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Here we'll list all of our past polls for your entertainment!
Our list was growing quite large, so I split it into 2 pages. These are the oldest ones..

Older Past DBZ Poll Questions

Poll ID 100

Who do you vote for to win the DBZD World Tournament Finals?
Goku 96
Vegeta 50

Total votes: 146

Poll ID 98 & 99

In our DBZD World Tournament, who would you vote to advance to the next round?
Goku 65
Master Roshi 7

Total votes: 72

In our DBZD World Tournament, who would you vote to advance to the next round?
Trunks 22
Vegeta 49

Total votes: 71

Poll ID 96 & 97

In our DBZD World Tournament, who would you vote to advance to the next round?
Dabura 18
Master Roshi 37

Total votes: 55

In our DBZD World Tournament, who would you vote to advance to the next round?
Vegeta 47
Android 18 12

Total votes: 59

Poll ID 94 & 95

In our DBZD World Tournament, who would you vote to advance to the next round?
Gohan 24
Goku 39

Total votes: 63

In our DBZD World Tournament, who would you vote to advance to the next round?
Trunks 41
Uub 20

Total votes: 61

Poll ID 92 & 93

In our DBZD World Tournament, who would you vote to advance to the next round?
Supreme Kai 33
Master Roshi 37

Total votes: 70

In our DBZD World Tournament, who would you vote to advance to the next round?
Android 18- 60
Hercule 9

Total votes: 69

Poll ID 90 & 91

In our DBZD World Tournament, who would you vote to advance to the next round?
Krillin 24
Dabura 29

Total votes: 53

In our DBZD World Tournament, who would you vote to advance to the next round?
Vegeta 43
Android 17- 7

Total votes: 50

Poll ID #88& 89

In our DBZD World Tournament, who would you vote to advance to the next round?
Goku 39
Cell 6

Total votes: 45

In our DBZD World Tournament, who would you vote to advance to the next round?
Uub 27
Majin Buu 13

Total votes: 40

Poll ID #86 & 87

In our DBZD World Tournament, who would you vote to advance to the next round?
Gohan 65
Frieza 10

Total votes: 75

In our DBZD World Tournament, who would you vote to advance to the next round?
Trunks 57
Yamcha 5

Total votes: 62

Poll ID #85

Which style of Saiyan armor do you think looks the coolest?
Royal Saiyan Armor, like King Vegeta and young Prince Vegeta wore, cape, ensignia 2
Bardock's style of armor, different colored, one shoulder guard 8
Like Nappa wore, black armor, with shoulder, hip and front guards 0
Like Krillin wore on Namek, black with shoulder and hip guards and short black jumpsuit 3
Like Gohan wore on Namek, full blue jumpsuit, shoulder guards, white gloves,boots 3
Vegeta's on Namek, navy blue, no shoulder guards 6
Like when training for Cell, full blue jumpsuit, chest armor with gold straps 24

Total votes: 46

Poll ID #84

In a DBZ televised Talent Show, who would come out the winner with the most votes?
Perfect Cell Irish Step-dancing 10
Krillin rapping 14
Piccolo playing electric guitar 8
Majin Vegeta singing 7
Goku doing magic tricks 14
Supreme Kai doing poetry readings 2
Fat Buu ice skating 2
Gotenks juggling fire sticks 3
Trunks sword swallowing 6
Android 18 doing stand up comedy 13

Total votes: 79
(note, almost a 3 way tie!)

Poll ID #83

Which personality type is the most like you, or would you most like to be like?
Vegeta 28
Trunks 19
Piccolo 6
Android 17 1
Goku 60
Chi Chi 1
Cell 4
Android 18 3
Krillin 1
Yamcha 1

Total votes: 124

Poll ID #82

Who would you like to have more for an older or younger
brother or sister in your family?

Dende 1
Gohan 43
Trunks 32
Videl 3
Uub 3
Bulma 3
Yamcha 5
Tapion 9
Kid Buu 9
Pan 14

Total votes: 122

Poll ID #81

Which location would you rather go to?
Capsule Corp 9
Kami's Lookout 15
Planet Namek 8
Otherworld 10
Hercule/Satan City 1
Planet of the Kais 13
Yunzabit Heights 0

Total votes: 59

Poll ID #80

Buu and Hercule are strange best friends.. who else would be the most
UNLIKELY pair of best friends?

