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Dragon Ball Z Sagas
System: Gamecube, XBox, PS2
by Enygma

I had high hopes for this game; I read some previews in various magazines, thouht it looked good, and then I tried it for myself, and I was quite displeased overall. The Graphics were nothing to be impressed with, as they seemed several steps behind those of the original Dragon Ball Z Budokai, and the movement was even worse. You have to start at an abnormally slow walk in order to run, and the running looks odd as well. Flying was more like Hovering, since the highest height you can reach is however high you can jump. One thing I did like was that in between the courses, it showed many scenes from the series, but you could just watch a tape of it for the same effect, except in it's full form. So graphically, I was not satisfied

However, I am of the firm belief that graphics are not everything, for me it's the game play and the music that really wins me over. Unfortunately, I found the music to not sound very Dragon Ball Z like, so so there's Strike 2. Now let's look at the game play. I found myself using the same basic pattern for almost every single battle in this game, so it got very repetitive, very quickly. Not to mention you can simply put up guard, and you are completely invincible to all damage, at the cost of a small amount of energy! By simply guarding until the moment I attack, you can often manage to take almost no damage in even the tough battles! Not to mention there are several bugs, one I noticed was that for most random battles, I could lead the enemies a little aways from where they appear, and find a spot where they'll just stand there, and let you fire your biggest Kamehameha at them! Not to mention you have no control over the Camera angle, and it usually settles itself in a place that ends up making you firing at the screen, hoping to hit something! Graphics, Music and Game Play all struck out, but there's still one more factor that could bring it to a point where it's worth it...

That's right, Story! If a game has a good interesting story, it can make up for some (but not all) of the above problems, and we all know Dragon Ball Z has a grat storyline, so this should be in the bag, right? Wrong. Outside of the cutscenes taken from the show in between courses, there is almost no dialog at all! The whole game you're basically just going from one side of a course to another, beating whatever comes your way, then fighting a "Boss" at the end that is basically the same as every other one before it. Not to mention some things felt like they were just put there to make the game longer, like Goku having to fight some random alien on Yardrat, what's that about? Also, I found it odd that you could find all 7 Dragon Balls, which are usually spread out around the entire planet, in one stretch of ground between you and your enemy!

This game also has a serious lack of replay value, which in thinking abot it is probably doing us a favor. Once you beat the game, on any difficulty, I'll add, you unlock the only unlockable thing in the game, "Pendulum Mode", where you can play through any part of the story, as several characters. Thing is, they play all the cutscenes and everything like original, just all of a sudden, it's someone else there instead of who it's supposed to be! Not to mention that the characters that are choosable are mainly just the standards like Goku (In various outfits) Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo, Tien and Yamcha. Only heroes, most of which you won't really have much more fun playing as then who you're supposeed to be. And for some reason, they must have thought that putting Broly somewhere in a game makes it better, because Broly, for a reason beyond my understanding, is a playable character in Pendulum Mode! Ok, I'll admit, I had fun for about 2 minutes doing ungodly damage with Broly, but it became nothing but excremely pointless after that.

So overall, I not only would not recommend most people to buy this, I'd advise against it. I rented it, and completely beat it in 2 days, with around 5 hours of total game play. Only time I'd suggest buying it is if you're a collector, and have every single Dragon Ball Z game ever released, but that's about it. Or, if sometime you have some free time and wouldn't mind a laugh or two, rent this, and you will either have a hard time trying to stop laughing at it, or will be sick of it within minutes.