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11/15/06 - AlI finally got the new Poll up, so you might want to go cast your vote! Also the Past Poll had some interesting results, with a tie for first that was only one vote short of a 3 way tie! I still haven't had a chance to add the newest Animated Avatars from Legendary, but I will get them added shortly.

11/7/06 - Alright! Finally got my server switched over so now I can get back to uploading! Watch for more Animated Avatars among other things up shortly! I'll repost when they're up and running! In the meanwhile, I've got a funny new DBZ Poll for ya! And of course the big results of last week's Past Poll too! Have fun and don't forget to check back over the next day or so for the newest uploads!

10/30/06 - Ya, just a few more tweeks and my new server issues will be fixed! Then I can get back to uploading all the spiffy new Animated Avatars Legendary made, as well as some new scans I've got too. In the meanwhile, here's a new DBZ Poll for you all to contemplate. And we had quite a huge response on the Past Poll too, so go see who's the most desirable DBZ character to have as a sibling!

10/23/06 - Well, I had a bit of a problem with some computer and uploading issues, so all I was able to do tonight was update the DBZ Poll section and the Past Poll too. Hopefully I'll be able to get the other things added shortly.

10/17/06 - Time for another new DBZ Poll for you! And we had quite a lot of response for last week's Past Poll too, so you might want to check out those results while you're here! I did some updating to the Voice Actor's Pictures & Autographs section of the Gallery, to include the scans of the Autographs I've collected so far and also some more of the voice actors. I will have more in a little bit, including the Animated Avatars. Had quite a bit to rearrange and a busy week too.

10/9/06 - Ok, it's a brand new week, and that means a brand new DBZ Poll for you! Last week's Past Poll had some interesting results too , so you might want to check that out. There's also a funny little addition to the Most Memorable Moments section, and I updated some email info on our Contact Us page. Now, Legendary has been completely going to town making a bunch of tasty new Animated Avatars for us all, so I'll be doing a bit of rearranging and adding of pages in that section over the next few days. I believe he's sent me 30 new ones already! 0_0 Wow! Lots of new ones for Goku, Frieza, Vegeta, and many others too!

10/3/06 - Well, it's Tuesday and I didn't get the new Poll up last night like I usually do, so to make up for being a day late, I thought I'd try a triple DBZ Poll for you today! Go give it a vote now! Also, we had a ton of votes for the Past Poll, so be sure to check that out too!

9/25/06 - Monday is here again! So, I've got another DBZ Poll for you to vote on, as well as the results from las week's Past Poll. Guess that's about it for now... more later!

9/20/06 - Enygma has written up a brief review for the latest, and final, DBZ Movie out, Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon. Be sure to check it out in the DBZ Movie Reviews section. He even included a few screenshots for you.

9/18/06 - Well, quite a bit of rearranging on the Animated Avatars pages, now that Legendary has created another big batch... we now have over 200 of them to choose from! Wowza! Great job Daniel! Thanks! We love them! But I decided to try and rearrange them so that it will be easier in the future to add additional ones to specific characters. I still have a few more pages of specific characters to make from the Misc pages, but for now, it's a bit easier to locate ones you're looking for. Watch for more improvements in the next few days in this section. And as usual, we have a new DBZ Poll. Last week's Past Poll shows almost a 3 way tie! Go see who's voices were voted the most interesting!

9/11/06 - Today is 9/11... a moment of silence to honor all those lost or affected by the events of that fateful day..................

We have another DBZ Poll for you! This one should be an interesting one! You can also check out the Past Poll too! Oh and another thing I updated was some more current info from Legendary, for the Staff Page. I have more to add tomorrow... Humor, another batch of awesome Animated Avatars, and more!

9/7/06 - I've added the Game Glitches to the Game Reviews, Tips, Secrets & Glitches section with several submissions. Also, I added a link on the Sidebar to DBZ Sig Banners Gallery so they'll be easier to locate. Currently we have one folder for Legendary's Banners. If you have created some cool DBZ Sig Banners that you'd like to share with us, contat me and we may create a folder for your work as well. (We're trying to keep them sized 400x150 and in jpg format if possible.)

9/6/06 - Happy 19th Birthday to my son Devin (Marriland on the Forums)! Hope it's a great year! Well, I added several more to Legendary's Banner Gallery. It's filling up nicely now with a good assortment of characters.

9/5/06 - Alrighty, I've got 3 new additions to the DBZ Bloopers section, as well as an interesting new Fanfic called Goku Vs Superman that you can find in the FanFic section.

9/4/06 - Happy Labor Day to those of you in the US! And welcome back to Legendary who recently returned from his honeymoon! (too bad ladies... our own "Prince of Saiyans" is officially taken now) Just a quick update for now due to the holiday, but I'll add more good stuff later! I've had quite a few various submissions, and I need to get them all ready for uploading, so look for more later! But for now, here's the new DBZ Poll and of course the results from the Past Poll too!

8/28/06 - Wow it's Monday already! That means time for a new DBZ Poll for you to vote on! Go cast your vote on this viewer submitted poll! You can check out the crazy results from last week's insane poll here in the Past Poll section too. I've got some more things to add tomorrow, but wanted to get the new poll up tonight for ya!