Piccolo and Yajirobe 11
Android 18 and Videl 10
Krillin and Frieza 36
Pan and Radditz 10
Master Roshi and Supreme Kai 5
Babidi and Chaiotzu 4
Bulma and Elder Kai 13
Kami and Capt Ginyu 12

Total votes: 101

Poll IDs #77, 78, & 79 (a triple poll)

Bardock - Do you consider him to be more of a Hero, a Villain, or Somewhere in Between?
Hero 20
Villain 5
Somewhere in Between 28

Total votes: 53

Fat Buu - Do you consider him to be more of a Hero, a Villain, or Somewhere in Between?

A Hero 23
A Villain 5
Somewhere in Between 10

Total votes: 38

Vegeta - Do you consider him to be more of a Hero, a Villain, or Somewhere in Between?
Hero 22
Villain 4
Somewhere in Between 21

Total votes: 47

Poll ID #76

It's a Battle Royale! Everyone's fighting! (at Basic levels, no Super Saiyans)
Who's winning?

Krillin 5
Piccolo 13
Videl 2
Captain Ginyu 2
Bardock 28
Gohan 59
Racoome 0
Future Trunks 31
Android 16 8
Radditz 0

Total votes: 148

Poll ID #75

Just how much DBZ could you handle
if it were totally left up to you how to spend your time?

I'd probably watch some episodes of DBZ. 4
I might read a few mangas. 0
I'd play a DBZ videogame or two. 3
I would play the DBZ/GT card game all day, tournament style. 0
I'd dress up as a DBZ charcter all day long and hit the Anime conventions 0
I'm pretty sure I could watch a DBZ maration for 5 or 6 hours straight 7
I'd watch all the DBZ movies, one right after another 1
I would sit my butt on the couch for days with popcorn and watch every episode in order 3
I would play DBZ videogames like Budokai 3 or Tenkaichi all day long til my fingers bled 4
I'm so obsessed with DBZ, if I had free reign of my time,
I'd be totally DBZ all day long! 25

Total votes: 47

Poll ID #74

Which of these character's unique voices do you find the most interesting
or like the best?

Fat Buu 17
Jeice 6
Android 19 7
Hercule 2
Zarbon 4
Dabura 5
Imperfect Cell 17
Babidi 5
Chiaotzu 3
Frieza 18

(note how close between Fat Buu, Imperfect Cell and Frieza)

Poll ID #73

What is the one thing you think DBZ could use more of if you could somehow add it?
More weapons! (swords etc) 6
More monster-like opponents! (less human-like) 3
More Movies! 9
More characters! 7
More named attacks! 5
More Saiyans! 23
More different races! 1
More Roshi! 0
More females! 10
Nothing - it's perfect! 3

Total votes: 67

Poll ID #72

Which of these sets of moves would you want to have the most if you could?
(submitted by Eric M)
Kaioken, Kamehameha and Super Dragon Fist 6
Final Flash, Special Beam Cannon, Destructo Disk 5
Big Bang Kamehameha, Galik Gun, and Big Bang Attack 12
Super Dragon Fist, 10x Kamehameha, Burning attack 16
Spirit Bomb, Instant Transmission, Final Flash 30

Total votes: 69

Poll ID #71

Who do you REALLY NEVER want to have to see in a Speedo Swimsuit?
(even choosing is bad enough!)

Mr. Popo 13
Master Roshi 14
Piccolo 16
Turtle 3
Frieza 3
Kami 2
Yajirobi 21
Dr Gero 11
"Farmer with Shotgun" 13

Total votes: 96

Poll ID #70

Which of these DBZ Characters do you think you look the most like?
Gohan 44
Android 17 6
Chi Chi 5
Spopovich 3
Trunks 26
Imperfect Cell 0
Fat Buu 4
Vegeta 27
Master Roshi 0
Android 18 2

