSHINHAN STRETCHED HIS ARMS widely and yawned broadly, ready for another hard day of training. But as he opened his eyes, he soon realized that he was not in the familiar forest. He was not this morning located where he fell asleep the night before. He sprung to his feet, firsts up and ready for action. But he did not see any person around, save one. He was a warrior, clad in an orange karate gi and a blue sleeveless shirt, with orange pants held up by a blue belt…
“Goku!?!?!? What are you doing here? Wh…where IS here!?!?” Tenshinhan added, as he finally took a moment to look around.
Instead of seeing lush, green trees surrounding a large, warm cave, he saw dilapidated signs and posts, cracked and missing parts of pavement in the roads, and demolished buildings. There were scattered craters, some mere inches wide, others as large as twenty meters across and ten deep. But what caught Tenshinhan’s eye most was the yellow building in front of them.
It was a tall, rounded building, one which he had seen many times before. In many places the yellow paint was either chipped off or burned through, revealing the rough metallic core of the building. Some of the letters were missing from the top of the building as well, so now it read:

C A S U E C O P .

However, as much as it had changed, Tenshinhan still could recognize the old, decayed building in whose courtyard he stood. It was the home of the great Dr. Briefs, the world renowned Capsule Corporation Building.
Just as this information registered in his head, Tenshinhan heard a voice behind him mutter softly “still beautiful, isn’t she?”
He instantly turned around, and found himself face to face with…Trunks? No, it was not Trunks. But it sure LOOKED like Trunks. However, this man had white hair, not lavender like Vegeta’s son. And his eyes…yes, his eyes were most interesting. The warrior's eyes were grey and clouded over, without any sign of an iris or a pupil. Just a dark, cold, never-ending shade of grey.
Tenshinhan, startled by the sneak-up, dashed backwards, and as he did, he saw many more fighters, more friends. Two warriors clad in purple, one with a cape and turban. Another three fighters, one in a blue bodysuit with white and golden chest armor, another in a denim jacket and black pants, and a short, bald figure, also in orange. Every one of the Z Fighters were present. Everyone except…
“Hey, where’s Yamcha?” Tenshinhan asked. As soon as he finished his question, the grey-eyed warrior lowered his head and took a deep breath. Nobody else moved, and the silence continued for a long time as Tenshinhan stood there, waiting for an answer.
Finally the unnamed man stepped forward and looked at Tenshinhan. “I am a warrior from the future. My name is Ronin Darkblade.”
“Why can’t I sense any chi from you? are you an android?” Tenshinhan asked cautiously.
“No, no, nothing of the sort. I am a saiyan. I am merely hiding my power from you. it is different from suppressing it, as you do. Even when suppressed, you will still have an amount of chi that is able to be felt. Normally suppressed your powerlevel is around 5, that of a normal human. But that is still chi. I, however, have no detectable chi, as it is hidden within the confines of my own body. I can suppress my power like you, but I can also hide it completely.
“Things are different here, Tenshinhan, You are in the future now, my future. As you can see, things are…not in the best of condition…not unlike our friend Trunks here,” he said, motioning at the young man standing next to Vegeta. “He did defeat the androids, and also ran into Cell and defeated him in his first form. The time he spent in your timeline truly saved his life.”
“But what about Yamcha? Where is___” Tenshinhan was cut off by a wave of Ronin’s hand, made to silence him.
Ronin looked up, “Please, let me continue.” He took a deep breath and began again.
“Unfortunately, my timeline is corrupted far beyond that of Trunks’ one. There are no dragonballs. We have not three moderately powered enemies, but one monstrously strong one.” At this, the warrior paused, and shivered slightly at the thought. Vegeta picked up on this action, and his eyes widened in rage.
“Do you mean to suggest that this fighter is more powerful than the Prince of Saiyans?” he shouted in anger.
Ronin merely looked back at him, “Vegeta, I am more powerful than you are…don't forget that.”
Tenshinhan looked up in confusion. “Albino saiyan? What’s that?”
Ronin turned his back to Tenshinhan, ignoring his question. He turned to Vegeta, “Now, Vegeta, do you mean to suggest that what I sensed in the gravity chamber was not your full power?” he asked with a smirk on his face.
This was the last straw for Vegeta. The dust around his feet began to lift from the ground as his anger welled up inside him. “HOW DARE YOU BRING THAT UP HERE! I…I….DON'T EVER MENTION THAT DAY AS LONG AS EITHER OF US LIVES, DO YOU HEAR ME?” he screamed at the top of his lungs, a large vein popping out in his head.
“Yes, of course…Prince Vegeta,” Ronin replied, quite cynically. “Never again.”