8/23/06 - I did a little rearranging in the Humor Gallery today. Gave it 2 albums, one for Funny, Silly or Crazy DBZ pics (added a few more you submitted) and the other for the "What are they thinking?" ones Championvilla has been working on. Got just a few of those ones in there to kick it off. More will follow.

8/22/06 - I didn't get a chance to get the new DBZ Poll up until this morning, but it's up now and it's a crazy one alright! And the Past Poll had quite a few votes! Go see who most of our viewers think they look like! Also, we had a few more submissions to the DBZ Bloopers section from viewers with a sharp eye for the errors. And I finally got Chapter 15 from the The SuperAdventure in the Fanfic Section, added too! Go check that out and see how the tournament is coming along!

8/15/06 - As promised... I've got a TON of new Anaimation Avatars for you today, courtesy of our own Legendary! He's been a busy boy and I a busy girl! I added to the following pages: Pg 1b (several Goku), 4b (more Vegeta ones), 6b (more Piccolo), 10b (lots of Gohan), 7c & 7d (misc ones, including Hercule, the Eternal Dragons, Raditz and more. I put a * by the pages with additions to make it easier to know where new ones were added. Go check them out!

8/14/06 - Man this week sure went by fast!! Of course, you'll find a new DBZ Poll on the Index page, with the results for last week's in the Past Poll section. I've recieved a bunch of new AnimAvartars created by Legendary, some awesome ones in there too! I'm in the process of organizing them into the proper pages now and will have them up online within the next day or so. Same with the new additions to he Humor Gallery.

8/7/06 - Monday is here again, so I have another DBZ Poll for you. Can't believe we hadn't done this one yet! If you're curious about the Past Poll results, you can certain check out the updated page there. We also had another submission to our DBZ Bloopers page in the Humor Section. Our viewers are always keeping a watchful eye for any glitches! If you notice any when you're watching your favorite episodes or movies, be sure to write and share them with us!

8/6/06 - Just would like to say Congratulations to Legendary, our Staff Member, who got married today! May he have a long and wonderful life with his new bride! He's, obviously, taken a break from creating his Animated Avatars, but will whip up some more later, after he's had a chance to recover from his honeymoon!

8/3/06 - Did a few little tweeks to the Links page and added a few more, making a section for DBZ RPs and Muds, as well as a Music section. Also added Championvilla to our Staff page. She will be contributing some very funny DBZ pics that she's been creating lately, so look for them soon in the Humor section!

7/31/06 - Just a quick update for now to include the new DBZ Poll. The Past Poll section was also updated to include your favorite Ginyu Force member. Oddly enough, it was a tie! I'll have more to add tomorrow to kick off the new month!

7/24/06 - Alrighty, Monday again so time for a new DBZ Poll for you! As always, you can see how the last poll turned out here. Also there are a few more in the DBZ Animated Avatars section... one for Piccolo blasting Cell, Vegito transforming and the fantastic Father/son Kamehameha (in the Gohan section). I also split the Goku section in two, as there were quite a few to be all on one page. I included some more of the Most Memorable Moments too. And there are some new additions in the Humor section's Funny DBZ Gallery to check out!

7/18/06 - Didn't quite have time last night to finish the DBZ Animated Avatars additons, so I've done a little rearranging to accomodate the growing number of characters better. You'll find several new Goku Fusion ones on the new Misc Pg 7b, as well as more for Trunks, Gohan, and Ultra Buu. Kind of tough sometimes on some of the ones with more more than one character on them to decide which page to put them on, so you'll find some of them in the Misc section, but just look around because some might be in with the main character on the animation. Nice job to our Legendary for his great Animated Avatars!

7/17/06 - Oh quite a bit to add tonight, so I'll have to finish adding the rest tomorrow. But for now, I have the newest DBZ Poll for you, and this one was submitted by one of our DBZD fans, Eric M. You can also see his newly added collection of Power Levels , now that we've updated that page. As more people submit their Power Levels, that section will fill up nicely I'm sure, as everyone has their own ideas on Power Levels. Of course the previous poll can be found in the Past Polls Section. I've had quite a few other Poll Suggestions submitted recently, which is great. Any time any of you have Poll Suggestions, feel free to email them to me! . Tomorrow I'll be adding a bunch of new DBZ Animated Avatars that Legendary has created. Also some more Memorable Moments That will be a biggy tomorrow!

7/11/06 - Hey had a chance to add a few more things. Got quite a few more Most Memorable Moments added to the list of our favs. Legendary has also added a few more DBZ Animated Avatars to the collection, for Bardock(1), Trunks (2), Goku (1)and Gohan (1) and a cool one of the Saiyans first transformations (last one on the Misc page). Enjoy! Also I had forgotten to add one of the transformations for one of Omar's images for his Saiyan Progeny fanfic, in it's Art page. Sorry about that Omar!

