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Sometimes there are certain quotes in DBZ that really stick out in your head. Perhaps they were funny or reminded you of a great scene. Well, here I have a nice collection of Quotes from DBZ, and I've even added a brief description of what was happening at the time of the quote, who said it, and what episode it was from. Near the end, I started adding my Drawing numbers, and plan to eventually also link the quotes to the picture I drew that contain the quote. But that will take some time, so stop back again to see it later. Also near the end there are some quotes from the Cards in the TCG.

( * denotes newest additions)

*"Oh, you mustn't be sad my children. I have lived a full and blessed life. Don't be afraid. Death is simply another stage of our life." (Guru to the Namekians - Episode: Mighty Blast of Rage, Namek/Frieza Saga) - submitted by JeffR

"Release it Gohan! Release Everything! Remember all the pain he's caused...the people he's hurt...NOW MAKE THAT YOUR POWER!!" (Goku's spirit to Gohan while battling Cell - episode: Save the World)

"I'm not here to play games Kakarot, or to create nice father/son memories! I'm here to WIN!" (Vegeta to Goku while watching Gohan battle Dabura - episode Heart of a Villain)

"One way or another we're going to find out if I really am a Super Saiyan! It's Now or Never! There is no in Between!" (Gohan to Goku in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber - Episode "Cell is Complete"

"That guy just pointed his finger and Kakarot fell down!" (Vegeta while watching, from a distance, as Future Trunks tells Goku that Bulma is his mother- episode: Mysteries Revealed)

"No!! Get out of my Head!...You may have invaded my mind and my body...But there's one thing a Saiyan always keeps...his PRIDE!!!(Vegeta to Babidi as he resists his mind control. Episode: Vegeta's Pride)

"Then I'm the world's strongest coffee-candy!" (Vegetto to Buu as he surprised Buu by punching him while he's a candy)

"Gohan, let it go...There are those who words alone will not reach...Cell is such a being. Please...drop your restraints. Protect the life I loved...you have the strength, my scanners sensed it...just let it go..." (Android 16's decapitated head speaking to Gohan, just before Cell stepped on him. Episode: Children Of Cell Attack)

"Welcome to the End of your Life...and I promise...it's going to hurt! (Vegeta to Pui Pui just before battling him in Stage One of Babidi's ship. Episode: King of the Demons)

"Vegeta's lost his mind and he's gonna fry us ALL!!!" (Krillin yelling out to Trunks as Vegeta prepares to do his Final Flash attack on Cell - Episode: Trunks Ascends)

"Trunks...Bulma...I do this for you...and yes, even for you Kakarot!" (Vegeta as he prepares to sacrifice himself in his final blast of energy to destroy Buu - Episode: Final Atonement)

"Goku, you fool! We told you! But you wouldn't listen to us! Well, maybe you'll hear this - Your son's dead Goku! He's DEAD!!!" (Piccolo to Goku after Cell blasted young Gohan into a mountain of rock - Episode: Gohan's Desperate Plea)

"We're floating in a gigantic void! What kind of place is this?! It's...overwhelming! I must not let my father see that I'm afraid...This is my chance to prove myself to him." (Trunks after entering the Hyperbolic Time Chamber - Episode: Time Chamber)

"I am the Hope of the Universe...I am the Answer to all Living Things that cry out for Peace...I am Protector of the Innocent...I am the Light in the Darkness...I am Truth" (Goku to Frieza, after going Super Saiyan for the first time- Episode: Explosion of Anger)

"It's one of Dabura's powers...Anything he spits on turns to stone! If we touch either of them right now they might break!" (Shin to Goku after Dabura turned Piccolo & Krillin into stone - Episode: King of the Demons)

"What is taking that Namek so long?!! Really!! Doesn't he know he's wasting important people's time?! If he stays in there any longer I'll BREAK that door down and calmly DRAG HIM OUT!!" (Vegeta while kicking the door to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber when Piccolo was inside - Episode: A New Guardian)

"C'mon - Don't be mad at me! I tell you what... *winks at Goten*...You can have three of my toys...You pick 'em!" - (Trunks after defeating Goten in the Jr Division Championship - Episode: Best of the Boys)