Total votes: 117

Poll ID #69

We've gotta know... what is YOUR favorite form of Cell?
Imperfect Form 1
(first form, before absorbing Androids - most insect looking form, long tail, wings) 8
Imperfect Form 2
(after absorbing Android 17, imore power, bulkier form, no wings, different mouth) 4
Perfect Cell
(after absorbing Android 18, as in the Cell Games, most humanlike, stubby tail, wings) 11
Super Perfet Cell (looks like Perfect Cell, has Super Saiyan 2 aura, is a lot stronger) 27
Enraged Cell (when enraged, bulky, very beefy, but slower) 5

Total votes: 55

Poll ID #68

Which imaginary 'Fused attack' would be the coolest to see?
(This poll submitted by EricM)

Universal Spirit Bomb combined with Final Flash (Final Flashing Spirit Bomb) 23
10xKamehameha with Special Beam Cannon (10x Special Kamehameha Cannon) 11
Big Bang Attack and Revenge Death Ball(Revenge Big Bang Ball) 2
Final Shine and Burning Attack (Burning Shine) 3
Dragon Fist Assult and Kamehameha (Dragon Kamehameha) 15

Total votes: 54

Poll ID #67

Which is your favorite Ginyu Force member?
Jayce - Love the red skin and flashy long white hair 18
Burter - Big, Bad and Blue 12
Guildo - Green is good... gotta love stopping time! 2
Captain Ginyu - Purple power! "Change NOW!!" 18
Racoome - Rad Orange hair dude... do the Racoome BOOM!! 13

Total votes: 63

Poll ID #66

What do you think would be the coolest imaginary fusion?
(This Poll submitted by EricM)

SS3 Raditz and SS3 Nappa 6
SS4 Broly and SS3 Vegito 22
SS3 Gohan (Cell saga) and SS4 Future Trunks 8
SS5 Goku and SS5 Vegeta 40
Omega Shenron and Golden Oozuru Bebi-Vegeta 6
Super Gotenks Buu and SS Broly 4
SS3 Gotenks and SS2 Gohan (Cell saga) 8
Burter and Jeice 3
Cell and Kid Buu 7

Total votes: 104

Poll ID #65

When in a DBZ clothing store,
which outfit would you try on if you could, if no one's watching?

Cell Saga Saiyan Armor (like Goku/Gohan/ Vegeta/Trunks training) 24
Orange Gi (like Goku's normal clothes) 13
Fusion clothing (like as for Gotenks/Gogeta) 5
Kai outfits (such as Supreme Kai/Mystic Gohan/Kabito) 4
Namekian outfit with Cape (like Piccolo and Gohan wore) 9
Future Trunks clothes (with Capsule Corp jacket) 10
Majin Buu's outfit (that any of the Buus wore) 0
Android 17's clothes (sort of "casual villain attire") 1
Saiyaman uniform (worn by Saiyaman/Saiyagirl) 0
Goku's outfit from Yardrat (when he first met Future Trunks) 3

Total votes: 69

Poll ID #64

Who is your favorite Villian of the DBZ Movies?
Lord Slug (Lord Slug) 2
Turles (The Tree of Might) 1
Cooler/ MetaCooler (Cooler's Revenge/Return of Cooler) 7
Bojack (Bojack Unbound) 3
Dr.Wheelo (The World's Strongest) 1
Broly (Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan/Broly: Second Coming/Bio Broly) 38
Super Android 13 (Super Android 13) 2
Garlic Jr (Dead Zone) 0
Jenemba (Fusion Reborn) 7
Hildegarn (Dragon Fist Explosion) 2

Total votes: 64

Poll ID #63

If they were put under Babidi's spell, who would you like to see become Majin
besides Vegeta?

Trunks 23
Gohan 19
Piccolo 2
Krillin 3
Broly 38
Yamcha 2
Goku 43
Android 17 4
Hercule 3
Tien 4

Total votes: 141

Poll ID #62

Which pair would be the most interesting to find training
in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber together?

Videl and Android 18 8
Vegeta and Uub 24
Trunks and Krillin 7
Android 13 and Android 17 5
Goku and Piccolo 17
Tien and Android 16 0
Bardock and Raditz 10
Master Roshi and Hercule 12
Pikkon and Great Saiyaman 6
Supreme Kai and Fat Buu 13

Total votes: 102

Poll ID #61

If Goku weren't available to 'Save the World' next time around,
who would YOU like to see save it?