7/10/06 - Alrighty! Another new week has crept up on me already! I've got another DBZ Poll for your amusement! Quite a few new DBZers have joined our DBZ Forums at the Marriland Forums recently, so feel free to register and join in on the fun and good conversations with other DBZ members we have! Another new feature we're kicking around is a DBZ Banners section where people can find an assortment of various banners for different uses, such as for sigs or on webpages. Look for that one real soon! And we've added 2 new links to our Affiliate section on the sidebar on the left too. Oh don't forget to check out the results from last week's Past Poll, and while you're at it, go vote on this week's! ;)

7/4/06 - Happy 4th of July to those of us celebrating Independence Day in the USA! Sorry I didn't get the update done last night... busy busy busy I guess! But the new DBZ Poll is up for you now, as well as the results from the Past Poll . Also I realized I hadn't updated the DBZ Movies section with the addition of the Fusion Reborn movie, so that's also been updated. I've got more to add and I should be able to get to that later today.

6/26/06 - Whew! Lots of new stuff this week! Where do I begin? Of course we have a new DBZ Poll for you! That's always fun! And it's always fun to take a look at the Past Poll, to see who everyone would like to find training in the Time Chamber. Well, we also added a bunch more DBZ Animated Avatars for you to enjoy... Vegeta ones, lots of SS4 transformation ones,more Goku ones, and others. Also the Fanfic Ronin's Ascension now has a conclusion! (If you remember the first part, you can go straight to the 2nd page). Oh, and Omar's Fanfic, Saiyan Progeny has added some more drawings to it's Art page. I've got a few more things to add, but will probably have to add them tomorrow.

6/20/06 - Well I've added more to Omar's FanFic, Saiyan Progeny, to include another page as well as a page for the Artwork he's done for it. Quite nice! Do take a look!

6/19/06 - My goodness it's Monday night already! So naturally, you'll find a brand new DBZ Poll for you to post your choice! Well, a few days ago, since Legendary sent in quite a few more fabulous avatars, (including Piccolo ones) I reorganized the DBZ Animated Avatars section, breaking the characters up into more pages to help it load easier. Also the Past Poll section has been updated to include this most recent one's results... quite a lot of votes on that one! Now probably tomorrow I'll have some more updates for the Fanfic, Saiyan Progeny, along with some great drawings he has to go with it. And a few other viewer submissions to update here, but I'll get to that tomorrow! I'm running late tonight! ~_^

6/12/06 - Another week begins, and I've got a brand new DBZ Poll for you to enjoy! We have several items to mention for this week's update... Legendary has created several more DBZ Animated Avatars for us, I think we've got 73 at the moment, but we frequently add more. This time we added several Gotenks ones, more Gohan ones, more Vegeta ones and several others as well. Also, we have another FanFic Submission entitled Saiyan Progeny by Omar K. Oh yes, we also had another question submitted from a viewer for our Sensei to answer in the DBZ Geeks Q&A section (page 5). Of course, you can always check out last week's Past Poll results to see how your choice faired compared to the others. Ok, that's it for now!

6/5/06 - Well, Legendary has been living up to his name! We've added more DBZ AnimAvatars for ya (we've got 55 of them now!) and I've even organized them by character so it's easier for you to find your favorites now. Also, being Monday, I have a new DBZ Poll for you... a Trunks themed one this time. And as usual, you can always look up last weeks results on the Past Polls section.

5/31/06 - As promised, you'll notice a new link on our sidebar for our latest section for your enjoyment, DBZ AnimAvatars . Here we'll be having a wonderful selection of DBZ Animated Avatars, custom created by our newest Assistant Staff Member, Legendary. He is, of course, a huge fan of DBZ and Vegeta, and has agreed to create Animated Avatars for us here at DBZD. He'll even take your requests if you have a favorite scene you'd like to see. We'll be adding more as we go, but here are fun ones to start with! We welcome you Legendary, and to all our viewers, Enjoy!

5/29/06 - Here we go! It's Monday, and Memorial Day too! I hope all of you have had a nice holiday weekend, and that you took a moment to remember all those who've lost their lives in the service of our country. I've got some goodies for you tonight... first we have a new DBZ Poll for you, and I think you'll get a kick out of it. I've also got the Past Poll results posted... quite large number of votes on that one! We also have another viewer submitted FanFic called Broly's Final Coming. You might want to check that one out while you're here. Also, we're working on a new project here for DBZ Animated Avatars. It's coming right along and should be ready soon. He'll even be able to take requests for your favorites, so that will be nice!

5/22/06 - Just a quick little update for now, more to follow later. I've got another DBZ Poll for you, and the Past Poll is now officially closed! Take a look at how it turned out!

5/15/06 - Ok, Monday once again and I've got a new DBZ Poll just waiting for you to vote on! And surprisingly enough, we have a tie on our Past Poll, so you might want to check that out too! And, The Super Adventure Chapter 14 has also been added to the Fanfic section. There have also been a few more viewer submissions, including another Fanfic and another submission to our new Power Levels section, but they're not quite ready for uploading yet as I have still have some formatting to do for them before they can be added. But I'll try to get to that tomorrow..