"I wanted him to reawaken the Evil in my Heart...I wanted him to return me to the way I was...BEFORE!!!" (Vegeta to Goku, as Goku learned Vegeta deliberately allowed himself to fall under Babidi's spell to become Majin Vegeta. Episode: Magic Ball of Buu)

"These garments that you left...are they for a man or a woman?! They're PINK!!! This is REDICULOUS!!I'm a WARRIOR, not a variety of FLOWER!!! (Vegeta to Bulma after she forced him to take a shower, upon his return to Earth just before King Cold and Frieza arrive. Episode: Frieza's Counterattack)

"Has anybody seen my arm...you can't miss it - it's green!...Why so blue, green man? Is it because you're powerless to help your friend, or is it just because you're plain ugly?! HaHaHaHa!" (Raditz to Piccolo after blowing his arm off. Episode: Gohan's Secret Powers)

"I'm not sure we have what it takes to beat Cell, but I don't want Chi Chi & Gohan to worry. I want them to enjoy themselves...these are precious times, Krillin!" (Goku to Krillen, in the quiet time before the Cell Games. Episode: Memories of Gohan)

"I've had enough of you Vegeta! Time to tuck you in and say goodnight!!" (Zarbon to Vegeta as he gets ready to dive bomb him to the ground while on Namek) Episode: Zarbon Transformed)

"What's this horrible feeling in my heart?! I..I think I know...Vegeta!! What's happened to you?!!" (Bulma as she senses Vegeta's death. Episode: Evil Lives On)

YOU, stop ME? I know you don't have the guts to challenge your own, dear Father! Your feelings will stop you - that's what makes you weak!" Vegeta to Trunks as Trunks tries to stop Vegeta from letting Cell absorb 18 - Episode: The Last Defense)

"That's right Cell...Keep pushing...Once you back Gohan into the corner, he's not going to have anywhere to go...except right through you!" (Goku to himself as he watches Cell attack young Gohan, knowing what Gohan will eventually be capable of if pushed to his limits. Episode: Gohan's Desperate Plea)

"How would you feel if I told you there's another like me! Allow me to introduce you to my son...His name is Trunks. He too is a true Super Saiyan. He's not quite as strong as I am , but it would be hard to tell the difference between us. He has incredible power." (Vegeta to Cell as Trunks appears - Episode: Hour of Temptation)

"Alright, You're on...You can stay until we beat Frieza. After that, I'm gonna charge you rent, you got that?!" (Piccolo to a wounded Nail, as he is finally convinced that the two of them would be wise to fuse together. Episode: The Fusion)

"The others...they're all counting on me! I can't let them down!...I can't stop thinking about that kiss! C'mon Krillin...Don't let your feelings cloud your judgement...You have to push the button Krillin! I can't...You HAVE TO.... I can't do it...I love her..."(Krillin as he tries to destroy Android 18 - Episode: Krillin's Decision)

"Look at my face Buu! I'm the son of Bibidi, your creator! See?...You can call me The Great Wizard Babidi, or Wizard, or just Master since that's what I am to you now!" (Babidi to Buu after he first hatched out of his shell. Episode - The Losses Begin)

"Whoa!! What an Awful, Awesome Power!! Even his Breath is a Weapon!!" (Piccolo to himself as little Gohan rampages around in his Ozaru form after seeing the moon for the first time while training with Piccolo. - Episode: Gohan's Metamorphosis)

"You're right about one thing Cell...The world does want to see a real champion... It's over Cell. You win... I give up. I know how strong you are. There's no point in continuing this fight. I can't beat you." (Goku to Cell as he realizes to himself that young Gohan will be the one to defeat Cell. Episode: The Fight is Over)

"If only there were some way I could summon up enough strength to Defeat this overgrown android...cuz if I could...they'd need TWEEZERS to pick up the Pieces!!" Vegeta to himself after Recoome messed him up - Episode: No Refuge from Recoome)

"Gohan! Use your 1st wish to wish me back to your dimension! If I come back, then Kame will return to Earth as well...and so will the Dragonballs!" (Piccolo to Gohan, speaking to him from King Kai's, as Gohan summoned the Dragon on Namek - Episode: Piccolo's Return Drawing # 185)

"I summon up the Dragon...I command you now! Hear my howl...to make my wish COME TRUE!!" (Krillin to the Namek Dragon Balls while attempting to summon the Dragon - (Episode: Calling the Eternal Dragon)

