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Some of our DBZ Characters are well known for their attitudes and mannerisms, and we can often imagine how they would talk to others. In contrast, sometimes you can also imaging the opposite... things our favorite DBZ Characters would NEVER say. Our DBZDimension friends and I put together a few little humorous phrases of things you'd NEVER hear some of our favorite Dragonball Z characters say. More will be added, just for the fun of it.

If you have something funny you'd like me to add to the list, you can email me your suggestion and I'll credit you for your contribution!

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*"OK, I'll shut up now. I can see I'm boring everyone." (from Mez)


"It's for the greater good!" (from AnnaH)

(playing checkers) "King me." (from AnnaH)

(to Trunks) "It's okay if Kakarrot's sons are stronger than you." (from AnnaH)

(about Hercule) "I wish I were like him." (from AnnaH)

''Sure I'll help you, it's my pleasure. I love helping others; I believe that's my calling.''

" Ka..me..ha.. me..... no, that's not it....... Special Beam Canno.... no that's not it either........... Ghost Kamikaze Atta.... Shoot that's not right..... Solar Fla.....darn! That's not it either! Why the heck can't I remember my own signature [email protected]#!!"

(to Bulma) "I love you!"

"I really ought to thank Kaka.. I mean, Goku, for always giving me a reason to get better. I never want to actually accomplish my goal of beating him, that'd be boring, plus I'd be the main target of every Villain, and die alot. Dying bites."

"Try your hardest and concentrate. You can win. Just remember who you are fighting for and how much the people will appriciate it."

"Goku....Can you teach me the kamehameha wave???? And I'm sorry for destroying people in the Buu Saga........."

"Kakarot, err, I mean, Goku. Sorry, I know that you don't like it when I call you Kakarot."

"Train me Goku! I've always looked up to, and admired you. I'd never admit it though... But, I feel I can really trust you now."

"Hey, who's up for a Cook-out? Bulma and I would love to have a picnic!"

"I am like, such a... Shop-a-holic! How do you think this would look on me?"

"I'm afraid of clowns..."

"Aww, and what's this cute little thing called...? Oh? A Cybunny? I just HAVE to have one!"


"Come here Kakarot! I really need a hug!"

"Kakarott you're better than me, you're better than me, just don't do the Kamehameha!"

Vegeta: "Ok, Kakarot, my bishop has your queen cornered! You can't run this time!
Goku: "Hmmmm......... *Moves his knight* Check Mate!!!!"
Vegeta: "Well, I guess you're just better than me".

Vegeta: Hey!!!
Goku: I'm watching a diet plan channel!!!
Vegeta: Thats a rerun, I want to watch the newest teletubbies show!



"S*&T! [email protected]*%^+g [email protected]$n!" (from AnnaH)

"Go ahead, give me a shot. I lurve needles." (from AnnaH)

''i've read that Stephen Hawking's book-it's too simple.i,mean,that singularity theorem is just pure poop.''

"I'm not hungry!"

"I'm going on strike"

"I give up!" (Oh wait... Nevermind, we did hear that XD)

(to Vegeta)" Does this Gi make my hips look big?"

"Geez Chi Chi, are you putting on weight? You look a little chunky!"

"Vegeta, why dont you ever take your family out and have ice cream itstead of fighting me !!!"

"Honey, which do I wash first, the ripped up shirts or the torn pants?"

"Gohan, I hate to tell you this, but Vegeta's actually your father!"

"Ka Me Ha Me...*cough cough*...Ka Me Ha Me...*cough cough cough*...Ka Me Ha *AhCHUUUUU!!!* Darn this cold!"



"Gohan, it's alright that you failed that test." (from AnnaH)

"Come on in Piccolo!" (from AnnaH)

(to Gohan) "You should go out and train with your father!"

"Of course you don't have to go to school Gohan. I want you to fight bad people and save the world instead. Oh and Goten, forget about those chores, I'll do them."

"Krillin...I never told you before, but I always kind of had a thing for you..."

"Gohan, let's skip the lessons today and go skateboarding! Whatdya say!"


"Skip the Future! I don't really care if it gets messed up, so long as I'm happy, it doesn't really matter."