5/8/06 - Alrighty people! Back from vacation and here's a new DBZ Poll for you! I think you'll find the big results from the Past Poll pretty interesting... must say it surprised me. I thought for sure Android 18 would win. Oh well, what do I know? lol Lots of votes, since it was up for 2 weeks while we were gone on. While on vacation I worked on some more of the DBZ Episode Drawings, but haven't gotten them scanned just yet. I'm down to only 7 episodes left until I've got the entire series drawn! I also got a few more of the drawings colored in, but again, I don't have them scanned yet, as my scanner's not working and have to borrow Devin's to do these. But I'll get them up as soon as I can for sure! Think they turned out great! (if I do say so myself) :)

4/24/06 - Well, we've got a big update for you today! I won't be able to update next week as I'll be on a relaxing vacation, so I've got plenty for you today! First, there is, of course, a new DBZ Poll for your entertainment, as well as the results from the Past Poll. We had several viewer submissions to be included in this update, so I'll list them all here for you with links to make it easy for you to find them :) Hmmm, where to begin?! We had a viewer, SSA, submit some of his DBZ Sprite Animations, as well as a banner he made for DBZD... they can be found in the DBZ Animations - Page 17 . We also had quite a few of the Things our DBZ Characters would Never Say added to the list in the Humor section. Also, there were 3 new submissions to the Most Memorable Moments section. In the Fanfics section we have 2 recent additions, The Superadventure Chapter 13 and a new one called New Alliances by Silent_Rouge_Elf. We also have a new section here at DBZD called Power Levels , where viewers can submit their ideas on the Power Levels for the various DBZ Characters. The first submission comes from one of our new Forum Members, Braun and is quite detailed and complete. Give it a look! I think that about covers the new stuff in this week's update, so have fun looking around!

4/17/06 - Ok, we've got some fun stuff for you here tonight. In addition to the newest Vegeta themed DBZ Poll, (and you can always check the Past Poll Results page to see how last week's went) we've also got an update to the Humor section... some new additions to the They'd NEVER say this... section! (The newest submissions from our own forum members are marked with *)

4/10/06 - It's Monday night again! So that means we have a new DBZ Poll for you! The results from this last week's poll can be found in the Past Polls. Hard to believe we're already on our 53rd Poll so far! Also we have another submission for the Super Adventure Fanfic... read all about it in Chapter 12! I also have some sprite animations that a fan submitted and well as a nice DBZD banner he made, but I'll have to put them up tomorrow as I'm out of time for now ;)

4/4/06 - Well, I didn't get the new DBZ poll in last night, but have it up this morning for you all to vote on. And as usual, you can check out last week's results in the Past Polls section.

3/27/06 - Holy Cow that was a close poll last week! If you want to see who came in on a nearly 6 way tie, check out the Past Poll Results page! It was a doosey! But of course, you'll want to cast your vote in this week's DBZ Poll while you're here ;).

3/20/06 - Alrighty! We've got some new stuff in here to start off the first day of Spring! Of course, being Monday night, we have a new DBZ Poll for you to consider. And if you look up the Past Polls, you'll see that last week's actually ended up with a tie! How about that! Also this week, I have included the most recent chapter, Chapter 11 of the Super Adventure , not to mention a new DBZ Fanfic from forum member db-yamcha called the Saiyan Second Planet. Also, I've changed the name to the Game Reviews, Tips & Secrets section and now will include Tips and Secrets for DBZ Games as well. To start it off, Mozeta has submitted some secrets for Super Sonic Warriors 2 , but, as with most any of our sections here, viewers are encouraged to turn in any subissions they may want included here and I'll be happy to check them out!

3/13/06 - Well well! Monday night again! That means I have a new DBZ Poll just for you! Now this one will hopefully get your minds thinking about some of the most surprising and shocking moments in DBZ. And also will hopefully spur some of you on to submit some of your favorite choices for our section, Most Memorable Moments in DBZ, as I'd really like to update it again! I know you all have certain episodes or events that really stood out in your mind, so why not email me with your favs, as many as you like! Also be sure to check out the Past Polls too!

3/6/06 - Can you believe it's Monday night already? I sure can't! Well, that means we have a new DBZ Poll for you! You'd better go vote now before you forget! And if you're curious about the Past Poll results, just click on the link to find out how our previous Poll did! I'll also have a few more viewer-subitted Fanfics that I'll be putting up tomorrow, including Chapter 11 of the SuperAdventure Fanfic and 2 new submissions from one of our Forum goers. So be sure to check back later! Alrighty then, time to go and vote! See ya there!

2/27/06 - Once again, it's time for a New DBZ Poll! This one may make you have to think a little bit... and if you're curious about how the Past Poll turned out, I have all the other 45+ Polls all listed out for you to browse through. We've also added a new section (under Misc), a Sprite Comic called Legendary Warriors, by one of our Staffers, Mozeta. Check it out!

2/20/06 - Alrighty, since it's Monday night, we've got another DBZ Poll for you, and also a few other little goodies to add here as well! Of course, don't forget to check out the results of the Past Poll before you go to far! Also I've added some more links to our DBZ Links page, including Top Tier Gaming, for those who enjoy the DBZ Card game. I will also have another viewer submitted Fanfic and a Sprite Comic from our own Mozeta to add tomorrow.

