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What could be better than sitting back in your chair with a nice bowl of popcorn and watching a Dragonball Z movie? We thought we'd put together some reviews of the DBZ Movies, since we already have most all of them. More reviews will be added shortly, so be sure to stop back often to see what's new!

(WARNING: Spoilers ahead!)


Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon
review by Enygma

Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon has a big name to live up to - it's the last movie of the entire Dragon Ball trilogy to be released in english! I know I started watching this movie with the same old feeling I used to get when a new episode was first being aired. This Movie is something like a final tribute in my mind, and I think it lived up to the tall title it holds!

Hoy with the magical music box

This Movie does things differently from most DBZ Movies, however, because it actually introduces a new Hero, as well as a monstrous villain! Tapion, heroic warrior of the South Galaxy, is sealed inside a magical music box, which was brought to Earth by the mysterious Hoy. Apon his release, a terror sealed away with him for a thousand years is also set free! Hirudegarn, a giant beast capable of vanishing into mist at a moments notice, once brought death and destruction to Tapion's home planet of Conose, but had been cut in half and sealed inside of Tapion and his younger brother, Minotia, using two magical Ocarinas. After the bottom half fights alone, the two are eventually brought back together, and the real fight begins! And to finish off this creature, Goku uses one of the flashiest and most interesting moves in his arsenal, the Dragon Fire attack!

Tapion, heroic warrior of the South Galaxy, with his Ocarina

Tapion's enchanted Sword, which was what originally severed Hirudegarn, is handed down to young Trunks at the end of the movie. This seems to be an attempt to explain how Future Trunks got his Sword, as the two blades are practically identical. However if you do the math, it only confuses the situation more, as Tapion and Hirudegarn couldn't have been in Future Trunks' Timeline, where the Androids ruled and ruined. But it was an interesting idea to try and explain that, even though it doesn't make sense.

Hirudegarn, once his 2 halves were reunited

Overall, I found this movie exceptional. Tapion and his Ocarina playing gave it a very differant feel from your average Dragon Ball Z experiance, but it made it feel more like a real Movie, and less like a condensed Saga. It had a very interesting backstory, showing a virtuous hero and his brother saving their people from a horrible monster, and the return of them both, in addition to all our favorite DBZ Good Guys! If you're a Dragon Ball Z fan, I'd highly recommend getting this Movie, even if you didn't already for the simple fact that it is, of course, a DBZ Movie. This is in my opinion one of the best of all the Movies, and I would recommend it even to someone who wasn't a big Dragon Ball Z fan!


Broly's Second Coming
Review by Enygma.

Well, as the movie began, it showed some Scenes of a Saiyan Space Pod landing on Earth, and Broly emerging out of it, beaten and battered. My first reaction was "Ok, how did Broly not only survive Goku's last attack, but how did he get a Space Pod (which it didn't look like were around on the remains of the planet they fought on)?" But I was able to get over that in time. Broly then ended up frozen in Ice, and stayed there for 7 years, until...

Goten, Trunks and Videl were searching for the Dragon Balls, for whatever reason. But with 6 of them obtained, Goten's crying awakens Broly, who is reminded of Goku crying as a Baby! He then, as only a normal Super Saiyan, fights the two of them. There are some very nice battle scenes from this, which I like. But when the two of them spot the final Dragon Ball, they split up - Trunks keeping Broly's attention, while Goten gets the Dragon Ball, and summons Shenron to fight Broly! However, Goten has difficulty keeping track of that Dragon Ball, and Trunks is having even more difficulty keeping up with Broly! But soon, the battle is transferred over to Gohan, who gives Broly a much more even fight! Once again, I'd like to say the action in this Movie was very good in my opinion, especially during the Gohan and Broly fight. And when Gohan becomes Super Saiyan, and Broly ascends to his Legendary Super Saiyan form, that the battle gets really intense!

When Broly fires a powerful blast down at Gohan, and his Kamehameha isn't enough to hold it back, all seems lost. But Goten joins in with his own Kamehameha, but even that isn't enough to put an end to Broly this time! Goten think to himself that he wishes his Dad was here, and the Dragon Balls heard his wish, and the image of Goku appears from the sky! He goes Super Saiyan as well, and the three of them work together on one ultimate Kamehameha! With this, they managed to overpower Broly, and send him straight into the sun, but when the battle is over, Goku is gone again!

Overall, I enjoyed this Movie. It had plenty of action, as well as humor. The one thing I felt it lacked was much of a Story, mainly due to the fact that Broly really should have been dead after the first battle, but Movies aren't usually known for their Stories anyway, so I overlooked that. I would recommend you to get this Movie, as it is most enjoyable. Although I don't know what it would be like if you hadn't seen the original Broly Movie first.