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Here are some of the links I've run across that I've found to have things of interest relating to Dragonball Z. I thought you may enjoy some of these sites as well! Occasionally there may be some that have changed or are no longer active. If you have a Dragon Ball Z website you'd like me to add, or if you know of a cool DBZ link you think I should add, feel free to drop me an email!

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(For your convenience, I've tried to include a brief description of each link, and they will open a separate window for you. And keep in mind that sometimes a site may be down at the moment, but may be back on later if you check again. Newest added ones are marked with *)

Main Dragon Ball Z sites

http://www.dragonballz.com/ The official DBZ website!!

http://funimation.com/ Funimation's website, complete with wallpapers, trailers, screensavers, and of course, the Z store.

http://funimation.com/f_index.cfm?page=zstore The Z Store, Funimation's merchandise site.

http://www.bandaicg.com/dragonball/ The Official website for the new Dragon Ball CCG by Bandai.

http://www.dragonballthemovie.com The official Fox website for the upcoming Dragonball Movie.

Other Favorite DBZ Info Sites
(* Newest ones added)

* DragonballZGT Forums www.dragonballzgt.smfforfree3.com DragonballZGT Forums members are combining ideas to create a design for a fan’ Dragonball Z game called Dragonball Zenkai. We will then promote the design to publishers and developers to get the game developed. It’s a friendly place where if nothing, we can just talk about ideas and suggestions, as well as talking about Dragonball and anything in general.

http://www.saiyanzrage.com Nice site making it's return with media and anime news updates and more.

http://www.dbccg.com/ Dragon Ball CCG is an independent website offering news, articles, resources, and forums for the Dragon Ball CCG by Bandai. They have images, a searchable card database, and lots of other good features for the card game.

http://www.dbzgtlegacy.com/ Awesome site with lots of stuffs!!!

http://dbzwarriors.com All kinds of cool stuff here! Music videos, wallpapers, episode summaries, movie reviews, music lyrics, definitely check it out!

http://www.dbgt.com/ Excellent listings of character bios, mp3's, humor, etc

http://dbzsc.com/ DBZ Saiyan Chronicles - Fantastic DBZ site with some of the best DBZ fake trailers ever by 007 Vegita! Lots of guides, images, episodes, games etc.

Visit Majin Planet.com
http://www.majin-planet.com/ Fantastic content site! Music videos, contests, news, chat, much much more!

http://www.myfavoritegames.com/ Massively huge DBZ site! Everything you could want, images, videos, guides, tons of stuff!!

http://www.pojo.com/dragonball/index.shtml LOTS of useful info on everything, card game, video games, episode summaries, attacks

http://www.ultimatedbz.com Nice site with lots of character information, images, game reviews, multimedia section and more.

http://www.z-rage.com Nicely done, extensive information, a great resource for DB/DBZ/DBGT. Powerlevels, fusion guide, characters, transformations, just to name a few. Be sure to check it out!

DaBlackGoku's Dragon Ball Z Collection!! http://www.blackgoku.com Tons of DBZ images and info.

http://www.dbgtn.com/ Another cool dbz site!

http://www.theultimatesaiyan.co.nr/ Episodes, movies online, info section, quizes... go check it out.

http://www.dbzn.net/index.shtml Excellent site! Lots of info, music, videos, wallpapers.

http://dbgt2.net A new DBZ/GT site, but soon to be filled with lots of cool stuff for the DBZ lover at heart.

http://dbzhaven.byethost14.com/main.php A fun DBZ site that's actually been around quite a while. They've got games, humor, battle items, images, all kinds of goodies!

http://www.dbznow.com/ Info listings for attacks, biographies, fusions, as well as various downloads.

http://dragonball.zeldac.com/ Lots of info on the DB movie, plus downloads, images, games and more.

http://dbthemovie.com A great website for the upcoming live action Dragonball movie, set to come out in early 2009. It is full of information, poster images, interviews, pictures of the cast, an active forum, and of course the most up to the minute details for those of us who are dying to know more!

www.freewebs.com/chaoticfuture Here's a homepage for the continuing Fanfic, Dragonball Chaotic Future... great way to keep updated on what's happening with one of our favorite writers.



