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Name Fav Character State/Country Comments
DBZ Mama Goku! Wisconsin, USA Welcome! Thanks for signing my guestmap and visiting my website! Hope you'll come back often!
amarra goku wa. usa i think from what i can hear, your site is wonderful
unleash_the_f5 DBZ_poke_mama all over Your site is great!
Zya n Family ALL OF THEM! Brookfield, Wisc Howdy neighbor!
Aria-elle Goku Ny originally GREAT SITE DBZ!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVVVE IT!
Scott (whaisup) Goku Texas, Us Great New Layout! I love it!
sbreame (Robert Vegeta England Great site! love the drawings, map well, everything!
daniel ellacott goku/vegeta england i think your drawings are great
Scotty(Dart) Gohan Virginia Yo I love DBZ and I am here to hang.DBZ ROCKS!
Haymaker Gohan Belgium Love your site, I've put it in my favorites. Your drawings are great,the site holds a lot of information Great work.
Echoes Goku .... Dunno.... all of em'? I like this site a lot! But theres still alot more to see..... *goes to see the rest of the content*
jemzee vegeta south east england love the 'things they will never say' bit. you actually have some good ones. however, you missed one. Bulma - "Darn this thing! I just can't seem to get this toaster working!"
static SS4 Gogeta Illinois I love DBZ. I am obsessed with the card game too.
JoeThePineapple ain't got one London, UK PokeMama, are you there?
Terry Vegita texas This place is awsome
Chris Vegeta Logan,ky I signed your last guest map. I'm making a site myself. www.geocities.com/dragonballlockup/welcome.html
Puff Gohan Scotland He's the man! DBZ yet to be beaten by rival manga/ anime!
Tim Olley (Or Yello Mit) Piccolo Canberra, Australia Hey there, Camille. You can probably guess who I am. XD Your site has reallt taken a turn, and I mean in a good way. Keep up the fantastic work! P.S: PICCOLO OWNS YOU ALL! XD
Krobu Trunks/vegeto Manitoba, Winipeg Cool site
Cap'n Jax Brolly England cool site
daniel gogeta az we want AU
Derrick Krenke (Hyp) Goten Oconomowoc, WI Nice site! I'll take my time and look around! It was nice seeing you again, Camille! See you soon!
James trunks Indiana, USA this is the best site i've seen! i love it!
Alec (Mozeta) Gohan St Louis, MO, USA You should know who this is. Great site. Cool drawings. My favorite part is....all of it.
shadow master trunks tx nice work
I dunno fun
Sapphire kitten Freiza I can't tell you Freiza will kill you today :twisted:
BlueBoy Goku Okla. I admin the offical DBZ TCG website, hollar at me if you go there
SaphhireKitten Goku Nice site!
The Sea Master That Aqua dude that fought Goku. XD The Sea Hey PokeMama. :) It's Tim. XD
Zack Vegeta Illinois DBZ is awsome. you'r thinking vegeta what the. But To me he's awsome. But I love all the other dbz characters too.
Fluffy Any England this site is wicked!!!
Ryan Vegeta N.J heyo nice website mang and keep those drawings up.
Dessan666 Baby England Amazing this map thingy.
Laura Argyle Vegeta UK I've loved dragonball Z since the first showing on Cartoon network back in 1999! and I will always be a fan of this addictive brilliant anime!
Thug - D Vegeta/Gohan Holland Your not a warrior even if your the stringest in the world your a warrior when your mind your sould and heart are 1 then and only then your #1
TJ Bulma CA,US Dragon ball z rocks and it would be cool if bulma was real
Alex (shaelasche) TRUNKS!!!!!! California all the way from san fran, dude! love the web site camille!
Nathan Smith i like trunks but no fave Illinois hi dbz is fun (kid buu saga is wierd)lol
Evan vegita usa i think dbz rocks out loud
TraceyHaney Goku The Legendary Super saiyan Canada Hi! I'm RegeneratedDonario's friend!
Donario Broly Canada Hi! i'm TraceyHaney's Friend!
Fred ? SWE Cool place you got. http://www.travelguide.fcpages.com/list.htm
Trey.Blackman vegeta and picolo fused with kami TX.Carrizo springs i think veget can beat any punk in the world
Chris (VarroZ) Vegeta Logan, Kentucky Nice site nice to see a very good one once on awhile lol. P.S: Vegeta Owns Piccolo! XD
Vegeta Chris Sabat West City(Vegeta) I'm gonna kill you yello mit.
Kaz ^^ Trunks UK This site is awesome! I spent god knows how long looking at your own oringinal characters! Keep up the great work!
