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Let's be honest here... one of the great aspects of Dragonball Z is the fact that they have some really cool battles and attacks. I know a lot of you like to think about what kind of move or attack you would make if you could add one to the world of DBZ... so I thought I'd let your voice be heard! If you want to tell us about some of the creative attacks you've thought of, send me an email, describe it in as much detail as you can, and I'll include it here! You can contact me here: Sorry, you need Javascript on to email me.

Here are some of our viewer submitted attacks!
(newest additions with *)


*From rohandon: spiro mega blast: this is a very powerful attack which only veggeto can use in ssj form to kill kid buu he keeps his 2 fingers of both hands on his forehead and says spirooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!blast  this is so powerful that it can destroy a whole planet.

*From Jcogginsa: spirit kamehameha: lauches the spirit bomb with a kamehameha

From RyanE: Super Absorbsion used by kid buu. what it does is absorb the opponent (like super buu) but then go to ultimate form eg:absorb krillin end up as kid buu (krillin absorbed) with unlocked potential or goku+kid buu (goku absorbed) super sayian 4.

From pokepcmaster: Black Energy Ball: The User opens his right hand, then he rests on his knee touch the ground and absorb the energy from under the earth. Then it forms like a circle on under his hand. He stands up, put his hand in the air and with the other hand he touches the other hand with the energy, open them wide and it forms a black energy ball. Then he just throw it like a freesby or boomerang. It can sharply cut.

From AdamN-:Chaos Neutron Blast: It's like Chaos Blast, but with a more epic effect; it creates an amazing explosion that has the potential to destroy a single continent.

From Justin & Allyson-:Final kamehameha: Only to be performed by those who have surpassed ssj3...an attack were the user makes to small spirit bombs in his/her hands raises them up in the air and then fuses them together when exuting it like a kamehameha technique.

From Tatiana-: Destruco Kamehameha: Must fuse with Goku and Krillin. Starts of like a Destructo disk but its blue and it's like a Spirit bomb. It's huge! And after the attack, Grokin will become Super Saiyan Grokin.

From: jesse8: Final Ultamete KameHameHameHA:it's like a final flash but it's powered up like a kamehameha and is 1000X more powerful and has the power to destroy 50 planets!

From: Corsala - Flame Split Ball The users summons a gigantic flame ball the size of a death ball and tosses it towards the opponent. If the foe dodges, the ball splits into several small flame balls that homes towards the foe. The small flame balls never miss

From:EricM3742 -Burning Kamehameha: It is an attack that starts with you giving the Kamehameha chant but you move you're hands like a Burning Attack but you release a Kamehameha but launch it like the Burning Attack.
Spirit Masenko Bomb: An attack that is white/gathered like a Masenko and not quite as powerful as the Real Spirit Bomb but it has not as much time to charge
Revenge Hell Ball: A Combination of Baby's attack and Super 17's ultimate attack. It is like 17's move but is as big as the Revenge Death Ball
20x Kamehameha wave- It is a move that A saiyan gains when he/she reaches Super Saiyan 5, it is a Kamehameha with fire and electricity surrounding it, and as you can tell by the name it is 20 times more powerful then a Normal Kamehameha.
Flash Bomb The Attack is sort of Like a Combination of A Final Flash and Super 17's attack.
The user gathers the energy like a Final Flash and fires it like one but at the same time dozens of Finger Blasts follow up with the Final Flash attack this attack belongs to Vegeta since he might have learned the Flash Bomb from watching Super 17 and combined it with his Final Flash (yes I know he didn't actually learn 17's attack but this is Fan Fiction).

From: Perkinsconnerj - 1. rolling cannon: you put your hands in a kamehameha starting position, thenkeep them in the position and move you arms in a cirle around your left shoulder. then you thrust your hands forwards and shoot a large ball of red ki.
2. Spiral lightning : you gather ki from just above your shoulder, as if you were going to do death beam. but you thrust your arm with your middle, index and thumb pointed. then you shout, "paralyze and die" then lightning, shooting from your fingers shall keep them medium or well-done
thunder cannon: you place your hands on your wrists and stretch your arms with fingers pointed. Then bolts of lightning shoot from your hands and paralyze the victim with huge damage.

From: malachi117 - Ki fist explosion:the user charges up to their max and puts all of the energy into there fists & feet they would then pummel the enemy and finish by quickly moving all the energy into there right or left fist & blasting it out into the enemy with there final punch.
Last Resort Ki Explosion: The user Charges his Ki to far beyond his normal level increasing the users strength drastically for a short time but leaves the user in a state were any further pushing can result in death
Trick Shot: The user creates a powerful blast in one hand and charges toward the enemy but uses a instant transmission/after image to get behind the enemy or in any other position and blasts them.
Heaven & heck: The user charges a energy wave white in one hand black in the other and when blasted the two mix making a spiraling blast of energy

From Deathscythe - the Revenge Energy Cannon. (The name might need a little work.)
Basically what it does.... The user generates a rift-like energy in his hands, and he absorbs all ki-based attacks thrown at him. This requires a high amount of ki used due to the strain and energy needed to absorb and convert the energy. After absorbing the energy in his hands, the user forms a high-concentration energy sphere in his hands, then lets it loose at the original attacker at ten times the power. You might think this looks like the Kamehameha...it doesn't. When executed, however, it uses the same motion as the Kamehameha when fired. The actual attack looks like Piccolo's Destructive Wave (see Budokai 3) except in a pinkish hue.