Gohan 45
Vegeta 58
Krillin 1
Piccolo 12
Trunks 13
Videl 1
Uub 5
Good Fat Buu 4
Tien 2
Hercule 6

Total votes: 147

Poll ID #60

Which is your favorite Age or Stage for Trunks? (not fused)
Baby Trunks - when Bulma first shows him 1
Kid Trunks - when he's about 8 and mischievious 6
Future Trunks - when he 's about 18, when he first appears 17
Future Trunks - After Hyperbolic Time Chamber 11
Super Saiyan 7
Ultimate Super Saiyan (Ascended) 23
GT Trunks 13

Total votes: 78

Poll ID #59

Who has the coolest hair?
Jeice 0
Android 17 5
Raditz 6
Goku 32
Vegeta 15
Future Trunks 16
Supreme Kai 6
Gotenks 20
Gogeta 21
Hercule 1

Total votes: 122

Poll ID #58

You've entered in a World's Tournament... who would you most hate having to battle?
Piccolo 1
Broly 52
Kid Buu 13
Goku 28
Uub 1
Android 18 3
Majin Vegeta 12
Super 17 9
Gotenks 1

Total votes: 120

Poll ID #57

In the DBZ World, which of these technological inventions do you like the best?
Hovercar 1
Dragon Radar 6
Saiyan Space Pod 2
Time Machine 8
Capsules 7
Gravity Training Machine 17
Scouter 7
Healing Tank 2

Total votes: 50

Poll ID #56

Who's attack do you think is the coolest one of these listed?
Krillin's Distructo Disk 9
Recoome's Recoome Boom 1
Yamcha's Spirit Ball 11
Gohan's Masenko 11

Hercule's Miracle Special Ultra Super Megaton Punch 2
Tien's Tri Beam 8
Dabura's Stone Spit 5
Saibamen's Self Distruct 1
Guildo's Time Freeze 5
Babidi's Papparaper 3

Total votes: 56
(Interesting... Poll #56 had 56 votes too!)

Poll ID #55

These DBZ characters made the finals in a Poker tourney..who 'd win?
Who has the better Pokerface?

(2 week poll)

Cell (Final Form) 7
Android 18 17
Vegeta 41
Hercule 11
Goku 29
Bulma 1
Tien 2
Dr. Gero 1
Fat Buu 4
Future Trunks 12
Master Roshi 8
Broly 30

Total votes: 163

Poll ID #54

Which of these memorable Vegeta quote moments do you like the best?
Welcome to the End of your Life...and I promise...it's going to hurt! (Vegeta to Pui Pui) 4
I'm not here to play games Kakarot, or to create nice father/son memories! I'm here to WIN (to Goku) 4
Trunks...Bulma...I do this for you...and yes, even for you Kakarot! 10
It is painfully clear at this point that no one among this group is stronger than Kakarot is. 0
I wanted him to reawaken the Evil in my Heart... I wanted him to return me to the way I was...BEFORE! 2
I have in me the blood of a Saiyan Prince! He is nothing but a Joke!(Majin Vegeta to Supreme Kai) 0
People of Earth.... Raise your hands right now or you're all going to DIE!! 4
These garments that you left...are they for a man or a woman?! They're PINK!!! 3
YOU, stop ME? I know you don't have the guts to challenge your own, dear Father! 0
What, Clown... are you feeling angry, humiliated, is that it? 1

Total votes: 28

Poll ID #53

In a free for all battle, which one of these dudes battling would be the final winner?
Cell Form 1 5
Captain Ginyu 4
Nappa 5
Dabura 8
Pikkon 24
Tien 13

Total votes: 59

Poll ID #52

Which of these DBZ Movies did you like the best?
(Sorry not enough room to list them all)

The History of Trunks 3
Lord Slug 3
Cooler's Revenge 0
Return of Cooler 1
Super Android 13 2
Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan 9
Bojack Unbound 1
Broly: Second Coming 1
Bio Broly Movie 0
Fusion Reborn 15

Total votes: 35

Poll ID #51

Out of curiousity, which pair would you most like to see fused
(by Fusion Dance) if it were possible?

