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DBZ Voice Actors and Autographs


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Random files - Voice Actor's Pictures and Autographs
The Great Akira Toriyama893 viewsHere he is folks! The Creator of Dragonball, DragonBall Z, and Manga Genius!
*bows to the great Akira Toriyama*
Elfin Krillin662 viewsThis is a drawing Sonny Strait (Krillin) drew for me inside of my copy of his Comic "ElfQuest". I met him when he was touring with the DBZ Hummer Tour. He was great! A funny guy.
Monika Antonelli1242 viewsShe does the voices for Chiaotzu and Puar.
Meredith McCoy1457 viewsHere we have the lovely actress for Android 18.
Stephanie Nadolny1371 viewsIf you can picture it, she's the voice for young Gohan! She's also the voice of young Goku in DBGT.
Autograph from Sonny Strait #2702 viewsSonny drew this for me after we were discussing his artwork that he does in a manga called ElfQuest. He drew this funny "Elfin Krillin" inside my copy of the manga. I was lucky to be able to spend quite a bit of time talking with him at our store on his DBZ Hummer tour. I also have an autographed DBZ TShirt.