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DragonBall Z: Ronin’s Ascension
A fan-fiction by Alex Tucker (Shaelasche)


RONIN PAUSED AS A TEAR ROLLED slowly down his round, handsome face.
“Wait a minute!” Vegeta roared, breaking the silence he cared not for, “you said this creature is PURE evil. Well if he IS so heartless, why are you still alive? And your father for that matter, what about him? TELL US!!”
Ronin smiled despite himself. “You don’t miss a beat, do you Vegeta? You truly are the genius warrior that I have read about.
“Well, after Roshi was killed, Enygma (I didn’t learn of it until years later, but I use his true name for easier reference) turned to us, and spotted me for what I am immediately.
“ ‘An Albino Saiyan, eh? Well, well…you train that boy hard, Deragon. I will need a challenger in the years to come.’ Then he just…flew off. I didn’t see him for another nine years…but that is another story, one I do not feel like touching upon…” Ronin once again fell silent.
“So what does all this have to do with us?” Piccolo piped in. He had been quiet for quite some time, just listening to the others, but he was now burdened with a question he felt needed answering.
Ronin looked up to him and smiled. “The former Kami-Sama’s questioning, I presume,” he inquired thoughtfully. “I would think that the Kami-Sama would have a mind great enough to figure that out.”
“Perhaps, but I think he’s speaking for all of us that…well… don’t know!” Kuririn stammered helplessly. “Not all of us can make the connection, you know!”
Ronin looked almost embarrassed for a moment, but that look disappeared quickly. “Of course, Kuririn,” he said in an apologetic tone. “I have brought you all here because in our time of crisis, Enygma somehow found a working time machine other than my own still active. You see, Capsule Corp. was planning to mass-produce them, before they realized how foolish this would be. Well, two were made to begin with, and I was given one by the owner for steadfast support in repelling any and all enemies aiming to attack the facility. I came to believe that they shut down the second one, but I was wrong.
“Let me back up a bit. I believe you need to know more about me if I am to explain why I have brought you here.
“My father trained me for the first twelve years of my life. Unfortunately, he only trained me the way he was trained, which was the only way he knew: sink or swim, fight or die. He held back, of course.
“Over the years, we began to grow more distant, as he became more and more frustrated with me. I was not a strong fighter, and he was extremely disappointed. His son was the legendary Albino Saiyan, after all, why wouldn’t he be strong? He began to get more and more violent in his training, and I grew resentful of him after every session. I still could not touch him in battle.
“Once, however, I was able to land a few hits on him. Little did I know that before we trained, he had been defeated in a tournament, so his ego was destroyed. When I hit him, he went berserk and dropped his restraints that he held for all those years. Through the pain of losing the tournament, to the twelve years of frustration in training me, he just snapped and powered up to his maximum. I was for the first time in a fight for my life. I was beaten badly, but every time he hit me, I felt my anger towards him grow. Eventually, I was beaten so badly that I couldn’t move. As I lay there, dying, he screamed about I was nothing short of a burden and how in truth he had been waiting secretly for this moment for the past twelve years. This enraged me, and just before he hit me, I screamed and blacked out.
“The next thing I remember, I was standing over my father’s corpse, which was battered and beaten worse than my own. I had a power surging through my veins that I had never felt in my life. The power scared me. It was much greater than my fathers, Roshi’s, even than Enygma’s that day on the island. This power terrified me! I eventually flew off to the north in fear and confusion.
“Ever since that day, where I learned later that I had transformed into a super saiyan, my powers have been out of control. I spent the next eleven years of my life in the forests and northern mountains, where I trained in peace, and where no one could be harmed by my power. However, a few years ago learned of the location of the alien called Enygma. I encountered and engaged him in battle. However, I was hit by a wave of guilt at the thought of ending his life. I suppose I have you to thank for that, Kakkarot.”
Goku looked up in amazement. “ME?! But why? What did I do?” he stammered questions rapidly.
“In all my years of training, I have heard stories of you. You were always persevering against all odds, and you never needed to take a life to do so. I have always found that to be quite an honorable trait.”
Vegeta scoffed, “Kakkarot, honorable? You’ve got to be joking! The moment Kakkarot’s cowardice is known as ‘honorable’ then you might as well kill me.”
“You never know, Vegeta, it might come to that…but that’s not the point. The point is, I saw it as the honorable thing to do, so I let him go. Ever since then, he has been bent on becoming stronger than me, not unlike you with Kakkarot, Vegeta. When you look at it, we are not so different.
“Unfortunately, Enygma will never experience such a change of heart as Vegeta did. He is pure, cold, heartless evil, and he will never change. He will never fight for the greater good; he will only be driven by revenge and power over me.
“Now, as I mentioned before, there are no more dragonballs. This is because there are no more Namekians. They were wiped out about a generation after yours. They were obliterated by another changeling, not quite unlike Freeza. He looked just like him, and held his same attitude. The world believed him to be a reincarnation, or maybe even a clone of the Freeza that Kakkarot defeated, returning to finish his job. Whatever the case may be, there are no Namekians in this time, so naturally, no dragonballs.
“Enygma learned about the dragonballs and, most unfortunately, also learned of our plans of mass-producing time machines. He knew that there were only two, my own, and the prototype. He hijacked the prototype and traveled back to when the dragonballs still existed and was granted two wishes. He wished for god-like power and, being the arrogant battle lover that he is, a competitor.
“However, he failed to specify who the challenger would be, and by a stroke of luck, the power was vested in me. I believe this was something that he did not intend. Even with that being the case, he is still significantly more powerful than I am. We fought once before with our new power, and I barely managed to escape with my life. Thankfully, being a saiyan means that I grow stronger after every near fatal injury, so I gained even more strength. However, he is still more advanced than me in every way.
“No matter how many battles we fight, or how close they get, I will never be able to defeat him on my own. All of the other fighters I’ve sent to him have been annihilated. That is why you are here, because you seven are the strongest warriors in known history. I figured that with you all helping me, I could stand a chance; maybe even bring Enygma down for good.”
“Or maybe I will just add seven more fighters to the endless list of people that I’ve slaughtered!” a voice yelled behind them. All of the fighters jumped in surprise at the voice, except for Vegeta and Ronin, who spun around with lightning speed, arms up and ready to fight. There, perched atop the peak of the half-destroyed Capsule Corp building, stood a fighter clad in grey, a cloak shrouding his face. Green, withered hands protruded from under the ragged sleeves, one hand holding a long, crooked sceptre with a bright green gem. The creature laughed a high pitched cackle that made Ronin’s spine tingle. He remembered that laugh all too well…


