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We know how it is... you like to play video games, don't you! Of course you do! And what could be better for a Dragonball Z fan than to be able to play DBZ Video games! Watching all your favorite characters in action - Vegeta, Goku, Majin Buu... being able to control your favorite DBZ dudes in a battle is great! We all love it! So you like to play videogames... are you curious about one you don't have, wondering if it's any good, or worth buying? Perhaps you'd like to hear some opinions by DBZ Video Game Fans? Well, you're in luck! Here you will find Reviews for various DBZ Games, either from our Staff members, or submitted by our visitors. We also have some Game Tips & Secrets, and Game Glitches for you below.

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Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2
Review by EricM3742

Reviews by Enygma:

Dragonball Z - Budokai Tenkaichi

Dragonball Z - Budokai 3

Dragonball Z - Sagas

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Game Tips and Secrets

Dragonball Z: Super Sonic Warriors 2 (by Mozeta)

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Game Glitches

For Buu's Fury

(submitted by Mozeta)

To get 255 senzu beansinstead of just 3. At the world tournament when Goku gets the senzu beans, eat them all before you give them to Gohan.

To fuse perfect everytime press up b left down a

Go SS3 early (sorta) Before the battle with Buu that Goku first transforms to SS3, fly to the lookout, transform to SS, then fly out the window. When you get to Buu (you should still be SS), when Goku transforms into SS, he transform SS3 instead.

(submitted by Super Goku)

Train weak people.
1. Lure a strong bad guy to a save point.
2. Stand on the save point and hit him untill he is defeated.
3. QUICKLY Change to the person you want to level up.
And done.

Pointless Talking Glitch
1. Turn Goku or Vegeta into there highest Super Saiyan forms know.
Note: Kami's / Dende's place is the best cause you can go Super Saiyan and leave throught the window.
2.Go to where Buu is at and watch what who says what.
Note: pointless, and from what I seen it doesn't affect the game

Two Trunks/Gotens for like 5 seconds
Where: Hyperbolic Time Chamber
How: Ok if you want Goten to be cloned be Trunks and visa versa. anyways...
1. Save, just incase I make a mistake or you do.
2. Turn both super saiyan or just the one that you want to be cloned
3. Talk to the person you want to clone and hit the option that you are ready
4. wait and you should fuse with a clone.
5. when battleing buu don't hit Trunks or Goten.
I am not sure what will happen after you beat Buu cause i always hit the clone.

(submitted by kid buu)

To make a clone of Goku
In HFIL when battleing Jenmba, if you stay as a Supersaiyin3 until they fuse, another one (not supersaiyin) will come and do the fusion while the supersayin3 Goku just sits there.


For Budokai Tenkaichi

(Submitted by Saiyan Shenron)

When you have a fight between SS4 Goku and SS4 Vegeta, when Goku beats Vegeta he talks in Japanese.


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