"Goku I have very werid feelings for you (I'll explain later XD )"


"And that is how Cell whupped my a#s." (from AnnaH)

(to Cell) "No more injuries for me, Let's fight Cell!"

"I am the weakest person on the earth!! I am weird and I can't fight for anything!!"

"I've never been more modest in my entire life! Not even when I was saving the Earth single handedly from the evil Cell!"

"Vegeta, will you give me a backrub? Please? I'm all tensed up after saving the world and all that."



"Let me fight this one. Come on, I want to fight him by myself!!"

"Goku, just how stupid were you, marrying Chi Chi when you could've married Bulma!?!"

"Vegeta, you are one really ugly dude!"



(to Chi Chi)" Geez I just can't get over how much younger you look than I do! People would think I'm old enough to be your mother!"

"Vegeta, would you help me perm my hair? Last time you did such a nice job!"

"Chi Chi, you look so much younger than I do!"

"Darn this thing! I just can't seem to get this toaster working!" (submitted by jemzee)

Bulma:"Hello, you've reached 123-BABE. Would you like to know what I'm wearing?"
Goku: "Bulma, is that you?!"


"Gohan...you IDIOT! You're such a stupid MORON!! You'll never amount to ANYTHING!"

"Ok Vegeta, you win. You're so much smarter than me...I just don't hold a candle to your greatness..."

"Wait, I can't go defeat the Androids until I find my Teddy Bear! I KNOW it's around here SOMEWHERE!"

"May I please have a kitten? I just really want a kitten to play with! Anyone have a kitten?"



"Mom's right, my education is more important than saving the world." (from AnnaH)

(to Vegeta either during or after Tree of Might) "My tail grew back and yours didn't! Nya nya nya nya nya!!!" (from AnnaH)

"Are you kidding? Why would I want to see my dad?" (from AnnaH)

"Yes, I am the Rice Boy!" (from AnnaH)

(It was said during the flight towards the martial arts tournament before the Buu Saga)
Gohan: "Vegeta, i think it'd be best if we didnt become Super Saiyans during the Worlds Martial Art Tournament. That goes for you too Trunks and Goten."
Bulma: "Yeah, I certainly dont want journalists in my garden every day of the week."
Vegeta: "I dont see the problem. When the journalists come i'll just destroy them."

(to Videl)"Your father is my hero! I want our kids to grow up just like their grampa! "

"Krillin!!!! You are such a wimp!! Why won't you fight Vegeta?????????????? He's easy!!!!"

"Dang Piccolo! Take a Shower for goodness sake!! Eewww you Smell!"

"Mom, Dad... I really want to take ballet lessons...I hope you don't mind if I skip saving the world for a few weeks..."


''Just look at this girl. I mean, here clevage?(decollete)is disgraceful...and look how she's flashing her behind, I can't even look at it.''


"Goku, it is time I annihilated the Planet Earth. You and your collection of Saiyan and Half Saiyans, and Quarter Saiyans, and occasional Nameks, or Namekians, depending on which plural you prefer, are starting to irritate me, and cause me overall unpleasant thoughts, leading to destructive behavior. The only way to cease such behavior will be to dispose of the cause, hence being the above mentioned Races of interplanetary Protagonists. Now, please sit quietly, while my well-orchastrated plan for world domination takes it perfectly-timed course and releaeses all this unneeded stress from my artificially-created life. Thank you for your cooperation."


" I'm going to turn you into a frog!

"I thought it was the chocholate that made me fat, but an all chocolate and candy diet really makes you strong and healthy!"

(Turns a town into Carrots, Celery and Lettuce) "... Buu on Diet!"


"Is it just me, or do these wings make me look like a cockroach?" (from AnnaH)

"OH! A Dandylion! *^.^ squee!*" (from AnnaH)

(thinking while fighting) "I wonder were I can get a chesse burger later?"

"You know, this "Perfect" form really isn't all that "Perfect" after all..."


"I'm tired of trying to rule the universe. So I hereby give my empire to Prince Vegeta." (from AnnaH)

"... Where are my clothes?!?! "