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I remember I always used to wonder who were the actors that would bring our favorite DBZ Characters to life. I wondered what they looked like and spent a lot of time trying to find pictures of them. Well, it occurred to me that some of you may wonder the very same thing. So here are the ones I have so far! I also have a number of Voice Actor Autographs in there as well. Some I have gotten directly myself, and some I was lucky enough to have good friends who love to go to Anime Conventions and would get the autographs for me (and I thank them for that!)

I've placed them all in their own gallery for you to see. Some of them are from the Canadian 'Ocean' Cast of the first seasons, and some from the American Cast. I've tried to label them if possible. The Ocean Sound Corp. from Vancouver was the original studio and production facility contracted to dub the DBZ series in English, and Ocean Studios was where the actors originally performed the voice recording for Season 1 and 2 episodes.

There are 2 albums at the moment. Just click on one of them to open up all the images, and you can click on the individual image to get the full view of it.

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