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Fusions are one of the unique aspects of DragonBall Z... they can make 2 characters combine as one - increasing their power levels, altering their appearances, and of course, giving them a new 'combined' name, as well as giving them some new powers and attacks. All of us like to imagine how cool a new fusion would be... well, now's your chance to let us hear about your Favorite or Funny Fusions! Tell us in as much or as little detail as you'd like (naturally we'd like to hear as much as you can tell us, so feel free to elaborate!)

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What if some of these characters fused?
(newest additions with *)

*From Tatiana: Grokin
Goku and Krillin Fuse.

From EricM3742: *Trunkhan
Future Trunks+ Gohan
Appearance: Hair is in Gohan's style, Trunk's Face, and Gohan's hair with a tinge of purple with Fusion outfit.
Special Attacks:
1. Destructive Finishing Buster= An attack gathered like a Finish Buster, and thenlaunched like a Destructive wave.
2. Burning Kamehameha= Trunkhan says the Kamehameha chant while doing the motions for the Burning Attack and fires a Kamehameha like Beam
3. Burning Fist Attack= An attack that releases all of Gohan and Trunks's Human Potential Combined into a Red energy charged Fist similar to Goku's Super Dragon Fist Attack.

Bojack & Broly
Appearance: Has Bojack's Skin color, and Broly's Hair style.
New Attacks
1. Grand Eraser Cannon: An attack similar to Bojack's Grand Smasher but has a color more like Broly's Eraser Cannon
2. Glactic Meteor: An Attack Gathered like Broly's Gigantic Meteor but shot in a Beam like fashion.

*King Bageta
King Vegeta & Bardock
Description: Looks alot like Gogeta except he has a beard.

Cooler & Bojack
Description: Has long red hair, with Purple and dark Green skin.
1. Grand Death Beam= An energy beam like Grand Smasher but is Pink and is a cutting beam
2. Maximum Death saucer= An attack were he gathers the energy above his hands and fires a Volley of Kienzans like Freiza.
3. Galactic Nova Attack= An Energy Ball shot like the Galactic Buster

Super Janemba Buu
Super Buu+ Super Janemba
Appearence: He looks like Super Buu except he has horns and a Pink Tail like Janemba w/holes in chest.
New Special Attacks:
1. Dimension Genocide Attack: An attack similar to the attack where Super Buu kills all of humanity but the Blasts go through Portals and hit the target.
2. Ultimate Mouth Blast: A Mouth Blast similar to Janemba's but Super Buu has it in Pink Color.
3. Revenge Death Slash: Buu powers up a Huge Explosion wave blasts the opponent and then produces a Sword and slices them.
4. Rapid Kamehameha: Like the Kamehameha Super Buu uses except he launches them from the holes in his chest.
Turles & Vegeta (Saiyan saga) they used the Potara earrings.
Description: He has Vegeta's armor color but has Turles's Face & Hair, but Vegeta's skin color, but doesn't have a body suit like Vegeta has.
New Special attacks:
1. Planet driving Buster: An energy attack shot like the Blast Vegeta used to Kill Nappa, but has Fire like Turles.
2. 5x Galick Gun: A Galick Gun that is 5x more poweful than a Normal Galick Gun
3. An unamed attack that is shot like Turles' one handed energy barrage, but instaed he shoots Vegeta's Fire Balls that he used on Goku.
SSJ3 Goku+mystic Gohan+SSJ3 Gotenks
Appearence: Has Long Super Saiyan 3 hair in Goku's style with Mystic Gohan's black hair and Mystic aura, and a Fusion vest.
New Special attacks: Kamehameha donuts- a bunch of donuts shot like Galactic donuts when they bind they explode with the force of 3 Kamehamehas
2. Super Masenko Fist Assault- He gathers energy from his hands like a Masenko then luanches himself and instead of a Dragon a Ghost comes out and explodes with Unbeliveable power
3. Mystic Spirit Bomb- a Spirit Bomb that doesn't take as long to charge and has a greenish tinge to it.
4. Continuous Kienzan Missiles- a Barrage of kienzans shot like a Continuous DIE DIE MIssile
Descritption: Is approximatly 25 feet tall, looks like Janemba except has red eyes and wings on his back, and has a Long Red and Black tail.
New Attacks: Fire shower Rain- Produces many energy blasts in front of him, but are blasts with fire in them
Rapid phazing cannon: An energy attack which appears to phaze through the opponent but it goes through a Portal (like with Janemba) and hits the opponent, and there's a whole mess of them.
Flaming sowrd slash: an attack where he creats a sword that is capable of cutting wind at the opponent except it also burns.


