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DBZ Handheld Games for Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS
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Here is a listing of some of the Handheld DBZ Video Games available for Nintendo DS, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, And Gameboy SP.

We will also be adding our Game Reviews soon so stop back later to see what's been added.


Nintendo DS

Dragonball Z Harukanaru Densetu

A card battle RPG featuring all your favorite Dragon Ball Z characters. Cards are marked with eight types of actions, eight power levels and eight guard levels for a total of 512 possible combinations that will determine progress. From a randomly-dealt set of five cards, players must choose which cards to use based on the eight types of action each card offers. Multiple cards can be played together to power up attacks and enhance guard levels for super combos. The intensity of Special Attacks will increase as the game progresses, giving players all of the power of the DBZ universe!


Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury

Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury, begins with the Other World Tournament Saga of Dragon Ball Z and continues through the Kid Buu Saga, which represents the very end of the DBZ storyline. Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury is a realtime, battle-based roleplaying game that challenges players to experience the thrill and the challenge of the most important and exciting moments of the final-third of the Dragon Ball Z story. Players will begin their journey in the Other World Tournament Saga and continue through the Kid Buu Saga. Combining classic Action and RPG elements with exploration, enemies, boss enemies, puzzles, and quests, Buu's Fury challenges the player to achieve the ultimate goal of the game: the defeat of Buu.

Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors


Dragon Ball Z: Legacy of Goku


Dragon Ball Z: Legacy of Goku II


Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu


Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors


Dragon Ball Z: Collectable Card Game