Allison Kid Buu Not telling! {you} {me}
Mark SS Gohan Washington Love the site and the drawings. Keep up the good work.
Ian (Superceaser) me no likey California duhh............
James Piccolo Illinois Since my old one seemingly isnt here anymore... Hi!
Noobster Mr. Popo CA Home is in San Diego but going to Santa Barbara for Uni.
Volleyball o_o Don't know I am talking to Tom Hanks the castaway
AshleyFaye Michigan, U.S. If you can see me, buried under the mound of people!
Michael_2004 Vegeta Utah HEY! again, i'm the only one in utah on one of these maps!
Carlo240 Brolly Ca I am the biggest DBZ fan ever!!!!!!!!!!
Chibi Goku Goku/Vegeta/Krillin UK, West London this is a FANTASTIC site, i love it soooo much, one of the best i've seen so far ^^,
Matt Vegeta England I really do love DBZ, and this wesite is just amazing, this is the best website for DBZ info ive ever saw!!!
Super Goku Goku Michigan Hi Camile. I am Super goku from www.marriland.com Anyways I like you fantasic site .
brad cell idaho I whached every episode
Beau L. Vegeta Indiana, Seymour Dbz Rocks Go Vegeta he is badass
PoolFool Kalamazoo Mi. Greetings from Kalamazoo Mi.
Goku Goku Michigan Hi, It's me Goku! I have had a busy day and I have one more thing to do. Hope Pokemama in Wisconsin is always happy! P.S. I am going to defeat vegita in australla
Super Videl Videl and Vegito Texas I love this website! It rocks! Videl's my favorite character and that's why I'm Super Videl!
Pokey Cell UK, Wales I sued to like DBZ, but then they changed it to a channel I don't have. ;
Hitomi C18 bulma is a bitch.c18 is a better wife for vegeta! XP
Will Jacquest Goten England Great site!Brilliant pics!One of the best DBZ sites I've seen!!!
Mark Goku Washington Love this dimention
Dino Goku Croatia Dbz rocks!
felica cell pocatello ID I LOVE BRAD CROCKETT
Alejandro Ellis Tien, piccolo, Bee, Buu and Gohan. Gainesville, FL. you know, no other dbz site comes close to this!
your mom vegeta ? COOL SITE!
karl vegeta philipines this one of the most fav cites
taylor g. trunks america great drawings!
Jimmy Teen gohan Florida I love dbz
JayMan Goku England Goku is da bomb
L.K.K. Goku, Vegeta Bulgaria, Sofia The site is not bad, but u have to do a little work on it. I cna help u.:)
Lukas Wood: From the great wood family Gohan and Trunks North Carolina This is the best site by far that i have been to. Keep it up.
Marcus Wood: From the great Wood family Gohan North Carolina Thia site is da bomb. Keep it up.
Angry_Altaria Pikachu! Wait... California. Yeah, don't know much about DBZ, but I still think the website is pretty cool.
chow yu broly south korea cool site, i think you should
abeneyas Vegeta the prince of all sayians Canada - Ethiopia This is one of the best dbz sites i have ever gone to.
mahlet Videl Georgia Hi im abeneyas sister he forgot that we lived in georgia.
Terry Vegeta England DBZ dimension rocks!!
Daniel (Legendary) Vegeta (ofcourse!) London, England This site rocks!!!!
cool pakistan cool site yo
Naosha Goku NC I love this website! I go to this website everyday. Keep it up!
chris broly illinois long live the saiyans
Jessica Trunks California This is cool
Wes Guarnera Broly Oklahoma help me i am stuck on a island
bob bobington son goku greenland huh
Erich Omega Sheneon Ilinois Shenros are the best
Alaska Alaska Alaska Sorry! I couldn't resist!
Ben Android 17 NT Awesome site. Lovley work.
Rishi Mystic Gohan india nice site
Blacky Gogeta south carolina jack rabbit
Jack Piccolo Queensland/Australia LOVE THE SITE!
franko trunks canada i love dbz/gt
philip vegeta canada cool
ricky goku az i like dbz
James SSJ Trunks Illinois I like cheese, DBZ, and Naruto
mada193 Teen Gohan England This site is one of the greatest dbz sites i've been on :D
Max Long Haired Trunks in SSJ2 Australia Im new to this site but where did the admin off it make it???
Tapanat Gogeta SSJ4 THAI .-*-.
kyle goku austria goku is so strong
Jagdeep Sangha Teen Gohan OHIO I love DBZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keaton andriod 18 texas i like andriod 18
Why should I tell you my name Trunks TN Love the site keep it up!