“OHH, ARE YOU GOING TO TRAIN SOME more, Vegeta?” Bulma asked as the saiyan strode past.
“Yes, I am, and I would appreciate it if no one INTURRUPTED me this time. I'm here to train, not to engage in ridiculous small talk.”
With that, he lifted his shirt over his head and threw it on the ground next to the door of the gravity chamber, and stepped inside.
He latched the door, locking it from the inside so he would not be disturbed. It was a large white room, with reinforced padding on the walls and floor. The ceiling, however, was solid steel. There was a computer terminal in the wall which is where Vegeta went first.
“GOOD MORNING! PLEASE SET GRAVITY!” a sleek computerized female voice emitted from the screen. Vegeta pushed some buttons on the keypad, and the terminal flashed and beeped.
“GRAVITY SET: 500 TIMES NORMAL GRAVITY. ENJOY YOUR TRAINING!” the computer beeped once more, and almost immediately Vegeta felt the pull on his body, the heightened gravity grasping him, dragging him to the padded floor. As he strained to keep standing, however, he felt something else. He sensed a powerlevel, one quite close to his own, in the same room. He stepped back and turned around, and yelled, “Who’s there! SHOW YOURSELF!’ he stopped, the power was behind him.
He spun around with speed faster than lightning. It was the fastest Vegeta had moved in his life. But there was nothing there, just the computer flashing different colors and “500 TIMES NORMAL GRAVITY!” and the power he sensed was still behind him! he spun again, just as fast, and this time he heard a chuckle behind him before he felt the power. He spun again, and again nothing but the computer. Then he heard a voice behind him, “Too fast for you, Prince Vegeta?”
“YOU MOCK ME!? SHOW YOURSELF, COWARD!!!” he screamed as he turned around, somehow even faster than before, he was surprised with his own speed this time. But there was nothing there, just an empty room!
Before he sensed the power, he heard the rapid clicking of the keypad and the beeping of the computer terminal. Before he could react, he heard the female computer voice speak once more.

“GRAVITY SET: 850 TIMES NORMAL GRAVITY. ENJOY YOUR TRAINING!” Vegeta turned in horror, and saw a figure, deathly clad in black. His hair was long and white, about shoulder length. Then, while the computer beeped some more, a golden aura enveloped the fighter, and his white hair stood on end and turned golden yellow. This figure had just turned into a Super Saiyan!!!
It cant be, Vegeta thought, the Albino Saiyan?! Just then, the gravity shifted. Vegeta felt a sharp tug as his body collapsed under the tremendous gravity. He screamed in agony, his bones beginning to crack under the pressure. It felt as if his blood was on fire, burning through his entire body. His muscles felt as if they were sliding off his bones and through the pores in his skin, which was getting heavier by the second. His scream got louder and continued, and through his now blood-stained vision, he saw the figure of the Super Saiyan still standing motionless, not struggling one bit.
Vegeta called on his last ounce of strength, and his eyes, now red and bleeding, turned a bright emerald. His hair turned from his normal midnight black to a brilliant gold. With another scream from the depths of his soul, his power coursed through his veins and erupted from his body like never before.
With his transformation complete, Vegeta was able to stand, but barely. Becoming a Super Saiyan at will in a gravity chamber was still difficult for him, and as a result, he was weakened far more than normal. He was just barely able to keep his body from collapsing to the ground once again. But when he looked up, the other saiyan was nowhere to be seen, and his power had faded.
“Very good, Vegeta. I'm surprised you actually survived that! Well done!” the voice came from the rafter on the ceiling. The fighter started to applaud. “Let me tell you, Vegeta, that's one show you don't get to see very often where I come from. Please, you must come back with me and show my friends!”
Then he disappeared from the rafter. Vegeta struggled to look around as quickly as he could, but then he felt a sharp impact on the back of his neck. His thoughts lingered for a moment, as did the pain. He heard the fighter say softly, “Thank you for your cooperation, it’s truly appreciated. Remind me to thank you again when we get there!” then he thought he heard a slight chuckle. Then everything went black, and Vegeta thought no more.


