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07/18/11 - Finally! Got the problem figured out with the Poll! Sorry it's been the same for so long, but had a little glitch that prevented it from updating! I've kicked it off with a new one about Dragon Ball Z Kai! Let's see how many of you are watching!

06/26/11 - Hey everyone! I know it's been a VERY long time, but things are finally going to be coming back to life here at DBZ Dimension! I look forward to being able to bring you more interesting things to check out, and I hope to be able to incorporate a lot of the cool stuff people have been sending in recently! I think Dragon Ball Z Kai on Nicktoons has really brought DBZ back to the forefront with a lot of new people, so I hope that those of you who are perhaps seeing DBZ for the first time will come to love it as much as I do. I'd like this to be a fun place for you to visit often, so check back soon for the details on the upcoming improvements and additions! And keep those emails coming! We'll be adding a lot of your submissions shortly!

09/13/09 - If you're interested in hearing more about the upcoming Dragon Ball Online game, I've got some info for you! Apparently it's going to be released in Korea and Japan sometime this fall, later next year for the US, by NTL. If you want to check out some Dragon Ball Online walkthrough and gameplay videos, they have some posted up at MMOSite.com along with all kinds of special features, screenshots and other info.! Looks pretty awesome! From what I read and saw, it looks like the charactors and artwork will be very pleasing to us Dragon Ball fans. One feature that looked interesting to me was the TimeMachine Quests that you'll be able to do, assisted by Time Patrol Trunks, allowing you to go back in time to various important events in the timeline. I can't wait! Looks great!

09/10/09 - For those of you who love Dragon Ball Z toys like I do, here's a little bonus for you I can pass on...The folks at Bandai America, the makers of the Dragon Ball Z line of toys, would like to share with you a special Dragon Ball Z Friends and Family coupon that you can use for $1 off any purchase of $9.99 or more of any Bandai America Dragon Ball  product.

You can download and print the coupon here: http://www.bandai.com/blog/news/save-1-00-on-kr-dbz-toys

The special offer expires on October 31,2009 and can be redeemed at participating retail locations (a partial list can be found at http://www.bandai.com/buy)

08/29/09 - I've seen Dragonball Evolution available on DVD for around $16.50 at Amazon and elsewhere. I know I had to have it for my collection for sure!
Dragonball Evolution movie

08/04/09 - I'd like to welcome our newest Site Sponsor, a fantastic site for DBZ Videos, dbzepisode.org. Be sure to check them out! And thanks for our new poll, plus a few new additions to the "You know you're obsessed with DBZ when..." section and "You'd Never hear them say..." section, as submitted by viewer Mez! Also thanks to RyanM for his new addition to our "Dbz Bloopers" section. More submissions to come, so stop back soon!

07/30/09 - A couple of interesting things since the last update... I saw on the Funimation page that there's a cool new 'crane' type arcade game (you know the type, with the claw you maneuver around to hopefully 'catch' your prize), with a DBZ theme. Besides having awesome DBZ figures as the prizes to catch, this one's a little different in that the figures come in special boxes with holes on the side, making it easier (if you've got the skills that is) to grab hold of your favorite with the claw. Apparently these cool Japanese figures won't be sold in stores, so you'll definitely want to try your hand at this game. There's even an online store locator so you can find the one nearest you. I'm thrilled to see there's one not too far from me, so you can bet I'll be trying to gather up some for my figure collection soon!

Another cool thing Funimation announced is the release of Dragon Box Z, which is going to be a fantastic 7 box set containing all of the 291 episodes and 13 movies, each completely restored, frame by frame. Dragon Box 1 will be released in the fall on Nov 10th for about $80, and will contain the first 42 episodes (uncut) on 6 disks. This is definitely something you'll want to put on your Christmas list!

I'll have another update shortly adding many new viewer submissions for various sections here, so stop back soon!

