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Our Most Memorable Moments in DBZ
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Some of us started thinking about some of the most memorable moments in DBZ...those moments that really made your heart stop, or made you really angry, or put a tear to your eye... those times that seemed to be a history maker in your mind, something that really made you remember DBZ. Then we got to thinking, this could really become quite a great list! Certainly deserving of it's own page! So, we've put some together to start it off, and we'll add more as we think of them. And if you have a DBZ Memorable Moment that you want added to the list, feel free to contact me and I'll list yours too!

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Some of MY Personal Favorite DBZ Moments...
memories that really stood out in my mind

Way back at the very beginning, when the evil Radditz stood dangling little Gohan above poor Goku... he had been beaten badly by his own brother, and now was powerless to stop Radditz from taking Gohan away, to who knows where. Yet, broken and battered, he got up and was determined to get him back, to do whatever it took. I felt so bad for him, from that moment on I was hooked. I HAD to see what happened next.

When Frieza reappeared, pointed his finger at Krillin, raised him up in the air, and blew him up in front of everyone. Totally not expecting that at all, my heart sank. Poor dear Krillin.

When Gohan finally went Super Saiyan in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber while training with Goku. Made my hair stand on end. (lol)

First when Frieza was beating Vegeta to within an inch of his life, then as Vegeta was dying after Frieza blasted him... the speach he made to Goku... it was so unexpectedly touching. I really felt sorry for him.

At the Tournament that Goku was allowed to return for the day to participate in, when Majin Vegeta so calmly raised his hand from his side, towards the crowd... then coldly blew them all up. That was chilling.

Before Vegeta sacrificed himself, blew himself up to rid the universe of Buu... he said his farewells to those he left behind... to those he loved.

When Goku's spirit was able to help Gohan get the strength he needed to do his strongest Kamehameha ever and finally defeat Cell. Was a wonderful moment!

When Vegeta hugged kid Trunks... for the longest time... and actually told him he was proud of him.

Way back in the Saiyan Saga, when Piccolo jumped in front of Nappa's blast to save the young Gohan's life. How very honorable.

When Super Buu turned Chi Chi into an egg, then stepped on her, crushing her right in front of poor little Goten. I was furious.

When Krillin kept going back and forth in his mind, struggling over having to destroy Android 18, but being haunted by that kiss. But then he dropped the controller from his hand, and he admitted he loved her. That was a very cute moment.

When Gohan mustered all of his strength, resolve, and determination to finally pull the Z Sword from the rock. I'm sure I cheered for him.

The whole "Change NOW!!" thing took me by surprise (well, except of course for the episode title, "Goku Is Ginyu & Ginyu Is Goku"). Anyway, loved that scene and still love that music too! In fact, can hear it in my head right now in thinking of that scene. And later when Goku tricked Ginyu by tossing that frog in the way when he tried to change into Vegeta... priceless!

Here's what our viewers find to be some of their
Most Memorable Moments!

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I was feeling angry at buu when goku yelled that trunks had been absorbed. also it was funyy, VEGETA's face.


My fav would have to be when goku and vegeta are inside buu and vegeta gets scared when they meet the worms and hides behind goku. Also when vegeta gets mad at goku for saying that bulma could kiss elder kai. Also when vegeta asks goku which way right or left and vegeta takes the opposite way of goku.


When Goku was teaching Vegeta the Fusion Dance in Fusion Reborn ^_^


when ssj goku decided to let frieza go free but frieza was like "nah man!" and he throw a kienzan at him which ended up cutting himself up, then when saint Goku gave him another chance to flee frieza still said "nah dawg!!" and tried agian to get goku, lol... frieza has that never give up attitude, BELIVE IT!

when frieza, cell, king cold and other dead villians tried to jump goku in otherworld... heh pikkon and goku had to go lay the smack down!


How bout when Vegeta is down watching goku fighting kid buu and tells goku that he is the best.


gohan turns nearly invinseible and kills cell i would say that was a memorable moment


Dante Pearce (Shaelasche):

one of my favorite moments is in the buu saga... vegeta knows he cannot beat buu...unless he sacrifices himself...and gives that heartwrentching line: You are my son, trunks and yet, i havent held you once since you were a baby....come here, son.............im very proud of you, dont forget that....... yes, it was awckward, but somehow still made me all teary eyed

my favorite moment would have to be, again, where Vegeta finally realizes that he cannot beat Buu...and finally decides to sacrifice himself in order to save the ones that he loves.

in the freeza saga, when he informs goku on how planet vegeta was destroyed....and before he died, he begged for goku to defeat freeza, and cried just before he passed.. how heart wrentching was that!!!



Vegeta's Plea to the people of earth...People of earth.....RAISE YOUR HANDS UP RIGHT NOW ALL YOUR ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!! Such a way with words......

