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Here is a listing of some of the Game Cube DBZ Video Games and their descriptions. We will also be adding our Game Reviews, or if you have a game review you'd like to submit, feel free to contact us!

Dragon Ball Z: Budoukai

Dragon Ball Z: Budoukai spans from the SaiyanSaga through the Cell Games and allows players to experience the fantastic DBZ® universe. The game features five heart-pounding fighting modes, including Story Mode, where players reenact some of the most exciting scenes from the animated series, and Tournament Mode, where players can face off to crown a single DBZ® fighting champion. With 23 of the most famous DBZ® heroes and villains in full 3D, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai spans 29 heart-stopping levels and features over 60 different combo moves per character, including their most infamous attacks from the animated series.

Dragon Ball Z: Budoukai 2

The time has come to go beyond the Dragon Ball Z® sagas and experience the full force of the most powerful fighters in the universe. Dragon Ball Z®: Budokai™ 2 will challenge players like no other DBZ® game before. Begin with an all-new single player 'Dragon World' that opens the story to new match-ups, surprising character appearances, and missions that will amaze. You can also battle your friends in multiplayer 'VS.' and 'Tournament' modes. If your will and skill prevail, you will come face-to-face with Buu®, the most lethal of all DBZ® villains. Do you have what it takes not only to survive, but to dominate? Flex and blast through eye-popping battles in single player 'Dragon Mode' Lethal DBZ® heroes and villains, including Buu in three forms Highly detailed cel-shaded graphics Import saved game data, including customized characters and unlockable features from the original Dragon Ball Z®: Budokai™ Destroy your enemies and watch the levels actually crumble in your wake Even more explosive 'Ki' energy attacks

Dragon Ball Z: Sagas (Click for our Review)

Join the Z-Warriors in their first-ever action game as you complete the epic journey from the Saiyan Saga through the Cell Games. Battle their enemies. Discover all-new parts of the DBZ® story as you obliterate fully destructible environments. Enter their world... and become a hero