4/10/09 - Just got back froom the Dragonball Evolution movie and I've gotta say I LOVED it! I thought it was great, I LOVED the characters, they were all perfect. And although at first I was a bit hesitant, I think they did a great job casting Justin Chatwin as Goku, I found him to be particularly charming! All of the characters were wonderful. I think they did a fantastic job with the special effects and some of the sets I thought were very cool. Of course the story line didn't follow the manga or anime exactly, but and I found it to work just fine. There were some funny parts that had the crowd in the theater laughing, like a great scene at Chi Chi's party, for one example. I would have liked to have seen even more with Piccolo, and would have enjoyed their battle scene to be even longer, but overall I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it, given some of the rather negative buzz I'd heard prior to seeing it. I heard that they've gotten the green light for the next movie in the series, which makes me happy to hear! I'd definitely look for more! I'll certainly see it again and will buy it when it comes out on DVD for sure. Go see it, I think you'll enjoy it! And don't forget to stay through the credits so you won't miss what's at the very end. ^_^

4/2/09 - Well everyone, only a few more days until the release of Dragonball Evolution, scheduled for opening in theaters here on Friday April 10th. There's been a lot of discussion about the movie already, and it seems like it will definitely be one of those that you either love or hate, from the buzz that's been going around. Personally, I'm still really anxious to see it, and will give it my full attention as a separate entity from the manga or anime. I understand that it's not going to be like either of them, and I don't really expect it to be. But I am definitely going to go see it and hopefully enjoy it too. I think if people just view it with open eyes, they'll enjoy it as well.

From what I've read about it so far, it looks like the action scenes are good and have a very natural flow to them and they don't seem 'choreographed', which is a good thing. Also I heard that the special effects look great, and they even managed to make the Kamehameha look believable! Now that I'm anxious to see! I heard it also keeps a lot of the comedic aspects of Dragonball, which is a good thing, because that was one of the things that we all loved about Dragonball in the first place, right? It definitely looks like they're setting it up for sequels, and from what I heard, you should stay through to the end of the credits... *wink* just in case.

So hopefully all of you will go see it, like I will, and enjoy it with an open mind. I don't care about any previous negative reviews it may have had... that was pretty much to be expected, because a lot of people just don't feel that something as epic as Dragonball and Dragonball Z could possibly be anywhere near the originals. But I think that if you take it for what it is - a good vs evil story with great battles, cool effects, and some comedy thrown in for good measure - then you'll enjoy it.

To be honest, I can't wait! So get your tickets for Dragonball Evolution and I'll see you at the theaters!

As for site updates this time... so far I've updated the Humor page with a bunch of viewer submissions for They'd NEVER say this... and also a submission to the Favorite Quotes page. I'll have more viewer submissions for various areas of the site shortly, so check back soon!

12/25/08 - Hey Merry Christmas everyone! Just wanted to pop in and share a little DBZ Christmas spirit with you!

A Christmas picture of the DBZ gang

Also, here's a fun little YouTube video I ran across and thaought I'd share with you too! It's an Alternate Reality DBZ Christmas Special

There's been a lot of buzz about the upcoming Dragonball Movie, Dragonball: Evolution, now that it's release date of March 13th in Japan (April 8th in North America) draws near. Just take a look at this... the International trailer for Dragonball: Evolution.

I for one can't wait until it comes out! I've added some of the Promotional pictures of some of the cast members to our Dragonball Movie page. Check out Piccolo!

10/3/08 - Added another interesting affiliate with a DBZ Forum where the members are combining ideas to create a design for a fan’ Dragonball Z game called Dragonball Zenkai. Sounds like fun! I've got quite a few new things to add in the next few days, several more viewer submissions in various sections, so stop back soon!

8/25/08 - Did a little rearranging with my Affiliate buttons to make them more visible for everyone. Also added a link to returning site Saiyanz Rage and for new Affiliate Ultimate DBZ.

8/2/08 - In our effort to provide you with the most DBZ information you can get your hands on, a few more Affiliates have been added to our rotation for your enjoyment... welcome Majin-Planet, Saiyan Arena, and Dragonball Legends.

7/27/08 - I've added a new Affiliate to DBZ Dimension... this one is a new site, Dragonball GT2, soon to be filled with a lot of interesting content for the DBZ fans out there. We had 2 new submissions to the Make Your Move section - don't forget to send in your creative DBZ attacks!

I've also updated the Fanfics page with another exciting Chapter to our 'Quality Fanfic Favorite' Dragonball - Chaotic Future. Be sure to check it out if you want a good read!

Also for an update on The Dragonball Movie, I heard that it's now set to make it's debut in Japan first, on Friday the 13th of March and then April 10th here in North America. It's looking more and more exciting! I've added a special page in our Movie section with more information. I personally can't wait!