Dr Gero and Dr Briefs 3
Trunks and Gohan (both older) 33
Android 16 and Android 17 1
Cell and Piccolo 5
Freiza and Kid Buu 5
Yamcha and Tien 6
Super Buu and Captain Ginyu 3
Recoome and Nappa 3
Broly and Spopovich 13
Krillin and Supreme Kai 1

Total votes: 73

Poll ID #50

If you could, who would you like to see the most as a Super Saiyan 3?
Kid Goten 6
Goten (older) 9
Kid Trunks 2
Trunks (older) 13 *
Vegeta 14
Gogeta 13 *
Vegito 13 *
Broly 13 *
Pan 8
Raditz 13 *

Total votes: 104
(*notice how close this was!)

Poll ID #49

The first time you saw it, which scene took you the most by surprise,
shocked you the most?

Freiza sent Krillin up into the air then blew him up in front of Goku and friends 6
Vegeta's arm totally busted backwards by Android 18 - 7
Piccolo blew up the door to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, trapping them inside 0
Android 18 walked over to Krillin and kissed him 3
Vegeta hugged young Trunks for a very long time, and told him he was proud of him 7
Captain Ginyu switched into Goku's body 1
Young Trunks accidently "broke" Piccolo when he had been turned to stone 0
Dabura turned all sweet and loving in Otherworld 2
Frieza Stage 2 pierced his horn right through Krillin's stomach 1
Super Buu turned Chi Chi into an egg and stepped on her in front of Goten 2

Total votes: 29

Poll ID #48

Which Method of Training would you most like to try out if you could?
King Kai's Training 3
Increased Gravity Training 11
Training with the Z Sword 6
Fusion Dance Training 8
Elder Kai's Training 0
Training in The Room of Spirit And Time 3
Piccolo's Wilderness Training 3
Training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber 14

Total votes: 48

Poll ID #47

Who would be most likely to get a dark secret out of you
that you weren't supposed to tell?

Frieza 8
Super Buu 5
Dabura 3
Cell 0
Raditz 0
Majin Vegeta 15
Android 17 4
Broly 30

Total votes: 65

Poll ID #46

What is your favorite form of DBZ Merchandise?
DBZ card games/ collectable cards 5
DBZ videos/DVDs 15
DBZ Tshirts/clothing 1
DBZ action figures 6
DBZ posters/wall scrolls 0
Any Other DBZ accessories 3

Total votes: 30

Poll ID #45

Which couple would have the best Valentine's Day?
Vegeta and Bulma 9
Goku and Chi Chi 22
Krillin and Android 18 7
Videl and Gohan 19
Hercule and Fat Buu 12

Total votes: 69

Poll ID #44

Which stage of Gohan did you like the best?
Kid Gohan, like in the Saiyan Saga 1
Young teen Gohan, like in the Cell Saga 21
Older teen Gohan, like in High School with Videl 2
"The Great Saiyaman" Gohan 3
"One-armed" older Gohan, like in the History of Trunks 2
Mystic Gohan, after training with Elder Kai 7
Older Gohan, as a father to Pan 1

Total votes: 37

Poll ID #43

Of these choices, which of these characters do you like the least,
is at the bottom of your list?

Tien 3
Dende 5
Yamcha 4
Mr. Popo 2
Chiaotzu 8
Master Roshi 4
Hercule 16
Chi Chi 8

Total votes: 65

Poll ID #42

You have to make one of these Dragonball wishes... which do you choose?
For Krillin to be taller 4
For Chi Chi to be nicer 1
For Buu to be weaker 3
For Vegeta to be friendlier 8
For Hercule to be braver 3
For Goku to be smarter 15
For Frieza to be "cooler" 4
For Master Roshi to be younger 9
For Piccolo to be happier 0
For Gotenks to be humbler 9

Total votes: 56

Poll ID #41

Just for kicks, who's hairstyle would you most like to see on Fat Buu?
(without the headcrest)

Goku's 15
Vegeta's 6
Supreme Kai's 8
Future Trunks' 8
Super Saiyan 3's 32
Hercule's 6
Chi Chi's 3

Total votes: 78

Poll ID #40

It's all up to you now, but you can only save one kid.... who will it be?
Trunks 19
Gotenks 22
Gohan 37
Goten 12
Pan 19

