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One of the more interesting topics of speculation in the world of Dragonball Z is that of Power Levels. Everyone seems to have their own opinions on the relativity of the various DBZ Characters throughout the series, and I thought you all would be interested in hearing some of them from our readers. Some of these Power Level workups will be fairly complete and detailed, including the power levels at various stages of all of your favorites, such as Vegeta, Goku, Gohan, Majin Buu, Freiza, and many others..

If you would like to submit your own workup on DBZ Power Levels, feel free to do so! We have room for everyone! Just put "DBZ Power Levels" in the Subject line.

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*Adam's DBZ Power Levels list
Adam writes......"I've been a huge fan of the Dragonball series in upwards of 10 years at this point, but what's really bewildered me are many of the power levels. I've looked at a great deal of sites, but none of them seem to be very consistant, especially after the Frieza saga when scouters are no longer used. In response to that, I've developed a list of very accurate power levels covering every character throughout the course of the DBZ series."

My List of Power Levels by beatdown
Says our forum member, beatdown...."I've been an addict of the dragonball series for a while, so I finally decided to make this power level chart. I've gathered all the opinions from various sites and I think this is the most accurate list possible."

Dragonball Z Anime Power Levels by Braun
This extensive and detailed Power Level listing was provided by one of our Forum Members, Braun. Take a look at what he's come up with.

DBZ Power Levels by EricM
This collection of power levels was put together by one of our viewers, Eric M.