7/20/08 - We're looking to grow a lot, so I've added a new Affiliate Link page for those of you out there who have a website and would like to link to DBZ Dimension. I'll be happy to add your link to my site as well!

7/11/08 - Finally! The new look for DBZ Dimension is here! Hope you like it! There are some new sections here, including a new Contests page, and some of the other sections have undergone a few changes as well. You might still run across a page or two of the old design, so please be patient until I get any 'bugs' worked out.

Also in the Contact Us/Staff section, you'll find a listing for any Staff/helper positions we're looking for. If you'd like to help contribute to DBZD, we'd like to talk to you! We're looking to expand here to help you find more information about the upcoming Dragon Ball Movie, the new DBZ Action figures and Dragon Ball CCG from Bandai, as well as add some new features to DBZD for you to enjoy! I'd like to focus a lot on the creative side of our viewers, with additional Galleries for viewer submissions, and the upcoming addition of our Oekaki program, so that you DBZ artists will be able to instantly create drawings online here.

So welcome back! It's nice to have you join us again, and we hope you like the new look of DBZ Dimension!

5/30/08 -Sorry it's taking so long for the new look, I've had a lot of interuptions, but we're just about there! Won't be much longer! In the meanwhile, I've added a new affiliate, DBZ Warriors - a great site that's been around since 1998, including info on the upcoming Dragon Ball Movie, wallpapers, Winamp skins, coloring pages, lots of cool stuff! Be sure to check them out!

5/12/08 -Hey we're getting closer to the finished new design for DBZD! Almost ready, so stop by often! And we've also got some new Staff members to be revealed soon as well. We've also added a new Affiliate, DBCCG.com to help keep us updated on the new Dragon Ball Collectable Card game from Bandai. So lots of excitement here! Can't wait to show you!

3/25/08 -Lots of new things going on around here! Very soon we'll have a brand new look! I'm quite excited about it and think you'll all like the new changes when they go up! For now, I've added some of the submissions to the Make Your Move page. And here are some of the new things going on in the world of Dragon Ball Z...
Sadly, there's news that the upcoming Dragonball movie's release date has been changed to April 3, 2009. So I guess we'll have to wait a little longer now to see how that turns out. *sad face*

But, there are new Dragon Ball Z Action Figures from Bandai being released shortly *happy face* These awesome new 2.5" DBZ Ultimate Spark Figures come 2 to a pack - Vegeta/Cell, Super Saiyan Goku/Frieza, Super Saiyan Vegeta/Trunks, Super Saiyan Trunks/Piccolo, and Super Saiyan Goku/Super Saiyan Gohan. They also have 12 amazing 4.5" Original Collection Figures from Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT.

And Bandai will soon release the new Dragon Ball Collectable Card Game! Finally there will be cards from all 3 series incorporated into one exciting new card game, complete with new artwork exclusive to the cards! Apparently the game system is similar to that of the Bandai America's Naruto CCG, so should be quite popular! It's supposed to debut on July 18th, so we'll keep you updated!


2/20/08 - Just to let you know I'm replying to all the recent emails and should have your submissions updated shortly. Thanks for all you've sent everyone! And soon we'll have some new staff members to help make our site even better!

2/19/08 - I've been reading up about the upcoming live action Dragon Ball movie set to come out Aug 15,2008! From what I've read, Akira Toriyama is one of the screenwriters, Justin Chatwin will be starring as Goku and James Marsters as Lord Piccolo. It follows Goku's adventures in trying to gather the Dragonballs before Lord Piccolo can. I read that they are mostly shooting at several locations in Mexico, but also will be doing some shooting in Los Angeles. Also, 87Eleven, the stunt performance company that worked on "The Matrix" and "300", is working on the film, so that should be great for some of the stunts the film would no doubt have to have.

I know that some of us are a bit unsure if they can pull off making a Dragonball movie that will live up to what we've all come to love, but I found a fun quote from James Marsters, who plays Lord Piccolo: "When I got the role I had doubts. The more I live with it I realize that I am going to rock this harder than I have anything in my life."

1/11/08 - Well, a new year and new changes in store for DBZ Dimension! I'm currently looking for some good Staffers, so if you're interested in helping DBZ Dimension grow, please contact me! I'm anxious to talk to you!

11/12/07 - Lots going on lately, but we've got several new submissions to get added. For now, the new poll, and added 3 new Autographs to my collection (Alistair Abell, Brad Swaile, & Cathy Weseluck)...I have more on the way too. Now that I finally have a new scanner, I should be able to get the rest of my drawings and other fun things up soon too!