Total votes: 109

Poll ID #39

Which of these Androids did you like the best?
Android 13 (DBZ Movie 7 main villian, turns into the huge, blue Super Android 13) 5
Android 14 (DBZ Movie 7, big, burly Android eventually sliced by Trunks) 0
Android 15 (DBZ Movie 7, small purple Android decapitated by Vegeta) 1
Android 16 (the large but gentle Android in green who disliked killing) 3
Android 17 (the cocky dark-haired Android) 8
Super Android 17 (extremely strong Android fusion from GT - battles Goku SS4) 11
Android 18 (the devilish yet beautiful blond Android) 10
Android 19 (the rather round, energy-absorbing Android) 2
Android 20 (also known as Dr Gero) 1

Total votes: 41

Poll ID #38

What would Nappa look like as a Super Saiyan 3?
He would grow a little bit of hair that would turn golden 7
He would amazingly grow the full size SS3 "big" hair 2
Only his mustashe would turn golden and stand upward 6
He'd have very little visible changes at all, since he's bald anyway 2
*laughs* Nappa couldn't go SS3 if he tried! 10
Who the heck came up with this poll anyway??? 4

Total votes: 31

Poll ID #36 & #37 (Special Double Poll)

Who would you most like to see as Santa? (check Updates for more details)
Master Roshi 14
Piccolo 5
Fat Buu 23
Bulma 4
Goku 37
Yajirobe 4
Vegeta 14
Broly 27
Krillin 1

Total votes: 129

Who would you most like to see as the Grinch? (check Updates for more details)
Master Roshi 1
Piccolo 41
Fat Buu 4
Bulma 2
Goku 7
Yajirobe 2
Vegeta 19
Broly 10
Krillin 1

Total votes: 87

Poll ID #35

Do you think Master Roshi will ever get a girlfriend?
I hope he does- he looks so desperate! ^_^ 6
I don't think so- he's old and weird! O_O 5
Heck yes he will! Roshi's a playah! *hi-fives* 12
No way! He'll never get one the way he acts! >.< 8
I doubt it - he spends way too much time alone on that island! @[email protected] 2
Ewww! Master Roshi's speculative love life is nothing I want anything to do with! *runs* 3

Total votes: 36

Poll ID #34

Which Dragonballs are your favorite?
Earth Dragonballs (1 wish, revive any number of people, but only one time) 7
Namekian Dragonballs (3 wishes, only 1 person at a time, but infinite times) 10
Black Star Dragonballs (1 wish, much stronger, scatters across universe,later on planet explodes) 4
Dende Dragonballs (2 wishes, later on 3 wishes, stronger than originals but same otherwise) 14

Total votes: 35

Poll ID #33

Of these who trained others, who would you rather train with?
King Kai 8
Master Roshi 5
Piccolo 11
Goku 45
Elder Kai 1
Older Gohan 9
Kami 2

Total votes: 81

Poll ID #32

Do you like the Americanized spelling of DBZ names or the Japanese spellings better?
Americanized: like Saiyan/ Goku/ Krillin/ Master Roshi 13
Japanese: like Saiya-jin/ Son Gokou/ Kuririn/ Kame-sennin 7
Hmmm, as long as it's DBZ, I don't really care which way they spell it! 6

Total votes: 26

Poll ID #31
(Poll ID #30 was voided)

What do you like best about DBZ?
The characters... you really grow to know each of them! 4
The action/battles...love the amazing, non-stop, power clashes!! 8
The storyline... from beginning to end, DBZ has a great story! 8

The comic relief... so many funny little things in DBZ make me laugh! 1
The awesome attacks... they all have their own cool signature attacks! 4
The artwork... I love the entire look and feel of DBZ! 1
The Cardgame... I'm a big fan of playing the CCG/TCG! 0
The Videogames... I don't watch the show, but the games rock! 1

Total votes: 27

Poll ID #29

Who's your favorite Kai?
North Kai (also known as King Kai) 10
South Kai (the taller one) 0
East Kai (the female one) 1
West Kai (the shorter, chubby one) 2
Grand Kai (the rockin' one) 6
Supreme Kai (also known as Shin) 22
Elder Kai (the old one) 3
Daikaio (the one absorbed by Majin Buu) 4

