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I first started drawing scenes from Dragonball Z way back in February of 1999. In the beginning, I drew characters, and then some scenes from each episode of DBZ until my drawing book was filled... 270 pages... taking it up to when Goku was close to defeating Frieza on Namek. I found I loved doing these drawings of the DBZ characters and scenes, and I couldn't wait to do more of them. So, it was time to start a new book...

All of the newer scenes are now being drawn in more detail and in a larger size than the older, Saiyan and Frieza Saga ones that are in my first drawing book.

After I draw them, I color them in by hand with Prismacolor Artist Pencils. I also have had some good luck with some of the Prang brand coloring pencils, particularly for the flesh tones. Coloring in the drawings is a time consuming process, but it's a labor of love, bringing each of my episode interpretations to life with color.

And, since it takes longer for me to color them in than it does to draw them, you'll see that I still have many of them in the line drawing form, as in a coloring book.

I'm continually coloring in past ones and drawing new ones, and as I get them completed, I'll also scan them and upload them to my gallery here. But obviously with over 490 of them to date, that's gonna take some time! So feel free to stop back often to see what I've added or changed!

Obviously the later DBZ Saga drawings have improved tremendously from my first ones, the Saiyan and Frieza Sagas, so please keep that in mind as you browse through them. But heck, we all gotta start somewhere, right?

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