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Sometimes it can be interesting to hear what others have to say... so I have included a section on interviews, ones that are somehow relating to Dragonball Z.

Conversations with Kenny
by DBZMama for

This may be of interest to those of you out there who play the Dragonball Z Collectable Card Game (DBZ CCG). It's an interview I had with Kenny Rowe, who was, at the time (6/21/03), ranked 4th in the World for the DBZ CCG. We both play card games (including the DBZ CCG) at Tomorrow is Yesterday in Rockford IL. I've known him for a few years now, so he agreed to an interview with me. Nice way to start off my Interview section. Here goes!


DBZMama: Hey Kenny! Thanks for talking with me. I know giving interviews is really not your thing, but I appreciate you letting me ask you a few questions. I see you're currently ranked 4th in the world for the DBZ CCG! That's great! Can you tell us which major Tournament Events you've won or placed in?

Kenny: I came in first at DieCon Regionals in St Louis, 2nd at MarsCon in Minneapolis, top 32 at Worlds and at Nationals last year, and Top 8 last year at DieCon.

DBZMama: What do you think about people treating you like a celebrity? I know I've seen lots of people asking for your autograph here at Tomorrow is Yesterday in Rockford, IL where you play... are you flattered by it or does it get on your nerves? Ever just wanna hit em with a good old Kamehameha Wave?

Kenny: Well, actually, it kinda gets on my nerves.

DBZMama: Do you have a favorite deck style? If so, what is it that you like about it?

Kenny: Well, I HATE Dragonball decks. I like anything that is a quick Beat Down deck.

DBZMama: Do you like to play different decks in the tourneys, or do you prefer to stick to 1 deck?

Kenny: I like to play different decks, change em.

DBZMama: Who's your favorite DBZ character? Any particular reason why?

Kenny: Krillin! Why? Because he's cool, short and bald! *laughs*

DBZMama: Which personality do you think is the strongest in the game right now?

Kenny: Hmmm... maybe Piccolo and Master Roshi.

DBZMama: For winning Regionals, you get your deck foiled - has it arrived yet?

Kenny: It hasn't come yet, is supposed to come on Wednesday (6/25/03)

DBZMama: And when it does, will you play it or save it?

Kenny: Ha, probably sell parts of it on Ebay! *laughs*

DBZMama: Besides playing the DBZ CCG, do you have any other hobbies or interests? I mean, I know you like skateboarding... do you play any other games or sports?

Kenny: Skateboarding, bowling, basketball, and I play most other CCGs too.

DBZMama: Which do you like better: Gamecube, PS2 or XBox?

Kenny: Probably Gamecube.

DBZMama: Any Favorite games?

Kenny: Oh ya, the Super Nintendo versions of Legend of Zelda - Link to the Past and Metroid! They're the best!

DBZMama: Have you played Budoukai or Ultimate Battle 22? How about Legacy of Goku?

Kenny: I haven't played Ultimate Battle 22 or Legacy of Goku, but I have played Budoukai. Well, I just think it plays too slow for me.

DBZMama: Do you think it's wise that Score erratas really broken cards? They seem to do it quite often... think it helps keep the game more level?

Kenny: Well, some restrictions are really necessary, but I think a lot of them are not... just to mess with people's heads.

DBZMama: Are there any cards out there right now that you think should be errated? Ones that are really too overpowering to be fair?

Kenny: Hmmmm...Namekian Strike?... Supreme Kai's Ki Push, that one should be "if successful".

DBZMama: Which DBZ personality do you think should be ditched? I mean, makes you think "why is this character even here?" sort of thing?

Kenny: Well, now they should just throw Tapkar out! I mean it went from the best personality in the game to the worst like overnight!

DBZMama: Have you given any thought to what type of New Mastery Card you'd make or like to see made? Like maybe an Android Style Mastery, or or Pink Style Mastery?

Kenny: Probably Android Style Mastery or Majin Style Mastery, because there's enough cards for them already.

DBZMama: Do you like the idea of the new Fused Personalities?

Kenny: No, I think it's too hard to pull it off... I mean you have to be able to have them both at the same level and you have to be able to get the Fusion card out too... just too many variables to make it worth it, too much can go wrong.

DBZMama: And how about the new "flip open" Hi Techs? Like 'em or no?

Kenny: I like em! They're pretty cool!

DBZMama: If you could make any new DBZ card that you wanted to, what would it be?

Kenny: Dende Fades! Like Kami Fades or Guru Fades... Remove all Dende Dragonballs in play and in all Life Decks from the game.

DBZMama: Do you think they'll actually make the live action DBZ movie we've heard buzz about? Think it'll be any good? Or don't ya think they can pull it off?

Kenny: I think they'll make it, but it REALLY needs to be good, like Spiderman or Hulk. They'll probably really need to use computer animation to pull it off right, cuz if they DON'T do it right, they'll tick a lot of people off!

DBZMama: What's the dumbest thing a "fan" has asked you to do? (of course, *laughs* not including asking you for this interview!)

Kenny: *laughs* Well, this one dude had me autograph his entire deck. Oh ya, and at DieCon, this one HUGE guy, I mean a really big guy said to me "Whoa, YOU'RE Kenny Rowe???!" and then he actually got down to the ground and bowed down to me! THAT was pretty frieky!

DBZMama: So, Nationals next weekend (6/28/03) at Origins in Columbus OH ... are you ready to take it by storm?

Kenny: Ya, I'm ready.

DBZMama: And what's after that? On to GenCon for the World's Championships in Indianapolis IN in July... Any more for ya?

Kenny: Let's see...St. Loius, Chicago, Toronto, maybe San Diego around Christmas Break.

DBZMama: We'll be wishing you Victory all the way Kenny! Hope you'll come back and tell us all about it!