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DBZ Photo Fun - Who do I look like?!
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Sometimes it can be a lot of fun to get creative with some pictures of yourself... or someone else for that matter. If you can make yourself look like a DBZ Character, either in a costume, or a photo, or a jazzed up Photoshopped picture of yourself, feel free to send it on in to us and we'll proudly display it here! Maybe you've got a cool CozPlay outfit you've got a picture of, or maybe you've given yourself energy blasts. whatever it is, we want to share the fun with you! So send in your stuff!

You can contact me here:

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Just include PhotoFun in the Subject line. I'd love to add your images too!

The first to kick off this fun new section is our very own Forum member, db-yamcha! Check out the crazy pics he had some major fun with!

db-yamcha's DBZ Photo Fun Gallery