Josh ss4 Gogeta north carolina gogeta is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jack Android 18 Louisiana I LOVE DBZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rangels/rodriguez broly pamdale,cal your website is so kikin
rangel bardock palmdale cal love the site its the best and the funny pics lol
ian goku united states i love dbz
thomas goku!!!! nothern ireland dbz does rock...cartoon network stopped showing a while ago repeat it ffs
Brian Gohan West Virginia This is the best thing ever! I've been waiting for a website like this!
Brian Gohan West Virginia I like this website! I've finally found people who like DBZ!
Brian Gohan WV If anyone has DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Passwords then please email me at [email protected] please!
Brian Goku, Teen Gohan, and Adult Gohan USA If anyone has passwords but only has AIM OR AOL ON COMPUTER add word93thug to your buddy list! PLEASE!
Alanna the Supreme Kai! Cape Breton, Canada Hey! It's been so long since I've visited; (I used to be supersaiyan2513 on Neopets for those of you from the good ol' days! =P) The site is fantastic, as I remembered, and it's been a blast to explore again!! =) Take care!
Jack Android 18 Louisiana 18 ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ash goku indiana do we get to turn ssj
Moono Tapion - Broly England, Derby peace and love!
Michele Kid Goku California DBZ is SOOO AWSOME!!
JOHN ESPY cell utah cool wedsite
joseph boly philippines coooooooooooooooooooollllllllllll!
rawr javascript:alert('ohai'); alert('World');
Goku Super Buu, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Vegeta, and Goku USA Ok, i'll messge you, and this is a cool site in all, but it needs something, but can't think of it!
kevin goku the U.S i luv da page
ran Maclurkin Melb, Australia i have a massive collection, all unopened and new, looking to sell. [email protected]
Dan gotenks england great site! need some movies and episodes tho ^^
raphael goku North Carolina DBZ RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
steven goku new york usa i love dragonball gt
chase goko Louisiana hi pokemania(^_^}
Justin Godwin Piccolo Arkansas Ive been a fan since early 2000...i got into it when krillin was fighting second form freiza... actually my dad got me into it and ive been a fan ever since and im now 18 years old :)
cody gotanks il,usa if it were posabale if gotanks and gocheata did a fusion
Joseph (aka silverwind) Vegita New Jersey DBZ is cool! I like Vegita! Thank You.
Jacob Mystic Gohan Virginia, USA HAM
Gina Gohan P.A. Dragon ball Z is the most intristing show, because there are alwase twists and turns.
silverwind1012 My other fav character is Super Buu NJ hahaaaha Super Buu Owns!
ty Piccolo NY,Omar I LOVE POKEMON
David Gogeta Africa DBZ is the best show I wish it never ended
Tommy Mystic Gohan Norway, Orland Gohan is the coolest.
Oliver Goku England Go Guko go, and your site is very cool.
Daniela Vegeta Malta your website is really freat and very nice!! keep it up :P
Hamza Nauman Gojeta Pakistan I Love Dragon Ball z
Eric Gohan Alabama i love your website..my fav section is the drawings u did
Ryan None Love this site, mostly its owner though!
Chase Goku ... Hey PokeMama
Dillon Trunks Texas, USA I love DBZ and have been a fan since it first came out.
Juan Gogeta ma hi
Hunter Goku (derf) Florida The site is great! (im 1hunter413 from da formz)
PacificBeast GOKU Pacific Ocean Pacific beat like goku
Nick Tapion texas Wat up everyon1!!!
Kame_Hame_HA Cooler/Piccolo Kansas Uh... i wish i could power up...
Lisa I LOVE COOLER!!!! Kansas! If I was a super saiyan...
Emil gotenks erope cool cool
ffd goku lowell assasasa
aku goku netherland nothing
markus goku nevada i want to join as soon as possible
Ramtin Gohan Canada Gohan cool strong and gets the girls easly but his also the first to go to SuperSayin 2
puto goku c.a this a kool website
john gohan new york go gohan
Laura Ainsworth Gohan England - Stoke i think DBZ is the best specially the manga comics :)
Kush Goku USA I like Goku.
Anton Goku Ukraine Dbz is cool.
winston goku ss3 (super saiyan3) new york ss (super saiyan3) goku can beat anyone
Gaurang Agarwal GOKU India [moradabad] This website is very gooood.
JJ Trunks Illinois I've E-mailed Enygma many times with questions to him and I visit the site regularly.
NubescoutX Goku England My names Daniel
Alekkz Kid Buu, Trunks (Teen) and Vegeta Victoria Hei i'm Alex
NubescoutX Goku England Anyone think tenkaichi 3 is better than burst limit?
