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Our Game Reviews - Budokai Tenkaichi 2
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Here we have Game Reviews for Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2, as submitted by our readers. If you'd like to submit your Game review for this game, email us and include the title "Game Review - Tenkaichi 2 " in the subject line.

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Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2
Review by EricM3742

If anyone has played Tenkaichi Budokai 1,but not Tenkaichi 2, I Highly recommend this one! It has Ingame Transformations as well as Fusions, it also has it's own Music (which can sometimes be a bad thing but overall the Music would have to be good. There are 129 playable characters (136 if you count the alternate Gotenks in Base, SSJ, and SSJ3, both forms of Vegito and SSJ4 Gogeta). There is also another feature... It is the fact, that with Passwords you can customize your characters and make them stronger than ever. I have done this with SSJ4 Goku (w/SSJ4 Gogeta as a transformation) and Broly (w/all forms) You cannot do this with everyone all at once, you only have room for about 3 different characters at a time.

Tips: There are many stages in the Dragon Adventure that I have found difficult, there is one in the stage where you Fight Hirudegarn W/Great Saiyaman 2 (Videl) & Great Saiyaman, this stage I found almost Completely impossible however I did discover one thing. If you are ever in Great Saiyaman form and you are having a Difficult Battle go Down to The Bottom of the Skill Page you'll See the Icon which alows you to power down. Press that and you'll turn back to Normal Gohan and you'll have many Energy attacks that you couldn't use in you're original form. Also DON'T Fight Hand to Hand with a Giant Character. Especially not in Dragon adventure.
Interesting facts: Well there are 3 Oozaru who have never been seen before Oozaru Raditz, Oozaru Nappa, and Oozaru Turles. Turles and Raditz are both un able to Control themselves, but Nappa is able too speak his voice is almost Identical to Normal Nappa. Another thing is that certain Rush Moves are able to be performed even on Giant Characters! Generally any Rush Move that only involves 1 Physical Blow aside from the initial attack are able to be performed. Examples of these are:
SSJ2 Teen Gohan's Father-Son Kamehameha
SSJ Gohan or SSJ Goten's Bros. Kamehameha
SSJ3 or SSJ4 Goku's Dragon Fist
There are a few others but I won't spoil the Fun.

Another thing you should know is that Kid Goku, Master Roshi (both forms), Grandpa Gohan, Yajerobie, Genral tao and Hercule all can only fly for about 10 seconds and then they Fall down. Kid Goku however is able to Fly indefinatly once he transforms into an Oozaru.
Those who have Played Budokai 3 - the stuff where you can Nearly Destroy The Planet has Returned! However it's not as Detailed as Budokai 3.

In The adventure there are 3 'What if'Story lines.
1. Fateful Brothers- About Goku and Raditz
2. Beautful Treachary- About Zarbon trying to get the Dragon balls for Immortality
3. Detined Rivals- About Goku and Vegeta's Rivallry

Overall I Highly recomend this Game It's very good! I hope You'll buy it and Keep some of the things in mind that I've stated.