From DarthVenom9808: Omezaru Baby Shenrogeta (Omega Shenron + Oozaru Baby Vegeta)
He's basically a giant silver monkey with Baby Vegeta's armor and all of Omega Shenron's spikes.
His special move:
Universe Destroyer: Because of his ridiculously high power level, all he needs to do is burp and the universe is gone. He avoids drinking soda for this reason.

From leonardo: Cooza (frieza(full power)+cooler(final form))
Looks like final form cooler but with the original white and purple colors of Frieza.
Friezas characteristic purple spots in his head a wrists and WAY bulkier
moves include...
double death beam
great death ball
super death ball beam (looks like an extriemly thick death beam but black with red and those cool red lightnings...)
Buuza (super buu + Frieza final form) (I know... I Love frieza he is so awesome)
Looks a lot like Buu but with the fusion vest and those WIIIIIIDE wide pants
he looks like frankestine with friezas chest-only part and his wrists
he also has a very funny face that is like buu's but with the top white with frieza's orb really extended due to buu's back whip-like extended thingo popping out of his head. Oh and friezas tail too. he is really tall and really kick ass
chocolate death beam
chocolate death ball
supreme head-tail whip
Buutenks (kid buu + gotenks)
this is SOOOOOO funny-looking
it is just like kid buu but with gotenks purple and black hair but with a pinkish tone to it...
it looks more like kid buu absorbing normal gotenks (not ssj3)
awesome moves are...
i don't know the name well but those awesome explosive ghosts
chocolate energy dohnuts
DIE DIE!!! chocolate bean volley
Kiroku (krillin + Goku) (you know since they are best friends and all... why not fuse?)
ok imagine this... A ridiculosly tall krillin with ssj goku's hair
he has the fusion vest, those very braggy white pants and a very wide blue ribbon like belt
really cool looking actually...
Spirit destructo disk (or spirit kienzan)
super kamehameha
kamehame-disk (dozens of blue destructo disks (or kienzans however you call them) thrown so fast they look loke a flat kamehameha)
Finally the most awaited of all fusions.........
Piccoku!!!!! (no need to explain do I?) (note: Piccolo is after absorbing nail and kami which means after the cell saga)
Green skinned goku with namekian antennas and super advanced healing/regen abilities
has gokus dressing but also has kami's red robe and his weird white scarf
because of the weird fusion his face looks a lot like gokus with a touch of dende to it...
(weird huh?) this fusion is with normal goku but with his ssj-ssj3 forms is just the same except goku's hair changes respectively.
ssj4... WOW! its just like above but with greenish-purplish hair around his arms and legs and that same color to his hair but a bit more reddish :D
oh and reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly strong
The most awesome moves in the world are...
Special kamehame cannon (you know how the special beam cannon is yyellow with those spirals around it? well imagine that but with kamehameha's caracteristic blue color and at least 5 times as thick and 10X as powerfull) (DAAAAAANG)
spirit hellzone bomb (hellzone granade is like a bunch (9 actually) of really powerfull ki balls ok... i ¡magine these were all huge spirit bonbs powerfull enough to destroy the world completely!!
lastly the ultimate attack (ridiculously strong)
Special helzone spirit kamehameha cannon!!!:
this attack is so strong he should never use it...
it is a kamehameha with the beam cannon's charactiristic yellow spiral around it. around this powerfull beam are a bunch of helzone granades and several medium sized spirit bombs...