From fktizle- mine is a move anyone can use. I call it the spirit mine. Energy is thrown as a blast to an opponent. The opponent is hit and on him is placed a few small spirit lights. The attacker closes his hands and they burst. The attack is deadly as it can go inside the opponent.
My other move is the Death Bomb. What the move does is it takes all of your energy and places is as a ball of energy. The ball is able to be controlled after it is thrown, and it can only be used once per fight.
I have another that is called Electric Mayhem. The attacker gathers electricity in their arms and charges at the opponent. If the opponent is hit, then it shocks them several time. If the opponent is not hit, the attacker can fire the electricity.
I have a last one I simply call Energy Ball Blast. This move uses the attacker as the wave, and while he is using the attack, he can fire energy blasts at the opponent.

From BASSDUDE99 - mine is called a omega spirit bomb its like a 10x spirit bomb

From Dark Dragoon -1) Dark Vortex - Gathers Substantial amounts of Ki like a spirit bomb, fuses it with dark Energy, and then release it as I fly around the opponent at high speeds, shooting the Dark Blasts, making appear as though a Dark Vortex(Pretty much a Black Hole) has opened up.
2) Dark Flowers - Forces those who come in contact with them to give up their energy to my Dark Vortex attack. Can also shatter into Dark Petals, which can cut through Diamonds like a hot knife through butter!

From Ozma - these moves Copyright © of DBE (Dragonball Evolution) -
Spirit Kamehameha:
(Race: Bio-Android.) Using both hands, the user forms a special ki into each of their hands.
The ki color is a translucent white around one hand, and black around the
other. The two energies spiral around and up the users hands and arm. After the ki is concentrated enough, the user cups his hands and fuses the ki, which will become a brilliant teal color. The spiraling energy is then released as the user incants the spirit energy, shouting "Spirit Kamehameha." The energy released is an explosive beam of ki that can destroy anything in its path.
Dragon Assault Slash:
(Race: Konatsu) This the most powerful sword skill ever used by a Konatsu. A green aura appears around your sword and just before you slash an image of a green dragon appears and attacks with you. When the sword/blade hits the target an explosion of pure energy from the dragon and you engulf the target in green flame. To use this skill you must be wielding a sword or blade.
Chaos Bomb:
( Race: All) Chaos Bomb is a technique where the user concentrates their ki in their body and releases it outward in a massive explosion. It is a very destructive attack that hits everyone in the area, doing massive damage and draining a large amount of ki for each enemy hit.
Mukei Kaihou:
(Race: All) Also known as Spiritual Release, this skill releases your inner spirit which enhances your overall power for a short period of time. When used your strength, wisdom, intellect, and damage are increased but your hit rate is slighty lowered due to the sudden surge of power.
( Race: Demon) This is a very powerful skill that involves concentrating your ki into making fire. A large amount of ki is drained doing this process. When the attack is fully charge, the flames can either erupt from the ground below the target or even in the air below them in the sky. The flames burn around the target like an inferno until all of the ki is spent.

From thornSSJ - Blitz Bomber:
1. The user separates him/herself into several fighters
2. The copies charge the opponent while the original charges a powerful energy attack.
3. the copied fighters and original teleport then reappear and all of them have now charged up a different kind of finishing blast.
4. The fighters bomb the opponent senseless!!
Time Bomb, the user fires a seemingly harmless blast of ki into the opponents body, after a few minutes the ball of ki explodes from inside the body and evaporates the remains. 2. Kamikaze Shaver: it's based on the Kamehameha and the destructo disk, The user fires a blast from the side which then splits into several disks and hones in on the opponent.

From: Clear Note - Souler Flare(Pun intended)- The user removes thier own soul from thier body and launches it as an unstobbable blast of infinite ki. One time only move that would cost a user his or her life if he or she does not return to thier body quickly.
Fissure Disc- The user puts thier hands to the ground and generates two weak destructo discs. These destructo discs go through the ground and seek out the opponent, the rise up and become solid.
Dragon drop
This move uses the same type of energy as the super dragon fist. The user kicks the enemy into the air, then flips them in mid air and kicks them even higher. Then the user rapidly kicks the opponent in the back, and pulls in the opponent so that the user is above the opponent. The user then thrusts thier open palm on the opponent's chest near downfall point, breaking the user's fall and inflicting collision and impact damage to the opponent.
Satellite Buster
The user gathers energy similar to creating a spirit bomb, but focuses to hold the energy so it manifests into a giant gun waiting to fire. On command the energy from the floating gun is released through an opening, letting out a blast of energy on the opponent.
Satellite back scratcher
energy is created and a big arm comes out of the energy sphere and scratches the user's back. Not really an attack, but hey, you'll never know when you'll have an itch ya can't reach.

