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(Mozeta) I heard Super 17 was full android ... if he's a fusion beween the normal 17 and machine 17 wouldn't he only be 3/4 android?

Ihave no idea what your question is lol. But the only answer that Ican divulge is that there are two types of Androids:

"full" or mechanical Androids: Androids 16 and 19, fully mechanical, made from nothing but parts by Gero's genious...

and cyborgs, or "organic androids" or Machine men"... Androids 17 and 18, and Gero himself, people that were once human, but have since been either added cybernetic parts, or (in Gero's case) made a completely new body, but still have some human semblance (Gero's human brain, and most of 17 and 18.

Alex's explanation about the Androids is accurate, but also like he said, I've probably gained the (unfortunate) title as the GT Dude of the two of us. Darn Gt >.<

Anyways, Super 17's design is something of a mystery, really. From what all I could gather, Doctors Myuu and Gero both created entirely new Android 17's, designed as two pieces of one ultimate Android. Think kinda like Cell here, how he was designed to absorb 17 and 18 to be complete. So hence, the GT Android 17 wasn't created from a living person like the original, because the original 17 died, and I don't really know if his soul went to Other World or what, but even if it did, I doubt they made a new 17 out of the bits of his soul. And since neither 17 has a Halo, it's safe to assume they were both created for the occasion.

So, that would help explain what makes Super 17 full Android. Now, this still doesn't explain to me why he started to have feelings like the original 17 near the end, but this IS GT, afterall >.<

(The Punisher)Hey why are there 4 Buu forms? I thought he had one whole one, you know when Frieza transforms? I thought Buu did the same thing.

Buu doesn't transform the same way Frieza does. His least powerful form, Fat Buu, got rid of all his evil which created the gray Buu. He ate Fat Buu and turned into Super Buu. And when fat Buu was taken out of Super Buu, he transformed into his most powerful form, Kid Buu.

I've got a question about the first Broly movie. In the movie, Gohan is a super saiyan so it must have happened after the Cell saga. However, Goku wasn't a super saiyan three yet so that means it was before the Majin saga. However Goku dies in the Cell saga and doesn't come back until the Majin saga. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

Ok first of all, you have to remember that the DBZ movies are non-canon, or in laymens terms, not authentic (not Akira's work) But actually, I have thought a little bit about the timing of this movie, and heres what i came up with:

Yes, Gohans a Super Saiyan, but that doesn't mean its after the Cell saga per say! Now if he was ssj2 then it would be, but he isn't, so theres no way of proving it quite yet.

Second, Goku is in fact still alive, so with that spot of info alone, it CANNOT be after Cell. More evidence to support this is that Trunks is still in the timeline, and he leaves for the future the day after the Cell games...

And more on Trunks...his hair is longer than normal, meaning he just came out of the time chamber...now, Trunks used the hyperbolic time chamber twice, this could mean that it takes place even before Cells completion, but thats highly doubtful, seeing as they wouldn't have time to go to another planet while Cell is trying to absorb the Androids. Now, keep in mind, Bbulma cuts his hair before the Cell games, so that means that it cannot be until he reenters the chamber again. Also, Goku is not sick with the heart virus, and he went to the chamber just after he recovered. So I've deduced that it was the second time that Trunks exited the chamber, which is during the ten day wait...

For more proof of this, lets go back to Gohan for a moment...Gohan achieved ssj1 in the time chamber, asTrunks was fighting Cell. Now, he exited with enourmous power, and didn't need to train, but he exited right after the first battle with Cell. So, put all of these together, along with a few more facts, and we can give a relative timeline to the Broly movie:

After the Cell games are announced, Piccolo uses the chamber, then the next day Vvegeta, then Ttrunks went in again on the third turn

day 1: Cell games are announced by Cell after the fight with Trunks
day 2: everyone learns of the Cell games, Goku and Gohan exit the chamber/Ccell creates his ring
day 3: Cell invades the news station and tells everyone about the tourny/Bulma cuts Ttrunks' hair
day 4: Piccolo uses the chamber
day 5: Vegeta uses the chamber
day 6: Trunks uses the chamber (hair grows back out)
day 10: Cell games tourny

Now, we have an unaccounted for period of time here: days 7, 8, and 9. it is possible that, had the Broly move have been canon (authentic), it would probably have taken place on one of those three days. But it is most likely that it was on the seventh or the 8th, cuz remember, they spend 2 days on "new Vegeta." so it could not have been on the ninth, for they would have been off the planet for the Cell games! so that rules out the ninth...so I've placed it on either the 7th or 8th day

whew *wipes brow*

(The Punisher) Explain the 2nd Broly movie timeline then.

as for Broly 2, I just got it, so I havent seen or thought about it as much, but from what I gather, it's probably just after the Buu saga, seeing as Videl never actually started to like Gohan untill the 24th Tenkaichi Budokai. Bbut keep in mind that the battle with Bbuu was just that, ONE battle, one enemy, so it was probably after Buu.

But this makes the movie incredibly non canon, seeing as after his hidden powers were awakened, he didnt need to use Super Saiyan...but it's also argued that if he did, he would be INCREDIBLY powerful, so possibly that's how he could stand up to Broly...again, I dont think that this is the case...personally, I put this into a true non-canon chapter. but if Ii had to place it, I would say after Buu...

(mahou_magus) In the bardock the father of goku movie, when bardock landed on planet vegita after his battle with some of the saiyan eleits on planet meat. anyway when bardock landed on planet vegita right after goku was sent off to planet earth. do you think that if bardock would have went to recovery like the guys that welcomed him back to planer vegita when he landed his spacepod. well if he would have went to recovery afterwards do you think that bardock could have become a super saiyan? Or even had a better chance against frieza?.

I don't believe he would have become a Super Saiyan. Looking at where his power must have been, he was stronger than your average Frieza Lackey, but significantly weaker than Dodoria (Power level around 21,000, I believe). I would wager a guess that his power level is around 5,000. So, after the battle, where he was severely injured, if he had done as he was advised and got himself healed, his power would indeed have spiked. But, I doubt
it would more than double, meaning he probably would have been at best 10,000. Keeping in mind that Vegeta, by the time he went to Earth, was already stronger than that, and not even close to being a Super Saiyan yet, I'd say no, Bardock wouldn't have become a Super Saiyan. Would he have had a better chance against Frieza? In all honesty, I don't think so. 10,000 isn't going to do that much more than 5,000, when compared to a power level of 510,000.


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