DBZ RP Sites and MUDs

www.evolutionmud.com Dragonball Evolution is currently the longest running, evolving DBZ MUD online. It is based around the DB theme but not limited to it. DBE currently has 17 races, 7 planets and over 12,000 rooms to explore. They have unique skills and transformations for all the races, a vast amount of equipment sets and weapons, 12 PK zones, over 30 mini quests, as well as many other unique features.
*UPDATE* DBE has had many more updates and changes, including:
New Skills: Mukei Kaihou (Spiritual Release), Death Beam, Innocence Cannon, Tranquil Song, Hydrate, Raise Dead, Burning Attack
New Transformations: Elder Mystic transformation given to kaios, Hatred transformation given to demons, Revival transformation given to kanassans, Assimilate transformation given to truffles
New Stats: Fatigue (it actually has some very good upsides to it), Critical %
And More: Skill Upgrade for androids that allows them to learn one skill from another race, Surge upgrade for androids (gives more hit/damroll), Newbie Chain Quests, Multiple new zones to level and quest in, More Pawn Shops to sell your loot (items that a MOB[npc] can drop), Over 200 possible loot items added in, And www.dragonballevolution.com has a full Loot Index that shows all the loot items, their stats and which planet they can be found on. If any of this sounds interesting to you, please visit www.dragonballevolution.com and if you wish to play the MUD, put "evolution.wolfpawn.net" in the MUD client address slot and "1874" in the client port slot. You can also use the telnet connect option on the main website or any of the sites we're advertised on. Remember don't give up right away, DBE was made to challenge players.

www.dbzworldtour.com In this game you can sign up and take the role of any of your favorite DB, DBZ, or DBGT characters to help defend or destroy the world. If you would like to sign up all you have to do is e-mail us with the name of your selected character. It must be a character from the Dragon Ball/Z/GT series. Develop Your Character, Get a Job, buy items. Learn New Moves,Train, and Get online and talk to people!

dbt.teras-hosting.com Dragonball Truth is a DBZ mud that has been up for the past 5 months and has a decent sized player base(around 80 players, 10-20 on at a time). We hope to have some quality players come and join, preferably with roleplay experience. We have a fully developed roleplay system that relies on the game mechanics and such.

http://dbsaga.proboards82.com/index.cgi A new DBZ forum, a dragonball z roleplaying site where you can roleplay as anyone in dragon ball z and recieve zeni and powerlevels.

DBZ Music or Video Sites

http://faulconer.com/dragon.html At last! You can get the Best of Dragonball Z- the American Soundtracks, right here from the composer's production company! Buy your favorites of 9 different CDs! They're fantastic! A must have collection for the DBZ music fans out there!

http://southernmusicdigital.com/Dragonball/ Enjoy the Dragonball Z soundtracks as presented here at Southern Music Digital - your online home for independent music. Listen to great samples or purchase the CDs for yourself. Excellent!

http://dbzmusicvids.cjb.net/ music videos etc

*http://youtube.com/profile?user=superfranthemansuper This guy has ALL the DBZ episodes on his profile! ( I think a few pages back, like page 6 or so for the last episodes and the earlier episodes on the higher numbered pages there)

Other DBZ Sites

http://marriland.com/phpbb/index.php The Marriland Forums. Our DBZ section is where the staff here at DBZ Dimension spends their time. Great, fun, active DBZ Forum.

http://www.angelfire.com/anime2/ultimatedbz/ pretty good site.. lots of different things on it

http://www.dragonballmaster.com - gallery, bg's etc ( pop ups tho...LOTS)

http://www.angelfire.com/dbz/marksdbzwebsite/ great images

http://www.dbplanet2k1.com/ good dbz site

http://dbzexplosion.com/dbe2/index.php Excellent site with game downloads, reviews, information, Ki lessons, character reviews, images

http://www.ex-dbz.com/ cool wallpapers, adopt a dbz character, humor...lots of stuffs!!

