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Past DBZ Poll Questions
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Poll ID #135

Who had the worst 'I wish I could curl up and die' situation?
Gohan - when his teddy bears undies were exposed aqua line 975
Piccolo - failing his drivers licence dkgreen line 497
Tien(DB) - when Goku steals his belt and his pants fall down before the crowd green line 921
King Kai - when no ones laughs at his jokes pink line 314
Krillin - just after he dumps Maron, then she goes off with another guy red line 795
Hercule - when they play that clip of him 'beating' Cell brown line 699
Vegeta(GT) - When Bulla claims his moustashe makes him 'look like a total geek'. blue line 926
The Announcer - when he gets cans thrown at him purple line 102
Android 18 - being 'beaten' by Hercule at the tournament yellow line 791
Goku - When Vegeta finds out he volunteered Bulma to kiss the Old Kai. orange line 2198

Total votes: 8218


Poll ID #134

Did you like the new Dragonball Evolution movie?
I saw it and loved it 254
I saw it and thought it was pretty good 121
I saw it and it was just ok 135
I saw it and thought it sucked 408
I haven't seen it yet, but plan to soon 153
I haven't seen it and don't intend to 232
I haven't seen it but I will when it to comes out on video 137
What, there's a Dragonball Evolution movie? 138

Total votes: 1578


Poll ID #133

Which one of these Androids would be the last one standing if there were an Androids Survivor game?
Android 13 (DBZ Movie 7 main villian, turns into the huge, blue Super Android 13) 88
Android 14 (DBZ Movie 7, big, burly Android eventually sliced by Trunks) 6
Android 15 (DBZ Movie 7, small purple Android decapitated by Vegeta) 6
Android 16 (the large but gentle Android in green who disliked killing) 58
Android 17 (the cocky dark-haired Android) 48
Android 18 (the devilish yet beautiful blond Android) 43
Android 19 (the rather round, energy-absorbing Android) 9
Android 20 (also known as Dr Gero) 12

Total votes: 270


Poll ID #132

Are you excited about the upcoming Dragonball: Evolutions live action DB Movie?
Yes, absolutely, I'm VERY excited! I'll enjoy it no matter what! 364
Yes, I'm pretty sure I'll go see it. 113
I guess so, although I'm still not sure if I'll like it or not 112
Well, probably not.. I really have my doubts if they can make it 'DBZ believable' 145
No, there's no way I'll go see itm they'll just ruin it 212

Total votes: 946


Poll ID #131

If you could make your own set of Dragonballs, what would they be like?
Earth Dragonballs:1 wish, revive any number of people, but only one time 113
Namekian Dragonballs:3 wishes, only 1 person at a time, but infinite times 365
Black Star Dragonballs:1 wish, much stronger, scatters across universe then explodes 98
Dende Dragonballs: 3 wishes, but stronger than originals 629
You could make 7 wishes, one for each ball, but only minor ones 195
As many wishes as you wanted for 1 day, but then you die 148

Total votes: 1548


Poll ID #130

If anyone had the ability to go Oozaru (Great Ape), who would you most like to see do it?
Tien 96
Krillin 175
Hercule 157
Piccolo 541
Yamcha 113
The Announcer 103
Ox King 119
Yajirobe 57
Chiaotzu 107
Bulma 336

Total votes: 1804


Poll ID #129

Who would be a better martial arts teacher?
Krillin 30
Goku 563
Piccolo 150
Vegeta 97
Perfect Cell 27
Gotenks 44
Captain Ginyu 17
Android 17 25
Broly 78
Gogeta 217

Total votes: 1248

Poll ID #128

Will you go see the upcoming live action Dragonball movie in August 2008?
Wait, there's a live Dragonball movie coming? First I've heard of it! 147
Of course I will! If it's anything to do with Dragonball, I'll be there! 147
I'm really not sure, I'd be worried that it would be too hard to faithfully recreate. 30
No, I definitely think I'd end up being disappointed in a live action version. 19
Actually I'll believe it when I see it... there have been rumors of this before... 41

Total votes: 384

Poll ID #127

Which New Years Resolution would be most likely to be broken?
Freiza: To wear clothes 80
Chi Chi: Not to nag so much 79
Master Roshi: To stay away from dirty magazines 192
Captain Ginyu: Not to 'strike poses' so often 40
Piccolo: To be more social 36
Hercule: Not to lie or exaggerate 67
Broly: To forgive and forget 139
Goku: To stick to that new diet 119
Buu: To give up chocolate 83
Vegeta: "New Years Resolutions show imperfections, which I don't have" 134

Total votes: 969

Poll ID #126

If Goku had never been in DBZ,
which other Z Warrior would have made a good hero character?
Yamcha 247
Tien 159
Krillin 315
Chiaotzu 26
Yajirobe 50