"Excuse me, but don't think I did this to save your puny hides...I had my own score from long ago to settle with that froggish four-eyed FRIEK" (Vegeta to Krillin & Gohan after he destroyed Guildo - Episode: Time Tricks and Body Binds)

"Kakarot...please...destroy Frieza...He made me what I am...Don't...let him...do it...to anyone else...whatever it takes...Stop him...Please....uhhhh...." (Vegeta to Goku, as he dies after a horrible beating by Frieza - Episode: The End of Vegeta)

"Gohan, you're the only real friend I've ever had...Thank you...I'm proud of you...wish me back, ok?...Get 'em...Gohan......." (Piccolo to young Gohan as he dies after jumping in front of Nappa's blast to save Gohan's life - Episode: The Return of Goku)

"Just stop talking to me Jerk! I don't want to have to listen to your stupid voice anymore!!" (Gohan to Vegeta, after they're all wished back to Earth, as Vegeta teases him about Goku being dead - Episode: Duel on a Vanishing Planet)

"It is painfully clear at this point that no one among this group is stronger than Kakarot is. Not even..myself. So he deserves to have the fight of a true warrior, and that means...to the death." (Vegeta to everyone as they watch Goku go all out against Cell - Episode: The Fight is Over)

"Trunks... my son...how could I let this happen to my son? He has sacrificed everything for me, and I have done nothing but ignore him! There is still time to change things..." (Vegeta as he sees Trunks blasted by Cell, who has returned after being blown up by Goku's sacrifice - Episode: Cell Returns)

"Man! When's...the...last time...you had a bath? Ya, no foolin! WHEW!! It's downright UNPLEASANT back here!!!" Goku to Freiza as he swings him around by the tail - Episode: Frieza's Boast)

"In this room the past, present and future are mixed. The next time you open your eyes, you'll be in a far off place exactly one hundred years ago, I wish you luck Gentlemen!" (Mr PoPo to Yamcha, Tien, Krillin & Chaotzu as they enter the Room of Spirit and Time - Episode: Showdown in the Past)

"I can't stand it! How could I have let him escape?! I'll find you Cell!! I'LL FIND YOU!!" (Piccolo after Cell used a Solar Flare to escape from Piccolo, Trunks & Krillin - Episode: Piccolo's Folly)

"Gohan, it's over! I saw Saiyaman get scratched in the same spot, and that's exactly who you are...Mr. Saiyaman!" (Videl to Gohan, while at school, once she figures out who he really is - Episode: Blackmail)

"Kakarot, when you wake up, this will all be over...I may be gone but this planet will be safe - I'll stake my life on it!" (Vegeta just before he gives his all to defeat Buu - Episode: Mealtime)

"Please your Guardianship! If you don't allow us to release the Sacred Water from up here, it will never spread in time!" Kami to the past Earth Guardians as he tries to save the Earth from the Black Water Mist that Garlic Jr released - Episode: Extreme Measures)

"What about you? Hey Homeboy! Hey, why don't you drop the arrogant tough guy act and just relax - let it all go, take a vacation for goodness sake, Unwind a little and see what life has to offer you...You're actually kind of cute!" (Bulma to Vegeta, shortly after they were all wished back to Earth, and she suggested they all stay at Capsule Corp - Episode: Goku's Alive)

"There is no secret purpose...I simply want to get as much out of this planet as I can...before I destroy it! This Tournament is sure to be a guaranteed hit!" (Cell to Trunks as he explains about the upcoming Cell games - Episode: The Cell Game)

"Trunks, listen... you need...to take good care of your Mother... I want you two to leave and get far away from here! I will finish this by myself!" (Vegeta to Chibi Trunks and Goten before he battles Buu - Episode: Final Atonement)

"This day, rich with life...what a wonderful time to die! Don't be afraid... Death is just another stage of our Life. Goodbye my children... You made me so Proud!" (Guru as he died on Earth - Episode: Mighty Blast of Rage)

"Chi Chi, we need Gohan for this battle - it's important! It's only this one time! (Goku to Chi Chi as he wants Gohan to skip his schooling and train for the Cell Games - Episode: Goku's Special Technique)

"You want Kakarot back, so look - the Earth has a check-in station to the Spirit Relm...wish him there, then wish him back to Earth!" (Vegeta to Bulma, Gohan and Piccolo when they thought Goku couldn't be wished back because Namek was destroyed - Episode: Goku's Alive)