NubescoutX Goku England My favourite dbz battles were Goku Vs Vegeta Goku Vs Frieza Gohan Vs Cell Broly Vs All the Z fighters Goku Vs Majin Vegeta Vegito Vs Gohan Buu Goku Vs Kid Buu
nikos vengeta greece kjsnkgjemnfnkjhzdhg
ashs99 gotenks fuse gogeta poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop
Michael Goku (Kakarot) Canada Love the site, Goku kills all.
Tanner Vegeta Ontario DBZ has been my fav ever since I saw it for the first time. Adam your PL predictions are the best I have seen yet!!!
Akash Trunks Canada i love dbzdimensio it rocks
codi goku England I Love DBZ so more
nicholas michel gohan florida I love this website it helps me gather information for my research and also I was wondering what happened to the forums
Eric Goku ms I'm glad to be a fan dbz for life
zalbargue goku Brazil I wanted that of this to play
Akash Trunks Canada I love dbz
Mauricio vegeta florida Hi
chris baby vegeta florida awsome site
jj gogeta georgia dragonball z rocks
GokuGT Goku Nowhere Im no.1 fan od DB/Z/GT
Adrian DeRoy Piccolo Kentucky, USA ...
Leonela Trunks Louisiana Strange..yes. A girl..obsessed with dragonball..but i love it :D
Steven Teen Gohan Texas IM a hardcore DBZ fan
FLame Vegeta Canada great site!
ggg kid buu nebraska.omaha Can you give me a free videogame of dragonballz
Vegeta Vegeta alabama FINAL FLASH youre dead!
kinza gohan,trunks,vegeta pakistan DBZ RULES ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hamza Goku Rawalpindi,Pakistan This site is really good.I like it very much.
undedsourge13 Piccollo Lithuania ...
Aditya Vegito India Very good site!!
Jerry Gohan U.S. Ok
Crnobog Trunks Belgium I've been watching DBZ untill 2 years ago. Now, I started to watch DBZGT (Of course I knew the story already thanks by the games). I just wanted to tell that this site is great. Keep it going! Grtz
shan dunno n.ireland my friend introduced me to dragonbalklz and ever since that ive really liked it KAMEHAMEHA!
Jake Volz ss4 Goku IL, USA DBZ is one of my favorite animes!
Denilson vegeta chicago,ILL vegeta ssj4 rules
ATR Ten Aus Adam's PL List... by far the worst i have seen, it's pathetic, join MFG to find out where you went wrong
Sparz_SSJ Gohan Pakistan great website.Do visit www.anime121.webs.com
emmanuel goku bucks cool
Kouu(san) Goten, Trunks, or Goten??? New Jersey Thanks for the great site. I really loved the poll this week for the "worst curl up and die situation." I definitely think that Goku won.
Daniel Gogeta ssj4 Victoria DBZ is da bomb!!!
tom ssj4 gogeta georgia dbz is awesome
Jace Jeice Ok Not a bad site, it's nice to know the DBZ community is still alive, even though it will never reach its former glory. Keep it up and keep the dream alive!
holelink goku IN i wan`t icons
kj j, ykj
Jorge Goku Ark. Dbz rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex ssj4 vegeta america it would be cool if i was ssj4 vegeta then i would do cool moves then make up my own
ching wing goken glorious repubic of china ching chong wing wpong
Salvy Goku Pennsylvnia Cool site. You should come and check mine: http://www.theparodynetwork.com
Gavin Piccolo Usa Piccolo Rocks
Tracy Girard Gotenks (Goten and Trunks seperately too) Michigan, USA I swear I am obsessed with DBZ. My family thinks I need to grow up, since I am 35. But...I LOVE IT!! I see the passion in it. I sure wish everyone else could. Email me if you wanna talk DBZ. [email protected]
Cassie Future Trunks Iowa Great Site. I
thanglallian vegito india nice
Megan Vegeta Waikato, New Zealand Akira Toriyama FTW
Kenny Tie between Gohan/King Kai TN, USA Great site. I've been a DBZ fan for years, and this site is the best I've seen when it comes to accuracy of the answers, power levels, and what have you. I would love to see a facebook style community for this site.
Blaze Goku Yigo Dbz Rocks!!!