Total votes: 797

Poll ID #125

Super Buu is looking around to absorb someone he hasn't before...
who will he choose?
Great Saiyaman 116
Freiza 84
Radditz 32
Krillin 27
Chi Chi 48
Cell 265
Master Roshi 47
Future Trunks 211
Tien 13
Hercule 62

Total votes: 905

Poll ID #124

Which 'Super Team' would be the best overall?
Goku & Superman
Android 18 & Wonder Woman 15
Super Buu & Spiderman 36
Broly & the Hulk 206
Vegeta & Batman 71
Metal Freiza & the Bionic Man 17

Total votes: 708

Poll ID #123

Who would you leave your only young son with for a year's training,
guessing how they are with kids?

Fat Buu 46
Radditz 10
Vegeta 194
Master Roshi 100
Piccolo 208
Android 17 11
Broly 131
Chi Chi 54

Total votes: 754


Poll ID #122

Who's shifting/body-changing method would you rather have if you could?
Imperfect Cell's - abosrption by sucking the essence into him by using his tail 35
Majin Buu - when he 'goos' his subject with a piece of himself he pulled off 83
Captain Ginyu - body change from himself into another's body 49
Baby - mind controls to take over his subject 91

Total votes: 258


Poll ID #121

Who do you think is funnier?
Hercule 113
Master Roshi 129
King Kai 32
Yajirobe 18
Fat Buu 82
"Dead" Dabura 36
Gotenks 149

Total votes: 559

Poll ID #120

Who would you be most afraid of if you came face to face with them?
Frieza 15
Kid Buu 59
Majin Vegeta 41
Chi Chi 21
Broly 132
Hercule 12
Super 17 19
Cell 25
Android 18 5
MetaCooler 17

Total votes: 346

Poll ID #119

They've ganged up in a massive battle! Which group is gonna win this free for all?
Kid Buu, Perfect Cell and Super 17 28
Jenemba, Majin Vegeta and Broly 42
Mystic Gohan, Goku SS3 and Trunks 65
Gotenks, Vegito and Uub 56

Total votes: 191

Poll ID #118

If you could, which set of Dragonballs would you like to have for your planet?
Earth Dragonballs (1 wish, revive any number of people, but only one time) 6
Namekian Dragonballs (3 wishes, only 1 person at a time, but infinite times) 46
Black Star Dragonballs (1 wish, much stronger, scatters across universe,later the planet explodes) 10
Dende Dragonballs (2 wishes, later on 3 wishes,
stronger than originals but same otherwise) 61

Total votes: 123

Poll ID #117

With his sense of humor, if King Kai held a comedy contest,
who whould he declare the winner?

Piccolo 28
Vegeta 53
Broly 16
Frieza 12
Dr Gero 8
Haze Shenron 8
West Kai 29
Kid Buu 66
Dr Briefs 36
Future Trunks 35

Total votes: 291

Poll ID #116

To save the world, Vegeta HAS to team up with one of these...
but who would he choose?

Bojack 14
Jenemba 18
Cooler 5
Super 17 32
Kid Buu 39
Perfect Cell 21
Freiza 7
Broly 127
Android 18 59

Total votes: 322

Poll ID #115

Trunks, Gohan, Android 17, Android 18 and Pan form a band...
what kind of music do they play?

Rock n Roll 55
Rap 28
Hip Hop 16
Alternative 17
Heavy Metal 29
New Age 8
Polka 3
Japanese Pop 24
Country 2
Classic Rock 6

Total votes: 188

Poll ID 114

Which DBZ character do you think could be the most Emo?
Krillin 15
Tien 7
Gohan 66
Trunks 69
Android 17 59
Fat Buu 13
Yamcha 18
Hercule 15
Mr Popo 21
Piccolo 40

Total votes: 323

Poll ID 113

The Dragonballs have been gathered, the Dragon summoned... what will you wish for?
To have Piccolo's clever mind and abilities 11
To have Goku's pure power and strength 124
To have Vegeta's confidence and determination 17
To have Krillin's loyalty and trustworthyness 2
To have Tien's 3rd eye, just because 2
To have Gotenks' crazy attitude 8
To have Cell's power to regenerate 17
To have Buu's ability to absorb others 17
To have Bulma's brains and intelligence 7
To have Broly's body and brawn 28

Total votes: 233

Poll ID 112

If you could, which one of all the females on DBZ/GT would you like to see
as a Super Saiyan 3?

