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DBZ Voice Actors and Autographs


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DBZ Voice Actor group shots


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Random files - Voice Actor's Pictures and Autographs
Kent Williams1398 viewsOMG! It's Android #20 (Dr. Gero)!!
Monika Antonelli1347 viewsOnce again, the Voice actor for Chiaotzu and Puar.
For Sonny - My Krillin Collage1035 viewsI drew this for Sonny Strait, the voice of Krillin, when he came to town for the DBZ Hummer Tour. It was wonderful to actually meet him. I have a DBZ shirt he autographed as well as some Krillin cards too. But I thought it was also sweet of him to autograph my copy of the drawing I'd made for him. He even spent quite a bit of time looking at my DBZ drawing books and told me he was quite impressed. I, of course, was very honored.
Linda Chambers-Young1480 viewsLinda is the voice of Frieza.
Eric Johnson (aka Eric Vale)1483 viewsHere we have the guy who is not only the voice of the infamous Narrator, but also he's the voice of Future Trunks!
Scott McNeil 3972 viewsAnother picture of Scott (the original Piccolo, Jeice and Nappa)