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Let's be honest here...Some people are obsessed with Dragon Ball Z! Perhaps you too are DBZ obsessed! Do you like to Cozplay as a DBZ Character? Have you spiked your hair like Goku's? Well, w e thought it would be funny to come up with a silly list. Here are some that were submitted so far... and by all means, if you have some more you'd like us to add to the list, feel free to contact me! Just put 'DBZ Obsessed' in the subject line.

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( * denotes newest additions).

*You go to the plastic surgeon and ask for a third eye like Tien...(by Mez)

* You crack open eggs hoping to hatch either Cell or Majin Buu....(by Mez)

* You watch "Cinderalla' hoping to see "Bibidi, Babidi, Buu" - as the song goes...(by Mez)

* You buy heaps of girly mags to try and out do Master Roshi's collection...(by Mez)

You are in a Jewelry store, and you ask if they have any potara earings.

You're in class looking out the window and you think you see two shining stars moving and you run around your school shouting frantically " The Saiyans are coming The Saiyans are coming".

You spend your spring break trying to gather enough ki energy to fly on your own...

You fake being sick so you can stay home from school to watch a DBZ Marathon...

You shave your head bald and tatoo 6 dots on your forehead...

You buy airplaine tickets to go around the world looking for DragonBalls

You act out the DBZ Card game moves against your foe

You stand in your backyard trying to go Super Saiyan

You're afraid to leave the house because you sense an evil power coming

You stare mindlessly at the TV during DBZ, even after it's over

You frantically search the house for a senzu bean to heal your bruised knee

You're convinced you can do the Kamehameha.

You have been taken to a psychiatrist because you threaten to blast people when they annoy you.

You Get get into a fight with someone on the playground so you grab a handfull of dirt and before you throw it at them you yell, KAAAAAA-MEEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAAAA- MEEEEEEEEE- HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

You're constipated on the toilet, you grunt like your turning into a Super Saiyan!

You try to turn Super Saiyan.

You ACTUALLY turn Super Sayian!

Your tv blows up and you say it is Cell's fault.

You ride around town on a bike yelling "DBZ is on DBZ is on" when its only your vcr.

When you dress up like Goku for Halloween till' your 68!

When you name your child after a DbZ character!

When you paint your *BRAND NEW* skateboard to look like Nimbus!

When you dye your hair yellow and spike it up to look exactly like a Super Saiyan!

You bring ALL of your dbz collectables with you everywhere you go because yor afraid that Mr. Buu will break into your house and eat all of them.

You spend all of your time in front of the mirror with a blowdryer, pretending you're going Super Saiyan.

You throw various objects on the yard, thinking they're Capsules, and wonder what big thing will pop out.

You look up at the planets and stars at night and wonder which on is Namek.

You start to hold Martial Arts tournaments, hoping that Goku, Krillin, or one of the other Z Warriors will appear to fight.

When going to school, you can't decide if you want to wear the "Training Gi" or the "Vegeta's Suit". You decide on "Piccolo's Gi with the Cape".

You bring it up everyday, to everyone you meet, until no one will talk to you anymore.

You want to be a DBZ character so bad that you move to Japan to convince Akira Toriyama he should continue the sagas based on you.

You try to be a Super Sayain to beat someone in a fight.

You think you can destroy your homework with an energy blast.

You actually believe DBZ is real. (what?? You mean it isn't?!?)