Chi Chi 61
Android 18 47
Videl 27
Bulma 21
Bra 18
Pan 90
Mrs Briefs (Bulma's mom) 12
Supreme West Kai 14

Total votes: 290

Poll ID 111
Which 'Funny Fusion' would you like to see?
Frillin ---- Freiza + Krillin 42
Buuyu ---- Buu + Ginyu 11
Vehan ---- Vegeta + Gohan 35
Braditz ---- Broly + Raditz 20
Vegunks ---- Veku(fat Vegito) + Gunks(fat Gotenks) 35
Brolito ---- Broly + Vegito 58
Dabolo ---- Dabura + Piccolo 6
Zaryu ---- Zarbon + Ginyu 6
Buub ---- Buu + Uub 38
Nappoome ---- Nappa + Racoome 22

Total votes: 273

Poll ID 110

In an eating contest, who would stand a chance at beating Goku?
Trunks 10
Vegeta 44
Gohan 41
Hercule 2
Majin Buu 162
Gotenks 32
Bardock 12

Total votes: 303

Poll ID 109

Which one of Gotenks crazy and unusual attacks was your favorite?
Charging Mad Bull Attack 7
Splitting Headache 9
Miracle Super Punch 3
Galactic Doughnut 22
Ultra Buu Volley Ball 26
Super Ghost Kamakazi Attack 93

Total votes: 160

Poll ID 108

Who is too uptight...really needs to chill out, loosen up, and relax more,
maybe take a vacation?

Super Buu 15
Majin Vegeta 56
Android 18 7
Gotenks 6
Broly 76
Kami 5
Chi Chi 39
Garlic Jr 1
Piccolo 34
Frieza 11

Total votes: 250

Poll ID 107

If they made a new movie,
which race would you like to see more characters featured in it?

Namekians 27
Changelings (as in Frieza) 45
Kaios/Kaioshin 9
Konackians (like Tapion) 23
Dragons 54
Androids 30
Tuffles (such as Baby) 37
Majins (like Babidi, Dabura) 26
Mutants (various,such as the Ginyu Force) 9
Saibamen 7

Total votes: 267

Poll ID 106

Which "Juniors" (like Cell and his Cell Jrs) would you like to see
if for some odd reason you could?

Fat Buu Jrs 10
Lord Slug Jrs 3
Dabura Jrs 4
Majin Vegeta Jrs 49
Kid Buu Jrs 12
Android 20 Jrs 6
Janemba Jrs 14
Bojack Jrs 6
Freiza Jr 34

Total votes: 138

Poll ID 105

Which DBZ match up would be the most fun to watch?
Piccolo vs Pikkon 5
Gotenks vs Vegito 37
Freiza vs Eis Shenron 2
Supreme Kai vs Tapion 3
Baby Vegeta vs Majin Vegeta 13
Kibito vs Dabura 0
Uub vs Kid Buu 10
Syn Shenron vs Broly 18
Android 18 vs Chi Chi 23
Jenempa vs Hirudegarn 11

Total votes: 122

Poll ID 104

If Vegeta looked at you through his old Saiyan scouter,
what would your Power Level be?

5 Like the Farmer's 15
1,220 Like the Saibamen's 3
1,307 Like Gohan's 8
1,450 Like Yamcha's 3
1,600 Like Krillin's 3
1,750 Like Tien's 2
2,000 Like Piccolo's 8
4,000 Like Nappa's 2
It's over 9 thousaaaaaaaaaand!!! 55

Total votes: 99

Poll ID 103

Here's the keys! Which DBZ ship would you want to take out for a test drive?
Kami's Namekian Spaceship (like Krillin, Bulma and Gohan took to Namek) 3
Saiyan/Ginyu Spacepod (fast single seater like Vegeta & Ginyu traveled in) 9
Capsule Corp Spaceship (the one that Goku traveled to Namek and trained in) 21
Trunks' Time Machine (that Bulma built for Trunks to travel back in time in) 21

Frieza's Ship (Frieza's very large ship that he traveled in) 14
Badibi's Spaceship (the one with the many different levels) 6
(A Tie!)

Total votes: 74

Poll ID 102

Who do you think would be the most embarrased by receiving
a secret mushy Valentine?

Krillin 18
Vegeta 35
Radditz 0
Piccolo 9
Android 18 4
Gohan 14
Yamcha 2
Trunks 4
Dende 4
Cell 7

Total votes: 97

Poll ID 101

Korin has developed a new crop of special beans... what would you want them to do?
Make you faster, to increase your speed dramatically 11
Make you more evasive, able to dodge much quicker 2
Make you more quick-witted, to use more intelligence and clever strategy 3
Make you more clairvoyant, to sense your enemies movements instantly 5
Make you invisible, to sneak up on your opponents 4
Make you duplicate yourself, to appear to also be somewhere else 3
Make you temporarily stronger, but could only be for 1 attack 1
Make you telekinetic, to control your opponent's moves 17

Total votes: 46

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