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Alright, you know we've all done it before... you think to yourself "Man, I wonder... What if this would have happened instead of that? How would things have turned out, what different course would the storyline have taken, what would it have been like?" Well, now here's your chance to share your "What If?" thoughts with us. Go ahead and send in your ideas! Be as discriptive as you like, as detailed as you feel like.... Just include 'What If?' in the Subject line and also what username you'd like to use for your entry. You can contact me here: Sorry, you need Javascript on to email me. I'd really love to hear from you out there! I'm sure there are a lot of creative What If situations that it would be really fun to explore! Let's hear yours!

Here's our first viewer submitted What If situation...

From EricM3742 - What if when the hour after Buu supposedly blew himself up to defeat Gohan he had absorbed Gohan in Gotenks' Place? Here's what I think would have happened.

Well for starters Majin Buu would be much stronger than Gotenks and he wouldn't have a time limit. Buu would pound Gotenks to a Bloody pulp and knock almost to the point of unconciousness. Goku, Supreme Kai and Old Kai would be scared. So Old Kai would then send Goku down to earth. Supreme Kai would also insist on going with Goku so They would both go. Buu would then be beating Gotenks to the point where he would not be defused back into Goten and Trunks. Buu would mock them for a little while and then prepare to kill them both. Just then Tien arrives like in the series deflecting the ki Blast. Trunks & Goten would both be slightly relieved but Buu would be bored. So Dende would try heal Goten and Trunks back to Full Strength Buu is Iritated with Dende so he figures that he should just blow the earth up. Just then Goku would come with the Supreme Kai, cutting Buu in half with a Kienzan. Goten and Trunks would be some what relieved, so they would do Fusion again. Goku (who has the Potara earrings but doesn't want to Fuse with Supreme Kai unless absolutly nessessary) Charges to Super Saiyan 3 form and he and Gotenks both attack buu but get pounded. Just when Buu pounds them into the ground Vegeta shows up and Goku uses Instant Transmission to teleport to Vegeta. Goku tries to convince Vegeta to fuse with him, but Vegeta refuses and says he'll never Fuse with Goku but Buu comes in and Goku goes Super Saiyan 3 again and Vegeta goes Super Saiyan 2. They all fight but Gotenks gets pissed and tries to use Super Ghost Kamikaze attack but Buu beats them out of Fusion and decides he doesn't need they're Power and Kills them both. Goku is Super Pissed and so is Vegeta but Vegeta decides that they should Fuse since he wants to avenge Trunks so they become Vegito but since both their sons are dead and Gohan and Piccolo can be revived with the Dragon Balls. Vegito wastes no time and Kills Buu with wither a Final Flash or a Big Bang Attack.
They then use the Dragon Balls from Namek to Unfuse Vegeta and Goku. then bring back all those who where killed by Buu and Vegeta (would probably use the 3rd wish to get those new Boots he wanted, like in the anime but That would end the Buu saga). There would also be no Uub. So the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai would not be mentioned. Then in Dragon Ball GT, Goku would not be wished back into a Kid. Pan would still be born. Pilaf would not be able to wish for what he wanted to and would be stopped by Mister Popo (Since he doesn't have Goku & Uub's fight to distract him so PoPo would stop him. Baby would probably take alot longer to find the earth, by the time he got there. The Z Fighters would be to strong for him and he wouldn't have had the proper adjutments to take over the Super Saiyans. Dr. Myuu would have been killed awhile ago, and he never met Goku so he wouldn't help make Super Android 17 and the no Evil wishes could be made so No Evil Dragons. So therefor GT Would turn out a lot different then it did, and might be longer/More successful, and I Suppose we all would have been a little bit Happier with GT.
Conclusion: So I Suppose It would have been better if Buu had absorbed Gohan and we would have had a better GT.