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DragonBall Z Budokai Tenkaichi
System: PlayStation 2 Release Date: 10/18/05
by Enygma

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi has a very difficult standard to live up to, it being the continuation from Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3, in my opinion the absolute best Dragonball Z game of it's time. Some of you might have read my Review on the previous game, and if you have, you know I picked up the controller of this one with high expectations. The game immediately drew me into the action with by far my favorite opening scene of any Budokai game yet, setting the mood for the whole game! But, it's alot more than just pretty graphics that make a truly great game, so allow me to tell you my full thoughts on every aspect of this one...

Gameplay and Controls: I started myself off expected I could learn the new tricks and mechanics of this game easily, having played all the prior ones. I found myself drastically mistaken there! I found that the controls were extremely differant from any other Budokai game, and it took me several hours to really start getting a feel for them. However, once I adapted to them, they do become much easier to handle. They added a whole new perception of depth to this game, making it alot less of 2 Dimensional gameplay, and although at first it's very intimidating, I think it brings the Dragonball Z feel even more to the game than ever before! One thing that's nice is that every character uses the same bottons to use either their Favorite Techniques, Finishing Moves or their Super Finishing Move, which makes it alot easier to switch from character to character, without having to remember differant botton commands. All in all, I'd highly advise taking the time to practice and learn the controls, this game is worth it!

Graphics and Music: From the stunning opening to the end of every last battle, the graphics of this game still impress me deeply! Maintaining a Anime look, combined with the immense action of Dragon Ball Z is quite a challenge, but once again, they're outdone themselves! To the drastic things like brilliant energy attacks, to the simple things, like how Majin Buu has steam billowing out of his head while powering up, make the graphical experiance of this game breathtaking! The Music in this game had much more of a Japanese Dragonball Z sound to it, which is good and bad. In some instances, I'm a big fan of the Japanese music over English, but I found that alot of the music in this game, especially during the battles, just doesn't keep up with the high action of the game itself. So although quite nice to listen to, it doesn't have the most high-paced, intense battle sound to it, which I think would have really improved on the gaming experience.

Characters and Replay Value: One of the stunning facts about this game is the immense amount of differant playable characters there are in it! From the classics like Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, Buu and Broly, to some of the craziest like Bojack, Super 17 and Master Roshi! Even the Great Ape (Or Oozaru, as it is also known as) is playable! And there's wonderful variety not only in the number of characters, but how very differant they all are! Although all of their moves are done with the same botton combinations, the style of battle from one character to another can be drastically different, giving almost every character a very unique feel to them! I was, however, slightly disappointed at some of the characters that were in Budokai 3, but were left out in Tenkaichi, such as Omega Shenron, but I can manage to live with that. On Replay Value, I think you'll find there's alot of things to do in this game, but it won't take nearly as long to max out as the previous one. This is, in my opinion, a good thing, as I found myself spending way to much time trying to unlock every capsule from Budokai 3, with this you can have the fun of playing around with everything alot sooner. It also has it's downsides, as it might not keep you playing for as long and, to be honest, I can see where you would get tired of playing on any Solo Mode after some time. But, with Multiplayer action, I think you'll find this is a game you'll pull out to play every time you and some of your Dragonball Z friends get together!

So, my final verdict, is that this game is wonderful, a brilliant way to honor Dragon Ball Z. Is it better than Budokai 3? In some things, yes, in others, no. Both are simply superb, both are high paced and fun, and both are, in my opinion, Masterpieces of the Dragon Ball Z Gaming world!