Krillin to Goku: "You're alive! You're alive!!" Goku: "Well, I'm about as alive as a dead guy can be!" (As Goku returns to Kami's lookout - Episode: find the Dragonballs)

"This is like some wonderful fantasy land where just when I think it can't possibly get any weirder it does!" (Videl after watching Shenron be summoned, just as Goku was about to teleport them all to Kami's Lookout - Episode: Revival)

"Ka...Kabito! What's going on here? I watched Dabura kill you right before my very eyes! Is this Otherworld? (Supreme Kai to Kabito after Kabito revives him - Episode: Global Announcement)

"My dear children...Those seven on the cliff are your enemies... Give them PAIN!" (Cell to his Cell Jrs, while trying to anger Gohan - Episode: Android Explosion)

"I will also fight. Let me help... I will fight along side you!" (Android 16 to the Z gang as they learned of the Cell Games - Episode: What is the tournament?)

"That's the problem with cronies... no matter how dumb they start off, they all end up trying to think for themselves!" (Babidi to himself about Buu - Episode: Race to Capsule Corp)

"I'm sorry that took so much longer than the others... but I haven't had much occasion to practice this one. This is what I call... A Super Saiyan 3!" (Goku to Babidi and Buu after he transformed - Episode: Super Saiyan 3?!)

"Buu feel so fresh and so clean in brand new pajamas! Makes Buu feel all warm and cuddly on inside...so soft and comfy against Buu's clean skin. Just like wearing a thin red layer of fluffy clouds!" (Buu to himself in his new house - Episode: Goku's Time is Up)

"Breakfast?!?! You're havin' the FUSION TECHNIQUE for BREAKFAST!!!" (Piccolo to Goten and Trunks after he woke them up to do more training- Episode: Return to Otherworld)

"First Gohan and now him! How can he weild the Z Sword in such a manner without any previous training?! This is truly REMARKABLE!" (Kibito as he watches Goku slashing with the Z Sword - Episode: Return to Otherworld)

"You are both amazing young men. Thru each of your bodies flows the blood of a Warrior who brought truth to impossibility...You two... will do... the same!"(Piccolo to Goten and Trunks as they prepare to fuse again - Episode: Unlikely Friendship)

"You FOOL! You could've blown our ONLY chance to win! From now on, we do things MY WAY! Understood... Trunkten! *Mr.Popo: Actually it's Gotenks, his name is Gotenks.* What?! His name is MUD as far as I'm concerned!!" (Piccolo to Gotenks after he got beat up by Buu - Episode: Gotenks is born)

"Oww!! What's wrong with you? You can't just come swingin' like that without any warning! Don't ya know what a suckerpunch is?! That's something only inexperienced fighters do!... Now, we're going to power up. You stand there and be quiet! I'll tell you when it's time to fight!" (Trunks to Buu in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber - Episode: Time Struggle)

"Listen! Don't go! You won't be able to handle the Androids by yourself! We have to wait for Goku!" (Future Trunks to Vegeta who took off to battle the Androids alone - Episode: Follow Dr. Gero)

"Talk about a bad situation... Goku, Gohan and Vegeta couldn't even beat this monster, so what chance do I have against him! But if I don't try... then there's no one left to protect my friends! 18... I'm going to charge Majin Buu. And when I do, I want you to try to get everyone else inside. You understand? And don't worry about me... I'll see you later... I hope." (Krillin - Episode: Feeding Frenzy)

"Now tell me a little about this Bulma lady. I hope that she isn't too old now, is she? Well as long as she's got plenty of spunk left, she'll do for me! After being trapped in that sword, I'd settle for just about anything, know what I mean?" (Elder Kai to Gohan - Episode: The Evil of Men)

"Videl... How would you like to know a little secret about Gohan that only I know!! He's wearing some underware that only a 3 year old would wear!!!" (Angela to Videl while Gohan looks on in horror thinking Angela's about to reveal that he's the Great Saiyaman - Episode: Gohan's First Date)

The reason I'm here is to announce my decision to hold a Martial Arts Tournament... "The Cell Games" will be held nine days from today. Bring me your best fighters and I will face them one by one in a test of strength! This will be the last chance for Planet Earth!" (Cell to the people via television - Episode - The Doomsday Broadcast)

