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Have you ever pondered some of the mysteries of DBZ? Wondered about something that you just couldn't figure out? Well, we have a few members here who pride themselves on their random Dragonball Z knowledge.... our very own "DBZ Geek Squad" so to speak. So we thought it would be fun to pick their brains for whatever DBZ Wisdom they might have. Is Sayian hair always the same? Can any Saiyan go Super Saiyan 3? Why is Kid Buu stronger than the other Buu forms? Ask any question about Dragon Ball Z (continuity, things that confused you, or just simple "what if's) and it will be answered by a Sensei from DBZD.

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(DBZMama) I can't remember Bulma's mom's name, Dr Brief's wife? Do you know if they ever stated it, or did Bulma just call her Mom?

Hmmm........I'm actually not sure! I dont think her name is ever mentioned..I have the mangas of DBZ, from the beginning of the Saiyan Saga, to the start of the World Tournament Saga! And her name is never mentioned...not once! I'll research that more! But I have a feeling it has something to do with underwear! ;)


I believe, like you guys, that it was never mentioned. And I think that's intentional, too. It'd be like Toriyama's sense of humor to never mention her name. Heck, she's ditzy enough, I wouldn't be surprised if she just forgot it! Rofl =P


(Caboose525) Why did Gohan never go SSJ against Buu after his powers were fully unlocked by the old Kai?

I believe it was because his "Elder Ki Unlocked Form" was more powerful then his super saiyan tranformations. It was like another stage altogether, higher than his previous ones (think of it as Gohan's version of SSJ3).

Yes, when he unlocked Gohan's inner ability, he did so during Gohan's normal state, and it was when he was most powerful. It is the byproduct of his half-blood upbringing, the power of the Saiyan, with the will and spirit of the human. It was more powerful than his Super Saiyan form.

(Mozeta) In Dragonball the moon was destroyed. In DBZ the moon was destroyed. When Gohan saw the fake moon from the Saiyan space pod he transformed into Oozaru but Vegeta said that they transform from waves that reflect off the full moon. The fake moon Gohan saw was just a hologram (or whatever it's called) so how would it reflect the blutz waves?

In Dragonball the moon was destroyed. The DBZ destroyed moon was a continuity error (there are MANY in the world of DBZ) As for the fake moon that Vegeta made...let me quote the text of the all knowing manga:

"Moonlight is only sunlight reflected, but only when reflected does it contain green-spectrum radiation. when the moon is full, that radiation exceeds 17million zeno units per second. And when WE absorb that full amount through our eyes, the sayain reaction is set off in a certain gland in our tail, and our transformation begins. There are many moons around many planets in this galazy, but no matter their size, their green radiation will not exceed 17million zps without the citcular reflective space of a full moon. However, the greatest Saiyans can compress the planet's atmosphere with a power ball- to create a small artificial moon that reflects 17million zeno!"

And that is from the mouth of Vegeta! so it HAS to be true! lol

(Mozeta)The fake moon I'm talking about is the one from Goku's space pod when Gohan and Picolo were training.

Do you mean BEFORE the Saiyans came? Because that was a real moon, it was just DBZ continuity. But I still think it could be argued that the radiation was there, even if it was artificial...because Gohan transforms TWICE: once when he glimpses the REAL moon (during his six month solitude period) and again at Vegeta's fake moon during their battle Those are the only times...unless i am SEVERELY mistaken.

Actually, when Gohan transforms while being trained by Piccolo, that was a Hologram of sorts coming from "The Space Pod Goku came In". (Which, I'm sure most of us realize is impossible) Or at least, I know one time while they were training, that's what happened. He tried to blow up the Moon, but since that wasn't really the Moon, it didn't work, and he destroyed the Space Pod that randomly displayed it.

My guess is it was really emitting Blutz Waves, like Vegeta's false Moon. Except this one was from a machine, probably installed into most Saiyan Space Pods.

(superkai) I
have always wondered because being a huge DBZ fan I've wondered why is Broly the legendary Super Saiyan because I thought you have to be pure hearted like Goku.

Well, first off, the DBZ movies were not affiliated with the shows themselves...so they don't match up exactly. Second, it doesnt seem that a pure heart is necessary for transformation...Trunks has some taint to his heart, because he is filled with rage, for example.....so i really dont think that is a prerequisite. But even if it is.....you could argue a certain point with ONE of Vegetas lines (taken straight from the manga):
"My heart IS pure...pure EVIL!"