GOKU LOOKED AT THE WARRIOR CLAD in black as the winds around him picked up abruptly. He heard him mutter something, but didn’t hear it clear enough to make out what exactly was said. Another fighter he had never seen before was now on the Capsule Corp courtyard.
“Woah, this is just too weird!” Goku said aloud. “…This must be Enygma, right Ronin?” Ronin nodded.
“Looks like you guys are gonna have fight earlier than expected. Get ready!” he said. Goku responded immediately. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Gohan lower into his stance, mirroring Piccolo. Then suddenly, there came a laugh from the figure on the building, apparently Enygma. It raised the sceptre, and the gem began to glow a bright green. A dark, ominous cloud of mist emanated from the tip of the gem, and all of a sudden, Goku could hear the screaming. It took a moment to realize that the screaming came from the cloud. So this was the cloud that Ronin was talking about. This is the one that killed Master Muten Roshi! In fact, there was a scream that stood out from all the other screams, one that sounded chillingly like the hermit…
Enygma laughed insanely, a laugh that cut through all of the screams, and the cloud shot forward…towards Gohan!
“GOHAAAAN!!!!” Goku screamed. The cloud was moving too fast and Gohan was too far away for Goku to get there in time, so he watched in horror. But just as the cloud reached his son, Goku saw a figure materialize between them, a shimmer of black and white blocking the cloud from Gohan.
“Woah, I’ve never seen anything move that fast!” Goku exclaimed to himself as the cloud made its brilliant impact with the Albino Saiyan…