Blaze Gohan Yigo What Is Dbz Dimension.
shado2212 vegeta (stronger than goku) planet vegeta power level list: goku:5000 piccolo:5001 vegeta:9990 teen gohan:10000 broly:999,999,999 ss1 goku:20001 ss1 vegeta:30000 ss1 gohan:90000 ss2 gohan:888889 ss3 goku:40099 ss3 vegeta:90000 ss4 vegeta: 81262231 ss4 gogeta:999,99 gogeta:9999987 vegito:89056
Michael Goku Illinois Love DBZ FOREVER!
hgjgj ghjghj ghjghjg ghjgj
Chris Rager Mr. Satan Texas I'm the voice actor who plays Hercule. On your gallery page you have a picture stating can you believe this is the guy who does Hercule. Well I can't because it's not me. Don't know where you got the pick but it's not me.
Chris Rager Mr. Satan Texas I'm the voice actor who plays Hercule. On your gallery page you have a picture stating can you believe this is the guy who does Hercule. Well I can't because it's not me. Don't know where you got the pick but it's not me.
jait vegito india I luv DBZ!
Andrew gohan new york dbz is aesome!
matt12a gohan and gotens fusion texas dbz rules!
Justin SSJ4 Gogeta Oklahoma My favorite saying is (The Fight Is not lost until death
Steven Gohan New York I LOVE Gohan he's my absolute fave!!
Sameen Goku,Gohan,Goten,Yamcha,Tien,Piccolo,Chichi,Vegeta,Trunks,Krillin,Gogeto,Gogeta,Android 18/16.. I LOVE THEM ALL Karachi, Pakistan I LOVE DBZ.. ALL OF THEM I LOVEEEEEEEE!! THE BEST ANIME IN THE WORLD!! CANT BE BEAT!
Gayman That faggot with a tuba OgleBogle I love balls
corbin smith gogeta michigan i love the show
Carly Freeza Alaska Frieza rocks
Space Ace Goku Montana (USA) I am creating a fanfic story titled DragonBall Z WMAC Masters based on the live action martial arts television show
andre raditz canada dbz is my whole life i love dbz and would be nothing without it!
Emma Rose Tarble Texas, US Dragon Ball Z helped me through my mom's death and reminded me to keep trying. :)
Matthew Gohan Garner Gohan killes
kilmer vegeta usa i luv dbz it rox yeah
kilmer VEGETA ROX new york usa dbz is the best and dbz kai is cool but there is nothing like the origanal
Rupali Vegeta BC, CANADA Vegeta and Bulma FTW!
Harrison Vegeta North Carolina I love DBZ my fvorite character is Vegeta even though he is bad at first
Dylan Buu or goku Virginia I LOVE dbz BEST SHOW EVER!!!!
Jim fds fds dsffds
Semi Vegeta New york You can play cool dbz games, search dbz new generation byond and dbz shurajou byond on google
DarkPrince Mr.9000 here No comment
LOLOLCOPTRRRR That dude who powers up for 15 episodes the moon Please add a naruto section!
joseph Gohan tulsa Gohan is awesome
Nani TienShinhan USA Colorado i luv ur site!! Nani
test not sure testing testin
Maddie Krillin! West Virgina, USA I freaking love dbz, and this is one of the best sites i've found for it. you could use some videos, scripts, or episode summarys though. but other than that, this site rocks!
ethan chiaotzu Oklahoma Cool site!
gogeta vegeta usa awesome!this rocks!lol
broly Broly,Vegeta,and Teen Gohan U.S.A CA luve half naked broly!vegeta SSJ4 and 5
chase Trunks America no matter what DBZ....WILL ALWAYS BE AWESOME
Mandy Tapion, Vegeto, Vegeta, and Goku! Indiana Yo, love the site! Got some awesome drawings and stuff. Good job! ;3
Fay Wind Vegeta LA, CA Your website is fun and I LOVE DBZ!!
Reivax Goten Soviet Russia hi.
rj android 17 nebraska android 17 is just beast!
xenon teen gohan america and virginia richmond capehart rd. 2412 i looooooooooove drawing so dbz rulllezz so does gohan gohan flippin epic
kendry teen gohan miami love dbz
sidney gotenks maine its weird if krillin super saiyan
Mark Vargovich Goku Latrobe,PA The DBZ show is cool and my dream is to become like goku without the super sayian forms.
Rainbow-Sasuke FutureGohan England I love DBZ more than any other game evar!
jaclyn gohan georgia well i love dbz since i was 5 and im 9 now so its been really cool my favorite saga is the cell games saga favorite episode memories of gohan
jacob goten usa fuck ya goten
Charlie Wayne Vegeta Florida, U.S.A Vegeta is amazing! :D
Kaiden Trunks Pennsylvania DBZ ALL DA WAY
jithin goku puducherry
Jhon Vegeta PAKISTAN dbz rules!
Jacob Blair Goku Indiana I LOVE DRAGON BALL Z!!!
Phil Trunks usa im prolly the first person to write here in a long time
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