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If any of you are interested in joining an active Forum so you can talk with other DBZ fans, here's a great one for you! It happens to be at my eldest son's site, and it's got something for everyone! The Marriland Forums has a special DBZ Section, where you can post on any topic related to DB, DBZ, DBGT, Movies, the series, just about anything you can think of relating to Dragon Ball Z!

I think you'll find a lot of things to interest you there! Come on over and check it out! My name there is PokeMama, instead of my usual DBZMama. The Marriland Forums were originally just Pokemon related, but before long he added many new sections, including the DBZ section! You'll also find Enygma there, as well as his brother, (who goes by the username Marriland), as we're all Administrators in the Marriland Forums.

In addition to the Dragonball Z Forum, there are also sections in the Marriland Forums for Pokemon,( including Diamond and Pearl battle sections), Yu-Gi-Oh, Neopets, General Anime, Runescape, Polls, Games, Shops and much more. A little bit of something for everyone! Anyway, hope you'll stop by! Tell us you came from DBZ Dimension and we'll give you a proper welcome!

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