From: Dante Pearce (attacks his DBZ RPG character Drake uses) - 1. Entoron blast (beam of wrath) - Drake raises two fingers, and crackling orange energy surrounds their forearm, charging the attack until the user points straight ahead at the target and recites the incantation ("Entorono-Ha"), sending forth a giant beam from their two fingers at the target, enveloping them in a wide beam of golden orange energy. (similar to a mix of Piccolo's SpecialBeamCannon/Nappa's "Final Explosion")
2. Rain of Death - Drake holds his hand (right or left) to the side and charges a large green energy ball in his hand, then launches it into the air. at that point, the ball devides into hundreds of smaller energy balls, which fall to the ground and chase the desired target until they hit the target or the ground. (Based on Broly's "Trap Shooter")

From: db_yamcha - Puar's Special move!! Hacking up a huge energy hairball of mass destruction!!I mean she's a cat, why can't she have a kool move too? lol, sorry, that was ridiculous. Let us see.. How about the Ame(Rain) Barrage? Where the user creates a large cloud full of energy, and it rains a shower of ki on the opponent. I'm probably gonna use that if I ever make a Manga or Comic, which I really want to one day...

From: Tsano Desumora - I'd actually like to call out my rpg character, Kaiya, who fights using string-like Ki; otherwise, she doesn't use the traditional Ki wave or energy blasts.
1. Verse 9:3, Enrapturing Grace-- Energy strings wrap around her foes and immobilize them
2. Verse 6:1, Heaven's Laces-- Countless ribbon-spears; may intertwine and form a single ribbon. The attacks are but two of her favorites that are categorized in the Book of Time and Space that her grandmother wrote, handed down to her mother, and then was given to her; it explains the role of strings tying together the mutliverse and even has several chapters devoted to using those fabrics as abilities. Sort of like Japanese String Jutsu, if you've ever seen the anime Getbackers, you'd know what I mean. ^_^"

From: weasel27 - Mine is final kame-hame-ha x infinity its sorta fusion between kame-hame-ha and final flash at times infinity and ssj4 gogeta would use. it sorta starts out like a final flash only glowing like a rainbow of colors and ends up like a kame-hame-ha

From: kid buu - mines kinda evil but i made it becuase of buus and cells abillity to regenerate its called (balls of doom), sure not to orginal on the name but what it does is its an attack that are small enough to enter the mouth and when inside my person expands them filling every bit of his oppent and takes control of the guy, now for safety reasons he sends them to the egde of the universe so they can die in space and the blast wont affect anything once ther he blows them up destorying everybit of the guy down the last mollacule, of course if the guy can survive in space well than its very painfull becuase the balls are at the same time are destorying his organs, again evil but effective of killing his oppenet, but the its also lame because it kills the guy without him being able to do a thing about it so its kinda cheap so i made it to where my guy has to be stronger than his oppenet to be able to use it and i do this alot to make things seem more interesting and to at least have some fighting. course i would never use this attack on an rpg its just something i use in my imagination.

From Quest - Well i though someone could send a thin energy wall and make it stop before it comes near the opponent. then it shatters into diamond shapes but still keep slightly together. then the diamond points rotate quickly to face the opponent and fly towards the opponent making an unblockable homing attack.

From Deathwish - Hm...well mine would be the attacked would lunge at the ground, punching it with his fist. This would cause a large beam to rise up from the ground under the target and send him creaming into the sky. The perfect set up for an arial barrage! Especially by a stronger character if you were just a supportee (i.e. Krillin)

From Moon-O - i have one from my new character, its a time release bomb - a giant energy ball is released (think spirit bomb size) it gradually reduces in size until its nothing( think a dying sun)
when its is gone it implodes/explodes and destories all in sight and sends somethings to the deadzone. very powerful and in all thoughts its a waste of time - as you need to protect it from the enemy getting to it.

*From mohanleyh - Hop Potato: The person throwing the attack gathers a massive ball of power but some how compacts it to a size of a dodge ball. He then throws it at his enemy but the ball is made out of positive and negative energy, so anyone could touch it. It is more like a trick attack because before the person throws it he says "This is a little game I like to play, Hop Potato. This thing will go off at anytime so get ready!" He throws it and has a bit of a chuckle, because he is the only one that can set it off.
Cosmic Clash: When ever you are in a sticky situation in a battle of Ki
energy, like when each of your attacks collide and you are pushing to win.
Well they could use cosmic clash by powering up and sending a huge wave of
power at there enemy.