Total votes: 48

Poll ID #28

Which match up on DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi are you anxious to see?
Jeice vs Burter 1
Bojack vs Baby Vegeta 18
Chiaotzu vs Guildo 3
Jenemba vs Super 17 15
Dabura vs Cooler 8
Captain Ginyu vs Frieza 9

Total votes: 54

Poll ID #27

Which Scientist do you like better?
Dr. Briefs (Bulma's father) 15
Dr. Wheelo (In the movie World's Stongest) 2
Dr. Gero (aka Android 20) 7
Dr. Myuu (In GT - Baby's creator) 8
Dr. Cory (In the movie Bio Brolly) 2
Dr. Raichi (In the DBZ 'Lost Movie') 2

Total votes: 36

Poll ID #26

Which DBZ "animal/creature" do you like better?
Puar 9
Turtle 9
Dr Brief's cat 7
Icarus 4
Korin 10
Oolong 1
Bee the dog 9

Total votes: 49

Poll ID #25

Which form of Frieza did you think was the "coolest"?
Form 1 (when he's first seen: smaller, wearing armor with shoulder pads) 0
Form 2 (much bigger, with the 2 big horns on his head) 2
Form 3 (more hunched over, and his head was long with spikes) 1
Form 4 (the smaller, sleeker form he's in for most of the Frieza Saga) 6
At 100% Full Power (beefy form of Form 4, as he and Goku battled in the end) 4
Robotic Form (after he was beaten by Goku and rebuilt with Robotic parts) 7

Total votes: 20

Poll ID #24

If for some odd reason, you had to pick a family to live with, who would you pick?
Goku & Chi Chi 22
Vegeta & Bulma 16
Gohan & Videl 10
Krillin & Android 18 4
Yajirobe & Korin 0
Master Roshi & Turtle 3
Hercule & Buu 2
Kami/Dende & Mr. Popo 2

Total votes: 59

Poll ID #23

Broly.... Love him or Hate him?
Love him 21
Hate him 10
Couldn't care less 12
Who's Broly? 6

Total votes: 49

Poll ID #22

Which have you seen? (at least a few episodes of)
Only Dragonball (DB) 0
Only Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) 4
Only Dragon Ball GT (DBGT) 1
Only DBZ Movies (any) 0
DB and DBZ 2
DBZ and DBGT 6
DB, DBZ and DBGT 10
Sadly, I've not seen any of them :( 1
Thankfully, I have seen some of all of them! 21

Total votes: 45

Poll ID #21

Which Saiyan Form do you like best?
Normal Saiyan - 2
SSJ - Super Saiyan - 5
SSJ2 - Super Saiyan 2 - 17
Ascended Super Saiyan - 5
SSJ3 - Super Saiyan 3 - 8
SSJ4 - Super Saiyan 4 - 33
Oozaru - 9

Total votes: 79

Poll ID #20

To LIVE, you MUST wear a Potara Earring from one of these...then fuse.
Who's earring will you take?

Yamcha's 8
Master Roshi's 3
Chi Chi's 6
Hercule's 1
Goten's 36
Yajirobi's 3
Tien's 5

Total votes: 62

Poll ID # 19

If you had to learn only one of these attacks, which one would you rather it be?
Special Beam Cannon 15
Solar Flare 5
Energy Absorption 10
Eye Beam 2
Kaioken 41
Racoome Boom 3

Total votes: 76

Poll ID # 18

Which of the DBZ Sagas is your favorite, the one you enjoyed the most?
Saiyan 20
Namek/Ginyu 0
Frieza 11
Garlic Jr. 0
Trunks/Androids 3
Cell/Cell Games 8
Saiyaman/World Tournament 2
Babidi/Majin Buu 5
Fusion 5
Kid Buu 10

Total votes: 64

Poll ID #17

Which of the DBZ Ladies do you like better?
Chi Chi 9
Bulma 13
Android 18 - 30
Videl 11
Pan 16