“SO YOU ARE A SAIYAN THOUGH, RIGHT Ronin?” Kuririn asked, breaking the silence that occurred following Vegeta’s outburst. “I only ask because Ronin doesn’t sound like a saiyan name. Neither does Darkblade.”
“Saiyans don't HAVE second names!” Vegeta snapped rudely, still bitter from the thought of his most recent defeat.
Ronin glared at Vegeta. “Careful, Vegeta. Watch that attitude, got it? Almost instantly, Ronin changed his demeanor when he turned to Kuririn. “You're both right. Saiyans don't have second names, nor are either of those names common saiyan names. I was given the alias in my short time with master Muten Roshi. I have since established it as my actual name, in memory of…of the hermit.”
“In memory of? Do you mean to say__” Goku started, but Ronin cut him off.
“Yes, he was killed, thirteen years ago, right in front of me.” He stopped, then turned to Tenshinhan. “It was the same with Yamcha. I gathered him first, but when I went back to get Kakkarot and his son, he was attacked. He stood no chance on his own, and was killed within seconds.”
Tenshinhan was about to say something when Gohan looked up in surprise, “You call dad Kakkarot too! Just like Vegeta”
“Of course,” Ronin replied, “as this is your father’s true name. It is the one I grew up knowing, thus he will be addressed as such…but now is not the time, nor is here the place for such idle conversation. We have more pressing matters at hand.”
Tenshinhan looked down, not hearing the short exchange between Ronin and Gohan, “so Yamcha is dead, then?”
Ronin bowed his head in sorrow, “Yes, Tenshinhan. I'm afraid he is. I'm sorry, really I am…” Ronin stopped, not knowing what to say to comfort Tenshinhan in such a time. Ronin knew from only history books that the two were inseparable. He didn't know how he would take the information.
Tenshinhan looked up and nodded solemnly, “It’s as I guessed when you avoided the subject all those times.”
“But what about Roshi?” Goku asked impatiently, “How was he killed?” He stared at Ronin, his eyes demanding an answer.
“He was killed by the alien…the one called Enygma. I have known him for almost my entire life. It was on that day that I met him, that moment that I hated him absolutely. It is because he exists that I have brought you here.
“You see, Enygma is a few hundred years old. He was born just after your death from Cell, but he just recently became a threat to the universe. He has always, however, been driven by purely evil purposes. I encountered him on that day, the day the great Master Muten Roshi was killed. I remember it as clear as day…”