"Don't you worry about me! I'm a master of Martial Arts and I'm also packin' some serious heat! And as soon as Majin Buu pops his head outta that hole, he'll be eatin a bullet burrito!!" (Hercule to Dende as he's ready to attack Buu - Episode: The Old Kai's Weapon)

"I told you that the awakening process would take 20 hours, didn't I? And has it been 20 hours yet? Well, has it? Shall we continue?" (Elder Kai to Gohan while awakening his inner powers - Episode: The Evil of Men)

"Yes! There's no hiding it!! I can see it written all over your face Videl! So this is Love!! Beautiful, Lovely, LOVE!! Oooh now I've seen it with my own eyes!! Love... the most POWERFUL force in the Universe!!! *twirls around gleefully* (Dabura to Videl while in Otherworld - Episode: Vegito Downsized)

"Dad, why did you count on me so much? If you're so sure I have all this power, then tell me how to bring it out! I wanna help!!" (Gohan thinking to Goku while all the Z Warriors are being beaten up by Cell Jrs _ Episode: Children of Cell Attack)

I wish you'd take my advice Vegeta! But I know how important it is to you that you keep up with my strength level... so you'll be needing all the training you can get! (Goku, after he and Gohan came out from the Hyperbolic time Chamber, to Vegeta, claiming that he and Gohan didn't need any more training - Episode: No worries Here)

"I bet he can sense everything that's going on for miles! If I chuck this rock at him, he'll just zap it into a million pieces!" (Krillin to himself while watching Goku and Gohan stretched out in the grass relaxing - Episode: No Worries Here)

"Look Vegeta! People Popcorn!!" (Goku to Vegeta just after they escaped from inside Buu, as Trunks, Goten, Gohan and Piccolo popped full-sized out of their pods - Episode: Evil Kid Buu)

"Not bad! But don't get tired and let go or your head will pop off like a champagne cork!" (Frieza to Goku, with he has his tail wrapped around Goku's neck, while battling on Namek - Episode: Frieza's Boast)

"C'mon! Let's go to Otherworld! Take a trip! There's nothing holding us here - we're free as birds King Kai! Let's hit the road right now and go on an adventure!" (Dead Goku to Dead King Kai after a failed attempt to build a house - Episode: Free the Future)

"I have in me the blood of a Saiyan Prince! He is nothing but a Joke! You'll fight with me Kakarot!" (Majin Vegeta to Supreme Kai and Goku while in the arena Vegeta blasted - Episode: Vegeta's Pride)

"Never train children when their mothers are around... It's ALWAYS TROUBLE!" (Piccolo to Dende after Bulma and Chi Chi make Goten and Trunks take a bath and a nap before more training - Episode: Buu against Buu)

"Thank you! You're as brave as everyone says you are" (Supreme Kai to Goku after meeting him for the first time and shaking his hand - Episode: Big Trouble, Little Trunks)

"You... you with the mask on! Are you ready to get the pummeling of your life? Pay attention!" (Hercule to Mighty Mask - Episode: Battle Supreme)

"If you truly believe this is the right decision, then you will have to get around me to do it!" (Supreme Kai to Goku as Goku says he will battle Majin Vegeta - Episode: Vegeta's Pride)

"I just can't let the shield down - You guys mean too much to me!! I won't let you go!!... Don't ask me to do that!!" (Gohan to Krillin and a fading Piccolo as they tell him to drop the protective shield he has around them so he can destroy the Makyo Star and defeat Garlic Jr. - Episode: Brief Chance for Victory)

"All you have to do is give me 20 million Zeni for letting you win." (Android 18 whispers to Hercule during the World Tournament, before she makes it appear that he's defeated her - Episode: Pay to Win)

"I'd like your permission to enter the World Championships...Dad's only gonna be here for a day! I'll never get this chance again!" (Gohan to Chi Chi when he finds out Goku can return for a day to be in the Tournament, and because Videl wants him to compete also - Episode: I'll Fight Too!)