Total votes: 79

Poll ID #16

Which is your favorite form of Majin Buu?
Fat Buu 16
Evil Buu (the grey Buu) 1
Super Buu (after Evil Buu eats Fat Buu) 3
Super Buu - Gotenks absorbed 8
Super Buu - Piccolo absorbed 2
Super Buu - Gohan absorbed 6
Kid Buu 19
None, I don't like Buu in any form 8

Total votes: 63

Poll ID #15

Remember these? Which of these funny DBZ quotes is your favorite?
"That guy just pointed his finger and Kakarot fell down!" (Vegeta) 10
"Has anybody seen my arm...you can't miss it - it's green!" (Radditz) 4
"Breakfast?! You're havin' the FUSION TECHNIQUE for BREAKFAST!!!" (Piccolo) 2
"Look Vegeta! People Popcorn!!" (Goku) 12
"You can tuna a piano... but you can't tune-a-FISH!!!" (Tien) 3
"Don't you lecture me boy, with that $30 haircut!" (Android 13) 4
"Put THAT in your diaper old man!" (Hercule) 0
"Bald and Bold. Oh my, what am I to do?" (Frieza) 2

Total votes: 37

Poll ID #14

Do you think Krillin looks better with hair or without hair?
With hair, he looks cool with it! 17
No hair, bald looks good on him! 23
Grey hair all the way! Old Krillin rules! 3
Uh, never really thought about Krillin's hair before! 9

Total votes: 52

Poll ID #13

Which team would get a better score if, for some freaky reason,
they went bowling together?
Goku/ Young Gohan/ Krillin 25
Vegeta/ Kid Trunks/ Dr Briefs 4
Hercule/ Fat Buu/ Dead Dabura 7
Chi Chi/ Bulma/ Android 18 9
Piccolo/ Dende/ Mr Popo 5
Yamcha/ Tien/ Chiaotzu 5

Total votes: 55

Poll ID #12

Which of these is your favorite villain, the 'Best of the Bad' ?
Vegeta 20
Radditz 1
Cooler 5
Garlic Jr. 0
Freiza 5
The Androids 1
Cell 8
Buu 19

Total votes: 59

Poll ID #11

If you could be granted one of these DBZ powers, what would you choose?
To fly 7
To sense and use Ki energy 9
To go Super Saiyan 23
To use Instant Transmission 9
To heal/regenerate 0
To transform into other forms 2

Total votes: 50

Poll ID #10

If it were possible, who would you like to see go Super Saiyan?
Chi Chi 13
Krillin 12
Master Roshi 10
Bulma 3
Tien 5
Yajirobe 3
Hercule 7

Total votes: 53

Poll ID #9

Who is your favorite Fusion?
Gotenks (Trunks and Goten - Fusion Dance) 5
Vegito (Vegeta and Goku- Potara Earrings) 8
Gogeta (Goku and Vegeta - Fusion Dance) 30
Kibito-Kai (Kibito and Supreme Kai - Potara Earrings) 1

Total votes: 44

Poll ID #8

What is YOUR favorite signature attack?
Kamehameha Wave 9
Final Flash 10
Destructo Disk 2
Special Beam Cannon 2
Super Ghost Kamakaze Attack 6
Burning Attack 4
Spirit Bomb 12

Total votes: 45

Poll ID #7

Of these, which DBZ Hero Character is your Favorite?
Goku 29
Vegeta 12
Piccolo 2
Trunks 13
Gohan 6
Krillin 3

Total votes: 65

Poll ID #6

Which unlikely DBZ Fusion would probably be the funniest?
Bulma and Oolong (Bulong) 18
Chi Chi and Piccolo (Chicalo) 9
Goku and Trunks (Gunks) 11
Yajarobe and Yamcha (Yajayam) 5
Master Roshi and Vegeta (Rosheta) 22

Total votes: 65

Poll ID #5

Which honorable sacrifice did you like better?
Goku to get rid of Radditz (Saiyan Saga) 7
Piccolo to save Gohan (Saiyan Saga) 3
Goku to get rid of Cell (Cell Saga) 13
Vegeta to get rid of Buu (Buu Saga) 28

Total votes: 51

Poll ID #4

Which Eternal Dragon do you like best?
Shenron (Earth's Dragon) 20
Porunga (Namek's Dragon) 13
Black Star Dragon (from GT) 24

Total votes: 57