Ohhh when Freiza was found in space after being blown away with Planet namek by his father. that saga was so long, you just thought, my god, will this dude ever die! Got to be the most persistant of all the DBZ villians

How about when Captain Ginyu transformed himself into a frog.....didnt see that one coming....

Trunks finally defeating the androids and cell in 'free the future'. Was a nice end to another long story.

My moment would have to be when Gohan transformed into SS2. That moment made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!

When Piccolo and Kami Fuse....end of Kami.


I likes it when Kid Buu was fighting Vegeta while Goku got the spirit bomb ready and Vegeta got slamed into the ground and made a bug hole then while Buu was walking away laghing Vegeta comes out the hole in SS mode Saying "What are you laghing at" or somthing along those lines.


goku sliding neck first in the opening montage

gokus face in the feiza saga were he is flashing yellow and black haired and his eye changed god the first time was amazing

ssj4 fusion OMG i loved that


kid buu:
when goku took ubb to be his student it was a pretty special moment.
the end of kid buu im sry to say, thats when vegeta and goku became best freinds.
vegeta finally becomeing a super sayin i was like heck yes now hes gonna kick some but.

when frieza finaly died i was like finnaly that guy lived way to long.


Mystic Kakarot:
When Goku and Vegeta become friends.


the dark angel:
the apperance of android 17 and android 18, another one is metacooler
goku turning super saiyan
SS4 gogeta


Goku arrives to the battle scene and faces Nappa-that was so great.hehe

Goku says there's no point in battleing Frieza 'cause he overcame Frieza's PL.

Vegeta sacrifices himself after saying:''Bulma,Trunks-I'm doing this for you.And, yes, even for you, Kakarot.''

When Goku had to return to the afterlife because SSJ3 drained his life force and Goten wanted a
hug.-that was really sad.:'(

Gohan arrives as a Mystic Gohan full of confidence and will power to anihilate Buu.

Goku uses Instant Transmission + Kamehameha and blasts Cell to pieces and says:''Pull yourself


Tim Lowry:
When Gohan bursts out of Raditz Saiyin space pod and does a flip, lands on the ground and then hits Raditz with a headbutt to the chest..

When Goku dies after the fight with Raditz and Krillin is holdin his hand and shouts Goku!!!

When Vegita gives the speech about the destruction of the Saiyan race and how frieza made him evil and then he cries...so sad!:(

Krillin firstly getting killed, cold-heartedly, and then Dende getting killed, then piccolo shot through the chest to which Gohan goes over to him anf shouts Piccolo!!!!! Sends a shiver down my spine all the time!

When Goku says something like "I WONT LET U GET AWAY WITH THIS FRIEZA!!!" and then he turns Super Saiyan and then Frieza goes to kill gohan because he's escaping but Goku speedily goes over to Frieza and grabs his hand real tight and nearly breaks it :P get em Goku!!

When Goku fight Nappa and Nappa is going to hit Gohan, i think, who is on the ground with an aerial attack ..and then Goku chases after him in the sky and has to do the Kaioken attack to reach him.. and he smacks him in the back and just before Nappa crumples to the floor Goku is underneath him and has caught him in the stomach with one hand! and then Nappa thinks he's safe
but Vegeta "gives him a hand" and he gets blown up!! haha

When Gohan turns Super Saiyan 2 and destroys all the Blue Cells...

When Frieza wont let Gohan go retrieve Krillin after his clash with Frieza and Krillins body ends up goin into the water and Gohan does another outburst n beats Frieza up loadsa times in the stomach haha so funny

And finally when Frieza gets hit by his own Destructo Disc wen fighting Goku.


no no on no no! best moment goku uses the kamehamaha agisnt broly and broly says "what was that supposed to be ...goku hehehe"
*notes when cell had resvied the same attack his torso and up was completely blown away notice the diff within there powers *
*where frieza and nail fights and frieza tears nail's arm off and says "i think ill use this as a back scratcher"* or somthin of that sort
where frieza kills kirllin then shot piccolo thus inturns gokun into supersaiyan
goku useing instant transmison on cell
goku tell krillan not to kill vegeta
when piccolo gave himself up insted of gohan dieing and what he said after


When Raditz came to Earth, told Goku about his past and mission, and then kidnapped Gohan. You couldn't help feeling sorry for both Gohan and Goku. And how could you not remember this, it's what started everything.
Goku turning super saiyan for the first time
Gohan going SS2 for the first time against Cell
Vegeta sacrifice himself to try to defeat Majin Buu (no one would have thought that would happen)

How could I forget this? When everyone gave Goku energy so he could beat Broly.

And also when Gohan's in trouble Piccolo will always save him.