RONIN SCREAMED IN AGONY AS THE cloud burned through flesh and cloth. It was a scream that pierced through all the others within the cloud, even through the soul of Enygma himself. This scream became louder as the cloud ate through Ronin’s muscle tissue like acid. The pain was unbearable! Ronin had never felt anything so terribly excruciating in his life. Never before had he experienced such agony. Ronin was sure that this was the last battle. This time, Ronin thought, he would truly, finally…die.
Then, suddenly, the cloud did something it didn’t normally do. In fact, it was the first time Ronin ever saw it happen. Ronin had seen enough of Enygma’s death cloud to know that it was not supposed to explode.
But explode it did, and did so thankfully before it tore completely through Ronin’s muscle. Ronin was saved…for now.
“Fool! You call yourself a great warrior?” Vegeta scoffed as he dashed towards Enygma. He charged up to his super saiyan form, a golden aura enveloping him instantly as he flew. As soon as he transformed, he zanzokened out of sight, appearing right behind Enygma. With a mighty ki-hap shout, he shot his fist through the air, landing on the back of Enygma’s neck, just above the bridge of his spine. The resulting blow sounded like Vegeta hit a slab of metal. This metal, however, refused to break.
Vegeta stared in surprise and horror as Enygma turned around. “Is that all, Prince Vegeta? How sad…” with that, Enygma’s knee shot into the Prince’s stomach. Vegeta bellowed a low guttural sound and doubled over, coughing blood and saliva. He looked up in panic as Enygma smiled maliciously. Then, faster than Ronin could see, Vegeta went spiraling through the air. Ronin judged that he was hit in the chest, due to his direction of assent. Enygma then disappeared from sight, then reappeared, fists clenched and arms raised, above the limp, soaring body of Vegeta.
A loud explosion distinguished the impact of Enygma’s blow on the saiyan prince’s spine. The next instant, the Capsule Corp building exploded into millions of tiny pieces as Vegeta collided through it. Strong winds from the impact blew the dust around Ronin and the other fighters, blinding them temporarily.
When the dust settled, Enygma still hovered in the air, laughing insanely. Vegeta lay crumpled in the wreckage of the newly demolished Capsule Corp building, his hair black, his golden aura gone.
“Fool!” Enygma mocked. “You call yourself a great warrior?” He cackled again, then paused and stared at Ronin, eyes wide. “Isn’t this amazing, Darkblade, This power? All this amazing strength? And it’s all ours, only ours! But it looks like yours is all used up! Too bad, too. I was hoping for a bit of a challenge this time.” He descended slowly. “Any last words, Darkblade?” he asked threateningly as he lowered his stick, pointing it directly at Ronin’s head.
Ronin looked up quickly, and in a rage, charged up at Enygma, fist raised and ready to strike. But this tactic was short-lived, as Ronin felt the impact of Enygma’s staff on his cheek. He collapsed to the ground. His collision with the ground was just as agonizing as the cloud itself, the dirt like rough sandpaper on his exposed, bloodied chest.
“A waste of your last moment, Darkblade!” Enygma bellowed deeply. “Now it is time to say goodbye!” He lowered the tip again, and the black cloud of endless horror appeared once again, ready to add Ronin’s soul to the long list of lives [REMOVED] to the eternity of Enygma’s torture. As more black mist emanated from the sceptre, the screams grew louder. The ear-shattering noise was enough to have the Demon King Piccolo on his knees, holding his head in agony. The screams muted Enygma’s apparent laughter.
He stepped closer to Ronin, the tip of his sceptre just inches away from the saiyan’s head. But there was one voice that could miraculously be heard above all of the screams. It was the sole voice of strength, the lone voice of hope, and it yelled:

“HYAAAA!!!! HYAAAAA!!!!” TENSHINHAN screamed as he launched two devastating shots of his most powerful blast at Enygma. The beams cut through the air, engulfing both Enygma and the black cloud. Immediately the screams were replaced by a loud explosion.
Tenshinhan descended to the ground, panting heavily. Somehow, he was able to push even more energy than normal into the attack, pumping it up to the point where even Enygma was caught off-guard.
Unfortunately, it was still not enough to actually injure him. as Tenshinhan landed, he felt the familiar stab in his chest, as the after-effects of the ki-ko-ho started to take its toll on his body. He dropped to his knees, coughing and sputtering blood. The advanced power that had been pushed into the attack had drained Tenshinhan that much more. He had never felt this kind of pain before in his life! This pain was pure agony, and his suffering was only growing by the moment.
Enygma turned slowly, menacingly, towards Tenshinhan. He shook his head in dismay. “Such a weakling! How is it you were able to stop my attack? Oh well, it is no matter now!” he said and laughed. His knee swung upward, and Tenshinhan skidded across the ground. He grunted loudly, a deep, sepulchral sound, as he coughed up even more of his brilliant red wine. His eyesight began to diminish as he saw the hooded monster, now incredibly far in the distance. Tenshinhan wasn't sure exactly how far he was launched by Enygma’s attack, but he didn't care. All he cared about was if he would live to see Chaotzu one more time…