(VerroZ)I was wondering how Trunks and Vegeta could go USS without falling apart. In the saiyan saga Goku could barely go Kaioken x3 and he was not that big but then if you take a look at Trunks going USS Max he is HUGE!!! I never thought about it till now but how could they do it.

A good question, one that's answer is the main reason why Saiyans have drastically overpowered Humans, and probably always will. Hyper Evolution.

Saiyan Hyper Evolution, in short, is like the ability to have your body "evolve" to better adapt to greater amounts of power. This gives the Saiyans the ability to grow and change during the course of 1 lifetime more than the amount many races would change in thousands of years!

So, knowing that, Goku's body in the Saiyan Saga, though very powerful for the times, had strict physical limitations. But, the more and more he pushed those limits, the more his muscles learned to work with it, and "Evolved" into a form where he can handle much more energy flowing through him.

Super Saiyans in general, are by my theories, a sort of Super-Powered version of normal Hyper Evolution. Channeling the Adrenaline from an unbearable rage, the Hyper Evolution kicks into overdrive, and actually can change their physical appearance! This change, although among the most drastic, is temporary. But again, with practice, they can learn to re-attain that form and even, in very rare cases, manage to stay in it for extended amounts of time! The only example of staying Super Saiyan for weeks at a time is Goku and Gohan after training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, where they would eat, sleep, and go about all their activities in their Super Saiyan Forms.

For those who need further dumbing down (like i did, ill admit) think of it in terms of bodybuilding...the more you weight train, the larger and more proficient your muscles become! Same idea apparently!

How come when Goku is on Namek he takes energy from a whole planet and 2 moons and it is VERY much smaller then the sprit bomb they launched on the kai planet? (when all they got was energy from earth)

Normally, the Spirit Bomb is charged by Goku asking for a unnoticably small amount of energy from all living beings around the area (Traditionally just the planet, but rarely is just that, lol) Now, this "Asking" isn't really like him saying "Hey, can ya lend me a little energy, buddy?" He doesn't ask the conscious being, he more so asks their soul. He gathers energy from people, plants, water, and the planet itself.

But, in the finale of the Kid Buu Saga, and the true final fight of Dragon Ball Z, Goku needed much more than that, so he actually asked the people themselves to consciously give him a large portion of their energy. Think about it, of it usually takes one one hundredth the energy from, let's say, 5 Billion people on Earth, that's quite a lot, but if he asks them all to give, say, half of their living energy, that's an unbelievable differance! And that, is why that Spirit Bomb was far stronger than any other used in DBZ.

Oh and dont forget, on Namek, he was also taking energy from planets AROUND Namek as well, so it was bigger...and he had a much higher proficiency of the spirit bomb by the time Buu came around.

(VerroZ)Why is Dragonball GT so not right from the transition of DBZ(Gohan can go Supersaiyan not Mystic and other stuff)?

Dragon Ball GT is not a continuation of Akira Toriyama's brilliance, it is merely publishers trying to make more money out of it. Mind you, I myself enjoyed GT, but I could never compare it to the masterpiece of Dragon Ball Z. But becuase it wasn't Toriyama making GT, there are many inconsistencies between it and it's superior counter part.

You know the DragonBalls right? Well, I just thought about it, and it blew my mind.Why did they never try to wish the Saiyan race back to life? Also planet Vegeta? I mean at least they could've tried to wish Bardock, and King Vegeta back. They are all so sad about it through the whole series, as they are the only ones left. I mean I can't figure out why they didn't try that.

Well in GT planet Vegeta was wished back by Baby with the Black Star dragonballs. The normal ones might not be powerful enough to bring back an entire planet AND that planet's entire population.

The dragon balls can only wish back people if they have been dead for less than a year (explained in the Cell and Buu saga I believe).

It was mentioned early on in the Anime that you cannot be wished back to life by the Dragon Balls if you have been Dead for over 2 years. This can easily explain why Bardock, or any other Saiyan was never brought Back. Mozeta's mention about Baby bringing back "Planet Plant" (Planet Vegeta before the Saiyans overthrew the Tuffles, for those who don't know), true, he wished the planet back, but did you see any Saiyans or Tuffles come back with it? All that was restored was the Planet, without any of it's inhabitants.


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