"How could mere mortals from the Lower World have this kind of potential without me being aware of it?!" (Supreme Kai to himself as he realizes how strong Goku, Vegeta and Gohan are while in Babidi's ship - Episode: Pay to Win)

"I'll squash you like a pancake... and I like my pancakes VERY flat!" (Vegeta while in his Oozaru form, as he stepped on Goku's legs - Episode: Vegeta - Saiyan Style)

"Listen carefully... I want you to go wake up Trunks and Goten. Keep them quiet. Take them into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to train... Krillin, this is our last chance! Go while he's still looking the other way!" (Piccolo to Krillin as Buu walks around Kami's lookout, assessing the Earth - Episode: Empty Planet)

"My father is the greatest fighter ever... and I want to fight in the same clothing as him!" (Gohan to Kibito just before he goes off to fight Majin Buu - Episode: Unlucky Break)

"You two called the Dragon, didn't you?!? Shame on you! I was asleep! Bad Boys! How Dare you, you fools! I spoiled you! New suits, saved your lives... all that, and THIS is how you repay me?!?!!" (Vegeta to Krillin and Gohan while on Namek - Episode: Piccolo's Return)

"Please restore the lives of all those killed by Frieza and his gang... is it within your power to grant this wish?" (Mr. Popo to Shenron while Goku battled Frieza on Namek - Episode: Approaching Destruction)

"A wise man once said: The stronger you get, the stronger you smell!" (Goku to himself after finishing his training in his ship, on his way to Namek - Episode: Arrival of the Ginyu Force)

"You can tuna a piano... but you can't tune-a-FISH!!!" (Tien to King Kai beacuse King Kai wouldn't train him unless he could make him laugh - Episode: Stay away from Frieza)

"Oh and don't forget to scrub behind your ears!!" (Frieza to Goku, as he stands on one leg on top of Goku's head, holding him underwater while battling on Namek - Episode: Embodiment of Fire)

"I want you to do the best that you can, and no matter what, I'll always be proud of you, understand?" (Goku to Gohan as they start their training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber - Episode: Super Vegeta)

"Look, I have everything I ever wanted right here on Earth! Besides, I've seen how you treat your partners, and there's not a lot of job security!" (Goku to Vegeta back in the Saiyan Saga, as Vegeta tries to convince him to join forces with him - Episode: Goku Strikes Back)

"You SAVAGE!! Do you even care that you killed my eldest son? You LOOK AT ME when I'm talking to you!!!" (Chi Chi to Buu, just before he turns her into an egg and steps on her - Episode: Time Struggle)

"Now... we're all stuck in here... for GOOD! The only door between this dimension and the outside world has been destroyed. We're trapped!" (Piccolo to Buu and Gotenks, after he blew up the door to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber - Episode: Trapped in Forever)

"I know we're both under a lot of pressure, but let's try and keep our head on our shoulders, shall we?" (Goku to Buu after Buu's head ends up on his rear - Episode: Vegeta's Respect)

"People of Earth.... Rase your hands right now or you're all going to DIE!!" (Vegeta rather bluntly trying to convince the people of Earth to help raise energy for the Spirit Bomb to defeat Kid Buu - Episode: Call to Action)

"I've spent months preparing for the day I'd face you in your final form... I've come a long way Cell." (Goku to Cell as he "pops in" to check out Cell's power before the Cell Games get started - Episode: Meet me in the Ring)

"Piccolo, if you're even in there ONE SECOND longer than the allotted time, I'm coming after you!" (Vegeta as he waits impatiently for Piccolo to come out of the Hyperbolic time Chamber - Episode: A Girl Named Lime)

"Ok, use your instincts Kakarott. Right or Left? (Hmmm... I'd have to say... left.) Good. Then I'm going right!" (Vegeta to Goku as they try to find their way to free the others inside Buu - Episode: The Innards of Buu)

"Oh stop deluding yourselves! Cell will make short work out of every one of you!" (Vegeta to Trunks, Yamcha, Krillin just before the Cell Games as they wait - Episode: What is the Tournament?)