“…IT WAS A BRIGHT SUNNY DAY, strangely on the anniversary of the Cell games: M____ the 17th. I remember exactly what happened.
“I had gone to see the Turtle Hermit with my father. He is no longer alive, my father…but that is another story, for another day. What matters now is Roshi.
“We arrived on Kame Isle at around three in the afternoon. It was a very warm day. My father knocked on the door, and we only had to wait a little while before he arrived at the front porch. He did not arrive from inside the house, but from behind it.
“I cannot explain to you what an honor it was for me to be meeting the master. I was brought up like a saiyan of old, with great respect for the martial arts and high regard for the grandmasters of these arts. And Master Roshi was the greatest of these grandmasters, so this day was that much more exciting.
“When he arrived, I was speechless. But what I did not expect was that as soon as he saw me, he was speechless as well. After a few seconds of silence, my father stepped forward and bowed. “How are you, Master? I am Deragon, a saiyan from New Vegeta. This is my son, Drake. He is also a saiyan, but he was born here on earth.’ He bowed lower.
“At this point, the hermit looked at me quite strangely. ‘He is a full blooded saiyan, is he not?’ my father nodded. ‘Then why are his eyes grey and his hair white?' My father then revealed something to him that he had not revealed even to me at this time. It was the story of the Albino Saiyan.
“ ‘Master Roshi, my son is what is known as the Albino Saiyan.’ At this Roshi nodded in agreement.
“ ‘Hmm, yes. I remember hearing mention of this legend once from Vegeta, but I wasn’t sure if it was really true…’
“My father nodded. ‘Yes, this legend is well known amongst Saiyans. However, the validity of it was never quite well known. I myself doubted the legends, until my son was born, that is. Master, the Albino Saiyans are supposed to be the strongest Saiyans in existence. It was said that it was in fact an Albino Saiyan that first transformed into the Legendary Super Saiyan. This is supposedly from where the legend of the almighty Super Saiyan derives. They are supposed to gain power at an incredible rate, and transform faster than normal Saiyans would ever dream. Drake has never shown these signs. He has instead shown some signs of…weakness…and I was wondering if he is in fact stronger than most child Saiyans. I have not been around enough, and I know you trained Son Goku when he was a child 300 years ago.’
“Master Roshi nodded, ‘this is true, I did train Son Goku, and I have some knowledge of saiyan children.’ At this, he turned to me, ‘so before I examine your son, I would like to know if he has any questions for me.’
“My father shook his head quickly ‘No! He has none,’ he said as I was about to ask him something. He interrupted me purposefully, which angered me, and gave me a glare that said ‘shut your mouth if you value your body.’
“But the hermit raised his hand kindly, ‘Very well. If your father wishes to finish, we will speak another day, Drake. Now, let’s hop to it.’ He then closed his eyes and his breathing slowed as he put his hand on top of my head. It looked as if he was meditating standing up. After a few minutes, he removed his hand, opened his eyes and smiled warmly.
“He kneeled down to my level and whispered in my ear, ‘I see you have a sword. May I see it?’ I nodded and unsheathed my ashen black sword and handed it to him. ‘A Damascus Steel blade? This is the rarest of all swords on earth. The only metal that is raw enough to be the color of volcanic ash. These are the most durable, sharpest swords in existence, besides the old Z-Sword, of course. I’d say this would be the second best sword in existence, especially this particular one! You must have worked hard to find this on earth, dear boy!’ I nodded. He then leaned forward and whispered in my ear again, ‘You are a rebel of sorts, are you not? Loyal to one, maybe two causes, those being yourself and that of honor, am I correct?’
“I nodded again, wondering where he was going with this. He smiled and leaned forward even more. ‘You, my boy, are a true ronin. You are a renegade samurai of the saiyan race, dear Drake.’
“I looked at him strangely, ‘You call me a ronin, master?’
“ ‘Hey, it fits you,’ he replied with a smirk. ‘Ronin, Ronin Darkblade. For you to always remember the way of the sword, as well as the sword itself.’
“Just then, I could feel quite a large energy signature arrive on the island, larger than mine, master Roshi’s, and even my father’s! I heard a slight tap on the roof of the Kame house. I looked up and saw a figure, clad in a grey ragged cloak. It had a hood which covered its head so far that its face was completely shrouded in darkness. I stood there in horror, not from the physical look of the creature, but of its massive energy. I had never seen anything stronger than my father in all my ten years of life. And now here was this, this thing that somehow surpassed him farther than even he could imagine.
“The creature laughed, a laugh that sounded like it was one of satisfaction. ‘Ha! I have finally found you Roshi. Now you can never plague the world with your “students” anymore. GOOD-BYE!!!’ it screamed. With that, it raised a brown sceptre about head level. A cloud of black mist emanated from the gem at the top of the sceptre, and I could distinctly hear screaming. It sounded familiar, but I did not know why. The screams became numerous in quantity, and they grew louder with each new voice. The black tip grew larger, and both master Roshi and I stood, petrified, and yet unable to move. My father, however, clenched his fist and growled in anger.
“The figure then laughed insanely, and the black cloud shot forward towards the Turtle Hermit. Roshi screamed, and the cloud enveloped him. When the blackness settled, there was no Hermit, just a circle of ash where he just moments before stood. Master Muten Roshi, who lived so many years, was finally wiped out from time and space. He was killed that day, and is still dead to this day. The Dragonballs have not been activated for centuries in this world. Roshi is dead, and he will remain dead for years to come…"


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