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Here at DBZ Dimension, being the artist at heart that I am, I wanted to have a section to recognize other artists that impress me. At this point, I'm unfortunately unable to include every piece of artwork that is submitted to me, but I will include ones that I find particularly notable.

If you have DBZ artwork (and at this point, only DBZ related artwork) that you'd like to submit for consideration, feel free to contact me. I'll be happy to take a look at what you've done!

You can contact me here:


Just click on the title to link to go to their FanArt pages. And remember, we're just getting started with this section, so stop back often to see what's been added! I look forward to expanding this section.

Goku_Monkey_King's FanArt
Here we have featured some artwork from one of our forum member's! Take a look at her Gallery section! She has some lovely drawings!

Tani's FanArt
This is from the brother of one of our Forum Members. His album contains both hand drawn art as well as computer artwork. Take a look!

Dragonball Continued
A FanManga by Bejiita

Ever wonder what DBZ would be like if it continued after the last episode? Nevermind GT, but rather just continuing the storyline after the episode Goku's Next Journey... well, that's exactly what Bejiita has done here, in the form of his own "FanManga". Take a look at his comic-style drawings and see what he saw as the future of DBZ. I think you'll enjoy it!