www.theotaku.com/dragonball/wallpapers.shtml has dbz wallpapers etc

http://www.crilin.net/Crilinhome.htm in another language but cool stuffs

http://dbzexplosion.com/gaming/main.php?name=mugen Free DBZ computer games to download from Mugen Games

http://dragonballz-gt.us/GuildPages/DBZMillenium.html some DBZ stuffs

http://www.dragonballsat.com/ imgdbspecial.html images, foreign...

http://supremekai.com/main/index.php Supreme Kai site!

http://community-2.webtv.net/Juunana/THESECOND/index.html DBZ Presidential election! This is a riot!

http://www.dragonball-gt.com/unrivaled/games.htm download dbz games

http://www.saiyanisland.com/main.shtml lots of interesting stuff... but prepare for pop ups!

http://www.saiyanisland.com/evildragons.shtml go there and you will find the evil dragons

http://www.blackgoku.com/mp3/DBZ-ChaLaHeyChaLa(EnglishMix).mp3 DBZ Music! In English

DBZ Card Game Sites

http://www.dbzcardgame.com The official Score DBZ Collectable Card Game website with lots of useful info about the card game, DBZ Hummer Tour, etc.

http://toptiergaming.com Number one visted fan site dedicated to the card game. Has more active users than the main site. There you can find strategy articles, deck lists, tournament reports, forums, and more!

http://dragonballztcg.com/ Main website for the new TCG. There you can find demos of the game, card lists, a deck builder, forums, and more!

http://www.frappr.com/dragonballztcgplayersearch Looking for a player in your area? This is probably the best way to find one!

http://dragonballgttcg.com/ The Official DragonballGT TCG website for everything you need to know about the new TCG card game or Leagues.


Cool DBZ Background sites

http://www.dbzn.net/wallpapers/fan1.shtml awesome dbz wallpapers

http://mitglied.lycos.de/ssjflori/multimedia/pictures/ A listing of images, have to look thru them as I didn't find an index (in German) but some real cool ones in there

http://dbz.4players.de/utilities/wallpaper/ Several nice ones to choose from

http://digilander.libero.it/SG4/wallpaper.htm DBZ wallpapers!

http://www.ex-dbz.com/ cool wallpapers

http://www.theotaku.com/dragonball/wallpapers.shtml has dbz wallpapers

http://www.crilin.net/wallpaper.htm DBZ wallpaper section (has good ones)

Other Cool Sites I like

http://www.neopets.com " Neopets ® is the greatest Virtual Pet Site on the Internet. With your help, we have built a community of over 40 million virtual pet owners across the world! Neopets has many things to offer including over 120 games, trading, auctions, greetings, messaging, and much much more. Best of all, it's completely FREE!" This is a great, fun site! If you are on Neopets already, my account name is dbz_poke_mama and feel free to contact me there! I'd love to hear from you!


http://www.p-rposters.com/index.htm My family's home business. P-R Posters™ offers an excellent assortment of fresh and original motivational poster designs unlike any others you've ever seen. Here you can enjoy over three hundred unique poster designs created by P-R Posters™ . Since 1999, we've chosen our favorite motivational quotes from some of history's great thinkers, and skillfully blended them with beautiful photos and graphics. These custom creations are sure to supercharge your mental state.

http://www.print-a-poster.p-rposters.com/ . From this branch of our business you can print out 5x7 size prints of our designs to use free of charge. We're very proud of the huge selection of Motivational Posters we've created. Over 300 original designs in several different catagories for you to choose from and enjoy. Be sure to check it out! You'll be glad you did!


http://pokemon.marriland.com This is my oldest son's website. It's primarily a Pokemon site absolutely FULL of interesting things related to Pokemon! Pokemon.Marriland.com (PMC for short) is one of the fastest growing Pokemon websites on the web! With Video Game Info and Walkthroughs, a Pokedex, complete Pokemon Trading Card Game Spoilers and Card Scans, and over 400 Pokemon Buddy Icons, PMC is definitely the place you'll want to be! Also check out Marriland's Forum ... if you sign up there are many different subject areas to check out, including Pokemon, Dragonball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh, Neopets, Interesting Polls, and other amusing topics! So come on in and check it out!