from db-yamcha: Krituroly
Krillin, Turles, and Broly
With Blue Turles' hair, just no bangs and the 6 dot's of Krillin's on his forehead. No Nose, skin the colour of Turles, Broly's Outfit with the Kame Symbol, and a tail.
Destructo Barrage (Like Turles' energy blast volley, but Held overhead at first like Kuririn's Kienzan. and it's green like Broly's energy)
Omega kill disk: Between his hands, an energy disk is powered up, it's huge and green, while crackling with purple electricity.
Blaster Ball: Like one of Broly's big energy balls, but powered up in a kamehameha-like way.


from Budokai_Maester: Ultimate Namekian...?
Kami+Nail+Piccolo+ss3 Goku
Basically looks a lot like piccolo but has a sort of disconfigured head from too much fusion and his attack could be like Hellzone Kamehameha!


from Clear Note:
Multi-Mr. Satans
Mr. Satan+Cloning machine
Attacks: 1000 ineffective punches-the name says it all
Super weak Mr. Satan

Mr Satan+Mr Satan Clonesx1000
Attacks:Suicide Kick-He launches a strong kick, but if he hits a hard surface with his kick it'll be so forceful he kills his own leg.
Ultra Cell

Cell+Androids 1-20+Many humans
Cell, but more buff and more human like.
Ultra Buu
Buu, but with spiky long purple hair and a fusion vest and he's REALLY muscled.
Mega Cebuull
Ultra Cell+Ultra Buu
Buu but with disgusting cell shaped shady spots on his skin.
Frillin What if freeza and krillin fused?
A purple headed wierdo with pale skin and a tail and monk burned holes in his head, along with an orange gi. He looks really stupid, and like his polymers, he's bald.
Attacks: Death Disc-a purple disc that's gigantic is made. Can be used for close and far range.
Raku ss3 Goku ss3+raditz
A sayan that would seem powerful, but the fusion of raditz and goku ss3's crazy hair is so big it's half of his total weight! all he can do is swing his hair around and launch inaccurate ka-me-ha-me-kill-you shots.
Picollo+Cell+Kami+The plague(lol)
A green blob thing! It's skillfull, angry, strong, and it's so ugly and disgusting people die looking at it.
Bibidi+Babidi+Buu= Cinderella
No description - "Bippity boppity boo!"


from thornSSJ -
Veku(fat vegitto) combined with fat Gotenks(Gunks)- Goku's warped facial features and his bangs, vegeta's hair, and Trunks and Goten's attitudes.
He has a whopping powerlevel of 10.
He LOVES to stuff his face.
Attacks- eating anything and everything in sight.
Goku combined with Broly, VERY strong, not as muscled, has Goku's facial features, bangs, and boot design, but in Broly's color, pants are black with a blue cloth in the back.
Super Kamehameha bomb
Destructive wave
Soul reaper

A fusion of Gohan(eighteen) and Vegeta, very powerful with Vegeta's hair and hairline but Gohan's hair length and bangs. Wears gi similar to vegito, except the undershirt is red and the belt is red and hangs loosely at the side.
Attacks: Galick Wave- pretty much like the Galick Gun and spirit bomb combined.
Sonic Flash- a rush move where Vehan breaks the sound barrier, causing an extremely loud noise and an aftershock.

Dabolo: Very strong, not as evil as Dabura due to Piccolo. Wears Gi like Dabura's except it's purple like Piccolo's. He is green with some hair.

Zarbon combined with Ginyu, a tall purple monster with green hair , horns and purple skin.
Attacks, when angry, can transform into a fat ugly monster
mind switching- self explanatory
can shoot ki out of his mouth


from gunsotsu3 -
legendary ssj3 broku
lengendary ssj broly+ssj3 goku
a super sayin so buff the only thing he can do is waddle around like a penguin! lol
moves: rolling towards u...

broly and radits- over-sized n non- super sayin due to the power lv. of broly bein brought down by raditz. also has an extremely long comb- over! lol
moves: gettin beat up!!!!!!!!!


from Moon-O - Buu + Uub = Boob
short, fat, bright pink kid
no good at fighting but loves to eat!
has food techniqes such as cookie dough bean (brown kamehameha with choc chips in it)
into the oven (when hit with cookie dough he heats it up so he is solid)
suger frosting (shoots millions of sugar shards at him)
finally ready to eat!
(he actually sounds like an ok character)