"Curse you Kakarot! Always ONE STEP ahead of me! No matter HOW MUCH I progress you ALWAYS seem to surpass me! Why won't you leave me ALONE?!" (Vegeta as he realizes how stong Goku has gotten before the Cell Games - Episode: No Worries Here)

"You mean... You deliberatley let yourself fall under Babidi's spell?!?" (Goku to Vegeta, once he realizes that Vegeta allowed himself to be taken over by Babidi - Episode: Magic Ball of Buu)

"Let go son! Let go! You've got all the power you need to beat these guys. Just remember all the people you're fighting for - how much you care about them... Let that be your weapon!" (Goku to Gohan as Gohan and Supreme Kai go off to confront Babidi and Dabura in Babidi's ship - Episode: Magic Ball of Buu)

"Dude if that was not the Champ I will eat the hat I am wearing!" (A random human while Hercule was speaking to the People of Earth asking them to give up their energy for the Spirit Bomb to defeat Buu - Episode: People of Earth Unite)

"So is it true? You're going to take over Kami's postition? Guardian of Earth... That's one heck of a title!" (Gohan and Krillin to Dende, once they learn Dende will be the Earth's new Guardian - Episode: Dende's Dragon Drawing #378)

"Krillin and Vegeta?! Why on Earth would Krillin help Vegeta?!?!" (Bulma as she watches Krillin and Vegeta fly off together after they took the Dragonball Bulma had been guarding in a cave - Episode: Arrival of the Ginyu Force. Drawing #122)

"For a peace-lovin do-gooder like yourself, I'm pretty impressed! It's time for the Grand Finale!" (Captain Ginyu to Goku before he gives him a massive bunch of blasts - Episode: Goku is Ginyu - Ginyu is Goku. Drawing #168)

"When you lose, I want you to know for certain that you gave it EVERYTHING you had... that even at it's FULLEST, your Power was NO MATCH for MINE!!" (Goku to Frieza as he lets him power up to his max, while Planet Namek is crumbling around them - Episode: A Final Attack. Drawing #267)

"How about 'Bring everybody that died today back to life, except for the really, really bad ones!'" (Yamcha to Bulma and the Eternal Dragon as they wished everyone back after Majin Vegeta and Buu destroyed so many - Episode: Revival. Drawing #457)

"You cant stop ME! Everything will be sucked into the Deadzone I created - inlcuding YOU!" (Garlic Jr to Goku, Piccolo, Kami and Krillin, as they're all about to be sucked into the Deadzone - Movie: Deadzone. Drawing #157)

"Guess what, Mom! Dad defended me in a battle! Cool Huh! (Future Trunks to Bulma when he returned to his future timeline after Cell was defeated finally - Episode: Free the Future. Drawing #406)

"Oh I know... Trunks knocked over Piccolo's statue and broke it!" (Goten, after Krillin turns back from being turned to stone by Dabura and wonders why young Trunks is so frieked out - Episode: Mealtime. My Drawing #448)

"There there... Gosh Chi Chi! Did you cry this much when I died?!" (Goku to Chi Chi after he told her he was granted life again by the Elder Kai - Episode: Celebrations with Majin Buu)

"Tell the officials my opponent has decided to forfeit." (Vegeta after popping his opponent in the face before their match because his opponent was calling him an old man - Episode: Buu's Reincarnation)

"Turn into a COOKIE!" (Fat Buu to Dabura as he zaps him into a cookie - Episode: Mealtime. My Drawing #448)

"You're telling me that neither one of you muscleheads got your license??" (Chi Chi to Goku and Piccolo, after they returned from their unsuccessful driving lessons - Episode: Goku's Ordeal. My Drawing #319)

"Eternal Dragon... By your name I summon you forth!! Shenron!!" Bulma to the Eternal Dragon as they prepare to wish back all the people killed by Vegeta - Episode: Revival. My Drawing # 457)

"Huh?? No way!! What does it mean??! Man! What IS this?? I've never seen it before!!" Future Trunks as he sees the disconnected head of Android 19 lying in the grass - Episode: More Androids?? My Drawing #326)

"Supreme Kai gave me these! Cool huh!!" (Gohan to Goku when Goku arrives on the Kai's planet, referring to the "mystic" outfit Gohan was now wearing - Episode: Return to Otherworld. My Drawing # 468)

"Time to blow out the candles!" (At Gohan's birthday party, just before he blew out the candles, and a bunch of the cake too, all over his family - Episode: Memories of Gohan. My drawing # 376)

"Oh Majin Buu... Are you scared of all the creepy ghosts? You should be! They've raised their power levels as much as I have!" (Gotenks after he releases his "ghosts" for his Super Ghost Balloon attack - Episode: Gotenks is awesome. My drawing #480)

"Don't you touch me!! I didn't ask for your help you little runt!" (Vegeta as young Gohan pushes him out of the way of Recoome's Flames of Fury blast - Episode: Refuge from Recoome. My drawing # 76)