“TENSHINHAN!!!” CAME THE SCREAM from the depths of Son Goku’s soul. He had never felt such pain in his life, such hate, not since his battle with Freeza…
“That’s ENOUGH, Enygma!” he screamed again. “You’ve caused too much pain, and I'm going to END THIS, ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!”
Goku became engulfed in a bright golden aura. It shimmered about his body, as blue lightning began to encircle him, arcing from his glowing figure. He let out another soul-piercing scream as his hair began to grow. His eyebrows disappeared as his aura grew brighter and larger. His bright golden hair crept down his back and stiffened as it reached his knees. A brilliant, shimmering light filled the area, blinding everyone close by. A loud explosion of energy sent the Z-Fighters tumbling backwards. When the light faded and the dust settled, Son Goku stood there, radiating god-like capacity.
“I won't let you get away with this, Enygma,” Son Goku growled angrily, his body pulsing with newfound ability. “I just cannot let you hurt my friends and get away with it! You will PAY!!!” with that, he unleashed another scream as he charged his body to its fullest potential, and charged at Enygma.
Enygma’s smile faded quickly as Goku charged him, and he retreated into the air. But Son Goku was much faster, and caught up almost instantly. The two superpowers collided in mid-air. The force of Goku’s elbow caused Enygma’s staff to shatter upon impact. Enygma’s eyes widened in shock as pieces of his staff fell from his raised hands. He barely had time to drop the remaining pieces before Goku connected with a bone-crushing blow to his cheek.
Goku spun backwards, faster than lightning, and brought his foot swinging into Enygma’s stomach. As Enygma flew back from the impact, Goku disappeared from sight, then reappeared in Enygma’s path, arms raised and fists clenched.
A scream, followed by a brilliant eruption marked Goku’s jolt on Enygma’s back. The alien shot downward, a blur of grey and green, and hit the ground with amazing force, dust unsettling around him.
Goku growled, then let out another ear-piercing scream as golden chi charged in his raised hands. His arms began to push into overdrive, propelling forward like machine-gunned pistons. Blast after violent blast of chi shot to the ground, shaking the earth with each lightning-fast impact.
After a few moments of endless barrage, Goku crossed his arms in front of his face and growled softly. He howled in rage as he powered up once more, then dove to the ground, like an hawk to it’s prey. As he reached the surface of the earth, he sent his body into a flip and collided, his boots slamming into Enygma’s back with colossal power, unsettling even more dirt and concrete.
Son Goku dashed back a few dozen feet, panting heavily. He had done as much damage as he could in the short time that he could hold his Super Saiyan 3 form. His hair shrunk back into his head and changed into his normal midnight black. His eyebrows reappeared, and his brilliant aura faded. His eyes reverted from emerald to black as his Super Saiyan 3 power faded completely.
He laughed through his breathlessness. “Darn it,” he heaved. “I did all I could…and it still…wasn’t enough…” he smiled again and chuckled. “Well, at least I…slowed him down…right?” With that, he stumbled and fell to one knee, still unable to catch his breath.

The powerful tyrant struggled slowly to his feet, battered and dirty, and began to chuckle. The sound grew slightly, until it soon became a full-fledged laugh of insanity.
“You have done well, Son Goku…but without your power of super saiyan, I believe your fight is over a bit too soon!” Enygma cackled. With that, the earth began to tremble, as the demon began to charge his power. With another hair-raising cackle, he charged, full speed, at the exhausted saiyan.
Before Goku had time to react, the alien was upon him, and immediately Goku felt the impact of his fist colliding with his cheek. As Goku reeled backwards, he saw Enygma dash past him, and felt a tremendous blow upon his chest, slamming him into the ground only a few feet below him.
Enygma now ascended above the newly formed crater, smirking with victory. “So then, the Legendary Super Saiyan has finally met his match. It’s been fun, Son Goku…but this is where it ends!”
Goku tried to raise himself off of the ground, but collapsed once more and clutched his abdomen in pain. His ribs were broken, there was no way he could move…all of the pain he had suffered in his life, it would finally end now, with the dissension of Enygma. But, once again, before he could react, he saw another black and white flash, and heard a bone-shattering crunch, as Enygma vanished from sight…


RONIN SCREAMED IN AGONY AS HIS BROKEN body collided with the tyrant. The pain in his exposed chest was insufferable, and it took all of his strength to move his body. But his mind was controlled by another force, his body moved like a puppet…and the puppet master…perhaps it was his saiyan pride that had finally overtaken him, finally driven him to defeat his long-time rival, despite all the pain and agony he now was enduring, the pain that had sapped his strength.
…But not his spirit, the power of which surpassed only by his hatred for his enemy, for this monster whose name had blistered his tongue for years.
Enygma did not see him strike, nor did he have time to sense Ronin’s fist flying through the air, shattering bone on impact. It was Enygma’s turn to scream. With each blow, however, more and more of Ronin’s power drained, even as he wore the creature down. The two superpowers, now finally both showing signs of fatigue, continued to pummel each other, trading and matching blow for vicious blow. The Z-Fighters could only stand, and watch in awe.
From the corner of his eye, Ronin could see Piccolo’s mouth agape, still as stone with awe. He barely heard Gohan as he spoke, trembling, “I’ve…never seen anyone move so…so fast!” He could sense Vegeta’s power rising steadily, as with his rage of another saiyan surpassing his power greatly.
But even with all this new found power emitting from the depths of his soul, he could already tell that it still might not be enough...........
The two continued to trade explosive blows, each connecting, as the other did not have the stamina left to defend. Finally, with a mighty scream, Ronin was able to push a little extra chi into his fist, and caught Enygma directly under his cheek. The alien went flying up and back, landing hard onto the jagged earth. Finding a break in the action, the Albino Saiyan crouched into a very low stance, a cupped hand at his waist. His body flexed and bulged, as a mass of greenish-gold chi formed in his cupped hand, and grew with each passing instant. He growled under his breath as his power grew slightly, “Korjan…RAAAAAIIIN…” And dropped his other fist and cupped it, stepping backwards into a very low horse stance. He grunted as another large ball of chi formed in his off-hand.
“…Times TWO!!!” he finished his scream, as he threw the first ball into the air hard, regaining his balance, and then hurling the second after it. The two blasts spiraled in mid-air, and then collided in a brilliant display of green light. The explosion split the two balls, separating them into hundreds of tiny little chi balls, all of which shot down with blinding speed to the ground.
Enygma looked up to the sky, so see the rain of deadly blasts, falling straight towards him. He barely had time to jet backwards, as the acid rain began to fall, burning holes into the already charred earth under his feet. The blasts followed the monster as he fled, just missing his trailing feet. His focus was so directed on the impending danger in front and above him, that he didn’t realize that Ronin had zanzokened right into his path of retreat…
It all happened in the blink of an eye…Ronin’s raised fist collided with the back of Enygma’s neck. The creature went flying forward from the blow. One lone chi ball fell and finally hit its mark: the monster’s chest. Enygma hit the ground with surprising force, the blast pushing him deep into the earth. Finally, the final rain of Ronin’s energy blasts fell, tearing up the ground beneath the feet of the Saiyan warrior. Dust and rocks unsettled from natures grasp, spreading around the enlarging crater, and blinding the Z-Fighters from view of the ever-growing battlefield.


AS THE DUST FINALLY BEGAN TO SETTLE, Ronin faded into view, panting heavily, holding Enygma in a full nelson wrestling grapple, holding on as tight as he could to the nearly crippled alien menace. Even as weak as the two were, they were both still so powerful…
“Guys, hurry…” Ronin struggled to gasp as he held onto Enygma with all his might. Piccolo knew exactly what had to happen. He had done it before; he had been in this position once before, and he knew exactly what was to become of it.
“Everyone, follow my lead!” Piccolo screamed as he crouched down, pointing two fingers to his forehead. The ground began to shake as his power grew. He looked around as he was charging his attack. “COME ON! IT’S THE ONLY WAY!” He then smiled solemnly as the others nodded in agreement, finally understanding as well what Piccolo had surmised from the beginning…
…It would end here, one way or another…


GOHAN SAW HIS MASTER CHARGING HIS special attack, and realized immediately what would happen, as well as exactly what to do. After a nod from Trunks and Tenshinhan, who had finally staggered to his feet, he soared high into the air, his hands above his head. From the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of Trunks, his arms moving rapidly in a succession of fluid, but sporadic movements. He heard Tenshinhan chant “Neeeooo…Ki…Koooo,” just as he flexed his arms, feeling his chi flow through his entire body, and concentrating at his hands.


THE THREE MIGHTY WARRIORS FIRED THEIR concussive blasts simultaneously, nearly blinding Kuririn as he raised his own arm. A large golden disk of chi charged just above his palm as the blasts impacted into Enygma’s chest, pushing the two superpowers backwards, both grunting from the strain on their bodies. From his peripheral, he caught a glimpse of Piccolo’s orange-gold chi gathering at his fingertips. He could hear him call out his favorite move: the “Special, Beam…” just as he threw his arm forward, shouting his own attack himself.


“VEGETA, IT’S YOU AND ME…WE HAVE TO finish this together!” Goku yelled as he ascended into the air, urging the Saiyan Prince to do the same. Vegeta was about to retort with his usual proud response, but Goku cut him off immediately.
“VEGETA! This is NOT the time for your pride! If we don’t stop Enygma, then everything Ronin fought for will have been in vain…And once Ronin is dead, what’s to stop Enygma from killing all of us!? We HAVE to end this!!!”
With a final scream of “FINE,” Vegeta lifted into the air as well, powering up to super saiyan, his golden aura matching Goku’s. Goku saw him extend his arms to the sides, and felt his chi gathering into his body. He smiled slightly, thinking to himself this is it. It’s over…His smile fades as he cups his hands to his sides, and begins his own echoed chant.


Two warriors of enormous power. Two with amazing strength. Two who, for most of their lives, live to outdo each other. But when they work together, the result is uncanny. Once the two remaining Saiyans put aside their differences and join forces with each other, anything becomes possible.
Just as the Kienzan Disk cuts the two fighters in half, and the Cannon pierced through their exposed chests, the two colossal fighters joined together, firing their beams simultaneously, side by side. The resulting blasts, before hitting the ground, collided with each other, creating a new, powerful super-blast.
A flash of blue and gold blinded the remaining fighters, as a horrifying scream pierced through the sound of the resulting explosion. The one scream that had not been heard that day had finally cried out in defeat: the menace known as Enygma…


WHEN THE DUST CLEARED FROM THE FIELD, all that was left was the top half of a body: that of the Albino saiyan. His pure white hair lay tangled, spread on the rocky floor, his clothing in tatters around his mangled body. There was barely a breath left in his body. He was still barely alive. The other fighter, Enygma, was nowhere to be seen. His body had taken the entirety of the super-blast, and totally eradicated any trace of him. His intense power, infused with the wish that he made from the Dragonballs, was enough to fully absorb the shock from the blasts, and protect what was left of Ronin’s life…
Hanging on by a thread, the Saiyan warrior lifted his hand and beaconed Trunks to him. He smiled as the young man walked cautiously into the crater, and towards his mangled body. As the teen leaned down, Ronin whispered into his ear.
“Trunks…take everyone back to their relative times. The time machine was based on your mother’s design, so it should be familiar to you…and Trunks…” he added, as the teenager turned again.
“Thank you…”


FINALLY, THE WORLD WOULD BE SAFE FROM any foe, in any time, at any place. No matter what, there would be warriors to battle the forces of evil. No matter how strong the adversary, the Z-Fighters would rise up to the challenge. They would take on any foe, and somehow, through skill, or a stroke of luck, they would prevail. Nothing would stand in the way of Earth’s Special Forces. No matter who they had to fight, no matter what circumstances the battle would call for, they would rise up to the challenge, and meet it. They would defeat any enemy that arose, as long as they stuck together. Because they had a bond, a bond that could not be broken. That bond kept them strong. That bond kept them proud. That bond kept them alive. That bond was one of companionship.
Their bond…was one of love…



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