2/13/06 - Well, with Valentine's Day almost here, I thought it appropriate to pick a related DBZ Poll for you. Go give it your vote! And if you're curious which form of Gohan was the most popular according to our viewers, go check out the Past Poll results! Also we had another viewer submission for the DBZ Most Memorable Moments section! He's included some good ones!

2/6/06 - Okie dokie, we've got another DBZ Poll for you again! Don't forget, if any of you have any suggestions for a poll you'd like to see featured on DBZD, feel free to email me. Now, of course you can also check out the Past Poll results. Also, as promised, the next exciting chapter of the fanfic, The Super Adventure, Chapter 10! Go check it out, it's quite an adventure!

1/30/06 - Another week has flown by already! And we've got another DBZ Poll for you to amuse yourself with as well! And as usual, you can check out the Past Poll, if you're curious as to which Dragonball wish was made. I've also updated the DBZ Geeks Q&A's section for you with Page 5! A little later, I'll also have the next chapter for the fanfic, The Super Adventure.

1/24/06 - Time once again for a new DBZ Poll to entertain you all! I think you'll get a kick out of this one! And the Past Poll actually had quite a few votes! Go see which hairstyle everyone prefered on Buu! lol And again I'd like to mention, if you're looking for a DBZ Forum, why not come check ours out at Marriland.com! We've got some great DBZ fans there!

1/19/06 - We have added another section here at DBZD... this one is a FanArt section, something I've been planning to add for quite some time. More will be added to this section, so be sure to check back later! To kick it off, we have a wonderful "FanManga" by Bejiita. Definately worth checking out!

1/16/06 - I do apologize for not doing an update last week. You wouldn't believe how crazy my week was, so I won't even go into it. Just trust me, it was. But now we have a New Poll for you... something rather silly, but fun! Hey, why not! Everyone needs a chuckle now and then! We also have chapter 9 of the Super Adventure for your entertainment! So go ahead and place your vote, read a fanfic, oh and which DBZ kid would be saved? Check out the Past Poll while you're at it to find out!

1/2/06 - Well, I certainly hope all of you had a wonderful New Years holiday!! I had a lovely one! :) I've got a little bit of an extra update for you... we've got 2 new submissions to the DBZ FanFic Section , one is called Zap, the Son of Raditz, and the other is called A Saiyan Lost. Also, being Monday, we have another DBZ Poll for your entertainment! Be sure to check out the results of the Past DBZ Poll too! That's all for now, but there'll be more later, as I know I'll need to be adding an update to the DBZ Geeks section next.

12/26/05 - Goodness this week went by fast! Alrighty, time for a new Poll! Better go put in your vote before you forget! Of course I've also put up the Past DBZ Poll. Also we've got a few more Kaio-ken questions answered in our DBZ Geeks Q&A's Section so you might want to check them out..

12/25/05 - All of us here at DBZ Dimension want to wish you a Merry Christmas or a very Happy Holiday, for whatever holiday you celebrate this season!

12/20/05 - Ok, back from our vacation and well rested! I was thrilled to be able to work on more of my DBZ Drawings while I was there and managed to draw 6 more from the Kid Buu Saga (I've only got 10 episodes to draw from until I'm finished with drawing all of the episodes from DBZ!) and color in 4 more from the Cell Games. I'll get those all scanned and uploaded shortly, then link to them so you can take a peek. I must say, I think they turned out great! ^_^ Next up, we have a new Poll, so go ahead and put in your 2 cents worth and vote! You'll see if you check out the Past DBZ Polls, who Enygma will be making as a Photoshop version of a DBZ Santa and Grinch! I may even draw a comic to go along with it! Well, that's it for now, but I will be adding more probably tomorrow, as we have a new submission to the Fanfic Section that I'm getting ready to upload, and also some more DBZ Geeks Q&A's. So stop back again soon!

12/6/05 - Well, lot's going on this week! First, since we'll be on vacation near the end of the week, I'm putting up a Special Poll... actually 2 Polls! This one will actually be up for two weeks, and at the conclusion, our very own Enygma will make a Photoshopped image of the "winners" for each poll. Which character would you most like to see as Santa and as the Grinch? Cast your vote and find out in two weeks! This will be fun! So go place your votes people! And if you're wondering if our viewers think Master Roshi will ever get himself a girlfriend, check out the Past DBZ Polls to find out the results of lasts week's funny poll. Also a few more questions that were posed in our DBZ Geeks Q&A Section have been posted. And if all that wasn't enough... we have a new entry to the Fanfic section: Tykon The Super Saiyan 5, by VarroZ. Go check it out!

11/28/05 - Holy cow a whole week has gone by already?!?!?? Wow! Well, since it's Monday night, I've got a new DBZ Poll up for your amusement, so don't forget to cast your vote!

11/21/05 - Alrighty! It's Monday night and that can only mean one thing... ok, well not literally, but it does mean that I've got a new DBZ Poll for you! So go voice your opinion and vote, and while you're at it, go check out the results from the previous Poll... quite a lot of votes on that one!