10/11/07 - Sorry I've been unavailable for recent updates... I'm had a lot of trouble with my back and it's just plain been difficult. But I'm trying to get caught up with all the submissions and will add them as I finish them. For now, I've added a few more to the Make Your Move page, as well as the Favorite or Funny Fusions page. I know I have quite a few Fanfic chapters to update on some of the ones we have, so I'll try and get to them tomorrow. I have a LOT more to add! :)

8/22/07 - For those of you who are fans of the card game, I've added the 'Dreamcard' Gallery for the creative cards of our member, Pwntality. Go check them out!

8/21/07 - Whoa! so much new stuff to get in here! Lots of submissions recently! You may have noticed we've added a new section to the sidebar called What If? Here you can submit your own thoughts on alternate situations in DBZ. Feel free to submit YOUR ideas on what might have happened if things had gone differently. There were also new submissions to the Make Your Move section as well as the Favorite or Funny Fusions section. I still have more FanFics, Dreamcards, and a few other things that will be added shortly!

8/8/07 - OH it's been busy around here! Sorry so long since an update! I've got the new poll up for now, and have lots more to add shortly!

7/24/07 - Well, lots of Fanfic updates today! A brand new one from DarthVenom9808, additional chapters for both the Ultimate Saiya Jin and DragonBall - Chaotic Future. There's also a number of new Favorite or Funny Fusions , and of course the new Poll. Last week's DBZ Past Poll results had a pretty clear winner! I do have a few more things to add yet this week, but I'll have to get to that in the next few days. We've got some improvements we'll be making to DBZ Dimension, so keep visiting, and as always, feel free to keep sending in submissions and suggestions!

7/17/07 - More interesting DBZ stuff ffor you today, in addition to the new Poll. We have another submission by "Adam" to the DBZ Power Levels section, a few new Favorite or Funny Fusions for ya, and a couple new Chapters in the DBZ Fanfic, the Ultimate Saiyajin

7/10/07 - Lots to add tonight! A new viewer submitted Video Game Review for Budokai Tenkaichi 2 , a couple of new DBZ Bloopers, a new Fusion for you to ponder, a new attack in the Make Your Move section, and another exciting chapter in the DBZ Fanfic Chaotic Future. Look for Chapter 3 there to continue that adventure. Keep those submissions coming in! Remember you can also submit suggestions for DBZ Polls, Game Reviews, Memorable Moments, pretty much anything we have here you can contribute to! We want DBZ Dimension to be your DBZ connection!

7/2/07 - I'll have more new things for you tomorrow, but for tonight, the just new DBZ Poll. I would like to put in a request to any of you DBZ Gamers out there who would like to help me with our DBZ Video Game Reviews section. I'm really looking for some game reviews to add here to DBZD, for Harukanaru Densetsu, Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and any others that we don't have.If any of you would like to help out, I'd love to have you email me your comments and reviews on any DBZ Video Games that you can tell our readers about from your experience. Just put 'Video Game Reviews' in the subject line of your email and include what username you'd like to be called to credit your review.

6/26/07 -Lots of creative new moves added to the ever-growing Make Your Move section here! Go check them out! Another exciting Chapter has been added in our FanFic section to the very well written Dragon Ball: Chaotic Future. If you enjoy a good FanFic, I highly recommend that you take the time to read this one!

6/19/07 -A few more submissions to the DBZ FanFics section today, including a great one called Dragon Ball: Chaotic Future , so be sure to check that out. Also another submission to the Make Your Move section.

6/15/07 - I had a chance to add the newest Fanfic, The Ultimate Saiya Jin, and quite a nice lengthy one it is, with 6 Chapters already! Still have more to add, but probably not til tomorrow or so.

6/12/07 - I updated the DBZ Links page with some more info for those of you who are into Role Playing and DBZ MUDs. Dragonball Evolution is one of our favorites, so check out the changes there! I have several more viewer submissions to add later, as I'm still trying to get caught up after my very busy weekend.


6/4/07 - Well, there are a few more submissions to the FanArt Section-tonight, 2 new in the Misc Album, and a new Album from our DBZ Forum member Super Nova (AlwaysBrolly). There's also a new submission to the Make Your Move section. I'll have more to add later!