Do you feel that?? Holy Cow! (Krillin on the phone to Gohan as they sense Freeza's power near - Episode: Frieza's Counter Attack. My Drawing # 302)

"I, Hercule, will find out what tricks he's up to!" (Hercule talking to reporters about battling Cell in the Cell Games - Episode: Losers Fight First. My Drawing #381)

"You see now why I wanted to fight in the Adult Competition? Do ya?! (Chibi Trunks to Goten after quickly winning his first match in the Junior Division of the Tournament - Episode: The World Tournament. My drawing # 423)

"This guy's really good Burter! That was quite an entrance he made!" (Jayce to Burter as Goku appears after Recoome beats up Gohan - Episode: Enter Goku. My Drawing #136)

"King Kai - Please make a change in your wish... Ask the Dragon to send everyone back to Earth EXCEPT Frieza and me!" (Goku to King Kai as Plante Namek is about to blow up - Episode: The Last Wish. My Drawing # 274)

"Buu make boy see through eyes!" (Fat Buu to the little blind boy he meets as he heals his blindness - Episode: Return to Otherworld. My Drawing #468)

"No!! Gotenks!! What have you done?!?! You destroyed the Lookout! All gone! All gone!! (Piccolo to Gotenks as a good chunk of Kami's Lookout was destroyed while Gotenks was trying to blast Buu - Episode: Gotenks is Awesome. My Drawing # 480)

"Choose your words carefully as you speak. I will make two of your wishes come true." (Shenron to the Z fighters on Kami's Lookout after Gohan defeated Cell - Episode: Goku's Noble Decision. My Drawing # 403)

"Don't you lecture me boy, with that $30 haircut!" (Android 13 to Trunks - Super Android 13 Movie)

"Now I'm going to show you what true power REALLY is! That's right! I'm SUPER VEGETA!" (Vegeta to Cell who'd already absorbed Android 17 - Episode: Bow to the Prince. My Drawing # 353)

"Now I can't believe the Great Goku is takin a whoopin from those boys!" (Android 13 as he first meets up with Goku and Trunks. Super Android 13 Movie)

"You can admire my Saiyan Power later. Right now itls time to fix this!" (Goku to Rilldo - DBGT Episode: The Source of Rilldo's Power)

"You teach me lots of good things... but now Buu think it time Babidi go Bye Bye Bye!" (Fat Buu to Babidi just before he blows him up - Episode: Buu's Mutany. My Drawing # 465)

"Buu make you CHOCOLATE!!" (Fat Buu to Evil Buu as he attempts to turn him into chocolate to eat him, but it backfires back to Fat Buu - Episode: Buu Against Buu. My Drawing #474)

“You’re no warrior. You’re just a mindless freak of nature, a big wad of spit-out chewing gum.” (Vegeta to Buu)

I can't stop thinking about that kiss!... C'mon Krillin, don't let your feelings cloud your judgement... She's so beautiful... I love her..." (Krillin when he just can't detonate Android 18 like he was supposed to - Episode: Krillin's Decision. My drawing #355)

"SHUT UP!! Remember, I sold my soul to Babidi... They're Nothing to me!" (Vegeta to Goku when Goku tries to convince him to help destroy Buu - Episode: The Losses Begin. My Drawing # 446)

"What’s the deal with this raising hands stuff? I’m not in school anymore." (Yajirobe when everyone's asked to give their energy to the spirit bomb)

You stinky onions! You can't make me cry! I won't let you! I won't! (Kid Goku after taking Baby Vegeta's most powerful attack, then being trapped in a bizarre world where nothing is as it seems - DBGT TCG #43)

"Hey wait! Piccolo! How am i... supposed to... uh.. oh great! Why me? It's not fair!" (Krillin when he found he had to tell Bulma that Vegeta died - Episode: Evil Lives On. My Drawing #455)

"The Power of Gotenks, the mind of Piccolo... unstoppable! " (Majin Buu thinking of abosrbing Gotenks and Piccolo - Episode: Majin Buu Transforms. My Drawing #448)

"Huh? Oh no! Now it's... the... Z Daggar!" (Mystic Gohan as he broke the Z Sword while training - Episode: Out from the Broken Sword. My Drawing #469)

Quotes from the TCG cards: