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The Super Adventure Chapter 15
The Tournament Continues.
By Kristoffer Michael Garrett

Raphael:" What is going on, I thought there was only one Link"

Leonardo:" I guess there isn't just one."

Young Link then stepped into the ring, and watched the other Link step into the ring on the other side.

Young Link:" Hey he is dressed a lot like me."

Manager:" Fighters begin."

1st Link:" Hey why are you dressed like me, and is your name really Link just like me?"

Young Link:" I was born in Hyrule and was named Link by my mother who died shortly after I was born, I grew up in Koriki forest and that is why I am dressed like this."

1st Link:" That is an interesting story, So I guess your a Hylian right."

Young Link:" Yes that is correct, so your the first hero of time?"

1st Link:" Yes I am."

Knuckles:" Wow that's crazy, two heroes of time facing each other."

Mario:" Hopefully Young Link will be victories."

Back Room.

Ganon:" No this can't be, another Link."

Cell:" None of them will be a threat to us."

Ganondorf:" No matter who wins or looses or wins, there will still be a Link."

Carnage:" Just because you always get defeated by Link so much, doesn't mean he will be able to defeat me."

Shredder:" If Link is so much of a threat to you, why didn't you let Carnage finish off the Young one?"

Ganon:" I want to destroy him myself."

A Moblin then walked into the room

Moblin:" Master Ganondorf, how is everything going so far?"

Ganon:" Everything is going according to plan so far."

Cell:" Hey Moblin could you make me a glass of ice tea?"

Moblin:" Yes, I will get right to it Cell"

Young Link:" Lets begin."

1st Link pulled out his sword and shield, and so did Young Link. The two then ran toward each other and started sword fighting against each other. They blocked each others sword slashes with there shields. Young Link jumped back away from 1st Link. Both Links pulled out a bomb and threw them at each other, the two bombs hit each other and blew up in between both Young and 1st Link. 1st Link then pulled out his bo and arrow and shot seven arrows at Young Link, as they came toward him Young Link slashed all of the arrows in half.

1st Link:" That is very impressive."

Young Link pulled out his boomer rang and threw it as 1st Link, but 1st Link kicked the boomer rang back over toward Young Link and he caught it.

Young Link:" Nice kick, most people usually would get hit in the head."

Goten:" Wow this guy has good skills just like Young Link."

1st Link and Young Link then went back into the middle of the ring and started sword fighting again. Young Link then stepped back and pulled out his and pulled 1st Links shield out of his hand with it. Young Link then slashed first Link on his arm, and he disappeared.

Manager:" Winner Young Link."

Sonic:" Yes Young Link Won, that is great."

Young Link then stepped out of the ring and joined his friends.

Shadow:" Young Link that was a great match, and on top of that you defeated the original hero of time."

Mario:" That was a good match Young Link, you are the best hero of time."

Manager:" Next up, Meta Knight Vs. Raphael."

Leonardo:" Well Raph your up again, do your best to win."

Raphael:" Count on it."

Raphael then walked into the ring along with Meta Knight. Raph pulled out his Sais and started spinning them on his three fingers.

Manager:" Alright fighters, begin."

Meta Knight:" I saw you and your turtle friends matches, how did you guy's get so skilled?"

Raphael:" First of all we are not friends we are brothers, we were taught how to fight by are master splinter."

Meta Knight:" Did this Splinter guy enter the tournament as well?"

Raphael:" He decided to sit this one out."

Meta Knight:" Lets begin."

Meta Knight then jumped up into the air toward Raph, Raphael then jumped into the air and kicked Meta Knight onto the ground. Raph then slashed Meta Knight a couple times in the chest with his Sais. Meta Knight then got back on his feet and kicked Raphael a couple times in the chest. Meta Knight then curled into a ball and smashed into Raph a couple times. As he came to crash into Raph again, Raphael punched him down onto the ground. Raph then tried to stomp on him with his foot, but Meta Knight worked quickly and moved out of the way.

Raphael:" So your a fast Fela."

Raph then tried to kick Meta Knight again, but he turned into a stone as Raph's foot hit him. Raphael then yelled out in pain.

Raphael:" Darn that freaking hurt."

Meta Knight then returned to his regular form.

Meta Knight:" I thought after Kirby was defeated there would be no challenge in this tournament, I guess I was sadly mistaken."

Raph then ran over to Meta Knight and stabbed one of his Sais into him. Meta Knight just pulled it out and threw it at Raph, but he caught his Sai.

Back Room

Shredder:" This is not good, Raphael is putting up a good fight against Meta Knight"

Cell:" Don't worry Shredder, the turtle still might loose."

Cell then took another sip of his ice tea.

Ganondorf:" Every match that goes by brings us one more step closer to taking control of everything."

Meta Knight then curled back into a ball and, started crashing into Raph again, but as he came at Raph the 5th time Raphael kicked him out of the ring. Meta Knight then disappeared.

Manager:" Winner Raphael."

Young Link:" Yes Raphael Won, he beat Meta Knight."

Mario:" I have to admit, those turtles are good."

Raph then stepped out of the ring.

Leonardo:" Great job Raphael, you Won again."

Raphael:" I told I would defeat Meta Knight."

Manager:" Next match is Gohan Vs. Sonic.

Sonic:" What the heck, I have to go against Gohan."

Gohan:" I guess only one of us will be advancing Sonic."

Sonic:" Hey Shadow give me the chaos emeralds pal, I'm going to need them if I am to stand a chance against Gohan?"

Shadow:" Ok, I'm only letting you use them to make this match more interesting"

Shadow then handed all Seven chaos emeralds to Sonic.

Sonic:" Thanks pal."

Gohan:" Well Sonic, lets enter the ring."

The two then walked into the ring.

Manager:" Fighters begin."

Sonic:" Well pal I guess it's me or you, that means I have no choice but to take you down."

Gohan:" Ooh we will see about that Sonic, have you already forgotten I have the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan."

Sonic:" Then lets get down to it."

Sonic pulled out the Seven chaos emeralds and powered up to Super Sonic. Gohan then powered up and transformed into a Super Saiyan.

Young Link:" Well this should be an interesting fight, they both look powerful."

Gohan and Sonic then flew up into the air. Gohan shot a couple KI blast at Sonic, but he knocked every single blast out of his way, with his fist. Gohan flew flew closer to Sonic and they started throwing fast kicks and punches on each other.

Knuckles:" Wow I'm not shore who is going to win this fight, it is really intense."

Young Link:" Your right Knuckles, but Gohan has the power to ascend to Super Saiyan 2."

Shadow:" Maybe So, but Sonic can over come any one no matter how powerful they are."

Mario:" Lets just continue watching the match and see what happens."

Gohan kicked Sonic out of the sky onto the tournament floor, Sonic quickly got back on his feet and flew back into the air. Sonic smashed so hard into Gohans stomach, that a little blood came flying out of Gohans mouth.

Sonic:" Are you ok Gohan?"

Gohan:" I'm fine, that was a nice hit lets continue."

Gohan and Sonic then flew into each other and started attacking each other again. Gohan backed off from Sonic.

Gohan:" Kamehamehameha!"

The blast hit Sonic and took him down to the ground. After the smoke cleared, Sonic was still standing.

Raphael:" Yo Leo, Sonic and that Gohan guy look golden."

Gohan:" Wow he is still standing, I guess Sonic is tougher then I thought."

Sonic flew back into the air to face Gohan.

Sonic and Gohan flew over toward each other and continued fighting each other.

Bardock:" Very interesting, that Hedgehog has strength like a Saiyan."

Shadow:" If you are impressed by Sonics strength, wait until you see me in my next match."

Sonic and Gohan then backed away from each other.

Gohan:" It has been a lot of fun Sonic, but it is time to end this match."

Sonic:" Just listen to the words you just said, that is so original."

Gohan then flew fast and smashed his fist into Sonics face, and then kicked him out of the ring. Sonic then disappeared.

Manager:" Winner of this match is Gohan."

Gohan then powered down back to normal. He then got out of the ring.

Young Link:" Wow that is amazing Gohan, I thought Sonic was going to win before you guys started fighting."

Gohan:" He was tougher then I thought he would be."

Shadow then walked over to the side of the ring and picked up the Seven chaos emeralds.

Mario:" I heard so many stories about Sonic, I thought he was unbeatable."

Manager:" Next two to fight are Leonardo and King Boo."

King Boo entered the ring right away.

Leonardo:" What he is a ghost."

Raphael:" Don't let that scare you Leo, you can figure out a way to beat him."

Leonardo then walked into the ring.

Manager:" Fighters begin."

King Boo:" I am going to chew you up and spit you out."

Leo then pulled out both of his Katanas.

Leonardo:" Lets dance freak."

Leo then ran over toward Boo and tried to cut him with his swords, but the blades just went right threw him and had no affect on him.

Leonardo:" What the shell, it went right through him and had no affect."

Leo then put both his Katanas back into his sword pack. He then tried to kick and punch King Boo, but his punches and kicks just went through Boo.

Leonardo:" What, how am I supposed to beat this guy."

King Boo:" It's my turn to try and hit you."

Boo then started punching Leo in the chest and then knocked him over onto the ground.

Mario:" What the heck is King Boo doing at this tournament."

Leo looked up as he was laying on the ground.

Leonardo:" Hey his tail is a bit darker then his body, that just gives me an idea."

Leo then jumped up behind Boo and graved his tail.

Leonardo:" Yes I knew I was right."

He then started spinning King Boo around, he then through him out of the ring. King Boo then disappeared.

Manager:" Winner Leonardo the ninja Turtle."

Leo then stepped out of the ring and walked over to his brother.

Raphael:" Nice job Leo, that ghost almost defeated you."

Leonardo:" At least we are still in this Raph."

Manager:" Next Match Shadow Versus Moloch."

Shadow walked into the ring and waited for his opponent. Moloch then entered the ring.

Shadow:" What kind of creature is this?"

Manager:" Fight!"

Shadow:" You shore are a big one, but remember the saying the bigger they are, the harder they fall."

Moloch:" I'm going to crush you tiny Hedgehog."

Shadow:" Ooh we will see about that."

Shadow then formed into a ball and started smashing into Moloch's face.

Knuckles:" I'm really positive that Shadow is going to win this match."

The 10th time when Shadow smashed into Moloch's face, he fell to the ground unconious and disappeared.

Manager:" Winner Shadow."

Shadow then stepped out of the ring.

Shadow:" Well that guy sucked, I didn't even have to use the chaos emeralds."

Young Link:" Hey Shadow that was amazingly quick how you took that guy down."

Shadow:" I know."

Manager:" Listen up everyone we are entering the last round of the tournament, the remaining fighters are Raphael, Young Link, Gohan, Knuckles, Shadow, Goten, Bardock, Leonardo and Mario."

Young Link:" Wow that is great, I made it this far."

Manager:" First match of the final round is Gohan Vs. Goten."

Goten:" What, that is crazy I have to face my big brother."

Young Link:" Good luck against your brother Goten."

Goten:" Thanks, I'm going to need it"

Gohan and Goten then entered the ring.

Manager:" Ready fight."

Goten:" Lets do this for real."

Gohan:" Yeh right."

The two then powered up to Super Saiyan at the same time.

Goten:" Now for my first move, Kamehamehamhamhaaaa!"

Goten then fired the blast off toward Gohan, but it missed him and went into the sky.

Gohan:" Goten what sup with your aim, you could have easily hit me?"

Goten:" I guess I just wasn't very focused."

Gohan then flew into Goten and punched him in the face, making him almost fall to the ground. Goten got back in his position and him and his brother started fighting each other. Goten shot a couple KI blasts at Gohan, he knocked all of the blasts out of his way. Gohan and Goten then started throwing punches and kicks on each other. Goten then tried to hit Gohan in the face, Gohan caught the punch and threw Goten to the ground and then started firing KI blasts on him. Gohan then loaded up a huge blast and shot it at Goten, after the blast hit him he went back to normal. Gohan then flew down onto the ring were his brother was laying.

Gohan:" All to easy Goten."

Knuckles:' I knew Gohan was going to win."

Goten:" Hey Gohan do you remember the Kamehamhe blast that I launched at you earlier."

Gohan:" Yes and you missed, wait."

Gohan turned around and the blast came down and hit Gohan, he then disappeared.

Manager:" The winner of this match is Goten."

Young Link:" Wow Goten beat his big brother."

Goten got off of the ground and got out of the ring.

Mario:" That was cool Gaten, you out smarted your brother to win."

Manager:" Ok next match is Bardock Vs Shadow."

Shadow:" There must be some kind of mistake I just had a match."

Bardock:" Quit complaining and get into the ring."

Shadow:" Ok then."

Shadow and Bardock entered the ring at the same time.

Manager:" Ok Shadow and Bardock, get ready.... and fight."

Bardock then charged over toward Shadow and tried to kick him, but Shadow quickly ran behind Bardock and kicked him out of the ring. Bardock then disappeared.

Manager:" Well that was quick, winner of this match is Shadow."

Mario:" That was prophetically quick."

Shadow then got out of the ring.

Goten:" Hey Shadow you shore took my grandpa out fast."

Shadow:" He is a great fighter, but he should pay more attention to his opponents movements."

Goten:" Yeh your right."

Young Link:" Hopefully I'm in the next match."

Manager:" Ok folks, next is Raphael Vs. Knuckles."

Leonardo:" Well it looks like you are up again Raph, are you nervous?"

Raphael:" I'm never nervous."

Knuckles and Raph then entered the ring at the same time.

Manager:" Ready begin."

Knuckles:" I saw both of your matches, nice fighting styles."

Raphael:" Hopefully I can cut this match short, so you don't feel to much pain."

Knuckles:" I am not the one in this ring who is going to experience real pain."

Raphael:" Now your talking, lets get this match started."

Knuckles and Raph jumped up into the air and kicked each other in the face. Raph then pulled out his Sais and tried to slash Knuckles, he cut him on the arm.

Knuckles:" Darn you got me."

Knuckles kicked both Sais out of Raphs hands, they landed on the ground outside of the ring.

Raphael:" That is not a problem, because I don't rely on my weapons to win a fight."

Knuckles and Raph then started fighting each other.

Back Room

Ganondorf:" I think it's time we go greet are guest."

Cell:" Huh, what do you mean?"

Ganon:" What I mean is that the device which vanquished the other many fighters, has enough power to get rid of the seven remaining fighters."

Shredder:" Sounds great but may I ask how?"

Ganondorf:" The more fighters that were defeated gave the device more power, so this tournament is useless now."

Carnage:" Your right master Ganondorf."

Knuckles tried to punch Raphael, but he graved his fist and threw him onto the ground and kicked him a couple times. Knuckles got back on his feet and him and Raph were about to punch each other in the face, but a KI blast hit both of them and they fell to the ground. Knuckles and Raph looked up to see who had shot the blast.

Raphael:" Who the shell is that?"

Cell then came out of the sky and landed in the ring.

Knuckles and Raphael got on there feet.

Cell:" My name is Cell none of you know me, but I am one of Gokus greatest enemies."

Goten:" No way, so that's Cell."

Goten then flew into the ring.

Cell:" Ooh so you must be the second Son of Goku."

Goten:" Raph Knuckle, Knuckles step out of the ring this could get dangerous."

Cell:" I'm not working alone."

Manager:" You've got that right Cell, everything went according to plan."

Knuckles:" What you were a part of this to?"

Manager:" The other fighters who lost in previous match's have been sent to different dimensions to meet there death, not outside of the tournament walls as you expected."

Raphael:" You two will die for this."

Cell:" Who said there was only two of us."

A door then opened and out walked Ganondorf Carnage and Shredder. The three of them walked into the ring.

Shredder:" Hello Raphael you do recognize me don't you?"

Raphael:" Why are you gold and green instead of blue and silver?"

Young Link:" No it can't be him."

Young Link then got into the ring.

Young Link:" No way it's Ganondorf I thought I sealed him away for good, guy's get out of the ring now. Goten, Raph and Knuckles jumped out of the ring. Young Link then pulled out one of his strongest bombs and threw it at Ganondorf and his crew. As the bomb exploded Young Link jumped out of the ring. When the smoke cleared there was no ring, all of them were standing except the Manager.

Young Link:" No way how can they be standing after that."

Raph then picked up his Sais and ran toward Shredder.

Raphael:" You will pay for this Shredder."

Leonardo:" No stop Raph."

Raph ran up to Shredder, before he could even do anything Shredder knocked him onto the ground and kicked him back, he then crashed into Young Link.

Leonardo:" I don't know why you guy's have done this, but it is going to end now."

Leo then pulled out both of his Katanas. Raph and Young Link got up.

Shadow looks like I might have to step in."

Mario moved up closer to Raphael and Young Link.

Cell:" It is useless to fight us, you can't win."

Shadow:" I've had enough, chaos control!"

Shadow then powered up to super Shadow, and flew over toward Cell. When he reached Cell he punched him into a wall.

Young Link:" Now that's what I'm talking about."

Ganondorf then tried to shoot a purple energy ball at Shadow, but he flew out of the way with his speed. Goten then powered up to a Super Saiyan, he then flew over to aid Shadow

Mario:" Ok Goten and Shadow are taking care of Cell, I'll go against Carnage."

Raphael:" Hey Leo what do you say we Shred the Shredder?"

Leonardo:" Lets do it."

Knuckles:" I'll help you take out Ganondorf Young Link."

Young Link:" Ok lets do it."

Mario:" So we meet Carnage."

Carnage:" I'm going to rip you up plumber, and feed your corpse to the Crocodiles."

Mario then shot a couple fire balls at Carnage but he dodged them. Mario jumped up and tried to kick Carnage, but Carnage knocked him down. Carnage then opened up three portals and threw Mario into the green one.

Carnage:" Lets get them all into these portals."

Shredder picked up Raph by his neck and through him into the red one. Ganondorf loaded up two energy balls and shot Young Link and Knuckles into the blue one. Both Shredder and Carnage kicked Leonardo into the blue one also. Goten and Shadow were beating on Cell. Ganondorf then caught there attention with one of his energy balls. When they turned away from Cell he blasted them into the green portal Carnage then shut all three portals.

Ganondorf:" Yes we have won, and with no one to stop us."

Cell:" We will take over everything, starting with Hyrule and the Mushroom Kingdom."

The Four of them then laughed together.

To be Continued...

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