5/28/07 - It's Memorial Day here in the USA, so be sure to take a moment to give honor and respect. I've got a couple new submissions for you this week. One is a new Power Level List from one of our Forum members - beatdown. Check out his compilation. There are also 2 new creative submissions to our Make Your Move section, so you might want so see what DBZ moves our viewers came up with this time. We also have another interesting Fanfics submission entitled Wrath.

5/22/07 - A new week, a new DBZ Poll for you, and we've had a few viewer submissions to include this time as well. One is in the Humor section under DBZ Bloopers . I'll get the others up shortly!

5/14/07 -
Alrighty, there's a new DBZ Poll for you to enjoy, and I think you'll notice it's been inspired by one of our newest additions to the Humor Section. Also, you can check out the Past Polls to see how many responses we had to that last one!

5/7/07 - So far, the new DBZ Poll is ready for you, and we also had some new entries for the Make Your Move section . I also updated the Favorite & Funny Fusions section with a lot of new ones that were submitted this week... I think this is going to be a fun section! Also in the Humor Gallery there's a new image in the Silly & funny section there... I think you'll notice it there!
Have fun here, and don't forget to cast your vote!

5/1/07 - Well, we begin a new month with a few exciting new additions to our site. First, I've added a new section called Favorite & Funny Fusions to our Humor section. Be sure to check out some of the crazy combinations there! I've also added a new section called Make Your Move where viewers can submit their own created attacks and special abilities. We've got quite a few interesting ones already there! And of course being Monday, we have a new Poll for you to enjoy.

4/24/07 - Alrighty! I got the new link up in the Humor section here at DBZD...DBZ Photo Fun! Go check out the first entry, some great submissions from our own Forum member, db-yamcha! If you've got some creative pictures or photos, feel free to submit them there!

4/23/07 - Oh man it's been crazy around here! Sorry so late on an update. I had a big project in the outside world to tend to, and it literally took all my time. But here's a new DBZ Poll for you. In the FanArt Gallery, we have a new album addition, from one of our forum members gunsotsu3. Go check out his art! We also had a phenominal number of votes on the Past Poll, so be sure to check out who won.

3/28/07 - Well, here's another interesting DBZ Poll for you, let's see what you, the viewers, think. I have some other crazy viewer submissions to add to a new section I'm working on, so I should have that up for you later today. But for now... go vote and check out the Past Poll too!

3/20/07 - Whew! Sorry I've been so busy lately... sometimes that happens! I'll try to get a bit caught up though soon. For now, here's the most recent DBZ Poll for you to vote on as well as the Past Poll results from last week's play on the popular DBZ YouTube Video 9000!! NINE THOUSAAAAANDD! Still cracks me up for some reason. Anyway, I'll have some other things to add later for ya! Still looking for Game Reviews, so if any of you have any comments or reviews on any of the DBZ video games, please contact me so we can add it here!

3/15/07 - Happy 17th Birthday to my son, our very own Enygma! Hope you have an amazing year ahead! I have a hunch it'll be a great one!

3/6/07 - Well, I've been pretty busy lately in real life, so it's been hard to find the time to get stuff done in here as I'd like to, but hopefully next week! At least the newest DBZ Poll is up for you, and naturally you can find the reults of last week's Past Poll here!

2/19/07 - We've got some fun stuff for you this week... I finally got the Gallery problem with uploading fixed, so I've got several new additions there. In the Humor Gallery, I've added several to the "What are they thinking?" section as well as more to the "Funny, Silly or Crazy DBZ pics" section. In the FanArt Gallery I've added artwork from Tani and from Goku_Monkey_King, each with their own album. And in the Banner Gallery I added an album for Pwntality's cool banners as well as some from Final Flash.. So be sure to check out all the new additions in the Galleries! Of course you'll want to be sure to cast your vote in this week's DBZ Poll and you can find out the results of last week's Past Poll while you're at it! Quite a popular poll, that one was!

2/12/07 - Well, Valentine's Day is almost here, so here's a little Valentine humor from Championvilla and our forum member, Kid Buu, for ya, featuring our favorite DBZ sweethearts! Be sure to vote on the latest DBZ Poll and you can check out last week's crazy Past Poll too! Hope you have a sweet Valentine's Day!