11/16/05 - Well, thanks to a fan of the site (Chibi Goku) we've added some new pictures to the DBZ Voice Actors Gallery . Now you can also see what Androids 19 and 20 look like, as well as Hercule, Chi Chi, Zarbon, Tien, Burter, Chiaotzu, Puar, and the Ox King. Go check them out! I'd also like to mention the addition of our Affiliate section, located on the sidebar. A quick way to locate some of our affiliated sites who also link to DBZD. If you're interested in becoming an Affiliate site of DBZD's, feel free to contact me with your information and I'll check out your site.

11/14/05 - Of course, being Monday evening, I've got a new DBZ Poll for you. You can read another chapter to the interesting Super Adventure FanFic... go check out Chapter 8!

11/8/05 - It got too late to put up the new DBZ Poll last night, so I got it up first thing this morning. And also, for the first time, on the Past Polls, you'll notice that last week's poll finished up with a tie!

11/6/05 - Well, we've added Page 3 and Page 4 to the DBZ Geeks - Q&A's section for you! I bet you'll find out things you never even knew about DBZ! We've also added Mozeta and Seraph as Assistant Staffers here at DBZD as they are contributing members from our DBZ Forums. We welcome their input!

11/3/05 - I recieved a request for some new icons from a Ginyu force fan, so now you'll find a whole section of Ginyu Force icons on the DBZ Icons Page ! Don't forget, if you have certain character icons you'd like to see more of, feel free to write us and we'll try our best to get what you're looking for!

10/31/05 - Happy Halloween to all of you out there! Hope you have a wonderful day and evening today! And hope you got plenty of Reeces and Snickers and Heath and Almond Joy candy bars today! Just thought I'd mention that I've got this weeks new Poll up and ready for your votes! If you can tear yourself away from your candy bags that is! Also you can look up the Past Poll, while you're at it, if you're curious how that one turned out!

10/28/05 - If you're interested in hearing all about the newest DBZ Video game, Dragonball Z - Budokai Tenkaichi, you can now read Enygma's Review for it. I can say from first hand experience that it's fantastic! I love it! And remember, if you have a videogame you'd like to review, we're happy to hear from you! Instructions are on our Game Reviews page.

10/25/05 - Introducing the newest Sensei to DBZD... Shaelasche! You can find out more about him on our Contact Us/Staff Members page. He's, of course, a member of our very own DBZ Geek Squad. Why not test his vast knowledge of Dragonball Z by asking him a question in our DBZ Geeks - Q&A's section?

10/24/05 - It's Monday night again, and what does that mean? Yep! Time for a new DBZ Poll! And if you're curious how the last poll turned out, be sure to check our DBZ Past Polls section!

10/23/05 - Ok, we've added a new page to the Misc section of DBZD... This is our own DBZ Geeks- Questions and Answers section! if you've got a DBZ question that's been burning a hole in your brain, something you just can't figure out or you're just curious about, why not have a DBZ Sensei from DBZD stop the torture for you and answer it!

10/19/05 - Well, Happy Birthday to Me! :) And how cool is this? Our prepaid DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi game for the PS2 got in today! So we picked it up this afternoon and Enygma's been playing it like a madman! He and his brother Marriland played it for quite a while and had a blast with it! I think it looks great! I got to watch (they're gonna teach me later after they get a good feel for it) and what I saw of the game was awesome! Enygma will have a review for it real soon, as well as some of our other staffers who got the game. I spent some of the rest of today working on some more of my DBZ drawings...still finishing up on the Kid Buu Saga. Wish I had more time to draw these days. But I knew I'd be able to draw some on my birthday, and I did, so it's all good! :)

10/17/05 - The latest Chapter for the FanFic "Super Adventures" is now up! Check out Chapter 7. Also, being Monday again, we have put up another DBZ Poll. Go cast your vote! And while you're at it, why not take a look at the results for last week's Poll too! And if you just can't wait another day to talk about the newest DBZ game out, DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi, why not post your thoughts on our Blog about it! We've got a copy paid for and can't wait to pick it up (which looks like will be on my birthday, Wednesday! Great timing!)

10/11/05 - We had a few more submissions to our DBZ Animations section that I finally got around to adding to the site. You'll notice that we have one of the largest collections of Dragonball Z Animations around, with 16 pages of them for you to browse through! The newest ones can be found on the last 2 pages.

10/10/05 - Here it is Monday again, so we've got a new poll for you! And you won't believe how close the Past Poll was! Go check it out!

10/8/05 - I'd like to introduce the newest member of our little Family here at DBZD... Welcome to VarroZ! He's been a fan and contributor for quite a while now, so now he joins us as our first Assistant Staff Member.

10/3/05 - Oh my goodness it's already October! Where did the time go?? Anyway, it's also Monday, and that means another new DBZ Poll comes out of the bag for you! As usual, the Past Polls have also been updated to include last week's results. Also I believe I'm going to be adding a DBZ Budokai here for our amusement. I had one a long time ago in a DBZ Guild I had, and it was a lot of fun. I'll lay out a pairings guide, and we'll have voting on each round, until 1 DBZ Character is left victorious. It will take some time to complete, as we'll be voting for each random pairing, but last time it was very interesting to see in the end who was chosen to defeat who. So you can look forward to that later this week.

9/26/05 - Once again it's time for a new Poll. This time we're curious about your thoughts on the evil Frieza's various forms. Check out the Past Polls if you're curious how the last one turned out. Also, we have another DBZ Blooper submitted by one of our fans.

9/25/05 - Well, we have Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 added to the quite amusing FanFic "A Super Adventure". Find out how Young Link, Mario, Bardock and the others react when Goten and Trunks go Super Saiyan in a battle!

9/19/05 - Ok, we've got some interesting new things this week! Of course, the newest DBZ Poll is up, and you can, of course, also go check out the results of last week's Past Poll . We also had another DBZ Blooper from our Humor Section submitted by a fan. And we had another fan submission, this time it's in our Fanfic Section. This one is rather different, it's "is a crossover between Sonic, Zelda, Dragon ball Z, and Mario..taking place after Dragon Ball GT." I know it sounds "out there, but I actually found it quite fun! We appreciate viewer submissions. So give this one a try! It's called "A Super Adventure".

9/12/05 - Wow! Another week already! The new DBZ Poll, as well as the Past Poll, are up for your amusement now. We also added another DBZ Deck idea to the list. This one is from Staticphase.

9/5/05 - Alrighty! I've got the newest DBZ Poll up for you to check out! It's been a pretty busy week, so didn't get much chance to do too much more the the site, but Enygma has added some more of his cool DBZ Dreamcards again! Go take a look! And if you wondered what the results of the last poll were, you can check that out too!

8/29/05 - Here we go! Another DBZ Poll for you to participate in! And as always, you can find the results of the previous Poll right where all the other Past Polls are! I believe Enygma has also added more DBZ Dreamcards to his Anthologies Saga, with a current total of 85 Dreamcards in that particular Anthologies folder alone! He's got some fabulous cards in there!

8/25/05 - Enygma has added a whole new folder to his DBZ Dreamcard Gallery... this set is for his new "Anthologies" Saga that he has created. He's got some great cards there that we in our area are actually using for gameplay. Go check them out!

8/22/05 - Well it's Monday evening again, and time for the new DBZ Poll for you! Here are the results from last week's Poll #19, in case you were wondering...

8/17/05 - It occurred to me that I haven't finished uploading some of my earlier drawings, from the Saiyan Saga, Namek Saga and Frieza Saga. I've now got 45 drawings from the Namek Saga uploaded and I'll work on the others as soon as I've got a chance. I discovered that some from the Frieza Saga haven't been scanned yet, they got missed, so as soon as I get them scanned, I'll get more up in the Gallery. Keep in mind please that these are my earlier drawings, from 1999, so they're not nearly as good as my later ones. But like I said before, you've gotta start somewhere, right?

8/15/05 - Once again it's time for a new DBZ Poll for you! And the results of the previous Poll # 18 can be found in the Past Poll section, for your amusement. Interesting results! Oh and I've added 2 more links to the DBZ Links page. Can't believe I didn't have DBZSC and MyFavoriteGames on the list yet!

8/10/05 - Well we have 3 stories added to our new DBZ Fanfics Section! Pull up a chair, pop some popcorn, open up your imagination, and settle in to do some reading! Also I got most all of my Other Character Drawings scanned, so I'll be adding them to the Gallery shortly, as soon as I get them converted.

8/8/05 - Alrighty, we've got a new DBZ Poll for you! Let's find out our viewer's favorites! We had a lot of votes on the past one about your favorite DBZ Lady. You can check out the votes on the Past Poll here.

8/1/05 - Well, a new month is here, and I have some new things here on DBZ Dimension as well! First I'm pleased to announce that we're adding a FanFics section! You'll be able to read Fanfics that have been added, or submit one of your own! Another new thing you'll notice on the navigation sidebar is the addition of the DBZ Dimension Blogs! We're just getting started with it and still have a few things to tweek out with it, but we've got it going for now and I think you'll like it. It'll be a great place to post your comments, rants, raves, and miscellaneous thoughts about DBZ in the various Catagories. Check it out! But remember, it's still "in progress", so be patient if it's all not perfect yet, ok? Also we had to remove the link to the CRD in the Card Game section, as it's no longer available. I'm sure my next Blog will be about that, as it's got a lot of people quite stirred up. And one final new thing you'll see on the sidebar is the addition of a FanArt section! I'll be opening up the DBZ Dimension Galleries for people to submit their own FanArt shortly. So keep an eye out for that one! Guess that's all for now!

7/28/05 - Our Forum member,Whisnant, has submitted another DBZ Deck Idea for us! This one is a Broly Black Energetic deck. Check it out!

7/25/05 - The new DBZ Poll is now up tonight! If you're curious which one of the funny DBZ Quotes won last week, you can check out the results for Poll #15 in Past DBZ Polls. Also we'll be adding our own Blog to the site sometime next week, so then everyone will be able to voice their comments on the topic of choice.

7/23/05 - Alright we have another DBZ Deck submission to add to our growing list of various Deck Recipes! This time it's a Yajirobe Black Science Deck! Go take a look! I think you'll find it interesting! Still time left to vote on the current Poll too!

7/18/05 - The new Poll is up! And the results of Poll #14 can be found in the Past DBZ Polls section. Go see if our viewers preferred Krillin with hair or without!

7/17/05 - Another DBZ Deck has been submitted. This one is an Orange Pinpoint Bojack Deck that was submitted by our Forum member Akira. Check it out! And don't forget, you can submit your DBZ Deck to DBZ Dimension too! Still another day left on the current DBZ Poll... so far, looks like a landslide in favor of 'Bald is Beautiful' for our Krillin!

7/11/05 - Alrighty! We have a New Poll for you! This one a fun Krillin one! Why don't you go vote now? The Past DBZ Poll results are now available for Poll ID 13.

7/10/05 - We have a new addition to DBZD! The newest page is called Most Memorable Moments in DBZ. If you take a look, you'll first read over some of my personal favorite DBZ moments (I'm sure I'll add more as I think of them), followed by some of the favorite moments submitted by our viewers. Go take a look and see if your Most Memorable Moments are there! And if they're not, write us and suggest one! We'll add it to the list! Also our DBZ Forum member Mozeta's Dragon Ball Z World link was added to our DBZ Links page!

7/7/05 - Whew! I finally got the new and improved DBZ Buddy Icons Page up online! I added tons of new ones, and have them sorted out and grouped alphabetically so that it's easier for you to find the perfect Dragonball Z Icon! I would venture to say that this is one of the largest collections of DBZ Avatars you'll find around! There are literally hundreds of Dragon Ball Z icons for you to choose from. Oh and as I mentioned there, if you don't find your favorites, you can request one and I'll notify you when it's up online. Enjoy!

7/5/05 - There's a new funny Poll starting today, which of course means now you can view the results in the past DBZ Polls. Also I'm working on rearranging the DBZ Icons Page, sorting them out and breaking them up by character so it will be easier for you to find your favorites! I've got about 50 more I'll be adding shortly with some of your submitted suggestions.

7/3/05 - The Screen Capture Gallery has been set up with the first ones being from Dragonball Z: Supersonic Warriors and Dragonball Z: Buu's Fury. Hope you enjoy them! Yello Mit's info has also been added to the Contact Us page.

6/28/05 - Well we have a new Poll for you to check out! Also you can now view the Previous Poll results. And we have another deck submission. This Majin Buu Red Regeneration deck comes to us from Whisnant. Also Yello Mit will be joining us on staff here. Look for his info shortly.

6/26/05 - We had another submission for the Things our DBZ Characters would Never Say Section. A Bulma one this time, submitted by Pan.

6/23/05 - Another deck joins the list of our DBZ Deck Ideas. This submission is by Staticphase. This is his Orange Dr. Myuu Speedbomb Deck.

6/21/05 - I added a few more funnies to the Humor Section... this time it was in the Things our DBZ Characters would Never Say Section. As I mention there now, people can submit any humorous quotes and I'll add them and credit you with them if you like.

6/20/05 - I posted a new DBZ Deck, submitted by Staticphase14. His Orange Vegeta OVA Drill Deck . Also we have a new Poll! You can now look at the rather surprising results of the past Poll #10 here.

6/18/05 - Today Enygma posted one of his evil DBZ Decks... you can find it in the DBZ Decks section. It's titled Goten/Freestyle/Fusion and he calls it "I fuse, you lose!" I bet you can guess why!

6/13/05 - If you look at the front page, you'll see I've updated the poll today! If you want to see how this past week's poll went, look at Past Poll ID #9.

6/9/05 - Today I added a new Deck List to the DBZ Decks section. It's my new and improved Goku deck, Goku Saiyan Supreme.

6/8/05 - Well, the Humorous Folder had a few more submissions today. I also received suggestions about possibly adding a section for wallpapers. That made me think I should also add a screensaver at some point too.

6/6/05 - I added a few more funny pics to the Humorous Folder. Also I put up a new poll and the results of the last one are now located in the Past Polls section for you to browse through.

6/5/05 - I added a new link in the Humor section to take you to the Humorous Folder in the Character Images Gallery. Seemed appropriate to include humorous images of our favorite Dragon Ball Z Characters too!

6/1/05 - Today I've added this Site Updates Page, and also moved the Guest Map Link to the Site Section at the top so it's easier to find. Hopefully more people will sign it now! :)

This past week I've also added several new pictures to the Character Images Gallery. I now have images in separate folders for Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Trunks, Gohan, Krillin, Buu, Cell, Frieza, Chi Chi, Bulma, Pan, Radditz, Goten, Gogeta, Vegito, Gotenks, Master Roshi, Broly, Supreme Kai, as well as Group Images and even a folder for Humorous Images. I'm sure you'll be able to find your favorite character!