1/30/07 - At long last, we have a winner for the DBZD World Tournament! Surprisingly enough I thought it would have been a closer match, but the fans have spoken loud and clear! Be sure to check out the results! And be sure to vote on the new Poll, now that we'll be back on our weekly new Poll schedule again. We've come up with an interesting one for you this time, and it's our Poll number 101, I might mention! That's a lotta Polls! And remember, if you have a great idea for a Poll you'd like to see, feel free to email me with "Poll Suggestion" in the subject line. I'm always up for your ideas! Also, I'm currently looking for submissions for our Game Reviews section... particularly for the new Wii Budokai Tenkaichi 2 (but reviews for any of the DBZ games are welcome). If you've got the game or played it, I'd love to have you send in your thoughts, comments, suggestions or strategies for it. Please email me with "Game Review" in the subject line. Be sure to include whatever credit name you'd like us to use for your submissions.

1/18/07 - Well, well! We're down to the final matchup for the DBZD World Tournament! The age old rivalry continues! Now it's all up to you, the voters, to decide who will stand alone at the end of this event! Be sure to cast your votes now! And of course you can see the final numbers at the Past Polls section.

1/9/07 - A very busy week this past week for me here, but now I'm starting to get caught up with my other things, including updating here. The DBZD World Tournament is nearing it's final votes... we're down to the semi-finals now! Go check out the action to see who's still left fighting! And of course you can always check out the last weeks totals in our Past Polls section. I have updated the FanArt section to also include some great drawings submitted by our forum member, Goku_Monkey_King, so feel free to click on her link there. I'll post more goodies later!

1/1/07 - HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Hope you all had a safe and happy holiday! I've got quite a few goodies to update for you tonight. Of course, we all want to know about the DBZD World Tournament so be sure to cast your vote now! You can also see who has advanced to the next round. Also, I've got some new submissions for the following: the DBZ's Most Memorable Moments section, and in the humor section, the DBZD's Bloopers , and You Know You're Obsessed when... seems to me there's something else I was supposed to update, but I can't think of it at the moment!

12/24/06 - It's Christmas Eve everyone! Hope you'll all have a very Merry Christmas! Here's a little Christmas goodie from our "What are they thinking?" creator, Championvilla. What do YOU think "Santa Vegeta" is saying? lol

I fixed the link to her "What are they Thinking?" Gallery from the Humor Section. Once I fix a little uploading problem to the Galleries, I'll have a bunch more of these humorous creations of Championvilla's to add! Also, the DBZ World Tournament's Round 1 is complete! It was an amazingly close race between the Supreme Kai and Master Roshi, but Android wasted no time in wasting Hercule. Be sure to continue your voting as we progress on into the next Round 2!

12/11/06 - Well, the DBZD World Tournament is rolling right along! Close call for last week's first match too. Be sure to cast your vote for both of the polls up today! Should be interesting! Also, I'll be on vacation until next Wed or Thursday, so the next poll may start a little later.

12/5/06 - I've added more of the fantastic Animated Avatars from our own Mr Legendary. Check the Animated Avatars page for details as to which ones.

12/4/06 - The DBZ World Tournament continues! Don't forget to cast your votes! Submit for the first one, then vote for the second one... it only registers one vote at a time when you submit, not for both polls at once. We're getting closer to Round 2, (which will start after next week's last pairings of Round 1) on Dec 18th.. Who do you think will win this tourney?

11/27/06 - The voting for Round 1 will continue so go check out the current standings in our DBZD World Tournament and see who came out victorious in last week's preliminary round! Remember, every vote counts, so be sure to cast your vote for each one of the 2 Polls this week! There will also be future DBZD World Tournaments with different characters to look forward to as well! Also, if any of you out there have purchased Tenkaichi 2 for the New WII system and would like to submit a brief (or lengthy) review, please email me! I'll be happy to include your DBZ Videogame reviews! One more thing, for any of you who are members of our Marriland Forums, the server switchover is finally complete and appears to be working great now, so we can all hang together in the DBZ section there again! See ya there!

11/21/06 - Ok! We've got some fun stuff for you all this week! We finally got the DBZD World Tournament up and running! Go read all about it and check out our lovely images for the pairings! (Thanks Enygma!) Don't forget to vote for your choices on the Polls! Every vote will be important! Also you can still check out the votes on last week's Past Poll to see how that one turned out. And if that wasn't enough, I have most of the newest DBZ Animated Avatars now uploaded. Go check them out too while you're at it!

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